Is Madonna’s ‘Born This Way/Express Yourself’ Mash Up For MDNA Tour Too Much?

Published: Sunday 27th May 2012 by Rashad

As many a Madonna fan and Little Monster know, the Queen of Pop is set to use her ‘MDNA’ tour set to tribute pop diva Lady Gaga by performing a mashed-up version of the latter’s ‘Born This Way’ with her own ‘Express Yourself’.  Immediately coming under fire after its early 2011 release for sounding nearly identical to Madge’s 1989 hit, Gaga dismissed the claim of copying while her pop predecessor labeled it ‘reductive’.

Now, as audio has surfaced of Madonna’s intent to fuse the twin pop tunes on her latest live trek, we who thought the flame had cooled see it may be readying to reach higher heights.  Is this another case of Kim Vs. Nicki?

Take a listen below and you tell us:

If this is intended to be a jab won’t really be known until the visual accompanies the audio.  However, knowing Madonna, the intent is questionable.  Gaga, who has been pretty silent regarding Madge’s comments, has remained so while the ‘Like a Prayer’ pop diva has continually pushed the issue.

Like Kim, Madonna (and fans) have substantial evidence of what could be considered “copying”.  But, like Kim, Madonna – the older, more established artist – has continuously been the most vocal about the issue.

So we want to know:  Is it Madonna (like Lil’ Kim) that’s keeping the story alive in the media or is it the media who continually makes the issue…an issue?

Your thoughts?

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  1. TheFame May 27, 2012

    I love madonna AND gaga BUT Madonna this is a bit MUCH why shade gaga she hadn’t even said one negative thing back like a true diva(taking a page from Beyonce) & Madonna still is pressing the issue. Maybe I’m mad cuz I just want then to be GREAT TOGETHER.

    • Gilberto May 27, 2012

      I agree. Madonna is really pressed b****. Her ego is extremely big. I remember when Gaga came out, Madonna tried to use her to increase her popularity, but she learnt that Gaga isn’t a puppet like Britney is. She saw that Gaga was a real competition, a real artist, she was there to create things, being innovative and crazy.
      Madonna is only nice to the ones who like her ass.
      That’s why I like Lady Gaga, Britney, Beyonce and Alicia Keys’ personalities. They don’t throw shade on anyone (and they can do this), because they don’t feel pressed by anyone.

      • MissImpartial May 28, 2012

        How is Gaga innovative when she is ripping of Madonna style and music??

      • Gaaglooo! May 28, 2012

        Xactly! As Much I Love Madge, she seem pressed over Gaga, not because of the copy history, but cause she( Lady G) is a THREAT!

    • MIAO May 28, 2012

      Just speed up this version and u have pure rip off!

      Type in your Google search “Madonna” and any of this names:

      Marilyn Monroe
      Debbie Harry
      Jean Seberg
      Marlene Dietrich
      Jean Harlow
      Mae West
      Bettie Paige

      • Gaaglooo! May 28, 2012

        Thx! I love them both, they both copied so The big deal??? Gaga Haters just want to find someting to hate on Her, Cause she’s a THREAT

      • Mike May 30, 2012

        Are you f****** serious? Madonna has always stated her influences. Taking cues from old Hollywood isn’t the same thing about blatantly ripping off another artists song and claiming you didn’t. And GaGa’s shade comments about Whitney in mind singing the song at the Grammy’s while dressing like Blonde Ambition Madonna? Give me a f****** break. And finally aside from shading the same words “Express Yourself and Respect Yourself” Madonna’s classic and the Staple Singers song sounds NOTHING alike while Born this Way and Express Yourself share the same melody and chord progression. Google DJ Tripp “Express this Way” and see how crazy the mash-up goes together.

    • Madonna’s The Queen May 28, 2012

      Madonna’s The Queen though!

      Lady CopyCat is no more than a disgruntled fan whose motto is “Don’t Hate Imitate”!

      • Go Madonna May 28, 2012

        Lady Gaga is the biggest America’s theft and fraud artist. Period.

      • Hhahahahahahaahaha May 28, 2012


  2. NT May 27, 2012

    This is how you do it , if your a legend don’t go back in forth take it to the music and out perform them at there “OWN” song….Express Yourself

    • Madonna’s The Queen May 28, 2012

      Lady Gaga = counterfeiter, shameless fraud, cheap copy the list continues. Inspiration is one thing, but stealing and copying down to the last vocal note and/or dance step is another (e.g. Beyonce’s Countdown video and BBMA performance & Lady Gaga’s Madonna “invoked” entire career)

      • KingBEY92 May 28, 2012

        Lady GaGa sings better than Madonna.
        Beyonce didn’t copy the Countdown video it was controversy w/ the dance routine.
        Beyonce BBA performance wasn’t stealing. How could you steal something that doesn’t belong to the other artist. The artist got an idea from some guy the same guy that helped Beyonce out. Before you go ranting the lady that had the same performance like Bey got her from an Asian guy.

      • Go Madonna May 28, 2012

        Lady Gaga is just hype waiting to die soon. She is the agent of modern the illuminati puppet and Freemason who is hiding behind those wacky videos and images.

        She is the biggest copycat Xerox machine with no substance.

  3. Gilberto May 27, 2012

    She definitely recorded BTW thinking of Express Yourself. Actually, she sounds like Madonna on that video. Weird. I didn’t expect this at all. Madonna shaded Gaga for doing recording BTW and they don’t seem to be friends anymore.

    • Gilberto May 27, 2012

      DEAD @ I misread the title. It’s actually Madonna “singing” (aka lip-synching) it on her tour. Sorry!

  4. REAL LIFE May 27, 2012





    • king z May 27, 2012

      ummm “she’s not me” came out before anybody really gave a f*** who gaga was so it was by no means a shot at her. i do agree madonna has dragged this s*** on longer than it needs to be, but still. gaga may be a better singer and performer than madge but OVERALL i still say madge got gaga. back in her day, madonna was an awesome performer and for her age, she still is

      • HeavyMetalGangBang May 28, 2012

        I LOVE Madonna. But every Madonna fan knows that Madge is a shady flaky b****, so let’s be real. Madonna is DEFINITELY using “She’s Not Me” as a jab at GaGa. It’s totally irrelevant that the song came out before anyone knew GaGa’s name. It’s the fact that Madonna purposefully put the song RIGHT AFTER a mash-up of her record and a record that a lot of people claim (without merit) is a rehash of it.

