Exclusive: Rihanna Begins Recording 7th Studio Album

Published: Wednesday 20th Jun 2012 by David

A year hasn’t passed since she released ‘Talk That Talk’, but today That Grape Juice can exclusively confirm that Rihanna has begun work on her 7th studio album.

Details below…

Arriving in London yesterday, the ROC belle has enlisted the help of an elite team of songwriters and producers to craft the product.

Songwriters, which include ‘Think Like A Man’ maestro Eric Bellinger and serial hitmaker Sean Garrett.

Though a release for the LP is yet to be confirmed, That Grape Juice sources also revealed ‘Euphoria’ producers Swedish House Mafia have also the hit the city to work on the album.

This comes two years the release of the critically acclaimed ‘Loud’, spawning the hits ‘What’s My Name’ and ‘Only Girl In The World‘ and months before she is set to launch a 2013 world tour.

Your thoughts?

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  1. virtuoso intellect June 20, 2012


    tick tock

    t i c k t o c k

    • BENTLEY MUSIC June 21, 2012

      NOBODY can get massive comment numbers on this website like RIHANNA does! CANT WAIT

      • Richnblack11(Beyonce keep em mad) June 21, 2012

        if thats was the case why is it that BEYONCE at 317 comments for most juicy and Rihanna is behind….matter of fact doesn’t this look like RIRI http://youtu.be/iKGRS_fTZBE

      • BLAH June 23, 2012

        too bad she cant get massive album sales or massive (true) fans…. #SOONTOFLOP-ALBUM#7 BWAH B**** U FAILED.

  2. KELIS June 20, 2012

    Hopes its similiar to Good Girl gone Bad
    With songs that sound like Take a bow,Umbrella,Disturbia,Dont stop the Music,breakin dishes!

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 20, 2012

      not to upset you , but do u know who are “SHM” ? or did u listen to “Euphoria” by Usher ?

      NO ?

      they are a dance-music producers , not R&B or urban as u wish !!!

      so if this RUMOR is right , then you won’t be getting what u want !

      • Stephen June 20, 2012

        Rihanna was never an r&b act, so nobody expects r&b from her

    • mobwife June 20, 2012

      I’m not a fan of Rihanna’s but IMO the GGGB CD was her best to date. Even I enjoyed many of the tracks on that CD!

  3. RichnBlack11 June 20, 2012

    Girl take a break and focus on yourself

    • Lax June 20, 2012

      Shes taking a break this is how you do it, she
      could have chosen to squeeze her four like beyonce did
      she made her 4 into 9 and rih just decided to go back to the drawing board and theres noting wrong with it. Making music is her job and shes on hr job and the Beat goes On.

    • Richnblack11(Beyonce keep em mad) June 21, 2012

      What you must understand is Rihanna doesn’t make music.

    • Lax June 25, 2012

      Top R&B Songs of 2010

      Posted by AOL Radio Staff 8 Comments
      This year’s top R&B songs are dominated by love ballads, though a few more sexually provocative songs make the list as well. Newer talents, such as Miguel and Jazmine Sullivan, earn spots on the list, which is dominated by veteran artists Monica and Usher. But, without fail, these artists reveal vulnerability and commitment towards one love, while pulling gospel, pop and rap influences along the way. Here are the top R&B songs of 2010, so far.
      ‘All I Want Is You’ Feat. J. Cole
      Miguel’s girl is gone and now he misses her smile, her smell and her body. That’s the story behind ‘All I Want is You,’ the first single for the 24-year-old Los Angeles-born soul singer and the opening track on our list of the Top R&B Songs of 2010. The song featuring rapper J. Cole appears on Miguel’s album ‘All I Want is You.’
      iTunes | Lyrics

      ‘Everything to Me’
      Featuring a sample of the 1981 Deniece Williams hit ‘Silly,’ ‘Everything to Me’ is the first single from Monica’s latest album, ‘Still Standing.’ Though past Monica hits like ‘Angel of Mine’ and ‘For You I Will’ had more of a mainstream pop edge, ‘Everything to Me’ is one of the more soulful tracks she has recorded in recent years, thanks to Missy Elliott, who co-produced the song.
      iTunes | Lyrics

      ‘Holding You Down (Going In Circles)’
      Jazmine Sullivan
      Jazmine Sullivan keeps going in circles on ‘Holding You Down’ as she tries to decide whether to leave or stay with a guy who doesn’t seem to appreciate her. “I done went through just about two box of tissues, baby,” she confesses. Seventeen different people earn songwriting credit on ‘Holding You Down,’ due to its samples of Nas, Mary J. Blige and Slick Rick.
      iTunes | Lyrics

      ‘Can’t Be Friends’
      Trey Songz
      Trey Songz teamed up with Mario Winans to write ‘Can’t Be Friends,’ the second single from the Songz album ‘Passion, Pain & Pleasure.’ Songz sings that he can’t possibly just be friends with a girl because he’s too much in love with her. ‘Can’t Be Friends’ topped the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart in November.
      iTunes | Lyrics

      ‘One in a Million’
      Ne-Yo has met a lot of women from all over the world, so if the Grammy-winning vocalist calls you the “best (he) ever had,” you must be special. The Michael Jackson-influenced ‘One in a Million’ was one of a handful of hits Ne-Yo scored from his fourth album ‘Libra Scale.’
      iTunes | Lyrics

      ‘Deuces’ Feat. Tyga & Kevin McCall
      Chris Brown
      Chris Brown took a non-traditional approach to releasing a new album in 2010 by recording a mixtape with rapper Tyga called ‘Fan of a Fan’ and releasing it online. On ‘Deuces,’ which also features Kevin McCall, Brown sings that he’s done trying to make a troubled relationship work and is moving on instead. The track earned a 2011 Grammy nomination for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration.
      iTunes | Lyrics

      ‘There Goes My Baby’
      The follow-up single to ‘OMG,’ ‘There Goes My Baby’ is a romantic slow jam, featuring Usher singing about his love for a special lady. His impressive vocal performance includes a touch of falsetto and layered background vocals. “You don’t know how good it feels to call you my girl,” Usher coos to the object of his affection.
      iTunes | Lyrics | Top 10 Usher Songs

      ‘Neighbors Know My Name’
      Trey Songz
      On the steamy ballad ‘Neighbors Know My Name’ — off last year’s album ‘Ready’ — Songz sings about making love so loud the neighbors get upset: “While I be bangin’ on your body they be bangin’ on our wall/While they dreamin’, you be screamin’/Now they bangin’ on our door.”
      iTunes | Lyrics

      ‘Un-thinkable (I’m Ready)’ Feat. Drake
      Alicia Keys
      On the smash hit ‘Un-thinkable (I’m Ready),’ featuring Canadian rapper Drake, Alicia Keys yearns for a relationship with a man she desires, singing, “You give me a feeling that I never felt before/It’s becoming something that’s impossible to ignore.” The song’s portrayal of longing and devotion — while questioning the next steps in the relationship — connects with fans, making it one of our top R&B contenders in 2010.
      iTunes | Lyrics

      ‘No BS’
      Chris Brown
      Chris Brown makes his second appearance on our list with ‘No BS,’ another track from his ‘Fan of a Fan’ mixtape. “Why don’t you come over my place, put a smile on my face,” Brown sings seductively on the slow jam. Brown’s ode to doing it all night long rounds out our Top R&B Songs of 2010.

