BET Awards 2012: Performances

Published: Sunday 1st Jul 2012 by Rashad

The BET Awards 2012 are currently underway at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. As ever, That Grape Juice will be providing you with performances as they occur!

Check out performances from Chris Brown, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Usher and more below. Keep refreshing, as we’ll be updating minute-by-minute:


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  1. jonhyvb July 1, 2012

    can’t your team post a link of a live stream? don’t forget about your others readers..

      • jonhyvb July 1, 2012

        thank you!

      • Rishna July 1, 2012

        It was working fine, then a message came up saying copyright and stopped the video…… idk y

      • Rishna July 1, 2012

        U joking right???? tell me u kidding, wat he do now???????????

    • jonhyvb July 1, 2012

      just some tweets about that. just a rumour I guess.. he performed so, he probably didn’t get arrested.. crazy how these rumours get around. anyway the performances could be uploaded a little faster guys.. the first one’s got here so fast…

      • Rishna July 1, 2012

        ohhhhhh cuz i was sayn he cnt even catch a break. I saw his performance, it was good, kinda short, less than 4 minutes, and he sang live which is a plus 🙂

  2. bash July 1, 2012

    King B is in the building…

    • Blackman July 1, 2012

      MJ is way better moron.

      • truth July 2, 2012

        nobody mentioned MJ. chances are you never gave a flying s*** about him 4 years ago.

      • jill July 2, 2012

        @blackman When MJ was here you probably was bashing him. Now that he’s gone you want to act like he’s the best thing since slice bread.

  3. jamilaa July 1, 2012

    lawd,just kanye’s performance,,didn’t see cb n nick’s!

  4. bronxgirl July 1, 2012


    CB nor Nicki performed yet. You haven’t missed it.

  5. Gilberto July 1, 2012

    Usher did his thing again. Climax sounds so much better live.

    • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 1, 2012

      yess gawd hunty it does sound better live

  6. Jayla July 1, 2012


    • OpD2 July 1, 2012

      yes she did but you know who and others going to run on here and say different,anyways like i said Co-sign she lock it down.

      • Jayla July 1, 2012

        they are jusy haters looking to hate

  7. BronxGirl July 1, 2012

    Wow, Melonie killed it, never heard her live before, she just gained a new fan. Going to download her music. So far the BET awards have not disappointed.

    • Jessica July 1, 2012

      Melanie album is the truth!!! I’m really pissed that she is very underrated, that girl can sing her ass off!!!

      • ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 1, 2012

        I hope you’re going to legally download it…Just saying 😎

      • BronxGirl July 1, 2012

        I respect artist work way to much that I only download via ITUNES, but I get what your saying. I hope she gets a surge because she really is under-rated and I am embarrassed to say that I am late to her talent.

      • ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 1, 2012

        Not your fault. If the media are not showcasing her talent, only a minority will keep up with her. Maybe you should listen to her debut album as well. It was more old-school. Just a suggestion 😎

      • Jessica July 1, 2012

        @BronxGirl : Her first album is amazing!!! if you want real R&B Music, you should get her album, real soul!!

      • BronxGirl July 1, 2012

        Thanks for the heads up. Will definitely check out her first album as well. As much as I visit this site, I should have paid more attenion to the posts on her. Thanks again, will pass the word, it would be ashame to see such a great talent go un-noticed. Especially when you constantly hear people question where is the real R&B. Its right in front of our face.

    • Gilberto July 1, 2012

      I like JT, but his voice is so annoying.

      • Suicide Blonde July 1, 2012

        Annoying just like you Gilberto.

  8. DIGGER BEY July 1, 2012

    KING B!!!! Usher sounding good!!! Trey and Chris could never! Just saying. Nicki went bac to black I see. And Melanie just kilt that sh*t! That girl went Tina Turner on yall asses!

  9. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 1, 2012

    I didn’t know Melanie was going to perform. Can’t wait for that!

  10. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 1, 2012

    Nicki did a great job. Good for her! 😎

  11. yeah July 1, 2012

    Usher OMG his voice is S**

  12. NiekaN July 1, 2012

    Kayne is the truth no doubt nickki was ok usher was great live for climax can’t wait to c chris

  13. Viciousss July 1, 2012

    Damn D’Angelo killed it!

    Took it there and brought it back!

    And Nicki showed her haters how to do it! Beez in the trap!

    • Jessica July 1, 2012

      Sorry Nicki performance was trash!!! She’s not a real artist!!!

