A Must Watch: Monica & Brandy Visit ‘The Breakfast Club’

Published: Wednesday 14th Mar 2012 by Sam

R&B songbirds Brandy and Monica stopped by Power 105‘s Breakfast Club to plug their latest hit ‘It All Belong To Me’.

And as anyone who knows how Charlemagne and co get down, the interview was never going to be standard-fare.

A must-watch in many a way, the candid chat saw the ladies really speak in-depth on some of the online abuse they’ve received; with Brandy lamenting on being branded a “murderer” on Twitter, while Monica relayed the strife caused by a life-threatening stalker.

Of course, the seriousness of the matters we’re levelled out by the ample dose of ‘crazy’ the hosts serve up. A combo which made for a hilarious, yet insightful watch.

Video awaits after the jump…

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  1. Millhouse March 14, 2012


  2. 90’s music is back March 14, 2012

    lol monica and brandy are the best singers out there f*** haters people are assholes if they hate on these two women ,,they paved the way for these new gimmicks out here monicas first album was at age 12 and brandy was 14 damnnnnnnnn he said what brandy mouth do? in other words can she suck d***??? lol or can she kiss??? he went tooooooooo far

  3. YOOSONDALOOSE March 14, 2012

    Love it, go Mon and Brandy, keep promoting!

  4. 90’s music is back March 14, 2012

    i really wish they would record a full album after hearing their new song they could really go hard together..much love to them ! i have been a fan since day 1 they were both underrated since 2003-2010 they should have more grammys than rihanna and beyonce but they dont whicjh is f***** up!

  5. Jessica March 14, 2012

    I love these girls!!! They are soo damn humble!!! I love Monica’s realness about things because it’s the truth!!! I love Brandy humbleness, very down to earth. I don’t like the fact that people still bash Brandy about the accident and it wasn’t her fault and the police and the courts said so!!! People need to stop calling her a murderer because what Monica said ” Magots feed on negativity”. I can’t wait for these girls to tour, I hope they come to Toronto. I seen Monica back in 2008, so I need to see Brandy now. Can’t wait for there album to drop!!!

    New Life- April 10 2/11- June


  6. 90’s music is back March 14, 2012

    lol@millhouse i ignore that video looks like a gay fish

  7. 90’s music is back March 14, 2012

    before i go if i hurt anybody with my comments remember freedom of speech my opinion counts peace!

  8. @THE_MALEMADONNA March 14, 2012

    MONICA NEW LIFE APRIL 10TH ATTENTION !!!! there is a DELUXE EDITION … !! Deluxe Official Tracklisting! 1. Intro (Interlude) 2. It All Belongs To Me Feat. Brandy 3. Daddy’s Good Girl 4. Man Who Has Everything 5. Big Mistake 6. Take A Chance Feat.Wale 7. Without You 8. Until It’s Gone 9. Amazing 10. Cry 11. Time To Move On 12. Outro (Interlude) 13. Breathe 14. In 3D 15. Catch Me 16. Anything (To Find You) Feat. Rick Ross

  9. DJ D.Scott March 14, 2012

    Lol, Charlemagne is a fool

  10. Millhouse March 14, 2012

    i do feel bad for what i said, im sorry…. but please dont post the same video in each post!

    That interview was good! I like people who ask questions that we want to know. Charlamagne is a fool. I guess all those years with Wendy Williams taught him how to keep people on their toes…. LOL… they should put them on VH1 or something… a 30 min show where they are interview different celebs and putting them in the hot seat.

    Brandy needs to tighten up lol Monica handles pressure very well but Brandy was so nervous …. it was cute tho lol

  11. COOKIE -DIVAS- TONI B. RIHANNA March 14, 2012

    So over Brandy and her so called friendship with Debbie Downer. It’s so forced, and not pleasant to look at. I’m DONE with Brandy for now.

  12. Millhouse March 14, 2012

    yall should post all 3 parts though. it was funny when they played the Ray J rant for Brandy and asked if she was a part of the money team. and it was funny when Charlamagne said Ray J called him and told him they him and Brandy were laughing at the Lil Mama interview when they made her cry… lol you know its true because of Brandy”s expression…. that whole interview was hilarious. I had to rewind certain parts 4 or 5 times cuz they were so funny.

