Preview: The Britney Spears ‘Twister Dance’ Game

Pop Princess Britney Spears will be breaking a sweat in her upcoming ‘Twister Dance’ game set to be released this fall.

The 30 year old singer even recorded a brand new auto-tuned remix of ‘Till The World Ends’ for the Hasbro dance game. Of the endorsement Spears told E! News: “As soon as I saw the new Twister Dance game, I knew I wanted to be involved. I think kids will love rocking the spots and dancing to the music as much as my boys and I do. It’s a lot of fun!”

Watch the Femme Fatale’s sneak peak below…

Already putting of the flames out before they ignite, director Ray Kay promised there would be no use of body doubles for the dancing scenes contrary to their obvious use in the ‘Till The World Ends’ music video.

His response to a fan posed question regarding dance doubles: “No dance doubles. Britney dances herself! We had a stand-in with her look though, to set up shots. It’s standard on all shoots.” Either way, we’re excited to see the finished product!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Kreayshawn April 15, 2012

    F*** you n****** you don’t support my music f*** ya I have my loyal fan base I dont need you cotton picking n****** f*** ya

  2. Onyx April 15, 2012

    She looks beautiful and happy again that is the most important thing, i hope she jump on stage with Madonna like she did in the Sticky & Sweet Tour in LA, i was there and it was epic, these two women together, how lucky i am.

  3. D.Strock April 15, 2012

    That gif and the shade that it throws…I can’t.

  4. Teacher April 15, 2012

    See Britney giving credit to Hasbro n them…..That thief would’ve claimed to have been the creator and mastermind behind the Original Twister game and that since she loves to dance she’d create a ‘Twister Dance’ game….ole thief!

  5. 9 April 15, 2012


  6. irene46 April 15, 2012

    hmmm! is this a copy dance game from mj that came out about a year or more ago?

    @ kreashawn…

    you sound like some kind of racist nut job. you’re right, however, about african americans not being into britney’s music. most of it is nothing but soulless bubble gum. ttwe is a good example (hiam was the worst). the only decent songs from this era were ‘criminal’ and her ‘s & m’ collab with rihanna.

    all of you hard core fans are just ‘britney teen queen’ hanger on’s from when the woman actually had some talent (although singing was never part of it).

  7. NIKKO April 16, 2012

    The Chika is lookin supper hot & happy now days keep it up Brit you still the baddest B in da game…… 😉

  8. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) April 16, 2012

    She looks HOT!! She looks like she did back in 2003! I’m definitely really excited right now. I just hope she maintains this figure until 2013 when the new album is set to be released. Looking like that, she could be one step closer to her proper stage comeback 😀 I’m excited for the commercial!

    As far as body doubles go, I don’t get the whole fuss about it. The body double in the ‘TTWE’ video barely did 3-4 moves, which Britney had already performed LIVE weeks before the video was released.

  9. hot as ICE April 16, 2012

    she looks better now

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