Rita Ora Joins Coldplay Tour

Published: Monday 5th Mar 2012 by David

A fortnight ago, the name ‘Rita Ora’ meant nothing to the ever changing terrain that is Pop music.

However, after reaching #1 with ‘Hot Right Now‘, releasing ‘Party’ and ‘RIP’ and raising the blood pressure of many a Rihanna lover, Ms. Ora is well on her way to becoming 2012’s breakout star.

So, in a bid to make sure that happens, her team have landed her a gig of truly epic proportions.

She is to join Coldplay‘s tour this summer.

Details below…

Kicking off May 18th in Portugal, the tour will welcome Ora  June 2nd, in Sunderland’s Stadium Of Light and will leave her in Manchester, June 10th.

May 18 – Porto, Dragao Stadium – Marina & the Diamonds and Rita Ora
May 20 – Madrid, Vicente Calderon – Marina & the Diamonds and Rita Ora
May 22 – Nice, Stade Charles Herman / Nikaia – Marina & the Diamonds and Rita Ora
May 24 – Turin, Olympic Stadium – Marina & the Diamonds and Rita Ora
May 26 – Zurich, Letzigrund Stadium – Marina & the Diamondsand Rita Ora
May 29 – Coventry – Ricoh Stadium – Robyn and Rita Ora
June 1 – London, Emirates Stadium – Marina & the Diamonds and Ash
June 2 – London, Emirates Stadium – Robyn and Rita Ora
June 4 – London, Emirates Stadium – Robyn and Rita Ora
June 7 – Sunderland, Stadium of Light – Robyn and Rita Ora
June 9 – Manchester, Etihad Stadium – Robyn and Rita Ora
June 10 – Manchester. Etihad Stadium – Robyn and Rita Ora


The tour’s confirmation comes after she bared all for Amaru Don TV, explaining just why Roc Nation had taken four years to launch her:

Your thoughts?

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  1. Onyx March 5, 2012

    Well to tell you the truth, i know her because of this site, i comment in her post because of Rihanna, cuz she is always on her post, this site has post songs of her but i don’t even listen to her song oops! i’m so mean.

  2. DTG March 5, 2012

    The new princess of the Roc.

  3. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 5, 2012

    no one’s blood pressure is raised but you @sam.

    so rihanna’s name will carry every flop post of yours ?!

    desperate much ?!

    this Gurl is so weak. Rihanna achieved instant success since minute one with ” pon de replay” !
    2005’s anthem 😆 , not a featured artist with a DJ !!
    even kat deluna did better with her first single ” whine up” than this gurl 😡 😆 😆 😆 😆 *Dead*
    at least it was a global smash hit … 🙄 😆 😆

    but keep trying desperately to make her happen , but i hope u don’t believe your fairy dream that this girl is the new “gaga” !!

  4. seankill March 5, 2012

    Please this b**** is forgotten about by next year!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Lax March 5, 2012

    @DTG,,,And your point? Rihanna is the Queen of the Universe!

  6. kimberly March 5, 2012

    @ pop royalty. lies lies lies. pon de replay? don’t forget rihanna hustle and flop days. please don’t let me preach today. pls don’t forget her 20.00 tickets.pls keep it cute and let thsi girl have her moment. Let jay z expand his record lable without comparisons please. I hope he gets to sign a female rapper soon also.

    Anyway I love Rita a friend sent me some videos of her on youtube, and this girl just caught my attention. She just has this personality that any and everyone will be attracted too. I wish her all the best and I hope she takes alot of advice on entertaining and performing cause she has the right set of people around her.

    There are some blog sites where rihanna fans get all hyped like really people. That just shows how intimidated you are. The girl desn’t even have an album out yet!!!!

  7. sjs March 5, 2012

    @POOP NOT ROYALTY, get over it already Rita ora has talent too, and rhianna got multi platinum success with umbrella, you so crazy, Chile please. Rita has been signed to roc nation since 2009 and has a #1 single in the UK. So IF JAYZ WANTS TO INVEST AND PROMOTE THE ARTIST HE SIGNED THAN HE CERTAINLY CAN. WHO THE F*** ARE YOU TO PUT DOWN ANYONE BECAUSE SOME BLOG IS COMPARING RITA TO RHIANNA. GROWN UP KID. FOR ALL WE KNOW RITA MOST LIKELY LOOKS UP TO OR RESPECTS RHIRI. Also how are you gonna compare rhhianna’s what 7 year career to Rita who is now just getting promo?????????*

  8. kimberly March 5, 2012

    here comes the rihanna fans. 5 4 3 2 1 ATTACK. like rihanna will never grow up and act mature and with a brain in her head.

