LeToya Luckett: Product vs Promotion

Published: Saturday 17th Mar 2012 by Rashad

Review of R&B charts of late boasts an alarming diva deficiency.  A circumstance all the more alarming when just a few years ago so many showed promise.  Arguably, none more than LeToya Luckett.  The comeback kid, whose tale (reportedly) told of triumph, tragedy, betrayal, and rebirth, seemed to finally have the stars aligned in her order when suddenly, it seemed no more.

Such is a circumstance the young singer is no means unfamiliar with.  For, some say it was luck or maybe destiny that this Houston-bred beauty would find her star initially rising with the most successful girl group of all time.  As fate would have it, Luckett aligned with Pop megastar Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and Latavia Roberson to ascend to the top of charts as Destiny’s Child – a fierce R&B foursome with heavenly looks, voices, and moves to match.  But, as the 2000s rolled on, the very rocket that launched her into stardom ultimately left her behind in what came as an unceremonious ousting from the group.  Accompanied by a host of headlines citing tension, contention, and Matthew Knowles‘ interventions as the cause of dissension, the remaining group members still rose above to find themselves topping charts again while Luckett and Roberson stayed behind.

Trying their hand as the group Angel – the two later disbanded finding Luckett at square one yet again.  That is, until 2006 when Lady Luck tore up the charts with ‘Torn’ – the ‘You Are Everything’-sampled R&B groove that obviously struck a chord with listeners as it propelled the singer’s debut solo album ‘Letoya’ to the top of the charts.  Critics hailed the underdog the champion as she made her rounds performing the hit single.  And, while its follow-up ‘She Don’t’…well…didn’t, Ms. Luckett’s debut was still widely received as a success, earning the singer her first (solo) platinum plaque.

On the other hand, her 2009 sophomore album ‘Lady Love’ didn’t receive much love from record buyers.  Despite boasting an all star collaboration list (Ludacris, Chris Brown, Ne-Yo) and a more mature sound, Luckett’s gamble at “refined” showed promise but quickly fell on deaf ears.  And though shortly reigning at #1 on Billboard’s R&B charts, the singer, who at the time was very vocal about her label’s mishandling of the project, also cited the length of time between albums as the blame for its failure.  The past weeks have seen the singer work her way back into the spotlight, taking promotion into her own hands.  And, with album #3 reportedly due this year…

That Grape Juice wants to know – who (or what’s) to blame? Are the shortcomings a musical misstep or a mix of marketing mishaps? The talent is certainly there and, unlike so many artists, was clearly being cultured.  The growth in vocal showings alone from album 1 to album 2 was noteworthy.  Add on an all-star team for production (on album 1 and 2) and killer looks, one would think the ‘Regret’ singer had the perfect recipe for success.  But alas, such was not the case.

Now you weigh in:  Has Luckett’s luck run out or will destiny see her on top again?   In other words:

Product vs. Promotion?  What’s to blame?

Your thoughts?


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  1. @ROOCh4 March 17, 2012

    Singer LeToya is a very strong … I have no doubt it will be very successful because all that does is true!

    Singer LeToya is a very strong … I have no doubt it will be very successful because all that does is true!

    I think she is the only singer who remained in the REB along with Monica, Brandy and other stars … She is a very nice songwriter, and she wins this This requirement of Beyoncé, LeToya’s lyrics are mature and original.

    I love this girl and want to see it shining!

  2. loumorgan March 17, 2012

    letoya is fine and she’s gonna be fine..
    what bothers me with singers these days is that

    they take success for granted they forget
    that one should renew himself everytime
    because there are soooo many singers out there
    for your spot.. and work work and more work

    when the record label doen’t promote you
    you nned to promote yourself by giving free concerts
    or signing in any festival and stuff
    that’s important you need to be with the audience
    because at the end of the day .. the record label won’t buy the album
    the fans will…

    But i’m still saying letoya is gonna be fine..
    but all these struggling singer should take my advice
    says a french struggling singer!!! hahahaha

    check my new music video



  3. Mike March 17, 2012

    I think it is all marketing and promotion for this last Lady Love Album because Capitol Records was too busy marketing Katy Perry(introducing her to the American pop market). The American R&B market was morphing into an electro/hip-hop market at the time. SHe had the right tracks on her album to take advantage of that on her album, but the wrong choices were made. Lady Love was a smash and a half, but it all had to do with single/video treatments. She also needs her own vevo page.