    PS i really do feel bad for what i said about the guy in the video. i never want to crush anyone’s dreams. im sorry 🙁

  13. ChrisFresh March 14, 2012



  14. VLB March 14, 2012

    Brandy is way to sensitive

  15. Truth March 14, 2012

    I wont look at that Whitney video, but PLEASE STOP POSTING IT

    I love Bran and I love Monica

    I just wish Bran would show her real personality- something is off.

  16. Dev March 14, 2012

    Brandy has really come into her own, personality and styling wise, she seems more relaxed. Monica is wise beyond her years and has also matured nicely. I remember buying Brandy’s album when she was 15 and Monica’s when she was 14 and every album (a thing i don’t do with all artists) after whilst watching them grow

  17. Little B March 14, 2012

    I think Monica and Brandy are professionals

    Mo is a real chick who knows what down ass poeple are. She seems reserved with the friendship and keeps it real about her new life- phoine man and kids. If they had beef in the past (which Monica was real about on 106), she is the type to be cordial but not too close. It shows

    Bran is a bubbly acting, but there is an undercover B**** in her that made her friendships go bad- Countess Vaughn, Monica in the past, and Kelly Rowland for a period…. She lacks a real personality like others I respect. Its almolst like immaturity that reads in her interviews.

    But with all that said- I willl buy and support both equally, because I love their music.

  18. Trevonte March 14, 2012

    Yass, it seems like Brandy is fake. She can be a b****, but act cute and innocent in interviews. Mo is hood but real 24-7. It’s an odd mix. But Monica keeps it professional while Brandy seems like she is having fun, and wants them to be close. Mo doesnt seem phased- Bran admits begging for years for a duet (they both need it to stay relevant- truth be told), but you can tell who is more hungry for this reunion.

  19. YASSSSS March 14, 2012

    Yasss, Travonte READ!!!

  20. nickalus Randle March 14, 2012

    MONICA be preaching honey, I LOVE HER SAYINGS!! Brandy is my world, I LOVE THAT WOMAN!!!! she is sensitive though, she gotta let those haters be chile, they wouldnt get a cent of my care—

  21. BranStarMoDove 2/11 & New Life March 14, 2012

    Bran just needs to realize that she IS BRANDY!!! That is is once she gets that confindence back that she had at 15 she will be straight. Monica be turning into a preacher on these people love it! #TEAMBRANDY 4LIFE #TEAMMONICA

  22. letitbeme March 14, 2012

    Luv them both!! def buying both projects including this single, at least they are REAL TALENT, not like Ashity and Rhi ugggggh, Altho i like RHI too but her voice is not that great.

  23. Millhouse March 14, 2012

    Brandy needs to stop hiding herself. I have noticed that in some of the interviews they do that Brandy shys away from some things. She is always telling Monica dont sat that, or she gets very coy when she gets put on blast. Monica is more open. Thats why Brandy hasnt been doing so well. After all of these years we still dont really know her. Even with a show, I still dont know her. She needs to open up more & be REAL. its not that she comes off fake but she is so closed off. Show us the funny side, show us the angry side. That is how you will grow your fan base. IRight now, I dont feel like I can relate to Brandy. but I will be downloading the album when it drops.

    pS. did yall notice how all of the female acts are coming back at the same time? that because they know THE QUEEN is coming back out and they have to scramble to get some shine before her return… im not mad at them tho. u gota do what u gota do.

  24. KNUCK March 14, 2012

    @Millhouse Girl, the shade is nobody knows who this “queen” is you’re talking about because nobody has earned that all around title. People have been asking you in other posts who is this “queen” you speak of, so enough said. But I already know who the most basic and obsessive stans are so I’ll spare you having to type a response.

    @ these other late queens, I can agree that Brandy is very reserved on certain things, but then again you can tell that she is a very polished interviewee who knows how to gracefully deflect questions. That’s quality media training and natural maturity. Not everyone has to be a raging BULL in an interview. and that’s shade and tea honey!!

  25. Bey Fan… March 14, 2012

    I hate that when ppl are too nice or professional, they are called fake….aint nuttin fake about brandy. its like if you aint hood you fake….thats BS…

    Love the interview. brandy looks so damn good. Brandys style>>>> Monicas style. I couldn’t stop looking at that hair sticking out the back of Monica’s head….no bueno.