      • REAL LIFE May 28, 2012

        To that “Kang Z” thing…



  5. MonsterDNA May 27, 2012

    I love them both, but yes, i find this a bit too much… c’mon Madonna.
    Lady GaGa is clearly the smartest b**** here.

    If she actually lip-synched that, it would be more like a self-shade. Gaga always sings live.

  6. My2Centz May 27, 2012

    Oh well. Gaga should have never imitated Madonna’s song in the first place. Had she not done that, this wouldn’t be happening.

    You know, if some little copycat wannabe emerged, trying their damnedest to BE me…to impersonate and swaggerjack my style, personality, career trajectory …and then went so far as to create a replica of one of my songs, I would be “pressed” too. Imitation isn’t always the best form of flattery.

    I see this as Madonna reminding people of where BTW came from and taking back the song that Gaga tried to hijack from her. I’m not mad.

    Let this be a lesson to all aspiring up and comers. It’s fine to have idols, but it ain’t cool to try to BE them…and to use your young fan base to get away with doing something your idol did 10-15 years earlier. If you don’t have your own swag, then you have no business being a pop star. I know at least 50% of Gaga’s fans either weren’t alive when Madonna was at her peak, or are too young to remember, but not all of us are 12 years old and can remember when it was done the first time. I don’t like seeing what Madonna did in 1990 reheated by Gaga. I think it’s tacky.

    • Angela May 28, 2012

      Britney Spears swagger jacked Janet Jackson, but she’s never said anything about it. Not everyone feels the need to lash out because a young artist is copying them.

    • HeavyMetalGangBang May 28, 2012

      Except, Madonna’s career is a perpetual series of her copying other people’s styles.

      Marilyn Monroe
      Debbie Harry
      Jean Seberg
      Marlene Dietrich
      Jean Harlow
      Mae West
      Bettie Paige

      I mean, there’s SO many more- I could go on. But she’s giving GaGa a hard time for, ALLEGEDLY, doing to her what she did to SO many people.

    • aynon May 28, 2012

      oh please, how many artists are out at the moment who haven’t copied anyone? every female artist in the industry at the moment copies Britney Spears and Beyonce and they copy s*** from Madonna, Janet, Whitney and Celine, who copied s*** from Marilyn, Barbara, Cher, Tina, Diana you see where this is going…

      if you hadn’t already noticed the music industry is a massive circle and every 10 years the same things happen.

  7. DIGGER BEY May 27, 2012

    If this old washed up h** don’t sit down n her rocking chair! Nobody is checking for this Rinarsarous looking h**! GAGA ALL DAY! And this who that ugly ass h** @ Suicide Blonde try to shade KING B for lmao rofl Man looking S*** Bag lip sync Gimmick washed S***! The hairs on KING B twat >>>>>>>>>> manflop

    • Teacher May 27, 2012

      Wasn’t u the one talkinbout how GOD don’t like ugly and the He is Love? Hypocritical ass B****!

  8. Miguel May 27, 2012



    This is CRAZY S***

    Actually thought it was a FRIENDLY MASHUP… until I heard the lines of “She’s Not Me”… ouch, Madonna, that DOES send a message, doesn’t it? LMAO!

    BTW, I admire both artists. And that collage is also crazy… LOL pretty obvious how GaGa has been “inspired” by Madonna. But again: I admire both artists

  9. naturalBEAUTY May 27, 2012

    The shade isn’t Madonna performing ‘Born this Way’, the shade is performing ‘She’s Not Me’ afterwards. Madonna the Queen of Pop & shade.

  10. Dejae May 27, 2012

    The only thing I don’t like about this is that it gives Gaga more attention, which is bad. There should be a Gaga media blackout as far as I’m concerned.

    Beyond that, if Madonna’s being petty and snarkly, then I don’t care. Gaga has gotten away with copycatting Madonna for far too long and deserves getting called out. Madonna didn’t ask Gaga to be her “Mini Me” and from here on out Gaga better make sure that NOTHING she does is even remotely “Madonna”-esque.

    • Angela May 28, 2012

      So what? Britney Spears gotten away with copying off of Janet Jackson for the first 6 years of her career (meanwhile praising Madonna as her inspiration) and nobody called her out. Everyone has acknowledged that Gaga takes after Madonna in some instances.

  11. Vandrea May 27, 2012

    Gaga shouldn’t have built her career on being Madonna 2.0

    * shrugs *

    • JDE97 May 27, 2012

      Agree. Gaga is getting what she deserves.

    • jeremiah May 28, 2012

      well then madonna shouldn’t have built her career on copying other artists herself and deceiving people into thinking shes original herself

      • HeavyMetalGangBang May 28, 2012

        Thank you. I love Madonna, but it’s so funny when Madonna fans call Lady GaGa a copy.

        Are you really not aware that Madonna is the original imitation chameleon? Have you no sense of history beyond the year 1980?

  12. nate May 27, 2012

    The thing that catapulted Gaga’s career was bogus claims that Christina Aguilera copied her, claims that her team advertised to start her career. Sure enough, Gaga’s first album soared because of THAT claim.

    Now gaga is being called on her s*** by the Queen, and she will be called out publicly. I love Madonna, at least she’s creative with her shade, instead of going off on Twitter like these new stars.

    • lady caca May 28, 2012

      Lady Caca gets what she deserves!!!!!!!!!!

      Christina Aguilera never copied anyone, Lady Wannabe is the one who continues to steal from Christina Aguilera and Madonna!!!!!!!!!

      Let’s not get it twisted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I didn’t even know who Lady Caca was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Nobody I know knew who Lady Caca was back in 2008, when Christina started getting accused of copying this faking clown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Lady Caca and the media are all trolls.

      • Christina & Madonna lover May 28, 2012

        Exactly, no one knew Lady GaGa before people started comparing her with Christina and Madonna. Everything GaGa’s ever done in music and in fashion has already been done by tons of other people, decades before her. I’m just glad she is finally getting what she deserves for copying the real queens Madonna, Christina and Marilyn Monroe!

  13. Acem May 27, 2012

    It’s really annoying when artists come out trying to use the ignorance of a young audience to get away with copying what someone else before them did and trying to make it seem like it’s something fresh and cutting edge on their end.

    I can’t pinpoint anything about Gaga that I can cite as being “all her”. Everything she does is either something Madonna already did…something Gwen Stefani already did…something Marilyn Manson already did…something Elton John already did…something Tori Amos already did…something Pink already did, etc., etc. In fact, Bette Midler even called Gaga out for stealing one of her old routines. Gaga isn’t her own person. She’s this odd hodgepodge of everyone she observed before her career started. And because of this, I can’t/don’t respect her.