    • Lax June 20, 2012

      Yep just like all the rest of the artist, rihanna is doing it perhaps others need to try and follow suit, i mean work
      has never killed anybody but worry sure does.

  4. NiKos June 20, 2012

    🙁 No More Singles & Promo??????? What About “Talk That Talk”..”Drunk On Love”..”Roc me Out”..???????? 🙁

    • zzz June 20, 2012

      well said
      two really good songs ,,,dam i really wanted ”rock me out”

    • Benron June 20, 2012

      She is STILL RELEASING SINGLES, She multitaskes all the time!

    • CaptainRiRi June 20, 2012

      Drunk on Love needs to be a single asap.

  5. JJ June 20, 2012

    NO. GO AWAY ALREADY! Your not gonna get that No. 1 album by popping them out every couple of months! You need to take time off and make an album of QUALITY and stop being so self-centered about you ‘reign letting up’. Cos lets face it, thats what it is.

    • Lax June 20, 2012

      A girl has got to keep srtiking while the iron is hot.

  6. gio88 June 20, 2012

    if there is a Justice , with this new useless album , she will flop harder than Talk That Talk.Seriously i don’t understand why people isn’t tired of her……

    • Lax June 20, 2012

      For those who or tired of her don;t it make sense that if
      you or TIRED of her then ask yo self why did you Click on?

    • CaptainRiRi June 20, 2012

      If you’re tired dont listen to her.SMH

  7. QueenOfTheNavy June 20, 2012

    it says a lot that that grape juice and not rihanna daily got this exclusive

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 20, 2012

      TRJ = THATRihannaJuice , one of Rihanna’s fansites !!!

      • Ugh June 20, 2012

        Rihanna said she was working on an album months ago. i don’t know how this is exclusive. TGJ is late.

  8. TY June 20, 2012


  9. Kingphoenix June 20, 2012

    This is gonna be funny!

  10. Jay Jay June 20, 2012

    I respect her grind and work ethic so I cannot hate. I hope this album is like GGGB though.

  11. WhatAJoke June 20, 2012

    and she STILL won’t get a number one album.

    She probably saw talk that talk hit the floor faster than she does at the sight of a hung man and realized she had to keep it pumping!

    • Stephen June 20, 2012

      You’re not God, so you can’t say for damn sure that she won’t have a US #1 album

    • Lax June 20, 2012

      She might not but she can at least enjoy trying now can’t she?

    • LA BABY! June 20, 2012

      What’s the big deal with a NUMBER ONE ALBUM!!!

      Nicki Minaj has two #1 albums, does that mean she can be compared to Rihanna’s SHOES?

    • CaptainRiRi June 20, 2012

      TTT didn’t do so bad like people think.Talk is almost 3 million WW and only been out for 7 months.









    • SASHA FIERCENESS June 20, 2012


      THIS, THIS & THIS!!!

      “Where Have You Flopped” is barely on it’s way to making an impact, she’s about to go on a “Flop-That-Flop” tour this year and already she’s in pre-production of a seventh studio album???????

      • Lax June 20, 2012

        Global Charts that tracks them all it shows
        Rihanna “Talk THAT Talk” is very much alive
        and still making waves now don’t that make yo
        Pencil D**k don’t want to rise up to the occassion?

        # 26 bytches and don’t bothers just ignore me and carry on
        the “Hateration ” party.

      • LTM (Wide Awake) June 20, 2012

        “Where Have You Flopped”? That song is a top 10 hit sweetheart, something your have failed to achieve.

      • Lax June 20, 2012

        Beyonce has nine albums from her 4 and that is good
        so why not let or rather watch rihanna in action and keep complaining. what if so dam Funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny
        is how Rih keep yo asses “Corked & Screwed” while she and her team keep planning their next move.

      • CaptainRiRi June 20, 2012

        You can’t talk about singles when because didn’t even have a top 10 single from 4.WHYB is doing fine because it’s a top 10 single.

  13. Roman June 20, 2012

    Wow good for Rihanna. I really also hope she’s not selling out completely to dance music. Atleast she’s taking her time with this album and not pushing it out in 2 months like talk that talk

    I’m really looking forward to this …

    • Guest June 20, 2012

      How the hell is she taking her time when the release will more than likely be a year after TTT?

  14. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 20, 2012

    TGJ sources ? … 😆

    oh , it is not official ………………..

    so ……….

    maybe this is another pointless post to get hits out of rihanna’s name. 🙄

    @SAM :

    puh-lease !!!

    • LA BABY! June 20, 2012

      That Gravatar is #PLAY!!

    • LA BABY! June 20, 2012

      and #MAJAH, in a #WHYB way

      • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 20, 2012

        thank you 😉 , love you 😀

  15. pat June 20, 2012

    she makes u h*** so mad!!! lol. GO RIH!!!

    • Lax June 20, 2012

      @Pat so true she keeps h*** and ass wipes
      loosers alike drawers tied up in knots, Effortless!

  16. Lax June 20, 2012

    This is News to me anyway i hope she enters eagier territories
    and come harder then ever. It can be explicit, raw and life like
    just as long as she keeps the melodies, deepth and tell a true
    to life story in each Song….

    She is know for mixing many genres in her albums and it can’t
    be a bad thing i mean after all she have been written off so many
    times before. It is clear that she know how to take a LICKING &
    keep right on Ticking. Winners like her go through all kinds of
    fog and bumps in the road ahead of them to try to reach their
    “Final Destination” But Rih just hold it steady and stay the course
    because after all ROME wasn’t built in a day now was it….