    Capitol’s Version:
    1)Not Anymore
    2)She Ain’t Got
    4)Good To Me (video without promotion)

    My Version:
    1)She Ain’t Got (very modern dance/hip-hop)
    2) Drained (twinkling rnb track with crossover appeal)
    3) Not Anymore (strong midtempo)
    4) Lazy (a summer rnb track with crossover appeal)
    5) Regret f. Ludacris (wonderful track)
    6) Good To Me (video for the fans)

  4. Breezybabay March 17, 2012


  5. xedos March 17, 2012

    She brings nothing new or different to the table. she just another average rnb chick boring

  6. tyra March 17, 2012


  7. xedos March 17, 2012

    no major magazine or top radio or tv show are interested. she’s boring . how many people would buy a magazine with her on the cover. they track the sales of magazines base on who’s on the cover. that’s why rihanna get major magazines
    covers. its hard to promote boring artist

  8. shion March 17, 2012

    Promotion. She’s the only other D Child that had an actual muti-platinum successful secular career in the US and the only ex member who has consistently had top ten hits on the R&B charts. Like someone said earlier that last album was fire but barely promoted to its full potential. She is the only one who truly separated herself from the Beyonce brand and has carve her own lane as her on recognized artist. Just need a good team to believe in her and for her to keep doing wats true to her.

  9. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 17, 2012

    some artists are NOT meant to be superstars.

    she’s one of them. she doesn’t have “IT” , and by “IT” i don’t mean talent 🙄

  10. antertain March 17, 2012

    LeToya is definately finding her voice because in the Life, Love & Music webisodes the growth and progression is so apparent
    Already polished with lots of natural personality its now all about LeToya continuing to grind as hard as she did when her 1st album came out and have the correct TEAM that find her proper interviews and promotional outlets.

    For a artist to be have a debut no.1 album on billboards and platinum selling on your label and you totally dont promote the artist on the sophomore album, it means as a label (Capitol) you DROPPED THE BALL.

    LeToya is so likeable and i feel in the R&B game there’s room for her to make even more of an impact as i see the evolution in her as a solo artist from being unsure to sure she can do it.

    This is now the time for her to feel at home and show all her abilities and make sure the songs and video’s are RIGHT ON IT!

    A Singer, Actress, Business Woman & Beauty I feel LeToya has the ingredients to do well & represent the genre of R&B well.

  11. ALP3R March 17, 2012

    Promotion/Team was the biggest problem, i hate katty perry & capitol records.

  12. yeah March 17, 2012

    Let’s be real once your in Beyonce shadow you will forever be there. Kelly and Beyonce have become very close over the years and i think Beyonce is finally letting Kelly have some shine. Before Beyonce was cut throat. If Kelly was releasing a video Beyonce was releasing a video the same week. Beyonce is letting Kelly do her thing. Kelly is really the only one that has a lot of potential. She is the darker skinnier version of Beyonce. They are twins.

  13. Dev March 17, 2012

    I think that she could still sell stories off of the destinys child scandal and i think that she should still use that to keep interest. I terms of music, i think she needs to sell out slightly. She ain’t got *** on me is a good example of a cross over song. It’s hard being an r&b artist especially as the grammy’s have cut the categories and are still promoting pop as r&b.
    Saying that, some people are happy with just r&b success and are not looking for worldwide accolades and the type of behaviour/actions you have to do to have it

  14. Um OK March 17, 2012

    I have always liked LeToya since her days in Destiny’s Child and beyond. The problem for her is that she hasn’t really presented an image for us to understand who SHE IS AN A INDIVIDUAL YET! She needs to find herself an identity in order to compete in a market where s**, crass, and instantly relatble content is what is keeping these artist on the pop radar. Her sound was even cute (Regret is perhaps one of the best R&B productions of the last 15 years!) But she hasn’t really done anything to make her stand out. She needs to pull off a strong cocal performance in her next endeavor or maybe try a brand new sound altogether.