    • HeavyMetalGangBang May 28, 2012

      So is Madonna though, just with earlier references.

    • Jessica May 28, 2012

      you forgot Grace Jones, she called out Gaga also

  14. BITABEY May 27, 2012

    That pic is just way too funny to ignore. But the ultimate joke is that Madonna would even use the line ”She’s Not Me” seeing how that is ONE of the songs she’s been accused of stealing. *sips tea*

  15. Truth May 27, 2012

    This is stupid. This is Like Diana Ross coming back and shading Beyonce for copying her……..
    Madonna is 50, the younger generation doesnt know her, they dont remember the Erotica era, they dont remember Like a Prayer, thats why this is 2012, the “present” ,thats why Gaga exists. Kids appeal to her, Kids cant appeal to a woman that was born 60 years earlier. Sorry. Not to mention MDNA flopped, Madonna lip-syncs, the Born This Way Ball is currently outselling the MDNA tour after only a month release, this is just sad. and What makes it even sadder is the fact that Madonna copies Mariyln Monroe, Grace Jones, and Cher, and has been getting away with it for years. The fact that Gaga is Inspired by her and wants to keep the “Pop” spirit alive is remarkable. Madonna will fail eventually if she keeps up her silly antics.

    • WHOCARES May 27, 2012

      Thank you!! Madonna copied, they all copy. Nothing is new under the sun. And this “Madonna phase” came after The Fame Monster. She has definitely not built her career on it.

      If I was GaGa, I would continue to do me and let this geriatric patient continue to look like a bitter old hag hating on the new kid on the block.

    • Dax May 27, 2012

      I don’t give a f*** what the younger generation “doesn’t remember.” I remember it. And because I remember it, I can see that what Gaga is doing is straight up counterfeit. Not everyone is ignorant of history.

      • Realtalk May 28, 2012

        The difference is GaGa straight jacks while MaDonna borrows.
        Lucky Star and Borderline are classics while everything GaGa does is almost a straight jack. NOTHING creatively new and Beyonce is nothing like Diana Ross (you can say she’s got some Tina Turner tho).

    • lady caca May 28, 2012

      Look at the monster trying to defend their stupid idol Lady Caca.

      So it’s okay to steal from others now, because everything has already been done?

      You say that but I bet you’re one of those demented monsters who think Christina Aguilera copied Lady Caca with her TEN-YEAR OLD “Fighter” video LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Truth May 27, 2012

    Gaga didnt build her career on being Madonna 2.0. She didnt start off that way. Jesus Christ, its like no other woman in the world can make an album about freedom and self acceptance without jacking Madonna.
    Funny though, if Madonna was so mad about it, why didnt she say anything when the two of them performed on Saturday Night Live???
    Take several seats.

    • Qazzo May 27, 2012

      “Gaga didnt build her career on being Madonna 2.0.”

      Yes she did. Gaga is a complete Madonna rip-off and a fraud. Just because you were born after 1996 doesn’t mean everyone else is too stupid to notice.

      • Angela May 28, 2012

        Really? Since when did Madonna play the piano?

      • HeavyMetalGangBang May 28, 2012

        So, I guess since you were born after 1980, you don’t realize Madonna is just an earlier hodgepodge mashup of other people’s styles as well?

        Like who cares? They both borrow a massive deal from others. But they’re both phenomenal pop performers and that’s all that’s important.

    • Vegas Girl May 28, 2012

      I agree, look at Gaga when she first came out, she was much more David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust inspired (look wise). Gaga was always glam rock/androgynous/Andy Warhol -esque.

      Just because they are both Italian, blonde and sing pop doesn’t mean Gaga is a carbon copy of Madonna. And frankly I’ve never understood why people are so upset about Gaga “borrowing” because to my knowledge she’s always pointed out whose inspired her. I don’t recall her attempting to personally take credit for being a complete original, void of pop culture inspiration.

  17. WHOCARES May 27, 2012


    • Angela May 28, 2012

      I think it was the video she stole something from, not the song.

  18. Belladonna May 27, 2012

    I loved Madonna But I just Cant anymore she’s not a good person know matter how hard I try see it. Gaga says nothing bad about anyone and she’s always trying to make the world a better place. Madonna needs to know, know matter whats she does a 16 year old will never relate to here and All Gaga did was take what Madonna,Cher and Judy Garland did and Bring it to the Kids of today and made it better and it’s nothing wrong with that. Madonna needs to get over it but who gives a f*** anymore. All Madonna is doing by not liking Gaga is undoing everything she worked so hard to create. And if the new generation doesn’t remember her then she will be forgotten because one day all her fans will be dead but who in the new generation wants to remember or tribute a b**** that didn’t like someone they LOVED.

    • Lady Bullshiot May 28, 2012

      Lady Caca never directly said anything bad about anyone.

      But she indirectly dissed Christina by insinuating that Christina copied her. “Anyone with two eyes can see the resemblance.” “I am flattered to inspire a superstar”

      She let her friends AKON and PEREZ talk bullshiot about Christina just to make Lady Caca look better.

      Lady Caca also made fun of Britney’s lypsynching.

      Lady Caca tried to shade other pop artists like Katy Perry and Kesha for making “trendy” you-are-who-you-are-born-this-way type of music.

      LMAO as if Lady Caca was the only one allowed to make such kind of music! As if Christina Aguilera hadn’t already been doing that sh*t 7325678945698345698 years ago.

      Lady Caca is a foking coward and a wannabe and a lunatic.

    • Lady Fraud Fraud May 28, 2012

      LOL Gaga doesn’t care about prejudices like she’s trying to portray it’s all an image made by Gaga. For example Gaga “preaches” how much she’s against eating disorders and suicide and says she’s always been against it than how does she all of a sudden forget and make jokes about both of them? Gaga doesn’t give a s*** about any of that s*** it’s all an image. Madonna may be a b**** but at least she’s real and doesn’t hide it. Gaga tries to hide her narcissism and seem like she cares about the world when she doesn’t.