    • barbie June 20, 2012

      someone even has to give her an idea for her own tatoo.

      RIHANNA has swapped the music notes tattoo on her right ankle for a new symbol of strength – an ancient Egyptian falcon.
      Skin art maestro Bang Bang etched the bird just above the pop star’s right foot recently after she asked him to cover up a previous tattoo with an image of Egyptian queen Cleopatra.
      He tells HollyScoop.com that he and his famous client discussed the idea for close to an hour before he suggested the Egyptian hieroglyphic image of the falcon – and Rihanna loved the idea.

  17. Lax June 20, 2012

    And as her tat read Never a Failure always a Lesson.

  18. Lax June 20, 2012

    She knows how to fly high over the haters
    and sow like a eagle.

    • junior June 20, 2012

      You got that right she fly high off weed

      • Lax June 25, 2012

        And from the looks of this youtube video Rih isn’t the only saint in the Game
        This is as Funnnnnnny as all get out and it shows Beyonce & Rih drinking and lit like a christmas tree, duces!!

  19. Yolo June 20, 2012

    She releases albums every years because she is easily replaceable and that’s the only way for her to be rentable since defjam and the writers take most of her income.

    • junior June 20, 2012

      Jasmine Sullivan said it best those writers & record labels was not getting that chance to take most of her money. 360 contract at that. They was telling her what to do & what not to do so she gave up singing. It’s okay to have a record label & manager but not with a 360 contract.

      • mobwife June 20, 2012


        The music industry has reverted back to he days when artists were truly being exploited at every turn. I honestly don’t think Rihanna is allowed to take a break. THE POWERS THAT BE will allow her to rest when her usefulness wears off. With controversies, real and imagined (she allegedly cause “Drakevelyn” to lose his damn mind) keeping her name in the headlines she will not being seeing rest anytime soon!

  20. Lax June 20, 2012

    Rihanna let this body of work do the talking for you, why not
    explain the way that you have often times been misunderstood
    and underrated and bashed to near the edge and how you manges
    to keep your head above water even though nmany or forever and a day
    trying to hang you at the stakes. Why not tell about how you and jay,
    beyonce and west and many or accused of being in the ILLUMINATIC
    and how many of the Hollywood big guns or all in this secret society.
    The things these blogs will run to try and get hits.

  21. Lax June 20, 2012

    Yessss rih what you say about the haters? You will
    never play a victim i’d rather be a stalker & lurker to
    all of my haters sorry asses!!!!!!

  22. Lax June 20, 2012

    Rih its okay to make mistskes just try to avoid them the next time
    around. Its okay to fall down, just don’t stay down. And let them talk
    and pass judgement all they want to because their comments don’t
    pay any of your bills and since you or clearly Paying the Cost to be
    the Boss then do what ever in the Phuck you feel like doing , Mamma…

  23. Mike June 20, 2012

    So over this woman and her try hard antics. All it will be is 2 hit singles with s*** filler and it’ll sell even less than the last album.

    They know they have to keep pimping her out because sooner than later she’s going to become too big of a mess to keep her career going and all the drugs will age her and noone will be interested anymore because that’s really all she has going for her at this point.

    Sad. And it’s sad her Rihtards don’t realize this. You’re stanning for a lost cause. Eventually it’ll just all be disappointment.

    • Lax June 20, 2012

      What the Ritard do realize and that is Rih is young and energenic and she can stay the corse we don’t give a Phuck about what you or yapping bout because the proof is in the pudding. When you can pull in 90 million dollars in say 6 months that is a “Big Pucking Deal” no matter how yo Know it all ass slices it,,,

      • Lax June 20, 2012

        She can stay the course and she is in it for the long haul,
        she has been writtne off every day and every hour by the likes of yo Know It All ASS.

    • barbie June 20, 2012

      list of international beauties..OK..waiting for the list of international performers, entertainers, song writers, musicians..isn’t that her career? Stop embarrassing yourself, LAX (laxative??)

      • Lax June 20, 2012

        @BARBIE Why don’t you enjoy that tall glass of STFU
        And the list of international performers or right a click
        away, looser Ans when yo broke d*** ass can tell the world
        how you or awaiting for her to be a internationa star then explain this with yo looser ass…

        @BARBIE stick this where the sun don’t shine while trying
        to get yo brains out of yo ass to explain to me and her navy how she manged to get this award, u low life.

      • barbie June 20, 2012

        lax, empty vessels make the most noise and you surely make the most noise on TGJ. Did her fans vote for that award???

  24. Lax June 20, 2012

    She might be replacable but you can not say shes lazy.
    And all of them or replacable. There is no law that says
    she can’t drop another album now is there?

    • barbie June 20, 2012

      you don’t seem to get the point most people are making. There are artists and there are “artists”. Your “artist” doesn’t have an artistic bone in her body…doesn’t create, write, develop, produce, direct…and the list goes on. She hires all of these people (her team) to come up with her next direction.

      Other people, while they might not have the #1s or the magazine covers, have artistic integrity. It is not always about how famous you are but what you do wth that fame and whether you are living your dreams. If you are constantly chasing the next fad or trying to outdo everyone one around, do you honestly think you are having fun?

    • Ashley June 20, 2012

      Yes, she is lazy in the sense that she can’t release quality music.

      • Lax June 20, 2012

        @ASHLEY Shes also lazy in the way that she do not give a phuck about why yo ass is questioning why>>>>>>>>>>>>>
        she do anything that she do.

      • Lax June 20, 2012

        @Ashley shes # 4 on the Forbes list and that is good enough for me, her and her navy who is with her every step of the way.

      • Lax June 20, 2012

        @ ASHLEY if she #7 on that tour list then tell me deery where or all of the others as compared to the 100 that is on that forbes list deery where or the ones who or “Good, Better,
        Best” and all of the others things better then she is????

      • Ashley June 21, 2012

        Did you not read what I wrote, she’s lazy in the sense that she can’t release quality music? No where in that statement was I questioning what she does. Learn to read people’s comments correctly.

  25. Lax June 20, 2012

    What i want to know is this “What or you going to do about it”????
    Shes in london doing her thing and all you can do is kill that key
    board over and over again, ha, ha, ha.

  26. THE REAL TYLER* June 20, 2012




    • GURL June 20, 2012

      I agree, I’m also not tired of her music too. Therefore, I welcome the new album with open arms.

