Rihanna’s ‘Battleship’: Are You Going To See It?

Published: Wednesday 7th Mar 2012 by David

May 18th marks the cinematic release of ‘Battleship’, Rihanna‘s debut movie.

Starring as Petty Officer Cora Aikes, the movie is set to kick off a summer of blockbuster movies and launch Fenty into the world of ‘acting’, a world she recently confessed to be interested in.

So now, two months ahead of its release That Grape Juice asks:

Are you going to watch Battleship? And if not- why?

Weigh in below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anne March 7, 2012

    Nope, not a sci-fi fan.

  2. thatgrapejuicefan March 7, 2012

    KONY 2012!!!!!! Watch and share!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jey March 7, 2012

    Yes. Not because of Rihanna, she’s a BIG factor… but because it just looks so damn cool. I’m into the whole visual and explosions thing plus, BattleShip is one of my all time fav childhood games!

  4. Onyx March 7, 2012

    The movie looks good, it’s not about her the film has a great actor.

  5. KAT DELUNA FAN March 7, 2012

    I JUST SAW cassie ”LIFEFILES’ lil documentary,she is really cute and it helped to see her close and personal.

    Katy perry is lookin great lately at the fashion week

    All this to say that TGJ is way to obsessed with rihanna,we tired of the same people ‘s post.

    NO I am not watching the movie ..look boring as f***

  6. Mari (RIP Dwayne McDuffie) March 7, 2012

    @Kat deluna

    Not to mention that I don’t recall seeing MIA’s new clip for “Bad Girls” posted on this site, or Santigold’s new video for “Disperate Youth.” There’s all of kinds of news going on, but this site stays riding Ri’s c*** for hits.


    Rihanna’s the only reason why I’m seeing this movie. The only summer blockbuster I’m here for this summer is the “Dark Knight Rises”

  7. kim March 7, 2012

    Yes i am going to see the movie just for RIHANNA I know she is a better actor than Beyonce.Beyonce sucks at acting.I was a big bey fan but i got tired of her boring wholesomeness and she is fake as f*** fake pregnancy.Rihanna done already took her spot she is the hottest chick in the game now

  8. HALF AMAZIN March 7, 2012

    My boyfriend would probably drag me to see it anyway but TBH Rihanna is the only reason I’m seeing this movie as well. I like movies like this but I didn’t play battleship growing up so I don’t identify or have any interest in that way. I think she might be ok as an actress. Curious to see how much she hides her accent.

  9. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 7, 2012

    gonna see it for riri 🙂

    @Kat deluna :

    Cassie who ?!

    P.Diddy’s fav P**** ?! 😛

  10. KAT DELUNA FAN March 7, 2012

    l know right,get ready for Nicki new post 🙄

    Time is passing but you are not growing up 😕
    I heard you were on ATRL,How was your experience?

  11. SWEETA THAN A RICE CAKE March 7, 2012

    YuP just because of Rhianna…now get mad SAM

  12. RDK March 7, 2012

    yes Riri is the reason i am going to see it, other wise i would just watch it on Dvd.

  13. The real Grace Jones March 7, 2012

    I love how all you see is her ass looking amazed at that battle ship. She was barely in that trailer, which means she isn’t playing a starring role at all. I’m sure she will be mediocre as hell!!!

  14. yohze March 7, 2012

    ofc i’ll watch it. not just for her. just hope to get it in original dub here or i’ll do a trip to the engllsh.

  15. JohnVidal (RIPWhitney-true great) March 7, 2012

    Hell NO! I go to the movies every week and I don´t do basic and generic action movies or whatever this is. haha looks like crap, typical nonsense
    ps: I didn´t see Rihanna on that trailer lol That actor is great. It´s a pitty sometimes they need to do a crap movie here and there to maintain their position in the industry, just like what happens in music industry

  16. Jay Scorpio March 7, 2012


  17. Ok March 7, 2012

    “thats my boy“ with CIARA comes out june 15!!! Hear its funny as hell!! CANTWAIT!!

  18. Tru Voice March 7, 2012

    NO I’m NOT!!! – UNLESS, somone else is paying. Not because of RiRi tho, I just don’t wanna see. Maybe ‘ll catch t on bootleg.

    I WILL be going to see Sparkle for Whitney – Twice. 🙂

  19. Rob March 7, 2012

    Yaaas! I will be seeing it as soon as it comes out! Go Ri!

  20. DatChavisBoy March 7, 2012

    Only watching da movie bc of RIHANNA!!!

  21. Jessica March 7, 2012

    Her acting is atrocious!!! That girl can’t act for s*** for the life depend on it!!! I saw the trailer when I went to see Safe House, not impressed one bit!! The movie looked like garbage. It’s not even worth to bootleg. WACK!!!

  22. KD March 8, 2012

    To the stans:

    If the movie does happen to be a success it will not be because Rihanna was in it.

  23. keri hilson two new movies and 3rd album 2012 March 8, 2012

    didnt see rihanna at all but i bet her acting skills are better than beyonces

  24. B4REAL02 March 8, 2012

    Yeah I’ll check it out….but not because of RiRi. I love movies like this….looks interesting

  25. HALF AMAZIN March 8, 2012

    “watching on bootleg”? hot steaming mess.

  26. iSTANFORNOONE March 8, 2012

    ill see just because RIHANNA is in it

  27. Xavier March 8, 2012

    The movie actually looks good.. Rihanna is in the movie but not enough to be the one to carry the film. I’m sure if she was the primary actor this would not be a success. I see it being big, not sure if it will recapture its budget though.

  28. Roy Kendall March 18, 2012

    Nope. Rihanna is, as Justin Bieber with Batman, a great reason for NOT watching a movie. If producers have such a bad criteria for casting characters, what to expect of the flick?

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