Watch: Cheryl Cole Excels On T4 Special

Published: Saturday 16th Jun 2012 by David

Many said she couldn’t do it, but this month saw Cheryl Cole successfully launch her new album’s campaign without the X Factor UK press machine.

Performing at a number of outlets, The Graham Norton Show and The Queen’s Jubilee Concert to name two, her strategy is set to ensure her new single ‘Call My Name‘ becomes the fastest selling UK single this year.

Today, Channel 4’s ‘T4’ dedicated an entire episode to the star. An episode, which saw her perform ‘Name’ and its follow up effort ‘Under The Sun‘.

Peep her set below…

Though we’re still not convinced by the rough pre-recorded vocal she tried to pass off as live singing, this did make for a great watch.

For what Cheryl lacks in skill, she most certainly makes up for in charisma, attitude and conviction. Conviction, she hasn’t shown since her days in Girls Aloud.


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  1. bigboi June 16, 2012

    Seriously these artists with all their mobey shud invest in a vocal coach and not clothing!!most of this is flat – off key!!v.disappointed how this is what people are checking for and other artists with amazing talent are struggling. i guess in this life you get was you neogiate not what you deserve. please this neesa fixing

  2. NavyWinsYouLooze June 16, 2012

    where is your vocal coach boo boo, singer can”t be called a singer if she doesn’t know how to sing.
    Its really sad to see how lazy some of these stars are.

  3. AalexisR June 16, 2012

    She made it too obvious with the final ad-lib of Fight For This Love but she’s nice to watch/look at.

    • im not throwing shade, but… June 16, 2012

      I Know, how was she still singing without the mic?

  4. im not throwing shade, but… June 16, 2012

    Nah, TGJ, Nah! I come on this site for full blown shade! Shade enough to eclipse the sun. So how is it that Rhianna gets maximum shade and this chick seems to be getting a pass!? This chick is 10 times worse than Rihanna and Cher Lloyd and the album is crap “microwaved pop music” but all she seems to getting is lite shade which is seems to be dong her more good than harm.
    She is diabolical and her vocals are an abomination and her dance moves are basic! Is her team paying you? are we going to start seeing TGJ team with one eye covered and throwing up signs? Get back on track

    • skintightjeans June 16, 2012


  5. Benron June 16, 2012

    Lol, she gave you guys an interview so your giving her a pass. Maybe Rihanna should wink at you so you can finally come out as the closet stans you are!

  6. Chk-ahh June 16, 2012

    Wow awful..

    Simply CANT sing…

  7. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 16, 2012

    her new album is SHITE.

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