  27. imusicjunkie June 20, 2012

    We saw this coming with Rihanna new hair color = new album…lol

  28. Lax June 20, 2012

    She have got her own signature sound
    and the loosers or the one’s who’s always
    comparing the artist all of the time. No one
    opened their flaps when beyonce dropped 4 albums
    and turned around and made them into nine (9) and
    its her right to do what ever in the hell she want to do
    and whats good for the goose is good for the gander..

    • barbie June 20, 2012

      difference again, Beyonce worked on her sound she did no hire people to create a sound for her.

    • Viciousss June 20, 2012

      Do you know how seriously braindead you sound when you type ‘looser’?

      • Lax June 20, 2012

        @Viciouss just as BRAIN DEAD as yo ass is for
        lurking, stalking and trolling her post and you
        hates her with a passion, idiot.

      • Viciousss June 20, 2012

        Sweetie. I know your momma traded liquor for breastmilk when you were a baby but don’t put your mental disorder on me.

        Shut up and go back to hiding within Rihanna’s gigantic v*****. Plenty of room in there for you and the other lames Rihanna attracts.

  29. Lax June 20, 2012

    Rih keep right on evolving and being inspired by the best.

    • barbie June 20, 2012

      again, she is not evolving. She has a team creating music that makes her seem to evolve. She doesn’t have much space to grow and develop since she is constantly trying to keep up.

  30. Lax June 20, 2012

    One thing is for certain Rihanna knows how to stay true to
    her craft, navy baby.

    • barbie June 20, 2012

      she doesn’t know her true self and therefore cannot stay true to it. Have you seen the constant image changes and personality changes? Doesn’t sound like someone who knows themself.

      • Lax June 20, 2012

        @ bARBARIE YOU “Worthless piece of shyt”
        give it up because you or looking silly and very envious and jealous of the super star at this point, deery. The tickets out weights yo bull shyt , deery . The prood is already in Rih’s gift bag….

      • barbie June 20, 2012

        lax, I don’t understand what you are tying to say. I am not the least bit jealous. I am not famous or wealthy but I am happy and have a steady income. I am not anxious about how my next few years will turnout. I am not on drugs, not exhausted by my lifestyle, not being told by anyone what to do. If only you knew what happens behind the scenes, you would no longer be such a fan. Stanning for a mirage…LOL

  31. zzz June 20, 2012

    go rihanna

    • CzarM June 20, 2012

      Go AWAY Rihanna….

  32. Viciousss June 20, 2012

    Meh, not surprised.

    It’s easy to make a Rihanna album.

    Hire people to write songs.

    Hire people to create wardrobe.

    Hire person to make new wig.

    Insert Rihanna to grab crotch and sing about big d****.

    Smh, this child must be petrified of being replaced.

    • Lax June 20, 2012

      Annnnnnd its easy to make 53 million like she made this pass year how many others made that much who was not on the forbes list?????? Take yo time i will wait….List them
      who made as much as Rih did because i think she made the same amount as Lebron James and one thing you can be sure of and that is her BILLS OR ALL PAID UP,,,LOL….

      • barbie June 20, 2012

        gaga just started touring and already made 43 mil

  33. mr.m June 20, 2012

    You mean begins cooking her next popcorn plate

    • Lax June 20, 2012

      It don’t matter, cooking, micro waving, frying dying it and
      laying it to the side it don’t puckinnnnnnn g matter at this point. Just as long as she keep making Noises and that shes doing Effortless.

  34. Sad sad June 20, 2012

    #NoShade But damn talk bout over exposure? It not like Talk That Talk was a Huge seller smh

    • Lax June 20, 2012

      ttt is holding its own and still making waves, so it did not
      do good according to who??? Adele was at the top and rih
      is still making waves so who or you comparing her ttt sales with????

    • Lax June 20, 2012


  35. joker June 20, 2012

    wow she got hitmakers?! this gunna be a new trend based album huh?! probably it’s gonna sell like bread in the uk and around europe and flop in the us. just as usual.

    • joker June 20, 2012

      she takin’ the europe money and bring it home. 😉

      just not my money. 😛

  36. OpD2 June 20, 2012

    d-mn can’t she take a break and release some videos for them albums,i think she is a machine that the label is just using like a Conveyor belt even though she don’t write she still have to work tours videos and other stuff ,i know you must work but in my opinion this is f-cking slavery.

    • junior June 20, 2012

      You are right this is not Rihanna doing. It’s that record label she has. Rihanna is in the 360 contract so what ever they tell her to do she very will do it.

      • poker June 20, 2012

        afaik as the navy knows she got fired from that 360 label contract. but it just enlightened me and i’d wonder if she’s stupid enough to extend that sh*t cause she’s too lazy to find a new label. maybe they gag her with clauses. i have no idea.

        a tad stupid and really disappointing that morals.

  37. Nick June 20, 2012

    I’m not surprised that she is rushing to make a new album
    but it won’t be out until sometime next year so people chill out
    I’m not mad at her grind either.

  38. KINGB June 20, 2012

    rihanna take a break,please!!

  39. aishaaguilerakeys June 20, 2012

    Sam, this is usually what Riri does- release an album every year and launch a tour before its release. Nothig new under the sun. She’s hard working. Looking forward to the album.

  40. Auntie_Jackie June 20, 2012

    She’s had so many chances to be great, but she’s officially over now. Coming back so quickly has people realizing that her albums are a joke to produce, because she has nothing to do with them–other than MAYBE some song selection and throwing in a few lyrics. But even that is being kind.

  41. the real xoxo June 20, 2012

    well, its easy to release an album every year consistently when you dont write your own songs.

    • virtuoso intellect June 20, 2012

      u echo Mariah and Adele

  42. THE LEGENDARY LAX June 20, 2012

    I’m getting Tired of rihanna

    • CzarM June 20, 2012

      We all are.

      • Lax June 20, 2012

        Welllllllll get losed and off her post, idiots.
        Put a muggle on it and quietly STFU….

      • Lax June 20, 2012

        Many of yo duma asses act like she have got
        a gun pointed at yo wood head making you come to
        a post on/about her.

    • LA BABY! June 20, 2012

      Kat DeLuna is my GRAVATAR but I can’t say she can sing better that RIHANNA.

      BTW, what about the ABS?

  43. TheTruth June 20, 2012

    LOUD is not a critically acclaimed album You should fix that….

    • Benron June 20, 2012

      Yes it is.

      • WizKey June 20, 2012

        No it isn’t.

