Solange Talks Family, Controversy And How Pregnancy Changed Beyonce

Published: Tuesday 3rd Apr 2012 by David

For whatever reason, Solange– at least in the public eye-  is perceived the wild child of the Knowles family.

Maybe down to her ‘eccentric’ sound or her standout style, her personable nature has made for interesting viewing over the years, carving her own identity in front of our every eyes.

Now, in an interview with Complex, the ‘Cosmic Journey’ star has spoken openly on controversy, defending her family and her sister’s pregnancy.

Her thoughts below…

On being a dominant woman, she confessed:

Strong, independent women share this sentiment of wanting to be taken over sexually behind closed doors. It’s the natural balance for a woman like me.

On her parents:

I’d rather have known my parents when they were younger than only know them as my parents.
My mother was the most stylish, flawless woman I’ve ever seen. My father had a little cool, but my mother was a different breed of cool.

I’ve looked through photographs of her that inspire me today. She’s partied at Studio 54, hung out in ski chalets in Colorado, and played Cleopatra in a play in Egypt. She’s insanely cool in her 50s, but I wouldn’t pass up being with her in her prime!

Weighing in on how pregnancy changed Beyonce, she dished:

I’d rather be the cool aunt than the authoritative aunt. The closer my sister came to motherhood, the more stern she was with my son, Julez, but when he was between the ages of 1 and 4, she put the s in spoiling.

I had to deal with the cool aunt for seven years, and I’m ready for payback! Late nights, candy binges—I’m doing it all!


Your thoughts?

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  1. kimberly April 3, 2012

    I cannot emagine beyonce as a strict mother. I really can’t. poor julez

  2. enrerwj April 3, 2012

    I don’t think Bey would be strict but she wouldn’t take no s***, her parents didn’t so why should she? She’ll be sweet and humble but when you’re a parent your attitude MUST change until they are older and Blue has a mind for herself. That would be with any sensible adult.

  3. mr.SHUT IT DOWN April 3, 2012

    O wow your sure did put your 2cents in lmfaoo

  4. ♛ POP Royalty ♛ (Rude Boy) April 3, 2012

    sorry , but i don’t take any celeb family seriously …… and i said ANY 😉

    good i saw “EGYPT” in those line 🙂 , now i won’t regret clicking on the post. 🙂

    and i believe Beyonce can be a good MOM if her Personal life and her Celeb Life are to be in equilibrium in the future.

    Solange is a good mom , no nannies were involved in the process. more power to her , but maybe that cuz her celeb life is kinda null and she didn’t have anything else to do beside raising her baby. 🙄

  5. ChrisFresh April 3, 2012

    she said that same thing in 10 interviews already

  6. Onyx April 3, 2012


  7. RoyalKev April 3, 2012

    I agree with Enrerwj, Bey must conduct herself a certain way at home now as a parent. You can’t only spoil children, there must be some discipline. I’m sure Bey figured out how to find a a great balance. I love the relationship Bey has with her sister. They’re so different , yet very similar. Their both positive role models for young females and strong, intelligent women.

  8. grammy dammy sammy April 3, 2012

    the girls in DC said Bey was always the motherly one so im sure she’ll be a great mum to Blue. she’s a beautiful person inside out. ive seen more pics with her and Julez than i have with him and Sol lol


    what is wrong with having a nanny? you’re still bound to your slavish mentality i see

  9. grammy dammy sammy April 3, 2012


    u know u dont have to comment right?

  10. Onyx April 3, 2012

    @grammy dammy sammy
    Haha did i say something WRONG?

  11. grammy dammy sammy April 3, 2012

    i just clicked on “most juicy” posts now and LAX , ch….. that kid has floods the comment section like its a tsunami


    no boo but u didnt say anything right either, i dont think u can bring yourself to do so. i just thought u needed a lil leeway so i gave ya

  12. kingphoenix9 April 3, 2012


    Lmfao! Something is really wrong with @Pop, like almost 90% of what he says make entirely no sense.

    I loved this interview, cant wait till the album

  13. Onyx April 3, 2012

    @grammy dammy sammy
    Ohhh! i feel like a baby, you make me cry.

  14. grammy dammy sammy April 3, 2012


    case of “much ado about nothing” smh


    i’ll dry and cry all your tears 🙂

  15. Onyx April 3, 2012

    @grammy dammy sammy
    Oh! thanks.

  16. kingphoenix9 April 3, 2012


    Oh yeah I read your little comments this morning on that Beyonce post and there is some issues that need to be addressed:

    1). I need to get a life but you cried to Rihanna about her stepping her p**** up, and she f****** unfollowed you showing a lack of respect for you as a person and as stan. As well you equate her responding to a DM on Twitter as her actually knowing you exists, as if she actually paid attention to you on twitter other than the DM in which she dissed you and could recognize you on the networking site and out-side the cyber world?

    2). You mean to tell me @whut won the last “round” when there was actually no dragging commenced by either party during that thread but a conversation trying to address facts, and i was not on the thread during the majority of the thread in which @Whut decided she wanted to be bold and actually “address me”…Please show me the receipts…and i hope your evidence is not based on those long overdrawn paragraph sis writes or the fact that she says the same thing every single time without an ounce of merit, truth, or appreciation of the English Language in said paragraphs.