  19. Belladonna May 27, 2012

    I loved Madonna But I just Cant anymore she’s not a good person know matter how hard I try see it. Gaga says nothing bad about anyone and she’s always trying to make the world a better place. Madonna needs to know, know matter whats she does a 16 year old will never relate to here and All Gaga did was take what Madonna,Cher and Judy Garland did and Bring it to the Kids of today and made it better and it’s nothing wrong with that. Madonna needs to get over it but who gives a f*** anymore. All Madonna is doing by not liking Gaga is undoing everything she worked so hard to create. And if the new generation doesn’t remember her then she will be forgotten because one day all her fans will be dead but who in the new generation wants to remember or tribute a b**** that didn’t like someone they LOVED.

  20. anna May 27, 2012

    just b******* !!! i cannot believe the fact that people don not think at all.i have read a lot of nonsense comments….for those who love lady gaga and criticize madonna… i cant help but wonder, what music did u listen to before lady gaga era?? madonna can do what she wants to, she has earned that right

  21. QueenSize May 27, 2012

    The only thing I can say about Gaga is she doesn’t come of as a nasty self- centered b**** like Niicki Minaj has. gaga clearly stated that she loves or loved Madonna. Gaga is quite talented and i didn’t see her as a clone when the first album dropped. Just Dance, Pokerface were authentic and hot to death. Some of her videos and style are very Madonna. born this Way was a f****** rip off. The proof is in the pudding. gaga and Nicki both heavily copied their idols,

    • Lady Fraud Fraud May 28, 2012

      Making assumptions is very ignorant.Gaga in Vogue magazine, “Speaking purely from a musical standpoint, I think I am a great performer. I am a talented entertainer. I consider myself to have one of the greatest voices in the industry. I consider myself to be one of the greatest songwriters.”

      Also an inside mentioned how she was upset that no one paid attention to her backstage at some invent and how no one was screaming over her. Gaga has a huge ego and is very self centered. She never gives any of the writers and producers behind her music credit. She claims she writes and produces all of it yet who are those men and women mentioned in the writing and producing credits?

  22. QueenSize May 27, 2012

    Mary J. blige said the say thing about Keyshia Cole but I didn’t see it.

  23. Teacher May 27, 2012

    ”Shade heffa SHAEEEDE!” LOL 😀

  24. JoJo (istan4rihanna) May 28, 2012

    Madonna is not pressed shes just one shady b**** but shes the Queen and the ORIGINAL and she just wants everyone to know that

    Might I add this is nothing close to the Kim and Nicki Situation because Gaga has not dissed Madge in anyway shape or form to this day

  25. Queen Navy May 28, 2012

    Umm. So was Gaga just supposed to get away with copying Madonna’s song (AND look AND image AND and attitude)? Better this than a lawsuit, which is what I would have done. Then the b**** had the audacity to lie and say Madonna gave her her blessing on the song. Gaga is a complete and utter fake and ANY lampooning or “shade” Madonna gives her for copying her is completely deserved. Gaga should another pop star to bite. I’m not interested in her Madonna 2.0 routine for as long as the real thing is still around.

    • lady caca May 28, 2012

      Not only did she lie about Madonna approving of the song. She also thanked Whitney for inspiring her for the song.

      Lady Caca is deranged.

    • Gaaglooo! May 28, 2012

      Don’t be Mad cause your fav have to PAY David LACHAPELLE!!!!!

    • Gaaglooo! May 28, 2012

      Don’t be Mad cause your fav have to PAY David LACHAPELLE!!!!!

  26. jasmine May 28, 2012

    Girl.. Gaga could care less bout Madonna’s so called “shade”..Madonna’s crusty ass wearing Depends under her unitard..and yes, Gaga did copy Madonna’s style but Gaga never denied that and always said that Queen, Bowie, Grace Jones, Madonna,etc have been her inspiration and role models..when someone is your role want to mirror can see all of the above’s influence on Gaga and not just Madonna’s..and I don’t know why Madonna still has fans..she’s a bitter b****..she never thanks her fans..and she doesn’t have a humble bone in her body..every success Madonna has, she takes it for granted..! Gaga is so passionate when it comes to her fans..Gaga never shaded her..and BTW and express yourself similarities are still arguable..! Songs on the radio right now have more in common with one another than those two songs..!

    • lady caca May 28, 2012

      Why make fun of Madonna because she’s in her 50s?

      You will one day also be older, you foking idiot. What’s the problem?

      Making fun of someone because of their age is the stupidest sh*t I’ve ever seen.

    • Lady Fraud Fraud May 28, 2012

      She has denied that. She claims all the time that she was just born this way and her dressing the way she does is how she is even though she has copied Madonna and Grace Jones. You fans all say the same s***. Beyonce asked her how does she come up with her s***. Gaga didn’t say I didn’t I was inspired by Madonna, Grace jones no she says I was born this way.

  27. EnRanc May 28, 2012

    Go on somewhere with that ‘the younger generation don’t know…’ crap. As if that excuses Gaga being an Imposter-Madonna. It’s despicable to use the ignorance of a younger generation to get away with being a copycat.

    The problem with today’s ‘generation’ of pop stars is that too many of them are so enamored with their childhood idols that they try to swagger-jack them to the point of it actually being a forgery. The world doesn’t need a 2012 version of what Madonna did and who she was in 1989. The footage still exists. If Gaga can’t come with her OWN swag and create her OWN lane, then she needs to just go away because her house is created on sand.

  28. ADC143 May 28, 2012

    F*** Gaga. Stop treating that phony b**** like she’s some kind of victim of Madonna’s unwarranted meanness. When you go out of your way to emulate someone down to their socks it’s only a matter of time before they say something about it and chances are it won’t be anything nice. Don’t act like this is Madonna being bitter and paranoid, the world was calling Gaga a Madonna copycat long before she finally said something about it.

    • Realtalk May 28, 2012

      GaGa is indeed straight jacking MaDonna!!!! Only a fool can’t see that.

    • lady caca May 28, 2012

      @ ADC143

      You are right. The monsters cannot comprehend or accept such logic, though.

      They are too stupid and delusional and bitter.

  29. WizKey May 28, 2012

    All you gotta do is look at that picture posted to see that Gaga is a hardcore Madonna biter.

    • Miao May 28, 2012

      This is a 0,00001% of all Gaga’s looks she’s been doing in past year or two!

  30. jeremiah May 28, 2012

    um madonna is supposedly a living legend
    and her fans constantly say gaga will never be as good
    so i ask this question to madonna and her fans:
    -if lady gaga is no threat and if madonna is really better, why are you guys so pressed – why are you dragging this out to get attention? why are you guys constantly bringing up gagas name and giving her the light of day?
    the truth of the matter is that madonna and her fans are threatened by gaga and that is why she and her fans wont just ignore lady gaga – because they are threatened

    too bad madonna will never be able to sing it this way:

    either way good job gaga for keeping it classy and not responding in any way to this pettiness

    • lady caca May 28, 2012

      In the future, Lady Caca will only be remembered for ostracizing her stupid cult of fans and remembered for being a wannabe copycat.

