Hot Shots: Rihanna Hits London Recording Studio

Published: Thursday 21st Jun 2012 by David

Yesterday, That Grape Juice confirmed that Rihanna had taken to London to begin work with an all star writing camp, for her seventh studio album.

Hours later, the singer was snapped on her way a studio in the city, where she met with ‘Diva’ producer Sean Garrett, ‘The Woman You Love’ maestro Eric Bellinger and ‘Euphoria‘s Swedish House Mafia.

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  1. Im not throwing shade, but… June 21, 2012

    I’m more excited about the hair colour and styling instead of the music. Another year, another new look… Although she has had two looks this year

  2. b**** please June 21, 2012


  3. Jjfan1814 June 21, 2012

    The haters are about to get upset!!!! Hahaha!!!

    Yesssss Rihanna!!!!!

    • LA BABY! June 21, 2012

      Shut the f*** up C***!!!

    • David June 21, 2012

      I Agree, There Gonna B Hating!! Bring It !! Navy All The Way

    • Richnblack11(Beyonce keep em mad) June 21, 2012

      Why would we be upset, its the same ole BS

  4. Jake June 21, 2012

    its funny how they hate her, i’m not her fan but i HAVE to admit she dishes out awesome tracks we have fun with, THAT nobody can disagree, e.g; Unfaithful, Man Down, Take a Bow, Cry, WHYB, What’s My Name & etc… :):)

  5. Khavinna Heaven Raymond June 21, 2012

    I like her shorts. Congrats .

  6. LA BABY! June 21, 2012

    Good RiRi !!! #WORK !!!

    But what’s with the legs? She looks like she’s gonna trouble a fat boy from next building called Luke because he keeps f*****’ around her and her little brother..

  7. Nana Applehead LovesSwift June 21, 2012

    Rihanna may be untalented but she makes good music and catchy songs.

    • Stephen June 21, 2012

      And she isn’t totally talentess, either

    • virtuoso intellect June 21, 2012

      she doesnt MAKE music. she vomits her cacaphonic vocals onto ready-made tracks and the pitch-corrector takes care of the rest

      • Benron June 21, 2012

        “pitch correcter” Rihanna doesn’t use that, and if so, why hasn’t she been replaced yet!

      • ?!?!?!? June 21, 2012

        i guess someone doesnt kno about AUTO TUNE LOL

    • TeamBreezy June 21, 2012

      thats an oxymoron … how can u be untalented and make good music? lol look up the word “talent” please

  8. Lax June 21, 2012

    We see her working hard on trying to make herself Better!!!!

  9. Lax June 21, 2012

    Rihanna know that you have got to keep working and doing
    what make you happy, she know that you have got to keep
    trying to make hits. Unlike many who don’t have to keep working
    as hard her follow the lead is slim to none that is why she dances
    to the drum beat of her own drums. She is going to keep doing it
    till she get enough. It wasn’t long ago that many was saying that
    she needed to chill and take a break away from the stage and this
    look like she has taken your advice and decided to hide in the studio
    and record, practice and plan her next move.
    Work never killed any one so it look like shes doing her own thing in
    her own lane and do we love seeing her doing nothing but back and
    forward and out and about in London town. I am sure that her team
    spear headed by Def Jams, and Manged by Jay-z the mogul have got
    her best interest at heart.
    She is working hard on getting that #1 for the united states since she has
    already hat two #1 on the World Charts, but the world to many isn’t as big as the US, when we all know that the world has the united states included in it to help
    make up the world, for those who tries to find fault she is going to stay the length of time to see if she can’t turn over all of the rocks looking for that #1 because with a #1 and some added dance moves like a Stripper she will have made a Break Through into the world of the though process of those who billies her and her navy in the Blogosphere, right Haters?

  10. YouDoRealize… June 21, 2012

    I don’t want to see this album till 2013/2014

  11. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 21, 2012

    GURl , i Love YOU you and YOU , but JUST NO. no no AND NO to that LOOK. where the ” GGGB” and “LOUD” rihanna AT ?

    and it is TOO early to sleep on “TALK that TALK” , b**** you have Like another 5 #1’s waiting for you in it if your Head is Conscious Enough.