  17. Main April 3, 2012

    TGJ has the dumbest commentors. You are all delusional and just slow. Please get a f****** life and stop hating on these celebs.

  18. B_STANNING April 3, 2012

    I just love those Knowles

  19. ♛ POP Royalty ♛ (Rude Boy) April 3, 2012

    @Grammy :

    I just don’t respect women who give their babies to nannies to raise them.

    I think women were created to be MOMS. that’s the main thing , anything else come at #2.

    u can agree or disagree with my opinion , u know i don’t give a f*** already. i just said what i wanted and i’m done.

    @King phonix :

    Relax , it is just a BLOG. 🙂

  20. mobwife April 3, 2012


    If she were not Beyonce’s sister would we continue to be subjected to Solange? I have yet to read or see an interview with her were the primary focus wasn’t on pump her for INFORMATION ON BEYONCE! Nothing against her but ….YAWN hon, what have you done?

  21. grammy dammy sammy April 3, 2012


    so what u are saying is women who dont have kid sor dont plan to have kids have no purpose in life? smh that’s not an opinion, it’s sheer barbarism

    maybe u dont get the concept of a nanny. A nanny is there for help, they’re not substitutes for mothers. The baby will still be raised on the ethos and beliefs of his or her parents. it’s the same as an adult having personal assistant, tit doesnt mean they are taking over your job

  22. kingphoenix9 April 3, 2012


    Lol. you crazy motha fucka, so know i am over reacting?….girl i guess, I dont take this s*** to heart at all….I dont even dislike you or what, i like posting with you guys because yall have so many diff. personalities at one time its like talking to multiple ppl at the same time…although, i have to say i am not fond of @Ratedxxx at all…lol

  23. ♛ POP Royalty ♛ (Rude Boy) April 3, 2012

    @GRAMMY :

    do not understand my opinion as you wish it will be sounded like. i said , women were created to be moms , that’s the general RULE. and every rule has exceptions.

    women who can’t give birth ” for whatever reason , but i talk about women who are barren in this case ” can do anything productive in their life.

    KIDS = responsibility. if a woman was brave enough to open her legs and let the d*** in and want to have a family , then she has to know it is not an easy task and she should be fully involved in the whole process.

    and my mom is a hardworker , but when she gave birth to me , she took 2 years off and raised me , we are rich enough for out home to be full of nannies , but she took her role as a mother seriously and raised me well. that’s her mission , then she got back to work after that. no nannies were involved and that’s why i will always stick to my family. most ppl in foreign country don’t know the value ” or the blessing” of having a family or a caring mom , just when they hit “16 Y.O” all they think about is leaving their house and having s** everyday to boost their self-esteem , and it is rarely to see a kid who’s good to his mother after they are apart. i think the black community ” traditions-wise” are similar to what we are having here. so if u think that’s “barbarinism” then ….. congratulation. you are one.

    and do u think the kid will be fully understanding to the role of a “mother” if there is someone else who do the role of his mother better than his “BIOlogical” mother ?!

    i don’t think so , from a psychological standpoint , kids in the first 2 years should have their biological parents , as the main characters , around them. other persons should have a minimum effect on them ,

    and take it from me : far from eyes , far from heart !!!!
    and kids are not that smart when they are young , but when they grow up , they will be like ” the nannies were good to me more than my biological mother and i was #2 in my mom’s list of priorities”. no one like to be #2.

    anyhow , i don’t think i can explain it further to you , but the main point is :

    if you are a mom , you are there MAINLY for your kids , anything else can come at #2 , kids are not objects , they are part of you , they are your responsibility , what’s gonna happen if the nanny wasn’t good and mistreat your child ? what gonna happen ? what if the child was too weak to transmit all that to his/her mom ?!

    a nanny will always be a nanny , a stranger who’s getting paid to raise your child instead of you cuz you are so busy in other stuffs.

    tell me when the mother get old and need a support , who’s going to help her and stand beside her better than her children ?! so what if the bond between them is non-existent , will the money help to heal it ?! no , i don’t think so.
    as i always say , go talk to your mom and tell her all that and tell me what she think ! no good mother will leave her child to be raised by nannies. she will be a selfish h**.
    and that’s my buddy , my personal opinion.

  24. ♛ POP Royalty ♛ (Rude Boy) April 3, 2012

    @KINGphonix :

    if it will make me less bitchy , i really like U. 🙂

    i know i’m TGJ madonna , with shade and all , but i’m kind 🙂

    we all can treat each other with mad respect regardless of who’s our favs are !

    let’s turn a new leaf ? 😉

  25. grammy dammy sammy April 3, 2012


    the point u dont get the concept of a nanny. it’s not a nanny’s job to raise a child. their role is purely physical. a kid is not gonna remember who was minding them when they were a year+ noone’s memory is that good. Being a good mum and having a nanny are not mutually exclusive as u paint them to be

    my mum was in England for the 1st 2 years of my life, she was working as a chef and she left me in care of a minder during the day. i dont even remember who that minder is, she says there were close friends. i do remember my mum worked her ass off and it was for my sake. she took the normal maternity leave granted to working women in UK then and went right back to business. she is still the one who raised me cus my dad wasnt even in England then. She does not lose points for being a working mum. if your family is rich enough for your mum to take 2 years off, that’s fine. Most families can’t afford that and even those that can may not want that. it is perfectly possible to raise a child and still be productive in other ways. women shouldnt have to look back 20 years and see they’ve done nothing for themselves with their own lives, that’s a life of regret

  26. kingphoenix9 April 3, 2012


    I agree. Truce!