      • ARE YOU SERIOUS? July 1, 2012

        Hater !!!!!! you are!

      • Jessica July 1, 2012


    • PRETTIGURLROCKD July 2, 2012

      Agreed w/ Jessica. Rihanna is not a good singer either but at least she tries unlike nicki who just doesn’t even sing with the track.

      • Jessica July 2, 2012

        Nicki doesn’t acknowledge the real artist who made her- Lil Kim, Missy, Da Brat, all the female rap artists who paved for her to be out there, that’s why I don’t respect that fake ass clown!!!

  14. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 1, 2012

    I just watched Melanie’s performance! I’m so glad she chose ‘Wrong Side Of A Love Song’. This and ‘Bones’ are my favorites from the new album! She killed it!

  15. JBvanilla July 1, 2012

    OMGGGGGGG……MELANIE YYYYYYYAAAAAAAASSSSSSS…… you were the only performance I was waiting for and you shut the shiz DDDDOOOOOWWWWWNNNNN…… best performance in YEARS, vocal PERFECTION…. ADELE COULD NNNNNEEEEEVVVVVVEEEEEERRRRRRR in her LIFE!…..

    P.S. Im sad for your stylist girl, Dress and hair were all kinds of WRONG…. I would have snatched you WAY better….. #JUSTSAYING …

  16. Benron July 1, 2012

    Nicki and Usher were memorable, the end!

  17. DIGGER BEY July 1, 2012

    YESSS KING B! My gurl slaying and havent even stepped on stage!

  18. BronxGirl July 1, 2012

    CB did good, Proud to be a fan, The choreography team showed the hard work they put ino the performance. NICE JOB. Now just waiting for whitney tribute and its a rap

  19. Tobbie July 1, 2012

    Wat songs did mmg perform?

    • Angie July 1, 2012

      Bag Of Money, So Sophisticated, and some other song I didn’t recognize.

  20. Teacher July 1, 2012

    Chris Brown was just like the rest of the show has been! Best part was when JayZ n Kanye won n Beyonce was punchn Jay! That was cute! and their acceptance speech!

    • NATURALBEAUTY July 2, 2012

      Yay you were actually nice to Bey 🙂

    • Stormy July 2, 2012

      Hatin b****** are insane. Chris killed that s*** so did MF, Chaka Khan, Brandy & Monica. They gave performances your fav RihJECT could never even think of giving on her best day!

      • Benron July 2, 2012

        Dont feel glad Chris brown located the on button on his mic today…

  21. CBE July 1, 2012

    That Chris Brown performance was sooo wack! damn I stayed up for that b*******? what happened to effort chris?jeez u better then that!


    • Jessica July 1, 2012

      Chin Brown has been done since 2008, he only won one outta sympathy because his ass got beat by Drake at that club!!! LMAO!!! His career has been washed, rinsed, pressed by the clothes dryer and hung up, just like Rhianna!!! LMAO!!!

    • Stormy July 2, 2012

      @CBE, B**** you aint no fan! Chris Brown’s performance was very good. WTF did you want from him? I guess he should’ve just stood around, grabbed his c*** and swayed back and forth like a Jayz or the fake ass rappers I saw last night?

      • CBE July 2, 2012

        Just because I didnt like the performance dont mean Im no fan, Im not like you b**** riding his c*** all the time the kid cant perform anything else then turn up the music? what about SWEETLOVE? TILL I DIE? these are not doing so good, I am thinking he is waiting to drop fortune first…I wanted to cancel my pre order of his album after last night but I didnt so f*** you Im allowed to demand quality and his album is just that.

    • robyn July 2, 2012

      I think we expect too much from entertainers when they are given a short span of time to showcase their work. He performed Don’t Wake Me Up and sang live which is what everyone complained about in his previous performance. Minus the autotune towards the end, I thought it was actually well done. In addition he performed Turn Up The Music for all the loyal fans that purchased the single and wanted to see it performed live and I thought his entire team did a good job. Outside of a few award performances, I think he shines the best when he is in concert.

  22. Teacher July 1, 2012

    Usher was pretty good tho..n MF sounded gud just boring..

    • Stormy July 2, 2012

      Chris was bad but Usher was good? B**** please.

  23. Blackman July 1, 2012

    Mj shits on b.

  24. JER July 1, 2012

    this is by far one of the ghettoist of the ghettoness that is the BET awards

  25. Champ Boy July 1, 2012

    Mariah was beautiful!