  9. Lax March 5, 2012

    I am happy for rita she deserves a chance too. Rihanna isn’t sweating any of
    this she’s on about her business and Rihanna is a very smart chick just look
    at many times she have been written off.

  10. kimberly March 5, 2012

    @ SJS I really can’t with these children! It’s like jay z must not sign anybody to his record lable. He has no business. Grow up people. don’t show your ignorance that way. I am happy that jay is expanding and signing young artist. Roc nation needs a female rapper and some more talents. I mean TALENTS, ARTIST THAT CAN SING AND ENTERTAIN!!!! I am happy they found rita. I am happy that she is on with cold play. what a great choice and I hope a collab with coldplay too. I know she has some great collabs on her album. GREAT.

  11. Grammy dammy sammy March 5, 2012

    U need to back off of Rita geez. U r guilty of exactly wat u r accusing Sam of doin. Why r u belittling so early on. She’s only just released her official 1st single, the vid is not even out yet. I hope u eat ur words when she blows up cuz she deserves every bit of success she gets. She’s been signed since 2009 n grinding ever since, honing her skills, putting out material n all that. She’s WORKING not tryna hit it off hotness/ likeability/ raunchiness/ hair craze or some silly rumour. She hasnt done anything to warrant d hate u heap on her so the obvious answer is – r-i-h-a-n-n-a. The fact that yall trended “rihanna will never be replaced” is so laughable. Yall kno Rih cant grind like a real artist, take away her budget n priviledges, u’ll be left with a hollow vessel on stage. U keep sayin rih was a hit from d start, how mch did ber 1st 2 cds sell? N since rita’s 1st single hasnt even be released to retailers yet. Wat makes u so sure she wont conquer d chart?

    *drops mic a la Beyonce*


    Maybe u shd get your cracker ass to more urban blogs of them have been covering her lately. Her publicist was with her in New York. This recent hype dint come from nowhere. Guess she has d navy to thank for fuelling the flame. 🙂


    the reason alot of the rihanna fans/stans are mad at u idiots is because u guys always want to say rita is here to take rihannas place, and the rihanna stans cant hadle it…

    un excuse i couldnt give two f**** about this chick, shes no there to replace rihanna since, let me see RIHANNNA IS DEFJAM AND ROC NATION’S biggest money maker

    name one person on def jam and roc nation that brings in WORDLWIDE MONEY like rihanna, ill wait, NONE…

  13. ANNE March 5, 2012

    I’m not a Rihanna fan by any stretch of the imagination but I have to say that I never heard of this lady outside of this site and I don’t see why she would be a threat to Rihanna in particular. Whether I can appreciate her efforts or not, I can at least admit that career wise Rihanna is doing good and proving she has staying power. I think Sam is doing a lot of wishful thinking or picking with the Rihanna fans at the risk of sounding naive.

  14. Bey Fan March 5, 2012

    I think Rita has a decent voice….but I just haven’t moved by anything she’s done so far…

    I’ve said a million times that i dont think Rihanna can sing, but I will her credit for accomplishing what she has accomplished and for having plenty of catchy songs. Rihanna is a house-hold name. And has managed to break records.

    Miss Rita has a while to go to try and take Rihanna’s spot…..

    I will say this tho, TGJ has me more and more interested in ole Rita… hope she lives up to the hype.

  15. Onyx March 5, 2012

    Keep talking haters TALK THAT TALK

  16. Mark March 5, 2012

    Personally I don’t care for Rita. There are sangers who are way way way better than both Rita and Rihanna. I’m not caught up in this light skin fetish because they are starting to all look alike. First they start innocent and then end up trashy and slutty. No Bueno.

  17. gaaglooo! March 5, 2012


    You 2 need to let this girl alone! Why are you hating on her? Did she do something wrong to you guys? There is nothing you can do if it’s her destiny to blow-up and have success, just like Sam CAN’T DO ANYTHING on Rih success……. so back off!!!


    people are so dumb and stipid sometimes…..

    jay z knew rihanna was going to make a song with chris brown,,,,trust he knew..

    just because the songs are not on itunes doesnt mean jay z didnt know….trust me, he knew…..

    so for the dumb asses who claimed jayz is mad so hes trying to replace her with this chick, IS FULL OF S***…

    the chick didnt even release an album yet, and u guy are already saying she replaced rihannna..

    soryyyy, bittter bishes, rihannna is HERE TO STAY…..

  19. gaaglooo! March 5, 2012

    She deserves her chance too!!! Wooow why can’t we have a new artist without people hating??!! OOooh Gosh!!

  20. Onyx March 5, 2012

    I don’t hate her my love but Sam shades makes me go mad sometimes.

  21. MissImpartial March 5, 2012

    WOW!!!!!! Disapointed in you @POP since when do you stan for Gaga??. I thought you had taste.