    • Stephen June 20, 2012

      Loud was critically and commercially acclaimed, no need to deny simple facts

      • Lax June 20, 2012

        @WizKey No matter how you slice it , she did super with “Loud” and you and all of yo goons will never be able to take that away from her, ever. You see that was a “Loud Tour’
        that she made it to that #7 slot and her tour grossed 90 million therefore you and yo goons can huff and puff all you want to about not Critically acclaimed and all of that loose bull shyt you always talk because you or going to have to move on down the road with that bill shuyt because its not selling up in here, son.
        @ STEPHEN
        @THE TRUTH Was all right on and you haters can’t stand it, just what ever you can pull out of yo asses to tyoe you do it to try your hand at bashing Rihanna and her career.

  44. I Judge Flops June 20, 2012

    Must be easy to be Rihanna

    Hire the best producers and songwriters and all you have to do is get on stage and sound HOT MESS and you sell millions of records.

    This will be her 7th album and she still has NO CONTROL . so sad.

    • Benron June 20, 2012

      You know that is a damn lie.

      • Lax June 20, 2012

        @ I JUDGE FLOPS You or a pitiful looser who
        stalks her post relentless, but why you so pissed though?

      • ENOUGH ONIKA June 20, 2012

        @LAX its “ARE” not “OR”. Damn, I’m tired of you filling up post with your stupidity (in content and grammar). Take your dumb ass to school!!!

  45. sisa sly June 20, 2012

    shameless!!!!!!!!!!!!! and her ritards will continue stannind

    • BLAH June 23, 2012


  46. ENOUGH ONIKA June 20, 2012

    Now this comes a few months after she said “We’re taking a break from music to work on movies and fashion.” Well I guess neither worked out…. Rihanna needs a BREAK or at least the public needs one from her. She’s just throwing music out there just for the hell of it at this point. No direction, growth or creativity anymore, and Talk That Talk era was clear evidence.

  47. Lax June 20, 2012

    She is right smack dab in the center of the game
    club right about N-O-W, and that is wonderful!!!!!!

  48. Lax June 20, 2012

    Rih keep telling them too cut your check because
    you have got your time in on the clock and what
    others say, type and think does not matter one
    dam snap.

  49. Lax June 20, 2012

    She has a great Marketing team and they keep
    right on giving her fans what we want and to hell
    with those who or tired of her or dislike her, go
    and bump yo selves. No matter how you tries
    to low rate, degrade and shade her shes still
    sitting pertty in the race and if you don’t like it
    then “Keep on Trucking” Loosers.

  50. Benron June 20, 2012

    Are you all insulting her for making a new album, maybe she just wants to put forward more work. She loves to perform and isn’t lazy like some artist who claim to write their songs on their albums entitled 4closure.

    Rihanna was the creative producer in charge of lyrical direction and artwork in her past three albums and has co-wrote over 20 songs including the hits, “Rude boy”, “Hard” and moderate hit “You da One”. So don’t even front and say she does nothing, when she clrealy does stuff.

    Promoting is hard, even if you don’t think she is a good performer she still has 2 rehearse, do interviews (she does them alot more think you think they just take months to come out) and then perform, record and co-write, she tells them what type of stuff to write and they write it. Rated R was almost completely co-writen by her.

    Just because she knows how to work hard does not mean you try to outshadow her sucsess with nonsense claims.

    • Auntie_Jackie June 20, 2012

      Rihanna co-wrote songs. That’s impressive to you? Wow…….

      • Benron June 20, 2012

        Well when they lie and say she does nothing… she isn’t a famous songwriter is she?

      • Auntie_Jackie June 20, 2012

        She does something, it’s just not enough–Co-writing isn’t impressive if you are supposed to be a musician or an artist. Writing your own songs, producing them, playing instruments, choreographing, dancing, art direction, designing.

        Those are all places an artist should excel, it’s what makes them an artist. If all Rihanna does is pose and co-write a few (very few) of her songs, I can’t be bothered to think of her as anything other than a puppet.

        Sorry Benron!

      • Lax June 20, 2012

        Compared to others her age shes doing great, how many of the females her age has done a tour of her magitude?????
        And covered Europe like she did.?
        Yeaaaaaaah many talks shyt about her Us sales but thats okay shes raising hell in the european countries and uk and has sold 15 million records in Uk along and you bum bytches who dislike her will dealShe is in the music making industry and let her drop a album a year if she can do it. Many of the artist mised, relode and all of that She have got to do what feels good for her and her team and shes keen on pleasing her MASSIVE NAVY….

    • Carl June 20, 2012

      DEATH @ you not being able to place your opinion without mentioning the Queen.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA June 20, 2012

      @BENRON DEAD at you saying she isn’t lazy! PLEASE watch her latest SNL performances, hell ANY performance from 2009-2012. And creative direction….Really?? Her telling writers she wants a song about s** and p**** but replace those words with cake is really impressive……

      • Benron June 20, 2012

        Her performances have gotten a lot better, and I never specified how, creative direction is album artwork, what ur saying is lyrical direction, which she does too!

  51. Lax June 20, 2012

    Hmmmmmmmm don’t get pissy with rih because
    yo idiotic ass don’t understand the tricks of the
    music industry. I don’t see Bu Thiam or Jay-z
    throwing a B**** party. No sireee they or all about
    Their private Jets a Extreme Counture 850 Jet
    with a price tag of 40 Million and do yo little
    SIMPLE MINDS think they have time to worry
    about the slime and bull you or throwing at Rih
    whos all up in the mix, you Idiots need to get a clue.
    Life is good and Rihanna is like i said off into that
    gigantic melting pot of stars just like beyonce, keri,
    mariah, jennifer, kelly, rita, chris, usher, em. jay, trez
    chris and countless others you dang IDIOTS……

  52. Lax June 20, 2012

    aS LONG As Rih keeps pumping out Hits
    with Hooks like “Wfl” the sky is the limits
    and on global charts theres a 4 by Rihanna’s song
    meaning she have gone Platium 2×4+8 times, bytches.

  53. Lax June 20, 2012

    If she can get a chance to work again with Dr Luke its a wrap
    before it drops. A chance of her working with Luke again let
    me and others know that she will once again be on the fast track
    to shatter more records and set many new Ones of her Own
    and i will tell the navy to go on a “Cheers” Drink to that…..

  54. Benron June 20, 2012

    Nobody is tired of Rihanna, thats what ya’ll said when #TTT came out, your tired of her because she is sucsessful and your all mad because 4closure and Roman Reflopped aren’t doing well!