    Dont get it twisted….love Monica. But Brandy is just that chick

  26. aznazeep March 14, 2012

    It’s interesting reading all these comments about Brandy being fake – just because she’s obviously more shy than Monica, it doesn’t make her fake. They’re two very different people uniting for one purpose (music). I will be purchasing both Brandy and Monica’s albums, two of my favourite artists ever.

  27. antertain March 14, 2012

    Monica & Brandy were ready to TAG TEAM Charlamagne..

    When Monica opens her mouth you just relate to her automatically.
    Just no trying to please and her being her.
    Bran was cute and speaks how she feels a lot more now. Was cool of Mo to give her that wisdom about maggots.

    keep that promo on ladies

  28. queen beysus stanerer March 14, 2012

    Brandy has been READ in these comments boo…u stans will deal. shes faker than that side part in her lacefront wig smh \

    monica is the realist thing walking this green earth. and when shes done wit brandy she will dump her back on the side of the road where brandy left her victim

  29. latisha March 14, 2012

    I agree Brandy acts way too shy and timid especially sitting next to someone like Monica who she has Outsold, Out-shinned and over shadowed through her career.

    Brandy may have begged for them to work together because if THE FANS, but its clear they worked together NOW because Monica’s era was flopping with two flopped singles and RCA needed something to drive her album.

    So let’s not. Monica is REAL? I think she is open, real is a stretch being that she exaggerates the truth every chance she gets. Brandy needs to open up and stop being so Kiddy, She is way above Most artist in talent and Success.

    She is helping Monica by even being on this song and promoting it.
    Monica talks way too much, preaches way too much and its annoying..

    I dont believe Brandy is Fake, she is just very cautious about what she says and how she reacts to things, and that can come off to you however you take it.

    but anyone that has seen Brandy’s “special Delivery” or any candid video knows how Brandy is, She is just a professional, She has had a better career then others by carrying herself this way, Very gracious, humbled and likable.

    Monica not so much,

  30. latisha March 14, 2012

    As much as Monica Preaches you would think she was singing Gospel, and not about Sideline h**’s.. Mo, We get it….. Stop trying to force the REALNESS because its not coming across as real, Humble yourself some boo.

  31. NikkiIsChillin March 14, 2012

    I enjoyed the interveiw. I don”t care for that Char guy at all, but I support and appreaciate both Brandy and Monica. I think both of these ladies have paid their dues. I’m glad they realize that they don’t have to be so competitive. I see their new song is getting mixed reviews. I hope it does well.

  32. Girrrl March 14, 2012

    Brandy better start acting like has sold 50 million albums and starred in successful tv shows and movies! No matter how her sales look now, Brandy needs to remember that she has already proven that she has the it factor and is a bigger star than Monica. I want Brandy to get her confidence back and come out with a banging album.

  33. Bran Star March 14, 2012

    Monica is real? She’s just a hood ass chick…At one time, she was actually TRYING to justify having children out of wedlock just because other celebrities were doing it. Yeah, Brandy was caught in a lie about her “marriage” but at least she was trying to promote a positive image for women and young girls to look up to. But you monica fans are so delusional forcing this supposed “realness” on her just because she’s a ghetto hood girl from the slums of ATL. I’m so OVER it. Just because monica’s a thug, quotes bible verses, and gives you tired, recycled R&B music does NOT make her real.

    Honestly, before they even started doing these interviews together I never understood why monica had any fans. But now I see why. They both have their own distinct personalities. Brandy is the classy one. You can tell from how she handles herself and how she responds to questions. She actually thinks about what she says, giving all thoughts consideration before blurting something out, unlike monica. She’s kind, considerate, and soft-spoken. Monica is more outspoken, direct, and very straightforward. A bit preachy sometimes too.

    They’re almost like two sides of a coin. I didn’t wanna diss mo cause I kinda like her, but you monica fans need to humble yourselves.

  34. Songscribe March 14, 2012

    But how do you get your confidence bek when people call you a murderer? Am jus asking. Its hard for her and she’s trying to pul thru tht bt it realy hs an impact on her. She afraid haters might turn her words against her. I pray for her. People need to stop the madness.

