Jennifer Hudson Remembers Whitney Houston, Shares Thoughts On Grammy Tribute

Published: Wednesday 13th Jun 2012 by Rashad

Hard to believe it’s been 4 months since the music industry lost pop icon Whitney Houston. Hitting industry insiders and fans equally, the event rocked the world and rocked even harder the organizers of the next day’s 54th annual Grammy Awards.

In the new documentary, ‘A Death in the Family: The Show Must Go On,’ Grammy organizers recall and revisit the scramble of trying to put together a fitting tribute to the fallen starlet under the short notice.  Filled with commentary and never-before-seen footage, the most touching segment may very well be the planning of powerhouse vocalist Jennifer Hudson‘s stirring ‘I Will Always Love You’ tribute to Houston (whom she’s long touted an idol).

See it all below:

See Hudson’s tribute below:

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  1. Robert June 13, 2012

    Her tribute was horrible. You don’t have to scream and stretch notes on every song or when it’s unnecessary. I still say the grammys should of used an old recorded grammy performance of Whitney’s instead.

    • Stephen June 14, 2012

      You’re right. But it is “should *have*”, not “should of”

  2. Nopes June 13, 2012

    She sounded like a damn slave singing this song, Worst cover ever!!

  3. MH June 13, 2012

    I couldn’t imagine how much pressure both the Grammy staff and Jennifer were under. She did a wonderful job.

  4. BEYONCE’S WEAVE June 14, 2012

    She did terrible. I understand Jennifer Hudson getting press for her acting career but for her music, I don’t understand that. Jennifer Hudson is a FLOP in the music industry and why people still talk about her in musical industry context baffles me. Jennifer Hudson was a FLOP, is a FLOP and will probably always be a FLOP. Concentrate on your acting. Just saying.

    • Stephen June 14, 2012

      While I’ll agree with your comments, you can’t deny that, as of right now, nobody(male or female) in the industry can beat her in terms of vocal power. Many can beat her in vocal skill(inlcuding Beyonce, Christina, Usher, R Kelly, Toni Braxton, etc). But in terms of RAW POWER, nobody can beat Jennifer Hudson right now.

    • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) June 14, 2012

      Beyonce´s half try at that song was not better either hun!
      They just need to use old Whitney performances and that´s it

      • Stephen June 14, 2012

        You’re right. For some reason, Beyonce didn’t do well with the song. But maybe she could have done better with the song if she was to fully cover it at an award ceremony

  5. Njabs *BEYHIVE* June 14, 2012

    Her performance was mediocre in everything from the dress to the performance as a whole but she made up for it at this other benefit concert last week. It is kinda understandable though because she did not have enough time to prepare

  6. LA BABY! June 14, 2012

    Jennifer Hudson Remembers Whitney Houston

    أيري بمحمّد أيري …

  7. IGS June 14, 2012

    When she´ll turn the page?..I know we love Whitney but It´s time to go ahead.

  8. LA BABY! June 14, 2012



  9. LA BABY! June 14, 2012



    I just can’t

  10. Geezy June 14, 2012

    It wasn’t the best cover but I give Jennifer an A for effort because under the circumstances I’m sure it would have been difficult for anyone.

  11. pat June 14, 2012

    i’m not a fan of Jennifer’s voice either, but I agree…she is the powerhouse voice right now in the industry….you would have had to get a lesser unknown like tarralyn ramsey or now irrelevant star like deborah c** to truly tribute whitney vocally

    • im not throwing shade, but… June 15, 2012

      Jordin Sparks killed it much better than Jennifer, they should’ve had her do it from moment one. Failing that it was a Whitney song, known or lesser known people would’ve tuned in to praise or criticise so why not give another “lesser” known person time to shine?

  12. Mely B June 14, 2012

    The comments here are truly sad & indicative of why the music industry is going to hell with gasoline drawers on! Truly talented Black female vocalists are called slaves & accused of shouting & screaming while their yt counterparts who imitate them are hailed as talented.

    The only comment I respect is the person who said that although he/she doesn’t like JHud’s voice, acknowledges that she is a vocal powerhouse. I also agree that Tarralyn Ramsey and Deborah C**’s voices are much better suited to do a Whitney tribute – JHud’s voice has the same power as theirs, she just hasn’t been trained to reign it in like they do.

    • YIP June 14, 2012


      • im not throwing shade, but… June 15, 2012

        I also agree with the first part of the comment. As black people where slaves that were sold, we are now selling ourselves.

  13. CH June 15, 2012

    JHud can sing and the only people who deny it are Beyonce fans still upset that Jenn stole the show and the Oscar in ‘Dreamgirls’ and Beyonce’s supposed ‘Big Role she had been trained for her whole life’ was utterly forgotten.

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