  27. kingphoenix9 April 3, 2012


    And i really like you too, and @whut for some reason…I know i’ll regret saying that, but its the truth!

    and death @ you being nice.

  28. ♛ POP Royalty ♛ (Rude Boy) April 3, 2012

    @Grammy :

    i don’t know what to say , but i just can’t “swallow” the whole nannies thing. the first 4 years are the most important in every kid’s life.

    and maybe the memory won’t help , but it is something about the emotions , to me , any mother should have her kids at #1 ” if she’s financially capable of taking a 2 year off vacation to do her main job”.

    your mom managed to have a balanced life , more power to her , but there are a lot of women who fall flat in achieving that. your mom did a great job in making that bond between you and her. other women can’t do that. especially the celeb females.
    and lots of the type of women i talk about leave their children with nannies for a long time , more than 2 years , your mom was good enough to raise you after those 2 years , some kids don’t have that type of a good mom you have , they are not lucky enough and live the rest of their childhood with nannies , and trust , it sucks. here ppl either dumb and rich or poor and suffering. i had a lot of friends who were raised by nannies , and let me tell you , no bond or whatsoever were created 🙁 , cuz their mom was all about ONLY herself and fulfilling some unnecessary s*** while being rick , man , some b****** in here are swimming in $$$ and leave their kids for nannies , what type of women is that ?!

    of course if the mother can’t afford taking the vacation she can still work. that what i meant by “exceptions” above. but if you are rich ” better a celeb” , why leaving your kids for nannies ?!! just why ?! cuz you want to fulfill your ego and do ” movies , music videos , photoshoots ” ?!! sorry , this will come off as “arrogant and selfish”.
    you get my point ?! if you are rich and a celeb and you are to be a mom in the future , don’t leave your kids for nannies. you are now a mother , that;s should be your #1 priority in life.
    normal ppl like US can have other options ……… 🙂

    @KING :

    OKAY 🙂 !! deal 😉
    yes , i swear i can be kind and cool. there are some ppl in here who saw that part of me , but usually i’m a messy d*** and i tend to cause troubles ……

    @whut is not that nice as me #warning. that b**** is more of a beyonce hater than an actual rihanna fan. and my d*** think @whut = @ratedXXX !! 😉 😉

  29. kingphoenix9 April 3, 2012


    Lol, i agree 100%, thats kinda scary at how much he hates Beyonce, and ever since BC Remix, he barely if ever mentions Rihanna and goes directly into the hate…And ratedXXX just doesn’t know what she wants to be in life how you got a Jazzmine Sullivan gravitar, but is stanning for Rihanna like theres no tommorow…like girl, get yo life.

  30. King Tasha April 3, 2012

    I adore how close their family is…just like us…we put each other ON

  31. ♛ POP Royalty ♛ (Rude Boy) April 3, 2012

    @kingphonix :

    rated X only pretend to be stanning for rihanna when she want to p*** the hive off. she’s a stan of britney actually. cuz when i was in the navy ” months ago” i used to get into fights with her and she was faking stanning for beyonce to p*** the navy off. and vice versa , not stable !!!

    and when i ask her if she’sa beyonce fan , she would have given me a lecture about britney’s sales , kinda predicted ! like a broken CD repetitive and boring as hell.

    she’s retarded , never mind about her and that other lil cat ! 😉 they are not original fans of rihanna , i was her loyal stan till …. u know it ! but i still like her 😉 , but i’m not from the delusional type though 😉

  32. MuzikPro April 3, 2012

    lol smh there goes that scorpio moon thing again, my ex girlfriend was the same way. After they get pregnant it comes out even more, she disciplines everyone’s children as well lol but its out of love. They just want the child to be the very best they can be. Its hard to understand that even a child has freewill and their own separate destiny no matter how much you try to mold them into perfect beings. Beyoncé wont be able to help it, but its all love. I totally agree with solange with the getting her back with candy binges etc thats so cute. I would do the same. Theres nothing I love more than babysitting ,getting the kids all wired then handing them back off to their parents. Slap them right back to the reality of their responsibilities lmfao

  33. grammy dammy sammy April 4, 2012


    ok u guess we’ll agree to disgree. Unless ur child is a special needs kid i personally dont see the need to take whole years off from your vocation but different strokes for dfferent folks. i respect your opinion

  34. TinaMinaj April 4, 2012

    Seeing alot of nanny talk here. Uhm HAVEN’T YOU SEEN BEY CARRY BLUE HERSELF AROUND WHERE SHE GOES??????? Please avoid commenting and writing ESSAYS on matters you are clueless on.

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