  22. kimberly March 5, 2012

    @ RATED xxxxxTRA. Is that a good thing or a bad thing for Riahnna. bringing the money to roc and keeping little. not a statement worth typing, or for any argument.
    don’t ever forget where rihanna starting playing all innocent at dem radio stations with her picky hair. don’t forget where she started. crazy little idiots

  23. Bey Fan March 5, 2012

    Maybe I need a visual with this Rita chick…..

    Rihanna just seems so far a head in the game, Rita would have a lot of catching up to do.

    Again, I not a big Rihanna fan….nor am I a Rita hater. I just haven’t seen in this chick what everyone else is seeing.


    if she blows up , fine than..good for her..but they r trying to blow her up as a rihanna clone..which is very funny though..lol

    umm rihanna’s voice has improved for the past couple of years you can tell, yes she may not be the best singer or dancer..

    but shes bad ass f***…..

    whos hating on the rita girl? because we dont believe shes here to take rihannas place that means we’re hating?

    but the chick doesnt even have an album out, how can u judge a book by its cover, how do u know shes going to blow up bigger that rihanna..none of us knows that..

    if her album is great ill support it s***, people needs to calm the f*** down..

  25. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 5, 2012

    Grannies grannies grannies , calm your Old Tits down !!

    Yes , rihanna was the s*** since minute one , Bring it On b**** ?!

    can u deny ” Pon de replay” was 2005’s SHIIIIIIIt ?!

    i don’t talk tickets , i talk hits you old dry c*** 😡 ! Pon de replay was her first s*** and it smashed as a bomb !!

    Of course u can’t remember ! maybe you were in a coma by then , but why i’m even talking to an old trash bag like u , this stuffs “children” know better about her , go Turn On your gramophone/phonograph/ the f*** or something and do something good with your f*****’ miserable -constantly hating on children filled- life!!! 😡

    i will let this B**** have her moment IN this site. cuz i don’t see her moment outside it 😡 😥 😥 😥

    i give her 3 months and the new “IT” girl will arrive and take her position as the next basic b****. 😡


  26. Bey Fan March 5, 2012


    we are usually eye-to-eye on this post….or maybe we’re just eye-to-eye when it comes to Beyonce…lol.

    Im still waiting to see whats so hot about this Rita chick… you know what, Imma go youtube her some more. I might have missed something…

  27. sjs March 5, 2012

    @POOP NOT Royalty you being bold from your computer Im not old Rita not old I think poop not royalty is upset cause he or she wants to be in the recording industry. Plkease dont take your frustrations out on Rita. Rita is young living life and not too concerned about the negative comments and neither is Rhianna. LOL

  28. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 5, 2012

    @GaGaloo :

    I don’t hate on her , i keep it real.

    and when she blew Up ?!

    Where and when ?! the average tom/joe don’t know the f*** is a rita ?!

    but every cockroach under every rock knew “rihanna” when she smashed with ” pon de replay” ! that’s why i see the whole comparison of comparing the two is hilarious and desperate.

    like ppl hate rihanna to the point they live in a fairy tale that someone like this”rita” will come easily and take her spot that easy ! Ha !

    many tried , and where are them now ? 😉 😆

    This b**** gonna Flop OLY because ppl charge her up for something bigger than her , the b**** wanna have a great debut by herself , but rihanna haters are not making her enjoying that , they wanna put her against someone like rihanna and she won’t win.

    it is like throwing a f*****’ baby in the sea and asking them to swim as a skilled swimmer !!
    Not a winning game for her “the baby” !

    the baby = Rita
    @MissImpartial :

    My taste is always good. and gaga is great herself. she is crazy and nuts for some , but i started to like her more now 🙂

  29. nicoyuki March 5, 2012

    Its funny that Sam only gets hits when its a post putting artist against eachother. Or a post about one artist and throwing shade at another. Funny isn’t it. But anywhere I elves rihanna, but I’m still looking forward to hearing something from rita.

  30. sjs March 5, 2012

    @POOP NOT Royalty you already know you would not call Rita the b-word to her face. You just maybe an old dry c*word. Sam still going to post articles about Rita, for as long as people like you and I keep commenting difference you mad @ Sam and Rita who you dont know personally and they are making $$$$$$$ of your comments. Rita makes $$$$$$$$ off of you, and you may be bitter cause she is signed and your not!!!! LOL PS Love Rita and Rhianna’s blonde hair!!!