  15. WATCHA LOOKN AT March 17, 2012

    Letoya has all the potential to become a megastar. Its juz the fact she’s been blackballed by the industry& Knowles clan, so she has to work twice as hard as the next chick. I consider her very successful when u continue to shine with the odds stacked against u. Lets not forget about her BET Awards performance being cancel at the last min, the 3 major radio stations being paid not to play her music, most of her tv performanceS cancel or being relased months after(WENDY WILLIAMS/MONIQUE SHOW)AND Beyonce relasing “Single Ladies” right around Lady Love relaease date. Its all POLITICS but KARMA is starting to bite them all in the a$$(knowles clan). what God has 4 u is 4 u, and she’s the REAL DESTINY CHILD!

  16. GETONMYLEVEL March 17, 2012

    It’s all her promotion/marketing/team, I’m glad to see most people that posted a comment on her was pretty nice, I think most people see how hard she worked to get to this point and want the underdog to win. Her albums always delivers and she is a amazing artist its sad that we all see it but her label doesn’t and to correct Sam it was “Anjel” just thought u should know. i would love to see a real nice reality show like the Braxtons on Letoya I know she had the H town chick one but she needs another one on a larger network maybe E!. She need to be in a large movie again but with a bigger role like Alicia keys had in “Smoking Aces” I would love to see her in a action or drama film thats a blockbuster,or a maybe get a recurring role on GLEE because so many people watch it/ maybe True Blood yayyy all in all she needs a launching pad to start the next era of her album, I hope her team sees this.

  17. GETONMYLEVEL March 17, 2012

    I would even say do a collabo with Kelly Rowland on her next album and release it like Brandy and Monica. That way people see two solo artists singing together and it would show they are over the DC drama and it would show they are not Beyonce’s back up plus people are loving Kelly right now too. I wouldn’t say sing with Beyonce because that could hurt her career because people would focus on Beyonce and put her in the Beyonce shadow section again, if she plans on singing with Bey it should be a promotional song for a event or awareness (Katrina) with all the DC members (great publicity stunt) but just that and maybe have them all put it on their albums but yea those are my thoughts

  18. Diva March 17, 2012

    Letoya has never left the spotlight. She definitely has been the victim of major hate and jealousy. We loyal fans of Letoya’s can see from a mile that some of here projects were altered due to people from her past saying that certain people didn’t want her as competition. Letoya didn’t sell her soul the others did.Ritard (no talent)
    Bewack (theif, no orginality). Have been given the the major industry (devils) lucritiive platform, but for a heavy price. Selling s** to our minors is what they are both are known. Toya is all talent, just like Brandy and Monica, and so many other real talented and legendary artists. These classy ladies are that. Since Letoya running her own career now she’s gotten major endorsements, movies, and shows the little paid off industry rats Can’t stop s*** for her anymore.

    It’s Letoya on Top 2012 And beyond!!!!!!!!!!! HATERS

  19. Almond Joy March 17, 2012

    She is nothing more than a Houston version of Ashanti, another Nivea, a dark skinned Olivia and an older Teirra Marie. You get the point? Don’t nobody gives a rat’s ass about her outside of her story as the little engine that could when Bey kicked her out. People only rooted for her to get at Beyonce and when she came back kissing Bey’s ass…. people threw her in the trash along with the other girls I mentioned. Her voice is nothing special and its actually annoying the way she strains for notes. Her personality is the PITS!!! So its definitely a circumstance of an expired product that needs to be pulled from shelves PRONTO!!!

    Monica, Brandy, Beyonce and Kelly S*** on Letoya so please don’t bring them into this. Letoya is over and done like Blaque.

  20. Ricky March 17, 2012

    the difference between LeToya and other singers is that it does not cause polemics to promote, LeToya is much more interested in growing as an artist telling his truth through their songs … She is a truly great artist. LeToya is incredible and I believe that this third album will show to the world that this girl is very talented. I see this girl selling lots of records!

  21. Greg March 17, 2012

    I blame promotion for the fail of LeToya’s second album. Lady Love was such a good album – I think they didn’t release the right choice of singles. Not Anymore is undoubtedly a well written record but that shouldn’t have been the lead single for the album. Once Good To Me was released that’s when everything really went downhill I didn’t even know that there was a video made for that record. LeToya’s label could do so much more for her because she has an amazing voice, makes amazing music and has an amazing personality. I love her Life, Love & Music webisodes and I’m sure that if it was on television it’d be a huge success and help to Toya!