  35. Camille March 15, 2012

    If some humbling needs to be done its by the Brabdy Stans (which I am one of) but I have to be honest with myself. Brandy has lied to us many times. Then says the reasoning for the lies are because we as fans and audience applied pressure. Her and ray j have shown in many ways that they do whatever it takes at the time to gain the love,likes and sells… Monica (who I didn’t listen to in the past) I now love. She’s is real. She’s open and not embarrased about her past mistakes . Yes she sang sideline ho in 2005.. Ummmm it’s 2012. Growth happens. And she is not trying to outshine brandy. Because this is how Monica interviews when she’s alone . You guys say Monica had records that flopped. So did. Randy and she was dropped. The label never let Monica go because much like Mary j Monica possesses a authentic nature that’s needed. Yes Monica had a child out of wedlock. But is that worse than lying and faking being married? NO. I don’t think Monica is preachy she just speaks what she learned. And since valid points have been made IT’S TIME TO STOP THE COMPARISONS. TIME TO EMBRACE THAT THE BEAUTY OF SEEING THESE TWO IS THAT THEY ARE SO DIFFERENT. They live each other so we too can love them both for different reasons. And BRANDY said she begged Mo to do the record. You can’t get mad at Monica. Because still standing was what Monica wanted to be. All artist need hit records but brandy was in dire need. I think it’s admirable that they are working and supporting each other NOW WE NEED TO DO THE SAME

  36. Camille March 15, 2012

    Exscuse the typos …. My bottom line was Unity has happened for them and we can NoT exspect them to be the same. But it’s beautiful to see them working and Sharon their gift TOGETHER. Get over the other crap!!!!!

  37. Trisha March 15, 2012

    WOW @camille I have always been a brandy lover but after her show, I was a bit turned off by her personality or lack of one. Someone said she’s classy ,I laughed. She gives the same manufactured answers and its annoying as a fan. She has no clue who she is and neither do weas her fans. I say this with no malice because no matter what we feel about her personality or personal choices her voice is beautiful. I like that Monica has her back and they’re working together. You can call Monica hood all you want we all live and learn at least she’s honest regardless to if we agree or disagree and that deserves some respect not to mention monica never disrespects brandy so no need in us brandy fans disrespecting her. They’re joining forces so who are we to seperate and pick apart the two

  38. Bran Star March 15, 2012

    @Camille Please inform me, what else has Brandy supposedly lied about, because I can’t think of much. And who have Brandy and Ray J trampled over to get buy? It just sounds like you’re pulling stuff out of the air to drag the Norwood family’s name in the mud simply to make monica look like a saint by comparison. If that’s the case, then IDK what to tell ya…I’m just telling it how I see it…monica comes off extremely arrogant and cocky, and she talks way too much, especially by cutting off Brandy just to get her 2 cents in. Recently, she’s always been overhyping herself, touting her horn and repeatedly bragging about a tired ass run that she claims she stole from Whitney. She’s not perfect either! What’s worse? Lying about a marriage and owning up to it, or trying to manipulate God’s word to support your own agenda/lifestlye? Yeah, monica may have never been dropped from a label, but she is no longer RCA’s top priority there, so let’s NOT be delusional about that.

    Oh, and one more thing. Brandy may have allegedly ‘begged’ to do another song with monica, but she’s not THAT in need of a hit. Brandy had a Top 40 hit single on her own in ’08 with Right Here Departed. Monica hasn’t had one of those since 03, so let’s NOT. Monica didn’t help Brandy get signed to RCA. Matter of fact, Brandy already had two singles ready to GO before IABTM came about, but monica’s plan made her put that on hold. Monica’s New Life era began months ago, and after several pushbacks her album’s lead singles were underperforming, so they’re using this duet to spark interest and buzz for monica’s project, and it’s worked. Oh, and it was MONICA who told Rico that she wanted Brandy on this song, so let’s stop making up lies, and just keep it “real” as the glock stans so eloquently put it. Stop spreading this hate, support who you’ll support, spare the shade, and keep it moving.

  39. Camille March 15, 2012

    Hahahaha @branstar aka Brandy how are you. Just like ten envy said in this interview you are obsessed with others thoughts of you .Log off and take a nap boo this board watching will drive you to an anxiety attack. I was a huge fan and gave my opinion. I’m entitled to it.