  31. Lax March 5, 2012

    @KIMBERLY…..Speaking of Talented artist and since we all know that
    Jay know talent right, that kimberly is why Rihanna got hired by jay in the first place and it don’t matter a dam to me if you like the new chick that jay have hired because it matters a dam. I wish them all luck and i am smart enough to know that regardless to how you keep writing Rihanna off and hates her with a passion that is not going to make her go any fukkkkkin place. Rihanna will be just fine with or without your blessings Kimberly and so jay is expanding well so is all of the other Labels. You can praise Rita and the horse she rode in ob n to the hight heavens and you can save yourself by leaving Rihanna’s name out of your hating mouth because rihanna says to kiss her rich ass not the left or the right but dead in the center and you can praise the hell out of that and why don’t you Hang you some fukkkkin curtains while living at your new spread Up Rita’s & Jay-z Asses!



    you mean the roc nation money rihanna bought a 12 million masion..

    not the 10 million one she had to sell because it was cap

    you honsetly think ur smarter than me….you were trying to be slick in saying all the money rihanna makes goes straight to jay z…lol

    sweety, jay z is closer to rihanna than his own wife..comprehend these little words, since ur so smart and s***…as long as rihanna is with roc nation the bish is going to be a milionaire….boo rihanna IS ROC NATION…

    you delusion beyonce stans never fail to amaze me….

  33. MissImpartial March 5, 2012

    I think blogs are adding Rita’s name next to Rihanna’s to gain exposure and relevancy. They know where the spotlight is currently.

  34. nicoyuki March 5, 2012

    @ratedx their you go with beyonce on the mind. You kill me the most with your beyonce hate cause it come out of nowhere. Like you dream and live beyonce.


    this chick tried to be slick…I cannot stop laughing at this s***…..

    i love my stans, waves to my stans, cause i know alot of you loves me more than ur on fav

    hence everytime i comment yall cant wait to talk to me….

    i feel so flattered….I never had a stalker before..now i know how it feels…

    I HAVE My STANS..yay yay yay yay yay yay whos bad..

  36. kimberly March 5, 2012

    @beyfan… you should look at her interviews and covers. she is great. I think she is young and energetic and is very open in her conversations. She has the potential. I am really always there for talent. she slays the acoutic versions. I wasn’t there for these pop stars out there with all theses gimmicks but if rita wants to stay good in my books she better forget about any idea of gimmick. Don’t let it take over her talent.
    I will support her.

  37. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 5, 2012

    @SJS :

    why you are so concerned though ?! i don’t hate Rita , i feel sorry for her cuz you are charging her up for something so much bigger than her.

    but anyway , the sad news is that My D*** is not “free to ride” tonight , i have many people on the list and you are not in it.

    Come in other time sweets !

    Rude BOY loves his fans , but so bad he has only one d*** , some have to wait till i give them a ride , hope you excuse me 🙁 !

    wait in line 😉

  38. Onyx March 5, 2012




    excuse me, where did i hate on beyonce, mather of fact where did i mention i hate beyonce on this post

    sit ut ass down..

    i responded to a comment a beyonce stan made toward me, and I’m a hater..

    you people need to take the d*** out of ur asses and look up the word HATE..

    and go back to school

  40. nicoyuki March 5, 2012

    Ratedx is one sick b****. You cant wait to get home from school everyday just to talk bey. I can picture your room with cut outs of bey all over you walls and every Cd/Dvd bey has ever put out. And a beyonce shrine in your closet like on hey Arnold

  41. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 5, 2012

    someone need to take out this @kimTRAH outside the haus !!!!! 😡

    talking too much for her age , ppl your age wore their fake teeth and slept like babies hours ago, hope u do the same !! 😡

    why arguing with ppl half your age , we won’t get you and you won’t get us ! as simple as that.

    invest that time and go suck your husband’s d*** or something !! 😡

  42. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 5, 2012


    my iphone is disgusted to type it correctly i guess.

  43. Lax March 5, 2012

    @SJS,,,We love Rita and we can’t wait until she goes platium
    with her new album and only time will tell now want it. This rita chick
    is dah, dah, dah. and frankly POP ROYALTY Can say what the f** come
    to mind who do you think Y R??? Give this ten cent h** all the praise you hating on rihanna bytche want too and we know you are hoping for the best because if you
    wasn’t you would not have Rihanna’s name in your mouths, especially that hating ass Kimberly, every post , she is after Rih’s ass s*** all of that hating and making herself sick for no dam pay check, and rihanna could care less! Rihanna is here and it is going to take more than the pull jay has to sway the buying public, watch. Jay might just fined out that he isn’t loved as well as he think his ass is by the buying public, time will tell want it. S*** if jay don’t want to mange Rihanna why haven’t his fukkkkkin ass said so, why is he acting like a desperate ass bytch, and beside that Jay z is the one who helped to train and mold Rihanna’s careed so hey jay you picked her,,,,,as judge judy would say,,, and the only time rihanna has dissopinted was that collab with CHRIS BROWN AND THAT IS WATER UNDER THE BRIDGE AND RIHANNA IS MOVING RIGHT ON DOWN THE ROAD.
    Jay is the one who has to live with the hate because he want to hang on to hate of CHRIS AND HIS DAUGHTER RIHANNA DIDN’T….He taught Rihanna how to learn how to turn the other cheek and that is a hard thing to do when some one beat your ass,,,, but once Rihanna let it go she WILL NOW START TO GROW IN STRENGTH AND MORE POWER THAN SHE HAVE EVER HAD BECAUSE SHE FEELS FREE AS A BIRD. And if rihanna freeing herself from feeling in bondae and this RITA IS TAKING OVER THEN LET RITA HAVE AT IT. The coldplay was jayz doing and he did as much for his FIRST TALENTED DAUGHTER RIHANNA /COLDPLAY PRINCESS OF CHINA!!!!!