    Bicth just release the f*** out of “Watch ‘N’ learn” and hear what your fans say for once.

    and CARE about your career and enough with that THUG life s*** , it doesn’t suit you , it suit someone like CIARA more, she’s way more masculine and it will be just understandable , on the other hand , B**** you are beautiful and s*** , no one will take U seriously as a thug or whateva s*** you wanna sport , you are TOO cute for it.

    b**** GET BACK TO PROMOTE “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN” properly or release ” WnL/red lipstick/cockiness/roc me out/Drunk on love” and enough BS. 😡

    that black man in the 3rd pic with his facial expression sum it up for me.

    • Benron June 21, 2012

      No, she needs like 2 more singles thats it!

  12. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) June 21, 2012

    Goat vocals on the way!!!!!!!!! yay… hahhaha

    Are this people commenting on here serious about Rihanna making great songs? You do know her team make them for her right? And that those are not great songs right? lol

    • Lax June 21, 2012

      It don’t matter what you say john because its her life
      and shes living it, and no matter what you say about
      how great her songs is or not shes still Paid, tell us Son why it bothers you so though?

    • Lax June 21, 2012

      Awsome comment from the pass
      May 28, 2010 at 4:20 pm

      as usual rihanna shows her versatility. She is not afraid to do daring things in both her music and videos. She is indeed a true star. I can now understand why people are so jealous of this girl. She is talented, beautiful, hot, innovative, stylish, marketable, and has the whole package. Everyone is now scrambling to be a knock off rihanna even the so called legends like Toni and Janet, has succumed to the rihanna reign. IF you look around no other artist of today has shaken up the r and b and pop world to step their game up be firece cutting edge and fashionable like rihanna. Everyone is now trying to follow her formula, but there is only one rihanna one fierce and dynamic stunner often immitated never duplicated. She is shining and everyone wants to be in her aura. who don’t like what i have to say can kiss my @ss, cause i won’t waste my time getting into cyber arguments. Its my opinion, and it ain’t gonnna change.


      • barbie June 21, 2012

        lax, you are too funny. People talk of the next madonna, the next beyonce etc. I haven’t herad about the next rihanna. Matter of fact she is called rita lite

    • BEYONCE’S WEAVE June 21, 2012

      Why are you mad though?? LMAO

  13. Roman June 21, 2012

    This album won’t come out this year. But definitely by the 2nd quarter of next year. Hopefully then she’ll be able to score her 1st #1 album, despite being a good seller in the long run she still has to achieve what sub-standard artists achieve with every release. But the timing of release is what always gets to her.

    I really hope she tackles the drug issues as well, she’s a phenomenal person who has turned to drugs bcos of the media. Same thing happened to Brit and Amy, she better do something about it before it goes to far …

    • kane June 21, 2012

      I dont think rihanna is running to the studio now just for her music to lay around for a whole year…

  14. CALL ME LATELY June 21, 2012

    ^ ^ ^ u drunk a full glass of haterade and acting all clueless. Go get sober.

  15. CALL ME LATELY June 21, 2012

    LA Life? What eva happened to thug life? or that other life? Whats that word RiRi loves to use? : )

  16. Richnblack11 June 21, 2012

    Child boo

  17. kane June 21, 2012

    She must be a slave to her record label. A new record this year will not do her any good. TBH its an overkill. TTT was a commercial failure. And if people stop buying your commercial pop music as a pop artist, then it says alot. With all the hype, single success, relevance her claims she has, TTT will barely see pass 3M WW and it will not sell 1M in the biggest market in the world.
    I always laugh when people say Rihanna make “Great” Music. Generic, pop trash that every1 loves to hear? Yes, but there’s nothing great or memorable about her hits with the exception of UMBRELLA.

    • BOOMBASTIC!!! June 21, 2012

      Just tell me this : Are u a fly on the wall of RiRi and her record label? Pray tell.

      • Kane June 21, 2012

        What r you talking about? This is my opinion and most of what I said regarding TTT is the truth.