  40. Bran Star March 15, 2012

    @Camille LMAOO, it’s so funny how you glocks and other glock stans react to Brandy fans, because you all don’t expect to get dragged, or see monica get read like a romance novel…Lmaoo, that’s so funny…And then you accuse us of being Brandy herself online? Lmaoo, Brandy don’t have time for haters like you all! Lmaoo she hardly knows how to use the internet! Of course, that’s if you actually KNEW anything about her, which you clearly don’t. LOL You all can kick rocks with open toe shoes!


  41. Trisha March 15, 2012

    Monica had hits as recent as 2010 so I have to say the mud slinging is tired and old…..we all stated our opinions and the opinions should be respected I REFUSE to argue on a board about what is the obvious for many. I adore brandys voice but it stops there. And that’s my right. Many people see what we see about Brandy. And don’t mention the norwood family because Ray J disgusts many. And even on their FAMILY show it was repeatedly stated that no one wanted to be around or work with her mom Sonya. Facts are there. No ones ever said Monica was cocky or they didn’t want to work with her .even Rico love has stated how he feels about Monica and he worked personally with both. I’m gonna say something that at first I was gonna refrain from but once I saw a flyer for brandy and the catch was whitney and this cd title she forcefully threw out my feelings about her were confirmed. But these are her choices. I still love her voice. I said it once and will say it again. Only God can guide or be a true judge. I would say if your a fan uplift her and move on. Everybody won’t agree with you about your idol. But we all have the right to feel what we feel. Don’t bother responding to me. Stated my feeling now done. Love It All Belongs To Me

  42. Bran Star March 15, 2012

    The mud-slinging is LATE because people are trying to pain a picture of Brandy that doesn’t represent her at all IMO. I’m a firm believer in the saying “if you feel that someone is being mis-represented, then represent them!” If I feel that Bran is being misrepresented, I will represent her. So what about Ray J. Just because he’s related to Brandy, that doesn’t give people the right to use him as a way to hate on her. And it’s really not reliable enough going off of what went down on the reality show alone. Lord knows how much of it was scripted, but HEY! That’s entertainment. And I doubt that any of you can give a decent account of Sonja’s history as a manager. Brandy is her daughter, so naturally she’s gonna look out for her first.

    I like monica, and her voice is just OK to me. But that’s it. Her music is lackluster IMO. I was actually starting to warm up to her a bit, but you monica fans have basically ruined for me. Every single time I try to like her, some monica fan disses Brandy and I’m back to how I originally felt. Oh well, we’ll all move on.

  43. Camille March 15, 2012

    Yes Moving on is the thing to do because clearly the ladies have…..I am movin on to. You say Monica’s fans make you dislike her! My what a weak mind you have. Similar to your idol. But I am/was/will always be a brandy fan. And spoke my true feelings. Sorry if I offended anyone but again the ladies have moved on and I will too

  44. The Real B(randy March 17, 2012

    Camille shut the f*** up! I see why youre riding Glockica’s d***. You talk and ramble on and on, just, like her. Damn. You’re not a Brandy fan the way you thru her under the bus just to lift Monica up. Stupid ass. Again. SHUT THE F*** UP!!!!

  45. The Real B(randy March 17, 2012

    Yall Butch Bunnies, cmtfu. Yall talk about “real” and don’t know s*** about it. Brandy is a West Coast girl and yall hard back east coast bullies think that it’s cute to be tough. Tough is dead and has never been who Brandy is. She’s doing Glock a favor…a BIG favor so yall should show more APPRECIATION for what she’s doing. Glock’s album was done and she called brandy in at the last minute because she didnt have any decent lead off songs for this wack ass RICO album. He does Motivation, now yall actin like he’s Quincy f****** Jones. Whores please. I’m not having it outta you #Pigeons anymore.

    Let’s talk about the REAL s***, that matters. VOICE! Monica couldnt even sing “Everything to Me” live. Every time, I saw the hard man, she was straining to hit those notes. NOT BRANDY. Glockica sang Keyshia under a carpet. NOT BRANDY. Glockica and you Glocks need to go sit yall cornball, Ice Cube acting, Dookie Gel to slick up ya ponytails up, loud, preaching, over bearing, can I finish my sentence, my ring this, my ring that, asses the f*** down.

    We’ll see wassup when these albums drop and Brandy rules- AGAIN!

    UGH. [flips long deep wavy hair to the side]

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