  55. Lax June 20, 2012

    Most searched artist on the Internet i wonder why?
    21 million Twitters, and over 56 million fb likes
    now all we need is for her to keep expanding and
    strengthing her brand. And since many of you or always
    clothes and ready to ride “That Hate on Rihanna Train” tell
    you what all of you bum b****** “Had Better Pack Lunch”

    No matter what you say she’s still going to do what ever, its
    The Caribbean and if you don’t like what shes doing it, or how
    shes doing it, then find yo low lives a the tallest cliff you can find
    and take a dive.

    Yesssssssss Rih can be found in the house, look for yo “FAVE”


  56. Lax June 20, 2012

    Rihanna says that you can love her for who she is, and if
    not she don’t give a dam.

    She says she want some of the finer things in life, cars, designer
    clothers, serious money and if you cna’t give it to her shes going to
    go after it on her own with or without yo blessings., Phuck the Dumb.

  57. LA BABY! June 20, 2012

    OK it’s gonna be a #1’s factory AND still keep the sense of Rihanna … Just like Rated R meets Loud.

    I wish it’s gonna have songs like “Red Lipstick” and MY S*** “Roc Me Out.”

  58. LTM (Wide Awake) June 20, 2012

    I wanted Watch N Learn as a single but I guess thats not happening. Rihanna should take a break for her own health, but hey, what stan would complain about more music? I would like it to sound more like Rated R and I would love to see her get involved in the music again.

    I don’t want another dance pop album, Im so over that sound. I want something more refreshing.

    • LA BABY! June 20, 2012

      No, W&L should’ve never STEPPED OUT OF THE STORE.

      and please, SINGLE???

      You FLOP n’ LEARN that you should never release a “If It’s Lovin’ That You Want – DJ ADULTS-ONLY REMIX” as a SINGLE. ‘Cause you’re smart enough.

  59. BEYONCE’S WEAVE June 20, 2012

    YESSSS She is coming hard to slay. She is coming for those wigs to snatch. That Rihanna reign just wont let up, she is fire and is coming to scorch the music industry. Ya’ll better watch out.

  60. $$$$$$ (Dollar$ign$kills) June 20, 2012

    I didn’t like Talk That Talk at all except for Watch N Learn, Where Have You Been, and Drunk On Love. I still don’t understand why Jay – Z keeps rushing her to the studio every year. Its not necessary. She can take a break and her fans will still be there. Putting out an album every year is too much. She needs to take a break.

    P.S Swedish House Mafia sucks ass. They’re worse than David Guetta

    • TeamBreezy June 20, 2012

      Jay doesnt “rush her” .. she wants and ENJOYS making music! …her own manager has said this many times

      Swedish House Mafia may suck, but this is Rihanna.. she can make ANYTHING a hit

  61. Lax June 20, 2012

    Trying to find “TTT” on the charts wasn’t to hard since it is still
    alive and well…# 25 world wide chart, #35 in US and Number 11 in the UK

    • matreiya June 21, 2012

      oh wow…that’s just blazing up the chart…

  62. Legendtina June 20, 2012

    7th album already? I can’t.

    • Lax June 20, 2012

      Yo ass had better be happy that xtina is getti8ng paid that 10 million per year being on the voice, Otherwise theres a good
      chance that rih can catch up to her and pass her ass, you had betta ask somebody.

      • Legendtina June 20, 2012

        LOL!!! Xtna’s debut album outperforms all 6 of Rihanna’s combined darling. Lets not

    • TeamBreezy June 20, 2012

      ur right…God forbid a musician makes Music!

      what is she thinking?

      • Stans Make Me LOL June 21, 2012

        The fact that you guys even call Rihanna a musician is laughable. If she was a musician or even an artist she would be in the studio all the time making music and giving some of that s*** to you free of charge, just for the love of it (it’s not like she is broke and can’t afford to do that). Beyonce needs to start doing that too… give a little something back to the people who support you.
        Rihanna is a product and just wants to make her money and be a successful popstar (which is great), but you stans NEED TO STOP with the BS, and worshiping her like she’s the queen of anything. Riri is nothing special, she was just in the right place at the right time. Even Jay z said that when she signed to Def Jam they had to map out EVERYTHING for her because she knew nothing about music or her direction, Jay Z signed her because he saw star quality in her, not vocal ability. (Google that s***)

    • barbie June 20, 2012

      b/c they create, that’s why. They’re not CREATED. LAX, really, you sound like english is not your first language so I’ll give your english a break. Please check out the spelling of “LOSERS” and “ARE”.

      let us hope there is nothing overtly sexual.

      Katy Perry creeping up with the number 1s, Lady Gaga tours are getting better, Adele is holding down the album sales. Rih is queen of streaming, social networks, most serached b/c her life is funny as hell…people want to release stress and have a good laugh.

      • joker June 20, 2012

        “Rih is queen of streaming, social networks, most serached b/c her life is funny as hell…people want to release stress and have a good laugh.”

        right. that’s why it’s half as bad she’s always around. i also don’t like her music anymore but she’s entertaining.

      • LOL June 22, 2012

        @barbie you are real f****** stupid if you think lil wayne is not CREATED that the only way that he got relavant he didn’t get relvant to the mainstream until he droppped the Cater 3.

  63. zzz June 20, 2012

    come on riri … we cant wate to hear your new stuff

  64. monstarebel June 20, 2012

    Go RiRi!!!!!!!!! you b****** be so pressed, what y’all mad that yo fav doesn’t give you a new album every year n you have to wait 2 or 3 years to get a dissapointing album LIKE 4 or Born this way haha…

  65. Monstarebel June 20, 2012

    Rihanna works hard!!! She’s showing is why she’s the new queen of pop!!! She’s a legend!

  66. Suicide Blonde June 20, 2012

    I hope she releases the album in a period when she don’t have competition so she can have her US #1, go Riri.

  67. Rihfan June 20, 2012

    Rih is not a sinking bomb talk that talk is the 5th biggest selling album so far this year so know what you say ! If you can wait until August talk that talk will be platnium in August and it has already sold 3 milli ww so no what you say rih haters and her next album will hit num 1 I betcha it will!