  22. George March 17, 2012

    LeToya is classical, we will see this girl making too much noise! is a lady, it is true, is amazing!
    In 2012 we will see this girl selling much!

  23. Dessa March 17, 2012

    Brazil is in love with singers like her.

    LeToya will win in 2012!!!!

    I am very happy for this third album, she’ll be an amazing star!

  24. VICTOR March 17, 2012

    That the grape juice can help promote this brilliant singer!

  25. ZIqUE March 17, 2012

    I believe in stardom LeToya, she is very talented and his lyrics are incredible.

    She really is a true artist!

  26. Dani March 17, 2012

    would be an incredible interview with Letoya here at That Grape Juice!!!

  27. Igor Dante March 17, 2012

    I love both of her CD.

    LeToya has a wonderful voice. She has to do a duet with Kelly.

  28. Rique March 17, 2012

    we will not tire until LeToya check to the top of the world!

    She needs to make better use of your voice and sing!

  29. thiago March 17, 2012

    that Grape Juice entrevista LeToya!

  30. paty March 17, 2012


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  31. zique March 17, 2012

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  32. pedro March 17, 2012

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  33. dj March 17, 2012

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  34. bruunos March 17, 2012

    That Grape Juice Interview LeToya!
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  35. bruunos March 17, 2012

    That Grape Juice Interview LeToya!
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  36. thiago March 17, 2012

    LeToya is DIVA

  37. Matthew Charlery-Smith March 17, 2012

    I’m glad this has been brought up. I think there’s so much that could be done but hasn’t been done with the Toya!

    I think the problem primarily comes down to her attitude of business and PR. Everyone, probably at least 40% of people who liked DC, were rooting for her and wanted to see her do well as it had become obviously clear that DC was Beyonce’s platform for solo stardom.

    When she went solo and came out with “Torn” everyone really liked it and wanted more but because her label merged and cut the funding nothing did. It was then she should have gone on the road (which I’m sure she had the money for) and done loads of live performances. As a result there’s nothing to look back on excpet 2 videos for the 1st (and best) album of her career.

    Lady Love was a similar issue but what faulted the album was a lack of good music. Songs like Take Away Love, Drained, Matter, Over and I Need A U were quite boring, that’s 30% of the album. As one reviewer put it, how many songs can you have about love gone wrong? Once again, although there were more videos she had no extensive live performances. “Lazy” WAS the Billie Jean of the album and it was wasted, it needed a good video and a live performance but nothing.

    On a PR note LeToya has almost been the killer of her own projects. Her fan interaction is really bad! I almost think Mathew Knowles trained the girls to be perfect and answer all questions properly but didn’t teach them how to get “in the midst” of the fans. Beyonce also doesn’t have much of an opinion on much but she was always the front person of a HIGHLY successful band, she didn’t need to interact so much! Gaga was different, she was starting out and more personable. Her fans tweet about the fact SHE followed THEM!

    I can’t tell you the AMOUNT OF TIMES I’ve looked at her Facebook or Twitter pages and they’ve been full of tweets and updates completely irrelevant to the amount of fans following her. Seeing updates like

    “Just landed in LA gotta find me a Do-What Burger!”


    “LOL RT@Pookie LOL Yeah I love me some jellied ice-cream!”

    She seems completely enveloped in her own life. No real business head ignores fans during AND between albums.

    Back in the day around the Lady Love time she would always post on the Facebook page asking what fans were upto, however she’d never reply, it just seemed like a promo tool rather than being interested in the people who buy her music. At first she’d get loads of replies and posts but as time has passed she’s gone from many comments, to some to virtually none.

    She’s calling her new album, “Persona” a brilliant name but will she establish one for herself and some connectivity with her fans? She has to sell 500,00 to go Gold in the US. I don’t even see that happening. However, with good promo and some real talk I’m sure she could get Silver and Gold in the UK , Japan and Australia/NZ. That being said, she should be introducing us to her new producer “Sauce” (another regular Tweet buddy) and what he has envisioned for her new album.