    • Benron June 21, 2012

      iT WIll do both of those in like a month pace her please

    • Nye June 21, 2012

      she’s sold over 900,000 in US with TTT, so it will def sell over a million very soon…and 3mil worldwide- she will DEFINITELY do that…

    • James227 June 21, 2012

      Yes Rihanna is a slave to her record label called 360 contact

      • TeamBreezy June 21, 2012

        At least with her alleged “360” deal she gets to make music and albums ….. unlike other artists whose records get CONSTANTLY delayed and pushed back

        –must suck to be a musician who cant make music ….

    • Lax June 21, 2012

      @KANE Then i guess jayz is a slave too, because he did ten albums in ten years. And i guess beyonce is a slave because she has did 4 albums and squeezed 9 albums with her remixes and intamate whatever its all about making that paper and she must be doing something right because shes Paid and her bills or all paid and she have got some
      put back for hard time, its all about the money:
      See this did jay stop working because he hired new people? Hell no he din’t

      Rihanna, Def Jams Jay and Beyonce is all about that paper!!!!!!

      • James227 June 21, 2012


        But the only different is that Rihanna is in that 360 contract and Beyonce & Jay isn’t

    • Richnblack11(Beyonce keep em mad) June 21, 2012

      can we SAY 360

      • Lax June 21, 2012

        What ever….

  18. Benron June 21, 2012

    B****** never know what they’re talking about, I swear she was rehearsing for Hackney weekend but……

    Also, she looks like 10 times bigger on this site when they post her pictures because they post pictures HUGE when they are litterlly only half the size!

  19. Lax June 21, 2012

    A do Better talk to the Rihanna Haters:

    Will some of these raddegy heffers ever get a life????????????? each and every day the highlight of many of their lives is to go in search of a post on rihanna. It’s simply mind blowing to see the level of dislike for a artist who is working very hard on her career. Don’t you know that you can not define her no matter who you pits aganist her. And you can see her in europe living her life, having fun and definately getting in much needed r&r and then it’s back to work. Rihanna is making many work and worry their whole life because she is out doing their favorite artist, seemingly EFFORTLESS. she is LOVED BY MANY,,,,,RESPECTED BY MANY,,,,,and your smoke heads can’t stand it lmao,,, It does not matter one little bit to the Navy,,,,, if you like her or not because theres enough of us to fill the void left by those who despises her. If you or working with a full deck then sit some time when you have got the time and read and reread some comments made by often time the same commenter speaking ill will toward rihanna, and you can see that there or many people who needs straight medical help, for real! rihanna has been in the industry since 2005, and she have been on a roll almost every since then. Of course she has been slowed down by many bumps in the road but she have come through just like the trooper she is. She is now even bigger and better than ever before. She will keep right on making it rain on b%&*%## and h*&^ and she is showing you heffers what shes working with. That is a BEAUTIFUL STATUS OF HER. The color, beauty, sexiness style of dress is so life like and so Rihannain a very good way. Ask yourself heffers, how did she get casted into her third status in Japan???????? wellllllllll she got the Washington d.c status, then New York, and now this one, this is great for her! Just goes to show you hating a%& Nappy Headed Heffers that you or not about to stop or slow down nothing. The status of her is for EVER and i know that make many of you so bitter. Huh just keep lying on her, keep trying to low rate her, keep lying on her shes still here to stay and she is not going no place. Keep lying to yourself and keep telling yourself that shes this & than while she make a clown out of you. I mean this was unveiled in japan and is so exciting to me. Looks like by now many would know and see that rihanna is doing her thing and you can’t stop a working woman who loves work. Keep trying to tear her down and watch her get even more motivated by your hate and lies, we love U Rihanna, Navy!

    This was a comment written awhile back but it still apply’s to her Haters Today!!!!!!

  20. Suicide Blonde June 21, 2012

    What is the problem if the girl wants to make another record, Elvis and Aretha released albums almost every week, so i don’t see the tragedy in released a new album per year, others take 7 years in make just an album.