  44. kimberly March 5, 2012

    @ratex xxxxxxx. you’re a skunk. jay is what closer to who? This b**** ain’t making no money. She still have her mother living in a small house in barbados. She still can’t make the forbes 100 list. What money is she making?????how much is rihanna worth after 7 years of making music? look how much money her songwriters make off her singles. How much does she cash in. Don’t let me clock you b****. Remember the interview jay had and was ask about rihanna’s cash flow and he said that is too little to even worry about? jay don’t need rihanna’s money nor his wife. I wouldn’t be surprise if they are billionnaires now. B**** Rihanna has no power to her name. NONE , why all the fuss. all she has is hit singles and no highlights in her career. I bet you cannot even count how many great performances she has left for you as a fan. When another artist break that singles record what will she stand with. Girl get your life. making money and her tour didn’t make the list. forbes is still counting on seeing her? lol. Celebrities don’t buy houses cash. they take loans for houses, business etc. ignorant fool. come harder!!!!!!!
    A few of jay concerts in the US already brought in over 20 million. may I continue no..

  45. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 5, 2012

    why this became a beyonce post ?!

    i thought it was Rita’s !

    U see ?!

    b**** has no fans of her own. #proven

    can’t wait to see her first week sales sales sales sales sales sales sales sales sales

    😆 😆 😆

    *Plays birthday cake*

  46. Lax March 5, 2012

    @Rihanna haters & the new girls many loves…proof
    read me and do the corrections, carry on!

  47. KAT DELUNA FAN March 5, 2012

    Well Rita is coming ….We’ll see the video & promo Jay lines upp for the goat 1.2

  48. gaaglooo! March 5, 2012

    I don’t hate her my love but Sam shades makes me go mad sometimes.

    _ I can understand, i use to feel the same way with Rih because of some arrogants stans, but i found myself very ridiculous, cause she doesn’t know the f*** about me! So now i ignore them and just enjoy GOOD MUSIC!!
    Still LOV-U Onyx/Noir Biiiz:-)

  49. Lax March 5, 2012


  50. Lax March 5, 2012

    @GAAG,,,,,, Agrees!

    @NICO,,,No Rated is real and speaks the truth and you can’t stand the truth!

  51. nicoyuki March 5, 2012

    I feel like it room for both rita and rihanna to make music. They both have different type of music, different voices. The olny thing they have in common is their stkye. Other then that different girls.

  52. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 5, 2012

    @LAX :

    this b**** ” rihanna” need to hire Us as body guards for real 😆

    anyway , i am done with this post , i injected so much life to this post. enough is enough !

    @sam got her hits , other b****** got their kicks ! mission accomplished !

    let’s leave this s*** !! 😉

  53. Grammy dammy sammy March 5, 2012

    Eff tgj for holdin my comment under moderation. I had a good word for @pop n @onyx. Cant copy n paste cus im on my phone. Well basically @pop stop bein a hypocrite u doin exactly wat u accusing Sam of doin. Rita deserves success, she’s hardworker n talented. U dont see it cuz u feel obligated to rihanna
    Smh ol friend, wats ur issue now? Was ur cracker ass disappointed when u found out she wasnt white afterall, that was d 1st question u asked shen tgj posted on her.

    Oh n jus so u know, Rita has been featured on other urban blogs(think thats why i was under moderation) her publicist was in NY with her. This boost in hype dint come from nowhere.

    So long suckers

  54. Onyx March 5, 2012

    You right, i love you too, that red hair kind of remind me of Grace Jones in the movie when she play a Vampire HOT.

