New Song: Kreayshawn – ‘Breakfast (Ft 2 Chainz)’

Published: Saturday 19th May 2012 by David

Kreayshawn is back!

One year after launching the viral hit ‘Gucci Gucci‘, the Bay belle serves ‘Breakfast’, the latest cut from her debut LP ‘Something About Kreay‘.

Featuring ‘Beez In The Trap’ spitter 2 Chainz, the upbeat number will welcome its video Monday, but until then- listen below…


On a lyrical tip, we weren’t expecting much and didn’t get much at all.

However, we’re entirely here for her delivery-perfectly matched with the ‘syrupy’ sweet backing track, which we’d say is its only saving grace.

Here’s hoping the cut is strong enough to duplicate ‘Gucci’s notoriety and convince listeners to support the LP digitally, since the likelihood of her moving impressive physical copies are slim to none.

In saying that, we can’t wait to hear what else Ms ‘Shawn’ serves up- studio version of ‘Left Eye’ perhaps?

Your thoughts?

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  1. BRRAAT May 19, 2012


    • Laugh. Its Funny May 19, 2012

      She’s like a female Soulja Boy. lol..

  2. Truth May 19, 2012

    LMAO. Nobody cares.

  3. haterzstaypressed May 19, 2012

    Ughhhhhh as much as I don’t like this b**** I have to say this ish is on fire. That 808 kick rides for sure. UGH I still don’t like her tho

  4. SUZZZZ May 19, 2012

    Dang it really is catchy. I love the beat!! I never thought I would say that I like a Krey…whaterver her name song.

  5. NAYAH82 May 19, 2012

    Where is that crazy Kreyshawn stan at? B**** always talking about how she’s better than the rest…hahaha

  6. James227 May 19, 2012

    Gosh this b**** can’t f***** rap. I mean she is WACKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  7. OpD2 May 19, 2012

    it sounds good.

  8. ASHANNTI SAID IT;;; May 19, 2012

    im diggin the left eye song. its catchy. in her performance she sounds very much out of breath. i think she needs to work on her flow a little bit. needs to be more fluid and polished. now it just sounds like a white chick talking on a track.

  9. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) May 19, 2012

    It’s not horrible, but the beat is way out of her league. Just imagine Kim, Eve and Missy rapping over a beat like that (with a few improvements of course). That would be epic!

    P.S : Should I feel guilty for loving that other song, ‘Left Eye’? I thought that lyrically it was great 😳 Of course, she’s probably going to mess up in terms of delivery, but the lyrics and the wordplay are not bad at all

  10. commanderofthedancefloor May 19, 2012

    i actually like the left eye song it is hot!!

    WHY cant she rap like that on all her songs??? i mean she actually did good on it and then you have songs like breakfast………. what kind of tom fuckery is that?? she was like the female soulja boy in that song!!!

    if she had more left eyes than breakfast then i would support her until then girl needs to step her game up because she is over shadowed by iggy and azalea!!

  11. JoJo (istan4rihanna) May 19, 2012

    waits patiently for @WHITE GIRL MOB

  12. D-MONEY May 19, 2012



  13. KreayshawnFan May 19, 2012

    The beat is fire!!! And yess @ an audio version of Left Eye. Im not gonna lie, the lyrics aint all that but everything else is epic!!!! 2 chainz could have came harder tho. Hope its a hit!

  14. I Stan for Kreay May 19, 2012

    I love it!!!! #Breakfast @KreayshawnStan

  15. JER May 19, 2012

    Back? Back from what Never Never Land? I love these days you can be a “Smash” before your first single is out. A “Legend” when your album flops. And “Back” when you were never anything to begin with.

    • NT May 20, 2012

      Cosign 100%

  16. J May 19, 2012

    it doesnt sound mixed

  17. Uhh Okaii May 19, 2012

    that song is not catchy at all…it sounds dumb as s*** yo..smh

  18. White girl mob May 19, 2012

    Oh yea it’s about time TGJ post about kreayshawn ya n***** see hear this s***. I see ya like that left eye song in telling ya kreayshawn ain’t nothing to be f****** with she makes the most catchy songs. This BREAKFEST JONIT right here is fire and catchy. Nicki Minaj, iggy, banks, ya better move over Cus KREAY is back with another hit song n*****.

    Something bout kreayshawn coming this summer.. Kreayshawn is gonna be sitting on her throne when her debut album sells 435,000 copies it’s first week come on kreayshawn got the rap game in her hands she is running into the in zone.

    Everybody BREAKFEST is the most important meal of the day

    Kreayshawn is coming and ya n***** out there is scared ya n***** aint ready for kreayshawn ya running .