  68. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) June 20, 2012

    LOL why oh why? When is this mess going to end? Can´t labels focus on promoting true artists? Rihanna´s case is the most laughable of all time though. A new album each November, like if it were s***. Wait it is s*** 🙂

  69. Lax June 20, 2012

    Screw labes in her case Def Jams, Screw Mangement in her case Jay-z and i don’t mean in a bad way but less look at the Fact….. The making of a Iconic-Legend things
    that look good forget the mangers and label heads.
    Rihann is keen on making His-To-Rih
    This is something that can not and will not be sweep under the rug so to say:

    Breaking Madonna’s Record, see she do not need yo approval to be great Haters
    in her case she just works hard and shyt Happens for the better for her.

  70. Slayty Perry (KatyCat) June 20, 2012

    I can’t with this chick. She has put out 6 albums, 3 were flops, two were successful, and 1 had basic success. At least half of all the singles she has released have flopped. And she has yet to earn a #1 album.

    • Benron June 20, 2012

      *coughs* 22 top tens, *coughs*
      Talk that talk and loud sold more than katy perrys album JSYK!

      • Slayty Perry (KatyCat) June 21, 2012

        DEATH @ you pulling numbers out of your ass!!! Teenage Dream sold around the same as Loud and has sold 2X as many copies as Talk That Talk JSYK.
        *coughs* 5 #1s off one album *coughs*

    • Lax June 20, 2012

      @SLAYTY,,,,,Top ten tour, top ten of forbes, sold over 15 million
      in the Uk, see her Accomplishments and “Eat Yo Heart Out”.

  71. Sterling Infinity June 20, 2012

    she is s***!

  72. Gaaglooo! June 20, 2012

    It’s Good For Her, Maybe That Will Take Her Out Of Twitter And Drama, Cause Lately People Talking Most About Her Personal Life Than Her Music! And She’ll Get Rid Of Her “Rude Girl” Attitude Since She Changes Her Personality Every New Album!!! Btw Her Best Personaly: Loud, RR And GGGB:-)

    Again, Sorry For My Suckin Ass English, I’m A French-African lol

    • Lax June 20, 2012

      @GAAGLOOD, Don’t worry about yo english, i am the worst i am from the Islands and my english and spelling Stinks big time, just keep spreading the word. Working will keep her b*** busy and keep her out of trouble. And besides that singers lives in the studios so they can have surplus on hand when they do get ready to drop. And shes trying her hand at writing and working behind the scenes more from
      what i am hearing But they or not saying it out loud, smiles.

    • matreiya June 21, 2012

      you must be high

  73. Auntie_Jackie June 20, 2012

    Even Katy can hold on longer than one year. The ‘Teenage Dream Era’ lasted 2 years and spawned six top 10 singles and a massive tour. Say what you want about Charty Perry, but at-least her eras, unlike her friends, last!

    • Benron June 20, 2012

      Basically what Rihanna’s good girl gone bad did…….

      • Auntie_Jackie June 20, 2012

        Right. GGGB was awesome–but it was the only time she did it!

      • Slayty Perry (KatyCat) June 21, 2012

        Didn’t Rehab flop tho?

  74. Lax June 20, 2012

    Don’t worry about how long Rih can hold on just stay tuned in to this:

    You can keep trying to write her off while you build up each and every last one of them, but the more you try writing her off the harder shes going to keep going as hard as she know how too. It is clear that if you bytches isn’t trying to beat her wheels off about how she sounds then you or name calling her all of the nasethv vile names in the book and then some. One thing is certain and she can wear those neck ties and neclaces many of you tries to hang around her neck it is a good thing that she know how to let gossip, hatefulness, and mean spirited people YAPPPPIN roll off her back like water off a ducks behind and she keep it moving on out to sea in her cruise liner.

    • barbie June 20, 2012

      lax, the things you tout as success, the rest of us see as desperate attempts to remain on the highway. Her perfumes will come in one after the other like her albums and I expect her movie roles will follow suit.

      Compare that to talent: taylor swift, Gaga,Beyonce, even Katy…they take their time to really come up with something good. They pause, recuperate, redraw, reinvigorate and return. I’ll add Chris Brown too, b/c the boy sure has talent. They are not mass producing. You see the difference b/t a da vinci painting and a mass produced one, which one will you spend your money on? A Michael Korr watch vs mass produced boot leg?

      • Lax June 20, 2012

        @ barbie i said shyt on yo ass and you or still trying to ride my pucking back Look i don’t give a Phuck what you think one way or the other and remind me to not address yo MONKEY ASS AGAIN, and if i forget dammmit remind me thst i said “Shyt On You, Okay”.

        And besides that theres really no reason to remind you loose booty loosers because you already know the truth and its KILLLLLLLIN YO ASSES SLOWLY!!!!!

  75. Lax June 20, 2012

    Hating on her is a full time job with no paid benefits, and those who don’t hate
    or alwayd trying to be slick willy with their suddle jabs at her.

  76. Lax June 20, 2012

    Blogs will never speak to the million of fans these stars have got
    from every corner of the world, Never.

  77. Lax June 20, 2012

    Rih says theres no need to be living if you can’t feel alive
    and working hard on what you love and enjoy doing.

  78. Lax June 20, 2012

    Knows what she wants out of life and know how to go after it, that’
    is why many or on here trying to shyt talk her she have boarded a plane and is in London enjoying her life. Perhaps she will get a chance to do lunch with “That Grape” since the or clearly Madly In Love With The Caribbean. That would be nice.

  79. Lax June 20, 2012

    Rih keep putting yo foot/boot to the haters, keep them
    interested in what you or doing which isn’t any more then
    the others who or driven and or doing things they love doing.
    Beyonce has tons, and tons of money but shes still working hard so why not Rihanna and all of those who want to achieve and or inspired and driven to
    do more with their careers, because if she was a lazy ass and not willing to
    get off her booty to work many would still be YAPPPPPPPIN their ass off!!!!!!!!!

  80. JER June 20, 2012

    That’s not an exclusive. Rihanna’s like Mariah Carey, she’s in the studio all the time throughout the year

  81. monstarebel June 20, 2012

    I wonder if people were ever this hard on madonna or janet smh there so call legends yet rihanna can sing circles around them, she has reached massive success yet people never give her the credit she deserves!!!

    • TeamBreezy June 20, 2012

      good point

      • whatever June 21, 2012

        Please she is not Janet nor Madonna because she doesn’t write or produce any of her songs hell she can’t even dance or express what her sounds is or the direction of her music. All she does is change wigs, hire team of producers and writers…ooops she doesn’t do that her label does that. Madonna and Janet cultivated their own image… Janet step outside of the box of Michael and niche her own name/brand she did not copy anyone. Stop trying to compare legends to microwavable artists like this chick.