  26. Teacher July 1, 2012

    Brandy>>>>>>>rest of the show

    • JER July 1, 2012

      oh please. ho down.

      • Jessica July 1, 2012

        Poor JER is mad that Brandy did her s*** on the stage and they are on the computer struggling to get food stamps for Walmart!!! LMAO!!! Why don’t you sell your cd like Khia at the Walmart parking lot?? LMAO!!

  27. toohotfortv July 1, 2012

    Brandy just smashed the whole show… like wow. she really killed that. in the best possible way ever wow wow wow

  28. aishaaguilerakeys July 1, 2012

    Usher, I love you, but u looked like a queen up there with those pink shoes ! He really doesn’t care, he coulda sang Lemme See, which is more appealing to that kind of audience, but instead he sang Climax ! Love u, Usher ! Nice performance, I think u always nail that song ! I liked the NM and MF performances, couldn’t watch the GOOD Music and MMG ones all the way through, so far this show is interesting.

  29. aishaaguilerakeys July 1, 2012

    D’Angelo still got it after all these yrs ! I thought Alicia would be here, it’d be a good way to promote her single.

    • toohotfortv July 1, 2012

      You woulda thought she’d be there. Especially since Swizz was.

  30. 80sBaby July 1, 2012

    Usher’s performance was amazing! I love that man’s voice!

  31. 4RealDoe July 1, 2012


  32. Chraueche July 1, 2012

    They mentioned that hris performed but theres no video of him performing yet and ts been over an hour. Yall are takin forever Thatgrapejuice. Does anyone have a link to chris’s performance and his asseptance speech where he mentions retirement and this being his last album?

    • BronxGirl July 1, 2012

      I watched the performance and saw him accept his award and I didn’t hear him mention anything about retirement or this being his last album.

      • Rishna July 1, 2012

        who said chris was retiring or fortune was his last album????????????

      • Chraueche July 1, 2012

        Its all over the net. even posted that he says this is his final album.

      • Rishna July 1, 2012

        oh snap gotta chk it out thks

  33. Honestly Speaking July 1, 2012

    I thought that overall the show was a ghetto, unorganized mess as usual but the Whitney tribute was very respectful (outside of Brandy and her awkward dance moves) although I thought that it was a little weird that they chose to exempt “I Will Always Love You”. The only other thing that I would criticize would be the fact that they basically nominated the same group of people over and over again for almost every award that night. They really should consider closing the “Best Female Rap Artist” category until Nicki actually has some competition, she shouldn’t just receive an award every year for simply existing and managing to remain halfway relevant.

    • Honestly Speaking July 1, 2012


  34. NEWLIFEFAN July 1, 2012

    Monica! Omg. Was the vocal powerhouse of the night!

  35. FatimaMJ July 1, 2012

    Chris Brown…

  36. Girrrl July 1, 2012

    Melanie Fiona was amazing!!

  37. Dee July 1, 2012

    Beyonce looked beautiful as usual..but Brandy definitely made Whitney proud. Monica and Brandy kill it.

  38. Nahjee July 1, 2012

    Jay- z stole the night when he pull a kanye west on kanye west lol

    Kanye was about to speak and jay started talking kanye look at him like Taylor did lol

  39. dab July 1, 2012

    Brandy look a plum fool.
    Since when did Whitney have dancers all over the got-damn stage…

    • i’m not throwing shade, but… July 2, 2012

      When she sang a tribute to Michael Jackson in 2001, and if you ever saw Whitney in concert… back up dancers.
      Know your knowledge before you type!

  40. JER July 1, 2012

    Brandy was a mess. Out of breath and flat. And who in same hell asked BRANDY’s small whispery ass voice to tribute Whitney. I hate BeYAWNce but I was praying she’d jump on stage and show these hos how to shut it down. You know BIONCI will not disappoint.

    • Angie July 1, 2012

      Excuse you…Brandy is never flat. If there is one thing that Brandy can do, it’s sing on-key.

    • Jessica July 1, 2012

      Did you get your foodstamps yet at Walmart??? LMAO!!! BETTER YET, GO HELP KHIA SELL RECORDS, LMAO!!! Brandy killed it, and your ass is looking for food, lmao!!

      • PRETTIGURLROCKD July 1, 2012

        You tried it, heffa. A Rihanna stan coming for Brandy. I simply cannot!

