Azealia Banks Apologizes To Kreayshawn Over ‘212’ Misunderstanding

Published: Monday 6th Aug 2012 by David

After burning bridges with almost every artist she has ever  engaged with, today saw Azealia Banks showcase some humility and apologize to ‘Gucci Gucci’ belle Kreayshawn.

This, some months after the latter was attacked by Ms. ‘212’ for tweeting a link to the song’s video posted on an adult website, prompting Banks to label the Rapper a ‘stupid b*tch’.

Now peep her apology and Kreayshawn’s response below…

“@KREAYSHAWN I apologize for coming down on you so hard earlier this year,” she tweeted. “I missunderstood that pornhub rt. I can be really defensive sometimes. I’m just naturally rude. LMFAOO it’s a NY thing… I can’t help it”.

To which her cool spirited rival replied:

“It’s all G! I fux with you[r] music above all!! she You have those fire barz gurlll!”

Azealia then sealed the new found friendship with:

@KREAYSHAWN lets collab. Let’s throw @NativeRaeen in the mix there tooo”

Your thoughts?



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  1. az August 6, 2012

    Seriously??? :/

    • Truth August 6, 2012

      yes seriously, everyday you guys wait up all you do is hate. take something from this and have positive out look on life. not everything gotta be all about war

      • Truth(theREALISTubitch) August 6, 2012

        B****** liioolln me copyn my name

    • sandra August 13, 2012

      Kreayshawn is becoming irrelevant. Her song was released about 3 weeks ago. She has only 1.5 Million views. She has not charted on Itunes, Amazon, Billboard or radio airplays. What a waste of time and money for Columbia. I can’t believe that they booked her to play live on Jimmy Kimmell. I am sure they will have her lip syncking. Who knows, maybe she will be the next Rihanna or Nicki Minaj and sell millions. I personally doubted it. She doesn’t have enough talent.

  2. monstarebel August 6, 2012


  3. Kingphoenix August 6, 2012

    LMFAO! How cute….Can’t wait till that alberm comes out A.Banks!

    • CHILE PLEASE!! August 6, 2012

      LMFAO@ **Alberm” get it together girl! LOL!

      • Kingphoenix August 6, 2012

        Isnt that how all the kool kids spell it?

  4. justsomekid August 6, 2012

    OMG YES!
    I would love for these two to collaborate.
    Hopefully she’ll make up with Iggy and Kim too. Those collabos NEED to happen.
    As for Minaj…yeah let’s keep that beef as it is. Nicki doesn’t deserve other females supporting her classless act tbh.

    • FAF August 7, 2012

      U still on this site talking about her, ugly f**…….

  5. ENOUGH ONIKA August 6, 2012

    This chick stay fighting and running her mouth. I still don’t fully get her other than she’s on TGJ for ridiculous social media stories and questionable music. Where is she from? Is she signed? Does she have an album(s)?

    • Rayvone August 6, 2012

      Umm, shes from new york, shs signed to Interscope (Lady gaga, dr. dre, eminem, MJB, Etc)her album comes oout in october, she ha a mixtape, collaborated with M.I.A, Missy, Lana Del Rey, Diplo, Etc. where have you been the past year?

    • Ny August 6, 2012

      She’s signed to Interscope/Universal Music and has released 2 mixtapes “1991” and “Fantasea” her debut album “Broke With Expensive Taste” Is due to drop in the fall

    • ENOUGH ONIKA August 6, 2012

      Ok, at least she has some creditability…Still not here for music or immature antics…Artists sure don’t come like they use to…

  6. ….. August 6, 2012

    Im over this Bipolar b****.. and her album hasn’t even come out yet.

  7. T_Minaj August 6, 2012

    Her apology is as fake as her hair! I don’t trust this b**** for nothing. I think she realizes she has burned so many bridges, no one wants her. So she starts apologizing lmfao. As soon as someone pisses this chick off she will go off on them, she is unstable. As long as she stays far away from Nicki I’m good.

  8. Sheesh August 6, 2012

    Im not here for her at all, this b**** needs some type of counselling.

  9. toohotfortv August 6, 2012

    Y’all are so wack. Completely missing the mention of the new hot chic on the scene Angel Haze. Look out for her.

