Epic: Chris Brown Unveils ‘Fortune’ Commercial

Published: Tuesday 19th Jun 2012 by David

Get familiar with Chris Brown‘s official commercial for his new album ‘Fortune‘.

The latest clip in aid of the project, the ad draws on Janet Jackson‘s ‘Rhythm Nation/The Knowledge’ era for inspiration, making for one of Brown’s best- albeit brief- pieces to date.


Watch below…

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  1. Aprile June 19, 2012

    Now that is what I call a commercial!!! I am not even a Team Breezy member and this commercial is making me excited for the release of Fortune.

    • OpD2 June 19, 2012


  2. Jay June 19, 2012

    lmao that was cool

  3. HAPPY AS HELL June 19, 2012

    this was hottttttt!!!!!!

  4. Jennifer June 19, 2012

    Yeah, that was great! July 3rd…please don’t disappoint!

  5. chianne June 19, 2012

    So cool (us ‘old’ folks say ‘cool’ instead of ‘ho’t’ 🙂 – Chris Brown is the best….and he’s on a roll – hooks on EVERRYONE’s songs, his own stuff poppin up constantly….his art shows in LA, NYC – wow! His walking away from that disgusting fight. Great interviews (finally) – and that ALBUM coming up. Go get ’em Mr. Brown

  6. biloxi June 19, 2012

    Happy that this is reaching new people. He works very hard and pours it out, and he deserves the support. I know the new album will be great, he’s saying there’s lots of RnB – going back to his roots. IT wil be epic. Not just the commercial!

  7. biloxi June 19, 2012

    see what I say above – now I can get got comments

  8. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 19, 2012

    More relevant news :

    the album got leaked/available online in it’s entirety ……………………………………………………………..


    • MOBWIFE June 19, 2012

      Oh well, if so I’m not going to listen until I purchase it on July 3rd! People work hard and that goes for folks I don’t particularly like in the in the music industry, for some idiots to destroy what ppl have worked hard to create!

      • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 19, 2012

        exactly ! i just had to tell all of you if some people wanted to preview/sample the album before purchasing it.

    • SunChild June 19, 2012

      Hi POP ROYALTY. If it leaked, and you already listenend to it. would you mind providing a link to the leak so that some of us more anxious fans can listen to what we’ve been waiting for almost a year and a half now for? That would be Nice if you could. Already Pre Ordered The Album and intend on picking it up July 2nd. I’d just like to hear it now instead of later. The Sooner The Better :)….

      • SunChild June 19, 2012

        You mentioned that the album leaked online in its entirity. just curiious as to where you got this information from because after readng your above comment mentionting that, I looked everywhere on threads, google, yahoo, etc, and no leak yet…. So please provide a link for some of us who who already pre ordered the album and would like to hear i sooner, or check your source before Declaring on a public post that it leaked. Because so far, no leak………….

  9. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 19, 2012

    but i liked it , so creative and unique , not a bunch of live performances in 0:30 seconds and calling it a ” commercial”

    well done breezy 😀 , just give the man his damn credit and move on folks ..

  10. Uhh Okaii June 19, 2012

    nice..but still aint buying it

    • Uhh Okaii June 19, 2012

      i cant stand so much eurotechno music..ihave a feeling its loaded with it

  11. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. June 19, 2012


  12. MOBWIFE June 19, 2012

    Hater’s are going to come and try to tear this down but I am extremely impressed with Chris Brown’s video/short film directing! I LOVE THIS COMMERICAL! 🙂

    However, I didn’t feel JJ in this video clip at all!? It reminds more more of the Terminator & Men In Black trillogies!

    Go Chirs, I’m really getting excited for FORTUNE July 3!

  13. Nick June 19, 2012

    that’s a nice commercial and I’m not even a fan of him. i think his album will go number 1.

  14. D.Strock June 19, 2012

    Y’all are we watching the same thing here!? Because to me, that was anything but epic.

  15. ENOUGH ONIKA June 19, 2012

    Well…..Even though I wasn’t too fond of the video, I must give him credit for it being the most creative promo commercial in awhile….

  16. Teacher June 19, 2012


  17. Spuddy June 19, 2012

    Very creative. Kind of lets me know where his head is.

  18. Matthew Charlery-Smith June 19, 2012


  19. Drake s a c*** June 19, 2012

    So creative team breezy for life

  20. badisbad June 19, 2012

    fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, that’s why i have respect for chris brown because this dude is using his creativity and art, now days this artists only have chicks bootty shaking n s*** videos lack of creativity

  21. Journey Israel June 19, 2012


  22. travon nelson August 17, 2012

    bro chris brown is the best singer in the world his the next mj

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