    We rep hard out here n***** we mob on n***** like it no tomorrow

    • Nats May 20, 2012

      Ya crazy ass took kinda long to get in this post. You’re still a crazy ass delusional Krayon stan tho.

    • Kayla May 20, 2012

      oh s***..aint seen you in still check in every now & then to get the once in a life time kreaysean or watever post??? lol….the b**** still wack l..shes the second of 2 female rappers on the upcoming that should just QUIT while she can…

    • THE REAL TYLER May 21, 2012



  19. Baddest Female Mc ( Azealia Banks ) May 19, 2012

    This B**** is wack as f*** & this song is TRASH! This try hard wannabe rapper h** can’t sing & she is just a JOKE and she doesnt realize that. She is super wack and nobody is checking in and taking this wack h** seriously. Azealia Banks is the only upcoming female rapper that will make it.

    • I Stan for Kreay May 20, 2012

      Kreayshawn is a bigger star than Azeila is. Just look at the Twitter Follows, Twitter fan pages, YouTube views, and Facebook likes. Everything Azealia has done Kreay already did

      • Jaimie May 20, 2012

        kreayshawn has too many haters. It’s killing her career. I don’t care what they say about haters. Too many and you’re out.
        Why does she has so many haters?
        -can’t rap or sing
        -lies about her past (says she was a drug dealer, pimp…)
        -pretends to grew up in the ghettos in Oakland
        -glamorizes drugs and junk food.
        We’re in 2012 people don’t like that crap anymore only if you’re talking about it from the exploitive point of view. Remember we are the “Occupy” decade. THINK

      • Baddest Female Mc ( Azealia Banks ) May 20, 2012

        I Know Kreashawyn is more popular and known than Azaelia but that dont change the fact that the hood and american hip hop consumers are not going to take this wannabe gangsta rapper h** seriously. this b**** is just getting views cuz she is a fake silly ass clown rhyming pure NONSENSE! Azaela banks got a major label and is getting ready for promo and performances.

      • I Stan For Kreay May 20, 2012

        Hood fans dont buy or support their favorite artist. Just look at Gucci Mane’s success, or lack ther of. Kreayshawn’s audience are teens and young adults who listen to mainstream. They buy albums(digitally) and singles. In order for a hip-hop artist to sell they HAVE to have mainstream appeal. And Kreay has that.

        And Kreayshawn doesnt try to be hood or gangsta at all. You dont see her running around talking ghetto. She grew up in the Bay and shes proud of it. Theres nothing wrong with that.

  20. Baddest Female Mc ( Azealia Banks ) May 19, 2012

    CORRECTION: I meant This try hard wanna rapper h** can’t rap 🙂

  21. RihZoe May 20, 2012

    She looks like Lady Gaga on crack.

  22. skintightjeans May 20, 2012

    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ wake me up when this b**** star status starts poppin.

  23. josh May 20, 2012


    Shes making all white people look BAD. how embarrassing.
    She cant rap.. this wont be a hit.

  24. CAREERENDER May 20, 2012

    I don’t see the following stans in this site anymore where they at?

    1. Yea Bey
    2. Queen Bey
    3. Yellow Gorilla
    4. Istan4Gaga
    5. Jamir21
    6. Oscar
    7. MadonnaLover
    8. Perry Power
    9. Perryliscious
    10. S***

    Where y’all at?

  25. LTM (Wide Awake) May 20, 2012

    I agree with @CommanderOftheDancefloor, lyrical wise, Kreayshawn needs to do more songs like Left Eye. I think if she really wanted, Kreayshawn could probably be good. But she just makes songs because she likes to. Not all of them are serious (listen to I Just Wanna Be Your Friend). I like her though.

  26. D.Strock May 20, 2012

    I just want some other rappers to hop on this beat and do some remixes…please.

  27. Nats May 20, 2012

    Was never a fan of the Gucci Gucci song, but the lyrics in the Left eye song is ill (gag did I just compliment Krayon?) however the delivery was horrible. Looking forward to hearing this song recorded properly. It can be my anthem.

  28. Tbozfan10 May 20, 2012

    I think the poster “white girl mob” is actually being sarcastic. It’s somebody who obviously sees kreayshaun as a big joke and so they are posting as her fan as a parody to make her fans look ridiculous. And it really is hilarious!! Lmao

  29. Tbozfan10 May 20, 2012

    And damn she really does look just like gaga in this pic!

  30. Kayla May 20, 2012

    this s*** is GoodMorning GARBAGE..

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