    • Jessica July 2, 2012


    • i’m not throwing shade, but… July 2, 2012

      Beyonce, jump on stage!!!! and do what!? Whitney???? she could never!
      She needs to jump on her stylist (both clothes and hair)

      • jill July 2, 2012

        @i’m not throwing shade, but

        Don’t even go there. Brandy could never. Monica blew Brandy out the water. You can’t compare brandy to bey so hush.

  41. Neal Still’Ova Hataz July 1, 2012

    Brandy Killed That MotherFuckin’ Stage Tonight Along With Chris Brown … Those Performance Shat On Every Other Performance Tonight.

  42. virtuoso intellect July 1, 2012

    Brandy killed it

    i surprisingly enjoyed Nicki’s set

  43. MH July 1, 2012

    That damn Brandy had me screaming and acting a damn fool all around my house. YES!

  44. *NEWBIE July 1, 2012

    After three hours of that ghetto train wreck parade of mess…..seeing that Whitney tribute was all I needed. Had Whitney’s successors, peers, family, friends, the ultimate tribute to ANY artist.
    Well done BET aka Beyonce Entertainment Television!!

    • i’m not throwing shade, but… July 2, 2012

      Beyonce Entertainment Television!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!… is this shade???

      • *NEWBIE July 2, 2012

        lol All I know is that from flipping from channel to channel, I saw Miss Beyonce’s pretty face smiling from the comfort of her own seat more than anyone who stood on stage holding a microphone.

  45. aishaaguilerakeys July 1, 2012

    Brandy got that love ! And CB’s performance was nothing spectacular. Maybe he’s “retiring” to recharge those fuels and find inspiration for better choreography.

  46. Gilberto July 1, 2012

    It’s so pathetic to see some people here trying to discredit BET Awards. If successful urban artists, people like Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Eminem, Lil’ Wayne, Drake, Alicia Keys, Usher, Nicki Minaj etc, go there, so why are you complaing? LOL. BET Awards is the biggest award for most of black artists. VMA, Grammy, AMA etc would never give a chance for people like Yolanda Adams, Brandy, Keri Hilson, Ciara, Kelly Rowland, Melanie Fiona to perform, Bet Awards do.

    • Os July 2, 2012


    • KOOL July 2, 2012

      Brandy has performed at every award show you listed, however I agree with you..

    • aishaaguilerakeys July 2, 2012

      I agree, I don’t get it either. All these black celebs started w/ BET, show some love and respect.

  47. PRETTIGURLROCKD July 1, 2012


  48. PRETTIGURLROCKD July 2, 2012

    Nicki killed it cuz she stepped her choreography up. Plus all the stars were there watching her.

    Beyonce, Jay Z, Kanye, all of YM so she was gonna feel a little self conscious and had to kill it. I think ppl are saying she killed it cuz she’s usually subpar live. If this is the best nicki can do she’s needs to step her game up with her weak ass. I’ve seen better performances than this.

    Brandy gave life and did whitney justice. Didn’t bother watching Monica’s performance. Just not a big fan. Chris Brown same.

    Melanie Fiona was killing it vocally.

    Cissy gave a touching performance for whitney.

    And Mindless Behavior needs to sit their teeny bopper asses downe shading the great lauryn hill. Ignorant kids these days.

  49. PRETTIGURLROCKD July 2, 2012

    And I woulda liked it if beyonce would have performed…but I respect her modesty. I understand bey performing would have made the other performances overlooked. I really wanted her to be on stage doing Dance for you…but oh well.

    P.S. Was kinda disappointed brandy didn’t perform put it down. She woulda killed that. And it would have been great exposure for the song since it’s not going anywhere. 🙁

  50. RoyalKev July 2, 2012

    Brandy lit that stage up! She had that fire, totally made my night!
    Monica was also in good voice. Cissy’s singing was very moving.
    Chris Brown was solid as usual.
    I’m shocked, Nicki kinda did that! Loved it!
    Melanie Fiona !!!!!!!!! … and I never paid her any mind.
    Usher was okay, I can’t get into his live version of Climax .
    Where was Cici? 🙁
    Kanye was a beast.
    The gospel segment was awesome!
    … Loved how they caught Bey reaction to EVERYTHING! #King

  51. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) July 2, 2012

    I ONLY liked that “Brandy”, gonna check this b****’s discography , Nicki was decent and tolerable, imma give this b**** her damn credit ” see ppl , i can do it !!!”. sadly i didn’t watch the other performances tho cuz i was busy and not a proper link has worked when i tried to watch it , Usher made me feel like i got Punk’d or something , his performance left me wanting more … , yes he killed “climax” and did wonders when it comes to hitting notes , but i wanted him to perform “Lemme see/scream” after “climax” , just like when that creature called “Nicki” did a mash-up of her 2 flopped songs.
    and I really Started to like Bey’s personality , the fact she stood up and jammed to almost everyone’s performance says a lot about her and putting those “diva-mentality” theories to rest , she looked so sweet and humble. i hated the fact she didn’t dedicate her award to her fans tho.
    Overall , it was Ok and put out so nicely.