      Stay mad, monsters.

      I hope Madonna continues to attack Lady Bullshiot a little more. She has every right to.

      Plagiarism is not to be ignored.

      Lady Caca is more threatened than Madonna ever will be. Madonna has nothing to prove at this point in her career.

      Lady Caca is somewhere sniffing drugs trying to stay calm from all this shade directed at her.

  31. jeremiah May 28, 2012

    whats funny is that madonna, by doing this, doesnt know shes just keeping gagas name relevant

    i dont ever think shes been this threatened by a competitor and it shows

    i used to love madonna but her bitchiness and ego are just too much now

    • lady caca May 28, 2012

      Lady Caca is staying relevant for the wrong reasons.

      So let Madonna continue her shade. LOL

      In the future, Lady Caca will only be remembered for ostracizing her stupid cult of fans and remembered for being a wannabe copycat.

      shaking my head…. lol…..

  32. Tbozfan10 May 28, 2012

    Oh come on. It was just some tongue-in-cheek humor it’s kind of funny. Although this was completely unprovoked as gaga hasn’t said anything negative towards Madonna.

    Oh and please please stop with the lil Kim/ nicki minaj comparisons! There is no comparison. It’s a whole different ball game when you have an issue between two relevant artists (Madonna & gaga) and a feud between 1 relevant artist (Nicki) and a complete hasbeen (lil Kim).

  33. Saetana May 28, 2012

    Madonna is getting desperate, using Gaga’s name and fame because MDNA is a massive flop. Born This Way and Express Yourself use the same chord progression, Madonna has admitted as much, Madonna does not own chord progressions and there are some very interesting mashups of both these songs together with a few others that also use the same chord progression. Madonna has been nothing but shady towards Gaga who has not said a bad word about her, she is taking the high road and Madonna, well, we all know where she is these days. As for copying Madonna would know all about that and has the history of lawsuits to prove it, why no lawsuit from Madonna over Born This Way? Because she hasn’t got a f****** leg to stand on, that is why. The lipsync queen is dead, long live the new queen of LIVE performance. Those photos are desperate – there is only the cone bra/corset that is really iconic Madonna (and I’m pretty sure she wasn’t the first to wear that either), she didn’t invent high ponytails or suits. Madonna ought to be above this sort of thing, the fact that she is stooping so low says it all to me ;o)

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) May 28, 2012


    • Miao May 28, 2012

      “why no lawsuit from Madonna over Born This Way?” Good point! Her career is ending, so…

  34. Roman May 28, 2012

    The problem with the has beens (Madge + Kim) is that they have already DONE IT ALL.

    Its not swag jacking it’s just Gaga + Nicki are doing s*** pulling it off way better than the has beens.

    I do believe that the has beens are keeping the stories alive to save their career but they really need to sit down and let the younger generation do their thang _/

  35. Todd May 28, 2012

    Im not a Madonna fan, I’m not a Gaga fan, but this is gettin out of hands. Its ridiculous,seriously-alot of songs sound similar and i agree that in this case thats obvious,but i still cant picture an artist that famous sayin ”olalala,i’ll steal this from you, and will try to look like you”. Madonna is actually pretty cool and im sure she’ll make that performance look funny as hell, but come on…

  36. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) May 28, 2012

    Madonna should have created a better album and stop this Gaga thing. That way maybe more people would be thinking “oh look how great Madonna is, we almost forgot, Gaga is not that good” or something like that
    This way… it´s just bad press for her (although she has always said the important thing is people talk about you, no matter if good or bad things). So I suppose that´s what she´s looking for. I´ll stick to her music, cos her tactics are awful, they have always been

    • Madonna’s The Queen May 28, 2012

      I feel the quality of Madonna’s MDNA matches that of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way. Both CD’s are very generic and simple across the board. I will forgive Madonna this one indiscretion. Lady Gaga is a copycat who doesn’t no better! I don’t expect much from her.

  37. morgat May 28, 2012


    • Madonna’s The Queen May 28, 2012

      Lady Gaga = counterfeiter, shameless fraud, cheap copy the list continues. Inspiration is one thing stealing and copying down to the last vocal note and/or dance step is another (see Beyonce’s Countdown video and BBMA performance)

  38. hboss May 28, 2012

    This is media driven drivel. Yes their may be a good possibility Madonna will mash it up on tour like she has done with many other artists that she respects. Madonna is hardly competing with GaGa she has a career spanning four decades sales of over 350 million and nine tours and commands premium price tickets. You can’t compare two artists with a 30 year age gap especially when they are completely different decades of music and the industry has changed so much.
    Madonna has a wicked sense of humour like her fans something Gaga fans need to to get otherwise they’re going to be very disappointed in a few years as its much harder in today’s music market to have longevity something Madonna already has gained.
    I really do hope Gaga does manage to break new records and set new standards as that’s what keeps every industry moving forward but it’s going to take years. Something her fans appear to struggle with which shows that it’s unlikely they will still be supporting her in twenty years let alone thirty.
    Madna is hardy either a critical or commercial flop. It is the entire music industry that is in decline and struggling. With a few exceptions to the music industry at the current time the vast majority of people have stopped buying any music.

  39. the real xoxo May 28, 2012

    madonna courting controversy AGAIN…
    what do you expect? she has been doing that for nearly 3 decades!

    I must give my props to madonna for getting this far with little talent. i am not a “monster”(cringe) but this is just a publicity stunt.

    • Madonna’s The Queen May 28, 2012

      “Publicity stunt”? Yes, unlike Lady Gaga’s entire career.

  40. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) May 28, 2012

    MADonna !!! this is too much CUNTroversy for me !!!!

    but isn’t MADonna is all about CUNTroversy ?!! what’s new ?

    and i hope this mash-up won’t be to make fun of gaga cuz gaga has one of the strongest fanbases ever nowadays !! and i’m sure some of them will be present at the MDNA pit , so this will be Drastic for sure !

    i will still give her the benefit of doubt and say she might wanna capitalize on the ” love yourself/express yourself” concept and she don’t find any wrong in putting “BTW” against ” EY” in one mash-up !!!

