Must See: Incoherent DMX Defends Peter Rosenberg Against Nicki Minaj

Published: Monday 18th Jun 2012 by David

For fans of the Rapper DMX, the footage below may be a little difficult to swallow.

During a brief visit to radio station Hot 97, the ‘Dog Man’ engaged in conversation with Peter Rosenberg, who is still dealing with the aftermath of his attack on Rap Empress Nicki Minaj.

However, while X’s ‘remarks’ on the matter make for a ‘colorful’ listen, it’s his behavior during the interview that has many fans concerned for his well being.

Not sure what we mean?

Unfortunate mess below…

It seems DMX had the dutchie passed one too many times.

In all seriousness, it’s a shame to see someone with such a promising career ahead of him ten years ago reach an embarrassing low like this.

Here’s hoping he gets the help he needs and delivers the long awaited ‘Undisputed’.

Your thoughts?

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  1. ENOUGH ONIKA June 18, 2012

    Crack is a HELL of a drug!! I like DMX, hope he gets some true help asap.

  2. Slap-a-h** June 18, 2012

    Umm what the f*** is a DMX? does it have a song on the top 10 on the billbored Hot 100?.. no?

    • Stephen June 18, 2012

      Is the HOT 100 what you exist for?

    • bedstuyfly June 18, 2012


    • Yellinggirl June 19, 2012

      #1 – At 1 point and time DMX was very hot and all over the Hot100. There will be a point and time that artist who are currently on the billboard charts won’t be, that’s the funny thing with time – IT KEEPS MOVING!

      #2 – The issue is not DMX, he is a brilliant rapper but a damn fool and a druggie. The issue is this Rosenburg cat and his inability to conduct a professional and focused interview. Nicki has already moved on from this stupid drama, focusing on her invite to the white house to talk about health care; while Rosenburg brings up on $#it that happened weeks ago.

  3. CoolDude June 18, 2012

    At this Comment above me… u know NOTHING of hip hop do u ????? DMX is a RAP LEGEND… please before u comment on anything look up facts….. sad for this generation of kids.. Nicki Minaj seriously has yall blind into believing its all about “Billboard” and not talent…. smh

    • OpD2 June 18, 2012

      f-ck being a f-cking legend,because he is a legend he deserved a pass for befing a f-cking crackhead DMX was the sh-t back in the day wtf is that i am looking at that an,t DMX he have no f-cking idea what he is talking about,i rather billboard be all that matters to me,that a f-ckup crackhead washup rap legend,DMX isn’t the only one alot of them who i used to look up to f-ck there selves over and i lost alot of respect for them are cut them clean off,i swear if nicki,kayne,drake are anyone off them who i rock with starts to do sh-t like this all busted up a f-cking @ss bin i cut them clean off to and stop supporting them,look at jay-z a f-cking old man and he is still around doing is thing making music no f-cking is self over,dmx and all of them should have bin on the same level are ok not some junky @ss bin acting like they are still sh-t like back in the day man it jusy p!ss me off to see DMX off all person all busted up years away from what he was are could have bin.

      • Stephen June 18, 2012

        Since when did 42 become old? You’re clearly a teenager

      • OpD2 June 18, 2012

        so what do you call it young and i am not a teen.

      • bedstuyfly June 18, 2012



    • Jasmine June 18, 2012

      I would not consider DMX a legend because he did not have enough hit records. Don’t get me wrong I like him and I used to work out to a couple of his songs but I would not put him on the same level as Tupac, Notorious BIG, Scarface, etc because of the lack of hits. His style is unique and it is a shame to see him in this condition. Crack is wack. Personally I don’t see why people even mess with crack. It just f**** your life up (literally) and takes away your means to make money.

      • Neal Still’Ova Hataz June 19, 2012

        Ummm Biggie Didnt Have Alot Of Hits Either And Secondly D.M.X Has 5 #1 Albums, He Acted And Wrote A Book All While Being A Crackhead

        I Grew Up Listening To Him He Paved The Way For Artist Like Ja , 50Cent,Jeezy Etc

  4. commanderofthedancefloor June 18, 2012

    haa he seems like he might be a little drunk or high

  5. BEYONCE’S WEAVE June 18, 2012

    DM Who???? Washed up FLOP rapper. No one cares about him anymore.

    • Stephen June 18, 2012

      Lol…if he is “washed up”, then what are you? At least he was able to live out his dreams, even if it was shortlived. What have you done in your life?

    • Nigelahmad June 18, 2012

      He might be washed up but flop?
      Nah every album he put out went platinum.