    One more thing. That last “Life, Love and Music” episode was irritating, seeing her sit down with her friends for 8 long minutes talking about why they can’t find a man. Please!!! If anything those things should be shown between albums when there’s nothing going on, not in the run up to her new album! Last year Oct would have been the best time for it. Where’s the musical focus?

    Anyway, she was always my fave of DC. She’s beautiful, talented and can write songs. I wish she’d take her Christianity more seriously. It would give her a different perspective about what a man (and a career) really is!

  38. Yacht March 17, 2012

    Umm, what genius wrote this dribble? She Don’t was on her sophomore album NOT her first album. RCA is where R&B go to die. Hell, their was a fan petition to get Regret a video and it was a success on the Billboard R&B charts without the freaking promo.

    Why was this article written is an even better question.

  39. Yacht March 17, 2012

    Oops, I meant Capitol Records.

  40. HOT! March 17, 2012

    I think that Letoya’s main issues are starting with the Label was promotion and lack thereof. Not Anymore I didn’t really care for it but it was a good song nonetheless but there was no live performances of it nowhere which i belevie that was the label. Cus from what i saw as well is that Blogs didn’t support her they were all into the electronic Lady gaga rihanna jason derulo etc that they themselves forgot about R&b to the point alot of them diss her record (lady love) which was a really good stand out r&b album considiering adele whose album isn’t r&b but rooted in that along with soul and blues and folk and british-ness sang almost all about relationship but in versatile ways. I just feel like people want Toya a certain way and when they dont they give up easily rather than support her as well.
    When i went to go buy the album the cashier didn’t even know she had an album out so i blame promo on the record label and radio who has time to play the same song over and over but can never give a spin or two to some new records.
    And I feel with Letoya that when she finally gets a stage she needs to perform not just sing but perform. Take a look at her Regret performances even when shes not moving like a dancers her ryhtm is there and thats eye cathcing also she should dance more even to her slower record like she did with DC.
    To give everyone the benefit of doubt i think that Letoya is growing and all of these things dnt happen overnight so time will tell and people actions will show….

  41. yeah March 17, 2012

    Let me be honest. I will never like Letoya just for the fact she was kicked out of Destiny’s Child and how she tried to sue Matthew. Everybody knows that Destiny’s Child was meant to make Beyonce a star so either way it didn’t matter. She could have just played along to get her foot a little in the door like Kelly did. Kelly is doing bigger things now because she stuck with Destiny’s Child and stayed close to her girl Beyonce. LeToya you are a fool if you had a problem with Matthew then you should have told your parents and not try to take it up among yourself to solve problems at the age of 15.

  42. HOT! March 17, 2012

    To the person above what Lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lo l ol o lol ol lhaha i cant even type anymore thats like me saying i wish this site was never created so that you couldn’t post that comment… Yo people these days is off they rictor 4real

  43. ojie king March 17, 2012

    This is why is love this blog!

    The main problem that Letoya’s second project had was that it just lacked promotion. That’s all. As as that time, she was signed to Capitol records (do not know where she is now) and on Capitol records, if you are not Katy Perry or Coldplay, they really cannot be bothered. Sad but true. Letoya took it upon herself to promote that record on her own, so much so that the third single “Regret” was not even going be released a single by the label until the radios started playing the record like crazy, then they deiced to give her a video and some help, but not as much to send the album back unto the charts. That album was a solid record, sure it had too many relationship, heart-borken songs but not withstanding, it was a killl ass record. Just lacked promotion. Come on, in that group, Beyonce was always the forefront, but the threat to her was Letoya. Except Beyonce, Letoya is the only one with a platinum plaque for AN ALUBUM to her name. She has more hits than any of them except Beyonce ofcourse. In my opinion, the webisodes are an excellent way to show that she is still there and doing her thing and is a way of showing her fans that she is not just sitting home and waiting. We need to remember that she is also an actress as well, so when she is not doing music, she is doing movies, Treme and also is the fcae of the relaxer brandy. The girl has looks (she is fiiiinnnnnneee) and a hot body!! If she can get half of the exposure that our new mum has, she wil sky rocket!!!! Let’s just give her time.