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) July 2, 2012

      and shout-Out to chris brown for stepping his game up and starting to Truly sing Live as he’s supposed to , Continue like this Chris , keep On doing it like that. i will never hate on someone who’s willing to improve. it was so good. i don’t care what other b****** above me say , but i felt him , firstly as a dude , but secondly cuz i felt he was really trying his best. and He can Play with my pyramids , i ain’t mad , everyone showed respect to my culture this year , starting from madonna and ending up with Cb.

      CB , if you are reading this , keep on the good work.

      The end.

      • Stormy July 2, 2012

        Yes, I love your words of encouragement. I think Chris did well. I’m with you, I don’t give a damn what these people are talking about. Seems like they’re looking for something negative to say!

  52. Jamie July 2, 2012

    You Brought The Sunshine was the best hands down!

  53. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 2, 2012

    It’s amazing how only 4 hours later, NONE of your videos seem to work for me anymore 😳

  54. Tbozfan10 July 2, 2012

    Pop Royalty or whatever your dumbass thinks everything is a flop. I don’t think you know what the word even means.

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) July 2, 2012

      B**** , i Spent lots of my days with the navy. so of course i know what is a Hit and what is Not , and “BITT” is a Flop as it the case with Nicki’s Urban songs.

      • Stormy July 2, 2012

        ‘BITT’ is a damn flop as is the fake ass tramp FLOPPY GARBARJ.

  55. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 2, 2012

    Ok, I just watched the performances that I hadn’t watched on another site (I’ll keep it cute and not mention which site 😉 ) and I’ve got to say it was an overall good show.

    The Whitney tribute was amazing. I loved Monica and Brandy and the whole thing was very well organized and respectful.

    Chris Brown brought his A game and his set was risky for BET’s standards, so I applaud him for that. But what was he thinking when he decided to perform the only 2 pop songs off of his whole album at a show for urban artists?? ‘Til I Die’ is out there flopping and ‘Sweet Love’ is underperforming as well. He could have promoted one of those songs or chosen one of the other 10 r n’b songs he’s got on his album to perform. I’m not throwing shade, I just think he wasted an opportunity.

    And last but not least, where the F*** was Ciara? I thought she was going to perform! I don’t care if ‘Sweat’ is a buzz single, a promo single, a real single or a nonentity. She needed to be on that stage! Isn’t this her big comeback? I’ve been rooting for her and I’ll keep doing so, but she has to give us something.

    Anyway, my favorites were Melanie Fiona, Brandy and surprisingly Nicki Minaj.

  56. Love on top July 2, 2012

    Uhm ciara peformed AMAs . MTV music awards etc Get your facts right before you shade! And PLS DON’T ACT like brandy and Ciara never shitted on the industry Cus they did smh at the beyhive looking down on EVERBODY clearly have no lives

  57. Love on top July 2, 2012

    You a rihanna fan so you lost all rights to shade “performances” your ass couldn’t see a good performance if we paid you to….

  58. aishaaguilerakeys July 2, 2012

    Wow, I didn’t even see the WH tribute in full, only Brandy ! But I just saw it, Monica nailed it ! I see a lot of peeps are shocked by MF’s performance. That woman is talented, and tonight it was her time to shine ! She saw that Rita was being more promoted while she was being neglected, and she was like, “F that ! I’ll do my own promo !” And she’s damn right, it’s about time ! I got her second album, it’s really good !
    Otherwise that was an amazing tribute to Whitney, may she RIP!

  59. A July 2, 2012

    Usher’s voice made me climax. Lawd Jesus! I am in heat right right now. I am thirsty..
    {sigh} I need to go and cool off.

  60. monstarebel July 2, 2012

    And yall thought beyonce was performing LMAO!!