    • Kingphoenix August 6, 2012

      I love Angel Haze too! TGJ definetly needs to give her spotlight…Now a collab between her and Azealia would decimate the game.

  10. WATCH YO’ MOUFF August 6, 2012


  11. WHOCARES August 6, 2012

    a Big Black WHOCARES

  12. THE LEGENDARY LAX August 6, 2012

    Who cares about these two….who are they again Exactly…There no Lil Kim or Nicki so who give two rats about these two

  13. Letruth August 6, 2012

    She needa to delete her twitter again & just keep making good music$

  14. -KD August 6, 2012

    whatever,we all know that track was aimed at nicki,then nicki didn’t clap back but when banks was acting up at Hackney weekend nicki was like enough is enough and went in “Consistantly winning while all you other b****** come and go (Azealia only had one semi hit that peaked at 12 in the uk). Oh you mad h**? You aint headline (Nicki headlined Hackney weekend, while azealia was upset about being just a regular performer)?” and then “Every where you go they callin you Nicki’s son” (because everyone compares her to Nicki). Basically this entire thing was a reply the banks’ diss on 212….now banks is acting like that 212 dis wasn’t for kreayshawn also she trying to befriend her now ofter she dis nicki,kim and that other chick and they don’t want nothing to do with her,banks is a liar and a back stabber…..and now she is trying to us the same trick on kreay.

    • FAF August 6, 2012

      I never realized that. That’s kinda dope. I always thought Nicki was goin @ Kim w/ the “They calling u Nicki son” b/c of “Did it on ‘EM” she’s actually quite lyrical to be that thoughtful to diss Banks

      • FAF August 6, 2012

        All she’s trying to do is big up some females & play them against eachother…. Nicki says she’s only releasing 5 albums & I foresee another one coming next yr (she’s gonna start putting them out one behind the other) so she can exit the game WINNING in about 3/4 yrs. and do something else (acting/voiceovers/clothing line)

    • Kingphoenix August 6, 2012

      Your ignorant ass f*** with all this misinformation and hearsay.

  15. Debbie August 6, 2012

    Who? I must be out of the loop.

  16. -KD August 6, 2012

    this apology is so fake sigh,you can see righgt through it she is just f****** with kreayshawn again,and that is not a ny thing.

  17. Benron (I sold Bey Her Reborn Doll) August 6, 2012

    White girl mob in 3…….2………….1

    • Kingphoenix August 6, 2012

      Lord don’t call that b**** to fruition.

  18. FAF August 6, 2012

    She’s such a wack b****.. SMH tsk tsk Azealia this still on’t get u HIT.. 2-1-WHO??

  19. Viciousss August 6, 2012

    Smh, print it in the history books.

    First rap b**** to torpedo and sink her own career.

    Wow. No thank you to any album now. She’s just a bit too weak and phony for me.

    So after insulting Kim, Nicki, and Iggy she decides to come crawling back to the FIRST chick she dissed? And that was about a damn link! She’s a mess.

    I’d say she’s stupid if she thinks Kreasyhn is her friend, but honestly…the b**** is just stupid period.

  20. OhYea August 6, 2012

    And right now as we speak she is on twitter beefing and going back & forth with Jim Jones about some foolishness. Remember back when artist had to go to charm school or take some type of media training to learn how to engage and how to promote their brand properly? she could use a little of that

    • OpD2 August 6, 2012

      are you serious she is on twitter going at it again she is crazy,if her fans go to her with some made up story she don’t even go and see are ask for her self to see if it,s true she just go,s in without a delay.

    • Kingphoenix August 6, 2012

      What rappers you know with charm? Yall forget her occupation, she is not trying to be a Pop Star like Nicki….I can’t wait to see more about the Jim Jones/Azealia beef. She better be careful though, cause Chirssy aint afraid to throw out a left hook or two.