  55. kimberly March 5, 2012

    I came on a Rita Ora post to comment and say something positive. I say rihanna fans already hating the the new music comer. I gave my two cents. now i am the biggest hater. What the f*** are you doing on a rita post in the first place. B****** get a life. Speaking the truth isn’t hating. This girl even bring in all the names she wants to bring in on the post to throw shade. This girl has a voice and can sit on a chair and sing an acoutic version of any song flawlessly.
    Just alittle reminder. don’t forget 50cent, Nas, jonas brothers, criss cross, backstreet boys, and lots more who thought they were the s*** and can bearly last for a decade in the music business. Yall think rihanna is all that with no voice and stage presence. Awaits the rihanna at 30 or 40. I want to meet yall losers on a TGJ post in the furture. Better technology arisises

  56. nicoyuki March 5, 2012

    @lax what truth, all I hear is crazy nonsense coming out those empty comments. Queen Bey has never been in the media for anything concreted wrong. Bey is not a b****, ho, or anything above. She just gained a lot with the fame.

  57. Grammy dammy sammy March 5, 2012

    Rihanna’s net worth is in negative, she’s living off consolation gifts courtesy of the Carters like that wrangler jeep ha ha, lemme stop, jk 😉

  58. Onyx March 5, 2012

    Hahahah LMAO that puts a smile on my face THANKS but i ask about that bcz she looks mixed to me, oh! i don’t hate Black people never in my life most of my idols are black Prince, Michael Jackson, Grace Jones, Whitney Houston, Ella Fitzgerald i love all of them.

  59. Those That Cannot Do, Stan March 5, 2012

    Rolls eyes, yeah Rihanna fans didn’t prove Sam right in this post at all. Lord the hundreds of exclamation points alone look like heart palpitations.

  60. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 5, 2012

    @Grammy :

    the thing u don’t know i bought this b****’s EP. i wanted to know what the hype is for , she is decent ! but i don’t get the rihanna comparisons !!!
    that’s all !!! plus some b****** were asking for a slap and i did that !!
    now i know how the bey stans felt when delusional Rihanna stans were saying riri took beyonce’s spot. Pathetic !

    the whole thing of comparing artists is pathetic. let this girl breathe and leave rihanna’s name out of it.

    and BTW this girl is like a mix between Ke$ha and gwen , i don’t get why ppl compare her to rihanna !

    anyway , i’m not that evil , i maybe rude , but not evil , so …

    i will let the poor gurl enjoy her time !

  61. Grammy dammy sammy March 5, 2012


    Rated doesnt tell d truth. She tells a rhitard what a rhitard wants to hear. “rihanna is bad” wtf does that mean? I thought this was about a singer lmao

  62. sjs March 5, 2012

    @Poop NOT Royalty I am concerned caase its wrong to talk so much s*** behind someons back on the computer who the f*** are you to call someone the b-word unless they personally disrespected you. You are the main one leaving negative comments. But the sad part is you are using profanity from your copmuter. The day you are ever on the level of Rhianna or Rita will be the day Americans no longer have to pay taxes

  63. nicoyuki March 5, 2012

    @grammy dammy Sammy ratedx has a f****** beyonce shrine in her closet and she prays to it 10 times a day. And a wall full of beyonces faces danceing around in her head. That b**** is sick. Lolol

  64. Aishaaguilerakeys March 5, 2012

    Thnx, Jay Z! She looks an awful lot like Riri in that pic!

  65. Grammy dammy sammy March 5, 2012


    Ive called u out on ur camouflaged racism b4 in d past. Why race is d 1st thing u want to know about an artist is beyond me. Even if u hate black people, BRO it’s yo loss.


    Fine stop belittling her b4 she arrives then. U keep mentionin pon de replay. Well let Rita release her 1st single proper. Everyone starts somewhere

  66. Grammy dammy sammy March 5, 2012


    Dead not Shrine lmao, wouldnt put it past her though, that being is a creep!

  67. sjs March 5, 2012

    @LAX SHUT UP NO ONE HATES RHIANNA tell what negative comment I made I I will to tell you you bare lying. SENSITIVE ASS SELF GROW UP. you sound obsessed but Rita, Rhianna nor Jayz are thinking about you. No matter how shade you type its behind a computer. You dont know these people personally you and @POOP NOT ROYALTY should get your minds right. I think Rhianna is successful but to bash Rita who derserves her chance at her dream and career shows how immature and obsessed you are.

  68. Onyx March 5, 2012

    Oh! God you intentions to make me look like a Racist is amazing you should consider being an Actress.

  69. sjs March 5, 2012

    @LAX Never said not one negative thing about Rhianna, if you stop and read dumb self, I said its negative to bash Rita Ora, we do not know her, Jay-z or Rhianna. Rhianna does not have haters like that if you want to be on Rhianna’s payroll go be her bodyguard then. LOL Bottomline is you keep commenting on this article like me the more $$$$$$cake cake cake Sam makes. Stay mad its cool I will still comment cause its fun to get a rise out of pissing you off. THATS Y U MAD THATS Y U Y U MAD !!!!! I should have my own show

  70. Grammy dammy sammy March 5, 2012


    I dont have to intend to make u look like a racist. U do a fine job of it urself n ive told u im a guy eejit

  71. Onyx March 5, 2012

    Oops! sorry i think you was a girl that’s why i always being nice to you.