  41. MissImpartial May 28, 2012

    I find it funny that you all are saying that Madonna should move one. If a new artist would have ripped off Beyonce or Gaga’s styles and performances you would be crying and screaming about it. And how can you call yourself an artist if you can’t get your own ideas and style?

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) May 28, 2012

      was MADONNA 100% original for her to call out others about it ? please answer it. and it is coming from a madonna big fan like me.
      and at this point , i’m cool with everyone copying everyone ” considering the lack of creativity most of those artists are suffering from” ! madonna was never original and so is gaga. no one of them should call out the other about originality when both of them are Very unoriginal.

      • MissImpartial May 28, 2012

        I think she didn’t mind it at first because she was flattered. But when she ripped off her song then she started to diss her. You see Madonna never dissed other artist who copied her but I think she thinks Gaga took it to another level.

      • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) May 28, 2012

        gaga dissed Madonna ? when and where ?

      • MissImpartial May 28, 2012

        When did I say Gaga dissed Madonna I said Madonna dissed Gaga.

  42. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) May 28, 2012

    Is it Madonna (like Lil’ Kim) that’s keeping the story alive in the media or is it the media who continually makes the issue…an issue?

    i will get realistic and honest about it , it is madonna who’s keeping the story alive as a source for controversy as this is how she used to keep her career charged ” she’s experienced in that field , huh ? ”

    cuz if everyone from those artists who madonna copied did the same as she do with gaga ” shading , calling her reductive , etc … ” , madonna pretty much will be labelled the “biggest copycat in the history of music” and will be everyone’s side joke! cuz her hands aren’t so clean and the whole thing is so Ironic coming from madonna ! when she copy ppl say ” oh , don’t be silly , she’s tributing” , but when gaga indirectly tribute her ” cuz she’s a big fan obviously” they say she’s copying her ?!!

    GTFOH with the double standards !!!

    • Gaaglooo! May 28, 2012

      BravOOO @POP!!:-))

      • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) May 28, 2012

        thank you 🙂

  43. Madonna’s The Queen May 28, 2012

    Lil Kim was the first in the Rap game to do the things we eventually saw Nicki Minaj do in 2010: colored wigs, certain stances, lyrical delivery and so on. At one point, Nicki was becoming the new Lil Kim. She has since branched off to copy Lady Gaga who is a cheap copy of Madonna.

    Madonna & Lil Kim are The Queens!

  44. RoyalKev May 28, 2012

    I normally don’t defend Madonna because she’s usually shady for all the wrong reasons, but I totally undertstand where she’s coming from this time. In the name of music and for the sake of creativity and expression, we can’t allow artists to reproduce a carbon copy of another song that came out 15 years ago and get away with it because they’ve simply slapped on a new song title. That’s laziness and it’s disturbingly wrong!

    Lady Gaga went as far as claiming to have written BTW for Whitney Houston and wasn’t owning up to the fact that she was heavily inspired by Madonna. That’s quite insulting as well. Gaga only got away with that because most pop diva’s early material from the 80’s sound very similar to most of their peers and their music was actually interchangeable. Still, BTW is a exactly replica of EY. If Gaga wanted to she could have came up with so many different ways to show the world how inspired she was by Madonna. We see it in her “art” and it’s obvious when you look at her (see the pic in the post). It’s when she praise herself for writing songs like BTW (pretending to be some genuis songwriter and visionary) that turns people off (Madonna included).

  45. Girrrl May 28, 2012

    There’s no statute of limitations for calling people out for stealing your s***.

  46. sammi May 28, 2012

    Wow TGJ this collage is cray. I knew all along that Gaga used some of M’s old looks because im 26 and I remember a lot of these M outfits from when I was a little kid. Anyone who is old enough to remember the M of the late 80’s and early 90’s would know that Gaga copied her.

  47. Realtalk May 28, 2012

    This is about swagger jacking and GaGa is swagger jacking MaDonna. The difference in MaDonna borrowing from Marilyn is Marilyn was long gone before MaDonna came along while MaDonna is still very much alive but GaGa is like f**k her I’m taking her spot. It’s totally disrespectful because MaDonna is still active. Instead of her having her lane to herself you have a copycat jacking her spot.

    • lady caca May 28, 2012



      There is nothing worse than a stupid newbie feeling entitled to steal from the Legends that came before them without giving any proper credit.

      Lady Caca once claimed she was inspired by nobody and created all her music and designs all by herself.

      The truth is that Lady Caca is a manufactured wannabe and a crazy, drug-addicted imbecile.

      The newcomers need to show some f*cking RESPECT.

      Madonna can continue to diss Lady Caca.
      Lady Caca will continue to play innocent, it doesn’t matter. I approve of Madonna’s criticism of Lady Bullshiat.

      Lady Caca is worse than “reductive”. She is pure sh*t. Literally. Lady Caca herself once said her “art is a lie”.
      Nope, that’s not a metaphor. It’s a fact. Lady Caca’s art is a lie and a piece of horse sh*t diarrhea.

      Point blank, bottom line.

  48. morgat May 28, 2012

    HAVE YOU SEEN MOLLY??? by madonna Bayfront Park Music Festival

  49. lady caca remains a piece of caca shiot May 28, 2012

    Remember when Gaga said “Anyone with two eyes can see the resemblance” about Christina Aguilera and her blond BANGS??????????????????????

    Remember when Gaga’s teams used Christina Aguilera’s name in paid advertisements online to promote the debut album “The Fame”???

    Remember when delusional newbie Gaga thought she was inspiring a superstar like Christina and insinuating that Christina copied her?? Over bangs and dance music????????????????????????????????????????????????

    As if Gaga invented bangs or started the dance music craze. No, Christina already had bangs before in her 2006 “Ain’t No Other Man” era. Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado and Britney Spears were all doing dance music years ago.

    Gaga’s friends Akon, Perez Hilton all tried to accuse Christina of plagiarism. Why the fok would Christina want to copy a NEWBIE like Lady Caca? I didn’t even know who Lady Caca was until the whole situation with Christina’s performance of “Keeps Getting Better” at the 2008 VMAs.

    None of that whole shiot made any foking sense.

    The Lady Caca comparisons with Madonna however are a lot more logical.

    Lady Caca blatantly copies Madonna a lot, on many different occasions.
    Lady Caca is a wannabe and a delusional [email protected]

    She is a piece of shiot. Madonna and Christina shiot all over her jealous, envious, wannabe @ss.

