Jennifer Lopez ‘Goes In’ On American Idol Finale

Published: Wednesday 23rd May 2012 by Rashad

As earlier announced, fans of Jennifer Lopez learned the triple threat diva was set to debut ‘Goin In‘, her latest single, via the American Idol finale tonight.  Released in support of the forthcoming movieStep Up Revolution’, which hits theaters July 27th, the song follows Lopez’s own ‘Dance Again’ in using ‘Idol’ as its launching pad.

We ain’t mad at her…

As ‘Dance’ has worked its way to the Billboard Top 20, the singer is also readying a reality show with boyfriend Casper Smart (who has been promoted to head choreographer of her forthcoming tour).  Needless to say, Miss Lopez is working!  But does ‘Goin In’ live up to its billing?  Find out after the jump:


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  1. Olé olé May 23, 2012

    SLAYING !!!


  2. Christobal May 23, 2012

    THAT WAS AWESOME!!! “Goin In” is a smash and it’s so good to her doing actual hip hop moves! I didn’t want it to end! AND THOSE ABS! WOW!!!! She puts all these girls out now to shame! Btw the second part is “Follow the Leader” with Wisin Y Yandel

  3. Suicide Blonde May 23, 2012

    This is why i love her, her voice is not that great but her energy on stage is out of this world, love the urban J.Lo, Ole, Ole…

  4. DANCE! May 23, 2012


  5. Navy May 23, 2012

    Lypsynchin mess

  6. dd May 23, 2012

    slayed my soul

  7. Angel d f May 23, 2012

    Wow slayed, left right, center!! Riri take notes on how too dance booboo 🙂 dance, hair , vocals on piont wurk it b**** loved it 🙂

    • mokok-lee May 23, 2012

      Vocals on point? It was lipped.

  8. OP.DP May 23, 2012


  9. fanbase May 23, 2012

    rihana learn from j.lo how to make a good performance jlo is queen i love very much j,lo go j.lo oleeeeeeee oleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee what a hot perfomance

  10. lolax May 23, 2012

    her new song sounds like usher song OMG

  11. Owen May 23, 2012

    I love her, but Rihannas performance >>>>

    • cai May 23, 2012

      i mean did u watch rihannas performance 0___o ……..

  12. Owen May 23, 2012

    And she totally lip synced.

  13. Gilberto May 23, 2012

    Horrible song. Good performance.

  14. ray May 23, 2012

    she slayed…

    followed the leader was almost all live

  15. jlored May 23, 2012

    Watch and learn Rihanna 😉

    Queen JLo 4eveaaaa!!!

  16. NEWLIFEFAN May 23, 2012

    How does one slay a performance when its lip synced the WHOLE timed? This way bad. Sorry. This show is about singing and cultivating. Singing talent and she cant even demonstrate and ounce of it. Total fail. She can dance though.

  17. Speechless May 23, 2012


  18. Emmy May 23, 2012

    Jennifer Lopez Slaying Your Favs since 1969
    Queen JLo Slayed Me

  19. Agus V May 23, 2012



  20. Marcus May 24, 2012

    I like her music. I just never cared for her as a performer. Something is missing.

  21. Vegas Girl May 24, 2012

    When people talk about having “it” or some type of x factor, this is what I call having it. She is so comfortable on stage but never boring, she is the show. It’s not about lights, effects or other dancers (even though they clearly enhance the show) its about her, she’s the show! I don’t care for her vocals…never have, but She is a STAR.

    AND gasp….she was lip synching (and dancing her face off) and the world didn’t implode!

    • Mimi September 7, 2012

      Her energy comes from her big ass (-:
      i see the movement are not of a person with slim body, but of a person having problem with big ass and same type of movements. about the voice -every body knows , that she has nothing special as a voice…miayyyy..miayyyy

    • Mimi September 7, 2012

      Her energy comes from her big (-:
      i see the movement are not of a person with slim body, but of a person having problem with big a…ss and same type of movements. about the voice -every body knows , that she has nothing special as a voice…miayyyy..miayyyy

  22. PIECE OF WEAVE May 24, 2012


    Waits for Beyonslay’s next performance.

    That is all.

    Piece of Weave has spoken.

  23. Sweetnothings78 May 24, 2012

    BRITNEY could only wish to have half as much energy. Miss Lopez has found a fresh her and not a million miles away from her RNB self.

  24. Kolin May 24, 2012

    Goin’ in is the 2012’s “I gotta feeling” …. OLE OLE, JLO!

  25. Dunk May 24, 2012

    LOVED IT!!!!! Goin In is my new jam

  26. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) May 24, 2012

    Now JLo fans are going to reach same level of delusion Beyonce and Rihanna stans are or what?? She´s the best at what?? haha Just say she looks great or she can put on a good performance when it comes to dancing… but good vocals? great song? the best? Please have common sense. JLo´s music is definition of wack along with Rihanna´s and very few others

  27. chris May 24, 2012

    wack ass hell……….waits on Janet and Beyonce

  28. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) May 24, 2012

    the new song is meh ….. bu the performance overall goes haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard.

    i was entertained , u go J.LO 🙂

    slayed and killed 🙂

  29. Virtuoso Intellect May 24, 2012

    Ugh typical Jlo can she ever do a track sans a rapper? She’s worse than chris brown

    Cool performance though

  30. zzz May 24, 2012


  31. zzz May 24, 2012

    i love this f***** performance baby

  32. mikee25 May 24, 2012

    That performance was awesome!! Jlo has such stage presence!! It has never been about her voice for me, it has been about her star quality and performance…..I just love watching her on stage…..She works it and has worked hard to get where she is…..she is a dancer who made it big!!! You can’t take that away from her……

  33. Sterling Infinity May 24, 2012

    I love this women!

  34. gio88 May 25, 2012

    this is what a playback performance should be!!!!!!!! great performance , great energy and great coreographies , if you don”t sing ,dance!!!!!

  35. momo May 26, 2012

    she sang follow the leader live !! and killed that performance <3 her

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