      • OhYea August 6, 2012

        She’s not a singer but she still needs a little new rapper 101 or something. She is known more for beefing with people and her mouth than she is anything else, if you ask anybody to name two of her songs I bet you they cant. They will be like WHO? or oh aint that the chick that was beefing with…”fill in the blank”

      • Kingphoenix August 6, 2012

        Plenty of people know her songs thats why she is performing sold out mermaid balls, doing alexander wang campaigns, making magazine covers and such. Your over exaggerating really…

      • FAF August 7, 2012

        that ‘POP’ is what’s selling don’t let it fool u she shitting on the industry right now, f*****

  21. KingBey August 6, 2012

    Where’s white girl mob? Your flop fave finally has a headline and you’re nowhere to be found? Sloppy Ass Stan.

  22. Quetta August 6, 2012

    I find that to be so cute. Idk maybe it’s just me. I’m just happy that kreayshawn replied with no attitude given. 🙂

  23. White girl mob August 6, 2012

    Ya little retarted n***** just be happy kreayshawn push her album back to steptember 18th ya little n***** is lucky as hell cause kreayshawn was about to hit 1# on billboards.

    And azealia banks why are you talking to kreayshawn anyway should you be somewhere drinking KOOL- AID eating chips WTF! Kreayshawn ain’t really f****** with you’er flop ass like that anyway n***** in Oakland don’t f*** with you’er ugly ass h**.

    • Truth(theREALISTubitch) August 6, 2012

      u damn yeti

    • FAF August 7, 2012

      This was actually funny..

  24. White girl mob August 6, 2012

    Azeaila banks I better not ever catch you on my block I got goons ready the beat you’er silly little ass you trying to talk kreayshawn in to giving you a hit record well you ugly monkey looking b**** you better pay the f*** up.

    Everybody wanna hop on kreayshawn d*** cause she popping she on the UK charts now so h*** wanna jump on the bandwagon B**** PLEASE! F*** ya ugly sloppy looking b****** ya can’t handle white brick mob we pull n***** to Shane down here ya other fan bases don’t want it we bout this life ya ain’t.

    Ya better back the f*** up… before you get smack the f*** up

    • KingBey August 6, 2012

      Kreayshawn is irrelevant.

    • WTF August 6, 2012

      I think I speak for everyone on this blog when I say this: SHUT THE F*** UP.

    • LE August 6, 2012

      For my own amusement, please tell me where your block is? City, state, neighborhood and your place of employment. I’m interested in knowing what you do with your life lmao.

    • Nika August 6, 2012

      One BUMM ASS B**** apologizing to ANOTHER BUMM ASS B****!!!!!!

    • Truth(theREALISTubitch) August 6, 2012

      drink p*** b****

  25. Nika August 6, 2012

    THE ONLY TIME U WILL EVER here the new Krey(whateva) is on this website. And the UK can keep that b****.

  26. Viciousss August 6, 2012

    Just saw the Jim Jones Twitter beef.

    Guess since she and Kreasyhn kissed and made up she needed to add someone else to her s*** list.

    If she does make it her spot at the BET Awards will be hilarious. They’ll need to put her and Krey fish next to each other and keep them away from EVERYONE.

  27. Dollar$ign$kills August 6, 2012

    Well now that’s one less group of people who hate her. She took one step forward but 2 step back with this new Jim Jones Twitter beef. O want her to win, but it’s not going to happen unless she grows up.



  29. BeyNATION August 6, 2012

    you can see shes getting desperate for friends

  30. soulmusiclover August 6, 2012

    i like azealia, but she really needs to lose that attitude of hers! how come she has beef with everyone? you don’t even have an album yet, CALM DOWN!!

  31. Roc August 6, 2012

    Nicki is clearly doing something right cus like A post bout any Fem rapper her Name always comes up

  32. MACHIAVEL August 6, 2012

    It’s Good Miss Banks Cause I Know You Do Have Talent And I Like Your Music And Stage Presence But Your Ghetto Attitude Can Be A Real Turn Off!!

  33. Truth August 6, 2012

    chile NEEEEEEEEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. truth tea August 7, 2012

    i like azealia, even though shes a b****. her mixtape is fire!
    she mixes house and rap music without sounding bubblegum

  35. Aaa August 7, 2012

    :O azealia banks is gonna collab with Angel Haze! This gonna be crayy! Kreayshawn on the other hand… :/

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