  50. GODgaga May 28, 2012

    I TOLD ALL YOU B******




  51. lady caca May 28, 2012

    Look at the stupid monsters saying “Who cares?” “Everyone is inspired by other artists” and whatnot.

    You weren’t saying that in 2008 when Christina Aguilera had bangs.
    You were all convinced that Christina Legentina was copying a newcomer that nobody even knew at the time.
    For the most part of the year 2008, “The Fame” was FLOPPING, the album was IGNORED!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah. Christina Aguilera definitely copied that sh*t.


  52. B. Hill May 28, 2012

    Look, the bottom line is that Gaga is a Madonna copycat.

    Gaga tries her damnedest to actually BE Madonna (or at the very least to be what Madonna was at her peak.) Nothing about Gaga is organic or natural. She’s completely forced and totally unoriginal. Yeah, Madonna may have ‘borrowed’ from Marilyn a few times, but she didn’t make a career out of trying to be her, plus Marilyn was already long dead and was never a pop star. She was a fashion icon, who a ton of other celebrities have emulated from time to time. Furthermore, those few times Madonna paid homage someone else, her own personality still remained dominate over it to the point where you never forgot it was Madonna. She never tried to actually BE someone other than herself. The same can’t be said for Gaga, she has no identity of her own. She’s reheated Madonna, period.

    I dislike Katy Perry as much as I do Gaga, but the difference between them is that no one can accuse her of being a ripoff artist.

  53. Gaaglooo! May 28, 2012

    Lady G Is THE Smartest POP Star! The B**** is Educated, she Can Write, Sing, Perform, Produce….. Her Tours Sell Very Well And She NEVER WASTED Her Time On Negatives Shits! That’s A Boss B****!! So All you Pressed C**** Can Kiss Her A$$$$$$

    • B. Hill May 28, 2012

      You sound pressed. Funny how her stans are constantly jawing about being her being positive, while they are negative in her defense. Obviously whatever…**snicker**…”message” she’s sending is being lost on the Little Mutants, I mean Monsters. In the meantime, I don’t need you to tell me to kiss her ass. She can tell me that herself, if she wants to…and then I’d tell her to kiss mine.

      • Gaaglooo! May 28, 2012

        Lol! Please don’t talk to me Again, cause obviously You Don’t Know Nothing About Me, cause if you did, you would know, that ” I’M not A Monter, Hive, Navy…..) I’m here for Good Music! And You would Know that I’m Madge & MJ FAN Since I Was 7y, So Have a Sit!

    • Lady Bullshiot May 28, 2012

      Lady Caca is no boss, she is the ultimate wannabe.

      She wants to be everyone and everything except her true self. That explains why she keeps walking around in sunglasses and ugly, nasty wigs and whatnot. She doesn’t want people to see through her eyes and all her BULLSHIAT.

      Lady Caca never directly said anything bad about anyone.

      But she indirectly dissed Christina by insinuating that Christina copied her. “Anyone with two eyes can see the resemblance.” “I am flattered to inspire a superstar”

      She let her friends AKON and PEREZ talk bullshiot about Christina just to make Lady Caca look better.

      Lady Caca also made fun of Britney’s lypsynching.

      Lady Caca tried to shade other pop artists like Katy Perry and Kesha for making “trendy” you-are-who-you-are-born-this-way type of music.

      LMAO as if Lady Caca was the only one allowed to make such kind of music! As if Christina Aguilera hadn’t already been doing that sh*t 7325678945698345698 years ago.

      Lady Caca is a foking coward and a wannabe and a lunatic.

      • Gaaglooo! May 28, 2012


  54. Suicide Blonde May 28, 2012

    So now, we should applaud Gaga for coping Madonna but hate on Madonna for defend herself, as much as i love Gaga she has copy Madonna way too much, it’s not the first song of Madonna that Gaga has copy, have you listen to “Dance in the Dark” is a remake of “Vogue” he copy even the rap part, “Pitchfork Media” felt that Gaga had morphed into Madonna on the song, Madonna has copy others too but those were Hollywood stars, the only Musician Madonna has copy in her prime was Debbie Harry (Blondie) and she has said 1000 times that she loves her, the others were Bette Davis, Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe, ACTRESSES b****** not singers, Lady Gaga is hypocrite, she play the card of the good girl praising Madonna while Madonna is the W**** of Babylon for espress her point of view, Madonna didn’t use this for relevancy, the media’s keep th stoy alive and Gaga herself since she hasn’t stopped of copying Madonna, have you see her performances of her new tour, it’s Madonna, Madonna, Madonna those kids born in 2008 can’t suck my d***, go listen to Gaga if you think MDNA sucks, a lots magazines has say that Gaga is most interesting when channeling Madonna, Gaga is Madonna in her prime don’t worry b****** what goes around….comes around in 10 or 20 years there would be another copycat, and those will claim she’s better than Gaga. stop with Gaga didn’t say something wrong of Madonna, remember when Gaga said that Madonna sending her an e-mail, lies and more lies, then she say the song was inspired by Whitney Houston when she has to say Madonna, of course some of you will say she didn’t have to mention Madonna if she doesn’t want, the same goes to Madonna she can say whatever she wants, Madonna was right Gaga is talented i give her all the credits you want but the truth remain the truth, to Caesar what is Caesar’s.

    • Suicide Blonde May 28, 2012

      Sorry for my typos.

      • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) May 28, 2012

        that’s a LONG ass Comment , DAMN !
        but they are Unoriginal , so ……..

        let them h*** fight !! no one will win it obviously but both fanbases will enjoy the shade thrown anyway.

        i won’t join teams apparently cuz i think the whole thing is BS.

      • Suicide Blonde May 28, 2012

        We all know Pop you don’t know who’s your team… anymore, Gaga is very talented but she is also a copycat END.

  55. racy andarin May 28, 2012

    Well, didn’t really pay attention to the issue. But when I saw this photo collage and watched the vid, it’s so obvious. So Madonna came before Lady Gaga and Lady Gaga copies her. Gaga’s outrageous but she’s not original. I understand Madonna: Gaga should at least acknowledge from where she got the inspiration.

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) May 28, 2012

      she did that already ….. but madonna wanted it in a certain Form and GAGA didn’t care that much about it. ” like when she did with the christina one”

  56. Suicide Blonde May 28, 2012

    God dammit!, just look at those pictures, are you all blind or something.

