Watch: Jennifer Lopez & Enrique Iglesias Explain World Tour

Last night, Jennifer Lopez confirmed the launch of her first world tour- alongside Latin mega-star Enrique Iglesias.

So, in a bid to give fans insight into what they can expect, the pair took its official press conference for a lengthy chit chat, discussing the show and its premise.

Watch below…

While we doubt there are enough Lopez fans left to the fill the venues she’s booked, we’re sure this will be a show to remember.

For, as her recent return to music showcased, Ms.’Real’ is one of Pop’s premium live acts, just as exciting today as she was when she hit the scene in ’99.

So, let us know…

Are you going to buy tickets?

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  1. Simon May 1, 2012

    I’m so excited to see Jenny on the stage, deffo gunna be going! Enrique…not so much, but I won’t shut my eyes 🙂

  2. May 1, 2012

    how come every1 spoke in spanish except for jennifer lopez. couldnt she say sumthing s*** for me….gosh!

  3. YOOSONDALOOSE May 1, 2012

    She will really perform amazing, she is amazing live.
    Hope she brings the energy, and brings the tour to the UK if it is successful.

  4. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) May 1, 2012

    I love J Lo, so my comment is not negative or shady, but it’s just really baffling that from 1999 to 2003, when she was one of the most successful performers. she couldn’t pull off a tour. She has done many concerts around the world, but never one massive worldwide tour! And now, after almost 15 years in the game, her first world tour is not even HERS! Hell, Enrique is mentioned first in the video and Wisin and Yandel joined too!! WTH?

  5. cocodior3069 May 1, 2012

    I agree ASAP when you watch the commercial she seems more like an opener to him. Like she’ll get 60 mins on stage , but the tour seems WAAAAAYYYY more about Enrique than her.

  6. Christobal May 1, 2012

    It’s driving me crazy how miss informed people are! During her prime she tried to tour, but she always got a movie role when she planned to so she decided to further her movie career instead! JLo has over 30 films under her belt! She isn’t a singer first and an actress second. She is equally both, so her busy schedule did not allow for it. In 2007, she co-headlined a tour with Marc Anthony when she was pregnant and all the arenas sold out! And that was when she wasn’t as popular as she is now again. I’m assuming they are letting Enrique be named first for his ego, cuz last year when he was supposed to co-headline with Britney, he backed out cuz people thought he was her opening act. I’m sure they will both have an hour set and JLo will be the last performer of the night as she was with Marc Anthony.

  7. Christobal May 1, 2012

    I am so excited that Jaime King will be producing this tour for her! HE IS THE BEST! And thank god Zuhair Murad is doing her costumes! He is amazing! Cavalli did the costumes for her 2007 tour and they looked awful… Well she was also pregnant lol but they were still awful lol

  8. Dev May 1, 2012


  9. virtuoso intellect May 1, 2012

    how are they misinformed? do u know what that means? they said she didnt do a tour during her prime and thats the truth. whether or not she made efforts to pull off one is another thing entirely.

  10. NIKKO May 1, 2012

    LATIN POWER BYTCH!!!!!!!!!! 😉


  11. Onyx May 1, 2012

    Her dress is hot.

  12. Agus V May 1, 2012


  13. Christobal May 1, 2012


    They are misinformed because they are implying that she has never toured because she is unable to, when in reality JLo is one of the best performers out there. People can joke about her voice, but this girl can put on a show better than any of the younger artists out right now!

  14. jesse lopez May 2, 2012

    YES jenny! and yes people forget that jlo is known for her music just as much as her acting and fashion…..and men. she is a triple threat hunty and busy. she gonna slay like she did on the amas and iheart radio concert!

  15. emi May 2, 2012

    GO JLO!

  16. Ty Joyce July 18, 2012

    Hello all,

    I found this great contest for aifare, hotel, and tickets to the Enrique/JLo Miami Tour concert on September 1st. Enter here:

    Spread the word and best of luck!

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