    • TeamBreezy June 21, 2012

      You are completely RIGHT!
      Haters r upset because they know the more albums she makes, the more hit singles she has then the more records she will keep breaking!

      • Lax June 21, 2012

        @TeanBreezy I do agree with You!

      • Suicide Blonde June 21, 2012

        And the 85 milion records sold will became more and more….

  21. Jer June 21, 2012

    Go on grrrl and get your life. Follow that Mariah Carey path and keep on releasing. Just like all the 90s stans said about Mariah SHE NEEDS TO TAKE A BREAK! SHES ALWAYS RECORDING NEW SONGS! WHY SHE ALWAYS HAVE AN ALBUM OUT! Meanwhile the other “critically acclaimed” “real artists” took too much time off and eventually #neaux1curr

    • JER June 21, 2012

      i see you BeYAWNce stans disliking the truth. EAT IT UP

      • Lax June 21, 2012

        @JER Cosign so true!

  22. monstarebel June 21, 2012

    Lord knows I love RiRi so much, but I hate how skinny she’s got 🙁

  23. Lax June 21, 2012

    .well, music today just isn’t what it used to be.
    Alot of veteran musicians don’t like alot of the artists today – but that happens in alot of areas of entertainment anyway.

    Veteran actors are mad when rappers and singers get acting roles – all of the can’t make that transition.
    Veteran basketball players are mad at the rash of young celebrity players with no sense of TEAM or loyalty to the city.

    It is what is it…..however, can’t see how much worse any of our entertainment can get….

  24. Lax June 21, 2012

    Some of you black woman really need to get a fukn life, all you do is spread hate and negativity on a daily basis. Your lives must be filled with drama, debt, unwanted pregnancies, disease. who in the hell talks constantly about someone they hate so much and keep saying te same s*** over and over. Mental health is on the rise amongst blacks i guess. F***** annoying.
    And this applys to weak ass men, also.

  25. BEYONCE’S WEAVE June 21, 2012

    I cant wait for the new album. Rihanna is going to slay and will not be taking any names. B****** better hold on to their wigs because Rihanna is coming to snatch.

  26. CaptainRiRi June 21, 2012

    She is winning!

  27. whyohwhy June 21, 2012

    An album she will not be able to sing live,,, She can come out with another one but her talent level is still the same, zilt.. Rihanna is straight H** material like it or not.

    • BEYONCE’S WEAVE June 21, 2012

      Why are you mad though??? LMAO

    • TeamBreezy June 21, 2012

      WHYOWHY ..r u so pressed?
      WHYOWHY.. r u so concerned?

      • Lax June 21, 2012

        WHYOHWHY Stays pressed, stays bitter
        stay bitching, stay complaining, and they
        hate Rih!

  28. TeamBreezy June 21, 2012

    I see why Ri’s haters always taunt this alleged “360” deal …its becuz their faves hardly make albums! And when they do its “pushed back” “delayed” ..always drama …

    Must really suck to be a musician who cant make music

    Must really suck to be a musician who no one is flying across countries to work with! ..


  29. Lax June 21, 2012

    Rih’s haters reminds me of a group of cows on a Mc Donald
    parking lot and that big old cow that is at the drive through window
    looking through that window!

  30. Lax June 21, 2012

    She know that she have got some friends who are
    as shady as all get out.

  31. Lax June 21, 2012

    Her haters do a super job of helping her
    to shine in the darkest of places.

  32. Lax June 21, 2012

    The haters always come in right in time to help
    her navy keep her lifted up when she need it the most, Thanks!

  33. Lax June 21, 2012

    Tell you what hater, why don’t you try putting yo shyt in
    a bottle and try Selling it!

  34. Lax June 21, 2012

    Number i albums, 360 deals , talentless, shes this and that
    and she is still keeping her bills paid and its killing you. It
    is to the point that shes starting to wear the haters asses
    all the way out!!!!!!

    • Lax June 22, 2012

      Beyonce’s 72 tracks, when they have the time they take
      the time to record. When you stay ready you don’t have to get ready….

  35. ri slays get mad June 21, 2012


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