      • LMFAO June 22, 2012

        U are f****** stupid if you think Madonna created her own image.LMFAO kids these days.XD

    • BLAH June 23, 2012


  82. BALOO June 20, 2012

    It kinda makes me laugh how some people say rihannna’s “evolving” and “staying true to herself” when a lot of her songs and albums are gradually starting to lose their quality and personality. I mean, some of us people get to that point where we don’t care if she’s sold loads of hit singles that dominate the charts. Not hating or anything, but I would actually buy Rihanna’s current albums if they actually had more originality in them and by that, I am not talking about the generic dance-pop tracks that many people could forget in a week or less. Not all her songs are dull and terrible, but i just do not see the point of releasing an album every single damn year, but i guess when you become the type of artist that could be easily disposed of in the industry, you have to hire big-time producers and songwriters to compose your material for you. We all have to remember that music is a reflection of oneself and artist expresses that, but it clear to me that some people just don’t give a s*** about that anymore. Without the benefit of doubt, I hope Rihanna doesn’t lose herself yet.

  83. NATALIE June 20, 2012

    I’m ready for a new album. I have been over TTT era since We Found Love died off.

  84. Laurie June 20, 2012

    Girl that’s just too much !! give us a break !! music is not even the point for her at this point she wants to stay in the spotlight by putting out albums after albums. What a fast food industry music has turned into sad

  85. whyohwhy June 20, 2012

    Another technology based, voice over music with loud beats telling young girls and boys how to perform s** with one another. If ever an artist not growing with her music Rihanna leads the list. Same thing to cover that voice, no lyrics, no nothing that shows her vocal skills (that she have any). I hope people continue to show her that they are tired of her talent less self…

  86. Kayla June 20, 2012

    This is why the b**** gets NO #1’s and her last 3 albums sound repeated…she needs a f****** break rather than trying to stay relivant. Don’t you think if you go M.I.A. for a minute then come back, that you will be MORE anticipated than a CD every year. If this CD sounds like “if it’s lovin that you want, you should make me your girl” or “we ride, cause we ride we ride until the day that we die” or even “don’t tell me your sorry cause your not” (btw, she anticipated that breakup fight :)) and not “put it right there because I like it like that” or ” give it to me all night because I crave it every evening” or her ATTEMPT at slow jams “because I love love love you you you and you you are every every every thing that I want like nah nah nah nah nah nah” LIKE B**** WHAT! If it sounds like the 1st 3, then I’ll buy but if not, b**** get the f*** off my iPod!

    • Benron June 20, 2012

      Rofl What bout loud it rockeed!

  87. roamoah June 20, 2012

    It’s Like every post on Every blog dealing with BEYONCE or RIHANNA always gets you people rowdy.. Like It’s not that serious IMO if she wants to put out a new album let her do it, She pretty much still at her peak so Im guessing she wants to remain relevant, although we all know eventually it will die down, but for now chill out… Lol

    I did laugh at some of these comments though

  88. TeamBreezy June 20, 2012

    I really respect that she ENJOYS making music for her fans … you can tell she likes her job and is passionate! go gurl


  89. christinastherealtalent June 20, 2012

    All yall calling her the hardest working chick in the game right now hahahahah. Now when you’ve released a new cd just about every year since you’ve been oit, that goes to show that you’re not as relevant as you think you are. You’re just showing the world that you have to stay out there so the world doesnt move on from you. Rihanna should really look at what happened to ttt not even selling 900k in the us, with only 1 #1 hit and the rest of the songs were overlooked; and take a f****** break and make some real quality music. She’s 24 now. Get off that teenage dream POP bull s*** and build another fan base.

    • TeamBreezy June 20, 2012

      So music to you is solely about making money and selling records right?. You sound foolish .. how can you dislike a musician who makes MUSIC! Her fans enjoy it so why not?

      Obviously you are not a fan of hers so it shouldnt matter to you … but somehow you come off as pressed and concerned

  90. Kali June 20, 2012

    Talk That Talk was a flop! That album came outta nowhere! Cheers was released as a single like in August 2011, I was enjoying that single on the radio, next month I hear We Found Love on the radio, I’m like wtf? Another album? That s*** hit me in the face! I was still settling in the Loud Era. But anyways, I hope something tragic happens to her becase I want another Rated R era, more sad songs like ADELE. More Cold Case Love, Firebomb, and The Last Song. IF she does gives us another RATED R, then release that s*** this year! IF not, I can wait. 🙂

  91. Kayla June 20, 2012

    And let’s not forget the b**** released We Found Love as a single. Did GREAT! But then…..it’s like it all feel apart and she’s still making an effort to thrive. Her second single was supposed to be Talk That Talk, didn’t do good, so she thought teaming up with her Ex Chris Brown would make her fans buy Birthday Cake, that bumps in the club but NOT on the charts. Then It’s Where Have You Been as, mind you, the SECOND single. Not the 4th like it should be. That one is doing ok, not great, but ok. It’s like the b**** dont know when she’s in failing mode. She gonna release all her songs before her 3rd single? Rihanna is just a younng pop artist still in live with the bf that beat her and lost in her world. That’s why she stay drinking and partying. Like I said before, she needs to go back to how she first started or get with another label that will help her not put an image on her that’s not what she is. She needs to get away from Illuminati-Z and go with someone like L.A. Ried

    • Benron June 20, 2012

      She set herself up to flop, her second single was U da one which was a coincedental flop, Talk that talk had no video so it flopped and Birthday cake was not released on mainstream radio OR given a video so it flopped.

  92. Perry Power June 20, 2012

    I think she should take a break and spend time to get involved in her music and sound. She should write her own material again

  93. Commander of the RihannaNavy June 20, 2012

    Lol I can’t with the haters STILL trying to call TTT a flop. Since when were U.S sales relevant? World wide, its almost at 3million. Who cares if its not platinum in the U.S, as I always say, Rihanna isn’t a local artist, she sales world wide.

    I feel like this whole TTT era was sloppy and handled bad. Singles were given the proper promotion and treatment, and the album could have used more promo too. Plus it leaked. That being said, Ive been ready for a new era. Im looking for a AGLM type album. I miss the good girl Rihanna

  94. CALL ME LATELY June 21, 2012

    Its not break time, its not hammer time, ITS RIRI TIME.

  95. Throne June 25, 2012

    sorry guys but i dont understand why she is still trying to do this job?i watched her last night on hackney and she is bad performer.she just got beauty and market songs.she is not artist, just a bad singer…

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