  57. MsThing485 May 28, 2012

    It’s fine to be inspired by the people who came before you, but it’s not cool to literally tear whole chapters out of their playbook. Like someone else said, the world has been accusing Gaga of being a Madonna wannabe/copycat for virtually all of her career, while Madonna herself remained silent and didn’t address the comparisons. She may have even been flattered at one point, hell, why not? But “Born This Way” was one too many. It’s one thing to idolize your predecessors, but it’s a whole other to rip off their work and then try and play dumb when controversy ensues about how similar they are. That makes Gaga disingenuous and voids all the comments about how nice and humble she is. People with humility don’t impersonate others and then say they didn’t.

    • Suicide Blonde May 28, 2012

      God! the only comment that i like here.

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) May 28, 2012

      t is 1/2 of the truth Tho , cuz Madonna did the same thing before … and “VOGUE” is not even original or even hers , so …..

      as i said before , both of them should NOT talk about originality.

      • Suicide Blonde May 28, 2012

        No honey, “Vogue” was a dance, Madonna created the song, Gaga copy the song, stop with this s*** both are not original, Madonna is almost 100% original in comparison to Gaga, please.

      • Gaaglooo! May 28, 2012

        Agree with @POP R. Both are UNORIGINAL, so let them Fight Hahahaha! [email protected] ONYX is no that Serious, cause at the end, both are doing well and have a Strong Fan base!

      • Suicide Blonde May 28, 2012

        I must say that Madonna shade was better than those of the Queen of shade Mariah, with all my respect, we all know Mariah is still the Queen, Gaaglooo! i know honey, i think this it’s all planned, Gaga and Madonna both are behind this, coz i don’t think Madge will use the song without permission.

      • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) May 28, 2012

        Vogue ” THE SONG” is not ORIGINAL ………….

        i really don’t wanna go and search for a proof that Madonna did what gaga did to her SEVERAL times , i don’t wanna be in gaga’s team Or in madonna’s either , but both are VERY unoriginal. BOTH !

        so no need to shade gaga or attacking her while Madonna wasn’t very original herself. that’s my point. no need for them ladies to fight cuz it make them look silly.
        i Love them both and i appreciate their art. but when it comes to originality , NO ONE in the MAINSTREAM artists is Original. and i MEAN NO ONE !!

      • Suicide Blonde May 28, 2012

        Ok Pop, i understand your point, my point is both were copicats but one more than other.

      • Miao May 28, 2012

        @Suicide Blonde: Get over it! Madonna was not original! She stole looks and music! And now she is acting like a bitter hag! THAT’S THE TRUTH!

        Don’t be so pressed by Gaga.

      • Mafalo May 28, 2012

        Pop Royalty is such a simpleton. No, Madonna did not create voguing, but yes she did create her song about it. Yes, the song IS hers. You don’t wanna do a search about it, because you know that you won’t come up with anything to back up your claim. All that is irrelevant though. “Vogue” has nothing to do with Gaga being a deliberate copycat of Madonna.

      • Suicide Blonde May 28, 2012

        Miao, i’m not mad at her, i like her, i do think she’s very talented but that doesn’t change the fact that she has copy way more than Madonna in her prime.

    • Gaaglooo! May 28, 2012

      [email protected] Suicide ” This’s all planned” and Maybe they are laughing Hard At Us While They Are Poppin Some Champagne Lol

      • Suicide Blonde May 28, 2012

        I really hope, i want Madonna to have a love relationship with Gaga ala Britney/Kylie/Madonna, because i love both.

  58. Hush May 28, 2012

    Gaga is a fake a** Madonna wannabe. Gaga needs to find another pop icon to try to pattern herself after, because her biting off Madonna is very played out.

  59. Bmtsc81 May 28, 2012

    I think Gaga didn’t say anything bad about Madonna because she’s the one copying her..
    Madonna hasn’t said anything bad about lady gaga either so I don’t know what people are saying…she said BTW sounds similar which it does…
    And we don’t know how she’s going to this mash up exactly so maybe it’s a diss but maybe it’s just in fun…either way the concert will be amazing!!

    • Lady Bullshiot May 28, 2012

      The monsters try to defend their stupid idol Lady Caca, and look like imbeciles in the process, by attempting to do that successfully.

      Madonna can diss Lady Caca all she wants.

      Copycats should not be able to get away with their copycat criminal activities.

  60. Lady Fraud Fraud May 28, 2012

    Most of you defending Gaga are idiots. Gaga is ALREADY arrogant when she’s only been out for what 4 years? Madonna is arrogant which I hate but she paved the way for female independence so though arrogance is wrong she has a right to be. Gaga has done everything that has already been done as a matter of fact her Haus of Gaga design her s*** not her yet she’s still arrogant, like I told someone else here and some of people have mentioned on some sites, she never gives credit she swears up and down that she writes and produces everything(thinking people are stupid and won’t check the credits but than again most are stupid since they actually believe her) yet who are those other 3-4 names next to writers? She can’t be putting much in if 3-4 people are working on a 3 and a half minute to 4 minute song? Which is mostly repeated?

  61. Lady Fraud Fraud May 28, 2012

    Also the reason why Gaga doesn’t say anything is because she is weak. She seems in her concert that she a lot to say when she doesn’t it’s all written for her.A guy in a video of hers forgot what it was called it’s episodes of her on youtube and she shows her fans s*** backstage and whatever but anyway a guy was outside protesting gay rights saying gays are going to hell he was arguing with her and she had nothing to say she was just stuttering and then left. Now why does she all of a sudden have nothing to say yet she always does in her concerts to her monsters and in interviews? Why because no one had nothing to tell her. Plus in a video when she was reading to her monsters she kept looking to the left at someone or was it a card telling her what to say? She’s fake and very manufactured. I’m done now.

  62. Sigh May 29, 2012

    For those pressed stans dragging Britney to this, although britney was inspired by janet, i dont think she released a copycat song.

    Being inspired is one thing, but copying a song and looks (see photos above) is just too much. If i were madonna, i’d slap her more

  63. Angela May 31, 2012

    Blonde Ambition Madonna? I didn’t know Madonna invented high pony tails.

  64. LTM (Wide Awake) June 2, 2012

    Theyre both basically Madonna’s songs so…

  65. adam June 8, 2012

    You idiot Gaga fans.. Gaga is a loser who totally COPIES Madonna.. How do you respect that crap? Being a queen does not mean copying Madonna, you should have your own style and you should dominate the pop culture with your own story.. Inspiration is OK but Gaga just copies Madonna.. Britney has her own style and she is a real queen like Madonna.. But gaga? Hell no..

  66. KEvin July 17, 2012


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