  44. king z March 17, 2012


    um “she aint got” was on her second album. “she don’t” is on her first album. lol. i need u to check your facts before u speak

  45. AL March 17, 2012

    Tks for bringing that up. I love LT and just wish her all the best. Her consistancy will make her shine. Haterz we love you so does she. I blame her record company for the wrong single choice. Her sophomore was great however they make just the wrong choices…

  46. ChocoBrown March 17, 2012

    LeToya is a good girl.
    Like that she was in the TV show Treme & doing nice movies and catching the acting bug.
    I enjoyed her second album but single choices and order where a mess.
    I got time for her and she funny and personable..
    She works really hard and voaclly getting better.

    LeToya is banking her cheques nicely

  47. ChocoBrown March 17, 2012

    LeToya is a good girl.
    Like that she was in the TV show Treme & doing nice movies and catching the acting bug.
    I enjoyed her second album but single choices and order where a mess.
    I got time for her and she funny and personable..
    She works really hard and voaclly getting better.

    LeToya is banking her cheques nicely & hope her new music really suits her

  48. MISHKA March 17, 2012

    When it come to a Destiny’s Child I will ALWAYS say: PRODUCT.

    Being a part of the third most popular girl group ever will definitely always open some doors. But if you ain’t got nothing to sell, what do you want people to do.

    LeToya was able to have a #1 album and a platinum certification. Whatever happens after that, it’s up to her as an artist to keep her grind up. Your name is out there, you got money, your only pressure is to keep it that way.

    Kelly got dropped by Columbia and she went to find David Guetta in Europe before anyone in America knew who he was. ‘When love takes over” became an international hit and she got another deal because she proved she can hustle.

    There’s only one way to do it: make it hot, keep it hot. LeToya is signed on Capitol so basically the hottest beats go to the hottest artist aka Katy Perry. Time to wake up, Ms Luckett.

    “No major label is really good or bad, they just 100 per cent operate as a business, which makes sense” – Solange Knowles. (I read it here on TGJ).

  49. Tbozfan10 March 18, 2012

    I bought LeToya’s second album, “lady Love”, but as for why she isn’t more successful, truth be told she’s just really boring. And I’m not hating it’s just the reason why I believe.

  50. number1k9 March 18, 2012

    I say promo for LeToya…

    The singles she released from ‘Lady Love’ were all hot, especially in terms of modern R&B music.

    “She Ain’t Got…” def should have crossed over, had that Dance/Pop/Pop Rock edge to it… Shame.

    Loved “Regret” too. And there was a time when “Not Anymore” was the jam too. She needs hardcore promo pushing her toward the R&B demographic/fanbases!

  51. RedDead March 18, 2012

    It wouldn’t be fair to blame her label since she was the one who chose them not the other way around. The problem is that she wants to be a star but not all singers are destined for that. Some are just supposed to write music and tour and develop their own following not get the big interviews, promotions, or magazine covers. I hope she realizes that but the music industry is full of yes people that just end up letting you down.

  52. CH March 18, 2012

    Her main problems are Label, promo, and single choices (she sucks at them), and live performnces (she can sing but where are those moves that she proved she could do with dc). She is beautiful but always tries to “over relate” to black people, when promoting her 2nd album she said that every middle class black person could really understand what shes talking about on this album, What the Hell?

    And her single choices suck there WAY to safe and boring:
    1st album:
    Torn (very nice start)
    She Dont (who chooses this over All eyes on me, or Tear the club up especially when that sound was at the height of its popularity)
    Obvious (would of been good label went into problems though)
    2nd Album:
    Not Anymore (This is what you think your 1st single in 3 yrs should be, Lazy would of been perfect)
    She Aint Got (great sound but not the best single they didnt even try to mke top 40 pop play it)
    Regret (the best choice she made)

  53. Hot! March 18, 2012

    I feel with the last record Not anymore should of been a buzz single and Good to me, Lazy, REGRET, She aint got and Lady LOve Drained , dont need u were the potential tracks to get peoples attention but again im starting to think that promo plays a large part in anything an artist does becasue all of them song on Lady Love if you dont have it go pick it up legally wre straight bangers I could listen straight thru that record. But they just needed the proper promo and not just throwing them out there but better planning on everyones part. I think the fans did alot last album how do yall think Regret became a single it was the push of the fans, toya, and label

  54. class of fitness April 2, 2012

    Not trying be a hater or anything. but i though her first album sold 500,000 copies=GOLD? so how in the world did she go Platinum instead.

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