  72. morgat March 5, 2012

    No thanks rita !!
    we got rihanna!!!! l

  73. lol March 5, 2012

    1 Chis martin (coldplays lead singer ) and Jay Z are best freinds so of course Jay z was able to pull some strings to get Rita gig
    2 nobody knows who this chick is she has no swag and she cant replace Rihanna

  74. MissImpartial March 5, 2012

    @Grammy dammy sammy
    There is nothing racist about @ONYX asking if someone is black, white, chinese whatever. She looks mixed and I asked myself if she is mixed. Some people love to throw the word racist about. SMH

  75. Teacher March 5, 2012

    March 5, 2012 at 1:55 pm
    I think blogs are adding Rita’s name next to Rihanna’s to gain exposure and relevancy. They know where the spotlight is currently.


  76. KAT DELUNA FAN March 5, 2012

    ^Lmao at rihanna stans complaining at the blogs for using her name to boos rita when:

    -Rih via Jay-z name became relevant for that reason
    -Rih is always using chris brown and kae names on a daily basis


    Rita is dating Rob Kardashian,you know the Kardashian family will be at the Tour right, 😆

  77. karla March 5, 2012

    @kimberly b****, Rihannas mom does not live in a small house in Barbados. By Caribbean standards they live in a mansion. Her mother has her own boutique as well made possible by her star daughter, and Rihanna has been listed in Forbes numerous times. Last check her networth was at millions above yous so stfu.

  78. Heh March 5, 2012

    Rita is WAY better than Rihanna. She can actually sing and has talent, which already puts her 5 notches ahead of funny voiced island girl.

  79. Grammy dammy sammy March 5, 2012


    That wasnt d 1st time time i noticed somn shady from him though. He once implied Beyonce has no right to dye her hair any other colour because she’s black. I told him black women have as much liberty to feel beautiful about themselves as tanorexics do.

  80. WizKey March 5, 2012

    100% Team Rita!

    Get her Rita!

  81. SWEETA THAN A RICE CAKE March 5, 2012

    LOL she is sharing the stage w/ Robyn. Call me when she ACTUALLY does a song w/ ColdPlay . Good luck “REPLACEMENT ORA”

  82. MissImpartial March 5, 2012

    @Grammy dammy sammy
    Oh ok I didn’t notice that comment. Everyone has the right to dye their hair how they want it.

  83. Onyx March 5, 2012

    You think everybody is obsessed with Beyonce like you are, i don’t f****** care about her fake blonde wig.

  84. B. Hill March 5, 2012

    I’m gonna start calling Rita “RiRi.” The new and improved version.

  85. bey IS LEGEND March 5, 2012


    if u dont care about, then why’d u make a point out of it? i’m not obsessed with Beyonce. I have my favs just like you have yours. Her hair is no faker than Britney’s #pipedown

  86. grammy dammy sammy March 5, 2012

    oops i just logged on to a pc in college, that’s my old username lol

  87. Onyx March 5, 2012

    Don’t f****** care about what Britney or any other b**** puts in their head thats including Madonna (just mention her for if you want named her), i go to times square now i need to eat something kisses 4 U.

  88. JER March 5, 2012

    No one even knows who this strange b**** is. She makes Amerie, Brooke Valentine, and Nicole Sherzinger look like legends. And joining Coldplay? Already following in Rihannas footsteps again, first the image, now the collaborations.

  89. grammy dammy sammy March 5, 2012


    haha u read my mind i was actually gonna reference Madonna’s cone bra but i thought not to go there. bye lil white boy, im gonna hook u up to a beautiful brown-skin sister 😉

  90. grammy dammy sammy March 5, 2012

    *to a = with a

  91. Hush March 5, 2012

    I appreciate that Rita has a normal sized forehead.

  92. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 5, 2012

    Stop that s*** , we all know @ONYX is not racist. stop it !

    and yes , the B**** looks Asian with blonde hair and it is allowed to ask politely . now what ?!!! she looks cool regardless . but yes , ppl gotta ask about her race , color , her real hair color and her bra size as well 😛 , she is GOING TO BE a celeb.

    i do remember when ppl where asking if gaga had a d*** or not , so why ppl are not allowed to ask if this h** is mixed, black , etc …. ?!

    i don’t have any problem with any race , language , etc … but using the race card in every argument is no bueno.