  6. BLAK JIGGA June 18, 2012

    Dayum n**** whut da phuck? Dat was a real n**** once. Hot97 was real station once. I remember when Lil Kim blazed that station up trying to kill Foxxy. Not one n**** at that station snitched. Now look at everything. Rosenberg got his asskicked by a girl. DMX is on crack, that soft ass n**** Drake trying to be hard with beat em down brown. What da phuck…hiphop is dead.

    • JackieChansChineseTakeAway June 18, 2012

      Ignorant c*** you are!

      Hip Hop is dead because people won’t turn a blind eye to MURDER?!
      I hope you’re 14 because if you are an adult with that mind set I urge you to seek the blood of Jesus to sanctify your thoughts.

      No snitchin is for punks! The only time I agree with not snitchin is if the “victim” is a murderer or hurts kids, other than that Im telling the police what I saw and WHEN i saw it.

      I pray you free your mind of the chains of ignorance currently tying it down.

      • BLAK JIGGA June 18, 2012

        Punk ass b**** please. Hiphop is about street culture. Violence is a part of the street that s why rap was so powerful in the day it reflected what was going on whether you punk ass muthafuckas in your cushy ass homes liked it or not. Yeah Kim was murderous in the day. That b**** called Tupac a b****. Could you do that? DMX and the roughriders were hiphop royalty. Much respect in the hood. But that s*** is ova. Hiphop is dead. Why? Because the streets consume n***** who ain’t on their s***.

      • Chitownqtee June 18, 2012

        @Jackie you just made a racial reference “C***” and advised someone to “seek the blood of jesus to sanctify your thoughts”. Please let me know what church you attend so I can steer clear. You tried to make a good point, but because you have racist tendencies you were unable to follow thru with your thought. I get it. You can “Snitch” all you want, but make sure you run and tell everyone you are a racist while you are at it. And “Yess I am Black”

  7. BKkid June 18, 2012

    Hip hop pest though? *sigh*

  8. HausOfRoman-Raz IsYourLeader June 18, 2012

    I like how DMX said he wouldn’t disrespect somebody “I”m Not A D***” ….. selfshade to PeterBitchMade?

  9. Viciousss June 18, 2012

    Smh. It’s cool to step for Pete though I thinkthat asshole was wrong for what he did…but damn, it’s hard to see drugs claim the lives of such promising black men.

    DMX could have owned the game but he could never escape the hood mentally and he lost his crown to men who never loved the music as much as him.

    It’s like watching a living ghost. #fuckthisshit.

    • leslie arnelle June 18, 2012

      wow..good comment..sad indeed

    • Stans Make Me LOL June 19, 2012

      @viciouss you said it all! The hood mentally kills great men and women.

  10. Tbozfan10 June 18, 2012

    I can’t believe that ignorant person who said, ” where’s his song on the billboard hot 100?” like it matters. NEWSFLASH: the billboard charts didnt just start yesterday. So DMX doesn’t have a song on the hot 100 right now.. Neither does Tupac, Madonna, Mariah Carey and numerous other artists. It doesn’t mean they never existed.

    • OpD2 June 18, 2012

      yup ignorants is a bliss.

  11. Girrrl June 18, 2012

    Facts about DMX: His first 5 albums debuted at number 1. That’s more important than hit singles. DMX let substance abuse get the best of him but best believe every track from his first few albums shits on Nicki Minaj.

    • stupidity is a disease June 18, 2012

      Some of you are dumbasses. How does DMX vs Nicki come from this. Some of that stuff Nicki spits is for firlz who like her. Girls like that so why cant ment stfu and let girls like what they like. P*****.

      Rosenberg is a catty b****. X is cracked out these days.

  12. Benron June 18, 2012

    Where is Nikki on the hot 100 guys, has she ever had a number one single?

  13. j June 19, 2012

    was i the only one thinking…dave chapelle??? lol

  14. Sweetnothings78 June 19, 2012

    Jesus none of u even have a clue, wow ur so sad and shady this guy is incredible and if he’s in trouble he needs help.

    I will say this once of you respected Aaliyah’s music then u will understand DMX as him and baby girl were around the same time and friends to.

    Nickis cool but she gets there are far more talented and real rappers before here a s whether u like it or not DMX, Kim foxy are all it!!!.

    Billboards means nothing in terms of respect from artist to artist. #urallblind!

  15. perhaps June 19, 2012

    Damn. DMX is legend, but this is sad to see.

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