    @ONyx :

    and U are going to eat what ?! 😉

    Cake cake cake cake cake cake 😛 😆

    @SJS :

    do u have a turn OFF button you Dry c*** ?!

  93. gogetta March 5, 2012

    rihanna has 29 top 40 hits making the artist with the most hits this century who can top that???

  94. gaaglooo! March 5, 2012

    Myyyy baaad why you guys(@Pop, Grammy and Onyx) are fithing when you use to bee cool to each other?!!

    [email protected], you make me sooooooooooooooo confuse!:-)) Lololol Since when you left the Beehives, and recharge ur Navy card’s members again?!! Hahaha oh my bad i just can’t stop LMFAO!

  95. gaaglooo! March 5, 2012

    Okkkkkkk i gonna rool some blunts and let you entertaiming me guys!

    Woooohou que le match commence!!!!

  96. KAT DELUNA FAN March 5, 2012

    DEAD 😆 😆


    rihanna is broke? and her mom lives in a small house…

    i’m guessing ur ass has been to rihannas mom house right..get the f*** out of here with this b*******..

    for the last time u idiots just because u dont make forbes doesnt mean ur a broke…not every body feels the need to brag about how much money they dont have like the carters….

    yes i;m a b****, yes evertime i call yall fake bishes out for making up s***, i’m a beyonce hater


    so just beay z bought rihanna a car that means, shes broke….i swear u guys are the stupidest, dumbest, delusional, mental, full of s*** stan base ever,,,

    but keep taking sht..the more s*** yall talk the less money the carters makes..HENCE BEYONCE TELLING YALL TO ShUT THE F*** UP..

    but go head…..u guys are going to be her down falll…tic toc…

    and @ grammy i already told ur fake, bitter ass to stay in ur lane..i know ur dumb and slow ass f*** and all..but stay in ur f****** lane..

  99. Shonda March 5, 2012

    Liking her more and more everyday!! Wish she would come here 🙂

  100. Onyx March 5, 2012

    I know you want to mention her cuz you know i lov her, don’t worry i’m going tanning.

    hahahaha i eat a KFC, fast food but i want my Cake haha.

    Pop and i love each other, he loves me and i love him even if sometimes i know he want to kill me and i want to kill him but we always understand each other perfectly, chemistry is everything, by the way i love your hair is that new, you change your red hair color ala Grace Jones as “Queen Katrina” in the movie “Vamp”.

  101. gaaglooo! March 5, 2012

    @Onyx\ ma pierre noire!!!
    Pop and i love each other, he loves me and i love him even if sometimes i know he want to kill me and i want to kill him but we always understand each other perfectly, chemistry is everything, by the way i love your hair is that new, you change your red hair color ala Grace Jones as “Queen Katrina” in the movie “Vamp”.

    Lol I see! Héhé thx!! Nooow, this hair color is old, I rock short black &red, short very black and now medium long brown hairs since, my boss was very hysterical with that hair lol!!! I change my hair since i was 4 yo:-))

  102. Teacher March 5, 2012

    March 5, 2012 at 5:04 pm
    I appreciate that Rita has a normal sized forehead.

    Lol ur stupid lol!

  103. Onyx March 5, 2012

    Hahahaha your boss has no sense of style

  104. pie March 5, 2012

    So Justin biebers manager bought him a new car. Does that mean he’s broke?

  105. This is some Huff March 5, 2012

    There is no comparison. Rihanna and Rita are in 2 different league’s.

  106. Jordan March 5, 2012

    I am NOT FEELING HER. Lol. Am I the only one that’s not?

  107. gaaglooo! March 5, 2012

    March 5, 2012 at 8:17 pm
    Hahahaha your boss has no sense of style

    _ Oooh don’t worry she’s off of s**, her p**** is tooo drrrrrry, that why she worries about my hair’s color instead her job!!!!!

  108. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 6, 2012

    @GAGALOO :

    ME & @ONYX & @GRAMMY are cool. i think we reached a point which we know how our brains operate. but sometimes we go crazy all the way.

    but i like them 🙂 , i f*** with them !! 😉

    and i’m with no team right now ” not @the hive , @the navy and and clearly not @little monsters” , i learned that i have to appreciate every artist and that too much stanning is no good.

    but who am i fooling , i turned on my rihanna stan mode in this post as you can see 😳 !!!

    and yes , the navy card can be used and recycled several times , only the hive burn your stan card once you are not a stan anymore. or u will spend your days with them giving you side-eyes , so ….. 🙂

  109. Richnblack11(just like bey) March 7, 2012

    I like this chick for some reason……get it RITA make your coins F THE HATERS AND A DAMN RIHANNA DUE YOU BOO.

  110. Phittedphilly March 8, 2012

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