  61. Monstarebel July 2, 2012

    Usher brandy nicki m. and melanie had the best performances!!!!!! and btw them OMG girlz suck live smh I was dissapointed in the vocal performance but there dancin was on point!!!!

  62. Stormy July 2, 2012

    Chris, Chaka, Brandy & Monica gave boss perfromances. The Rap parts of the show were just trash. I miss real Rap/ Hip Hop.

  63. Kayla July 2, 2012

    chris brown was a maaaaaaaaaajjjjjjjjjjoooooooorrrrrrr dissapointment, his singing was NOT to its high last night and im so f****** tired of that ‘Turn Up the Music’ song. Where’s ‘Sweet Love’ or something else. actually the Fortune tracking list is wack so its whatever…i left mid-way of his performance after i RANN to see it…..
    Nicki Minaj was of theeee chhhhhaaaiiiinnn…he intro to Champion was to die for. literally. and the Beez in the Trap choreography, i GOTS 2 learn that. everything about her performance was on point, from the songs to the dancing to the wardrobe to the hair…
    Usher sang THE F*** outta ‘Climax’ unlike Breezy…he didnt even need 2 dance or nun because i was already in love
    The rest of the performances…..bllllaaah, who cares
    The awards were wack because fans dont vote 4 em, except the fandilenium and coca cola ones…and clearly they arent basef of the music, but rather more WHOS in the category…but we all Know nicki is gonna win Best Female Hip-hop on everything until, like she said on her acceptance speech, b****** step they d*** up…im mean at least she encouraged them…chris brown DIDNT deserve male R&B, it was between Trey & Usher, now THAT was fixed. *cough cough* Diamond. Trey’s ‘Heart Attack’ AND Ushers ‘Climax’ were waaaay more R&B than Browns ‘Sweet Love’ altho i love that song…oh well, until next year..

    • CBE July 2, 2012

      Ok I agreed until you said Trey’s heart attack and Climax are way more RnB then Sweetlove, Like really b****? Chris should not have won? I dont know maybe if they played sweet love rather then Turn up the music in the nomination then I would have let it slide…that performance was still wack though.

  64. THE LEGENDARY LAX July 2, 2012

    BET AWARDS WAS A FLOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HORRIBLE it just get worst every year….the only performance i really enjoy was nicki because she shock me….she actually did really good

  65. WELL DAMN! July 2, 2012

    WAIT, Imma let y’all finish but NICKI MINAJ HAD THE BEST PERFORMANCE AT THE 2012 B.E.T. AWARDS…………….(Kanye shrug)… drops mic

  66. SpeakTheTruth July 2, 2012

    Ok… I’m going to say my review on the BET Awards…

    I didn’t like the opening act. Big Sean, 2 Chain, Pusha T and Kanye? Really? Is this the BET Hip Hop Awards? They could’ve got a better opening act than that. An opening act that someone that we can remember and haven’t seen in a while. Kind of like when The Fugees came out in 2005 and no one expected to see them… Smh. They really could’ve done something better than that. 

    I didn’t like Usher performance…. I do like Climax, but why did he have to perform the WHOLE SONG though? Usher is supposedly recognize for being an ENTERTAINER a PERFORMER. Why couldn’t he perform one of his uptempo songs? Why didn’t he dance and give us an entertaining performance? He could of did a melody of Climax and than perform one of his uptempos. Smh. 

    I’m not a huge fan of Gospel, but I thought it was ok. Not good. Not bad. Just ok.

    I think next was D’Angelo’s performance…I didn’t like his performance either. When he first came onto that stage and started singing “How Does It Feel?” I thought he was going to deliver a good performance. But WHY did he SHORTEN that song up and STAYED on the other song TOO LONG?!?!?! Smh. How Does It Feel is what D’Angelo is KNOWN FOR. WHY DIDN’T HE PERFORM THAT WHOLE SONG? AND WHY DIDN’T HE PERFORM “LADY” and “BROWN SUGAR”,etc. What the HELL was that last song he performed? NOBODY knows. And WHY did he kept going ON AND ON with that SHOOBOODOO type S*** when he had OTHER CLASSIC SONGS that people were LOOKING FORWARD to HEARING? Everyone, and I mean EVVVERRRYYONE was looking forward to D’Angelo on Twitter and Exspecially on the Red Carpet, but he just disappointed ME and I’m sure everyone else. His performance was WAY TOO OVERLY HYPED UP. I really thought he was going to deliver. Smh.

    I’m not sure but I think Melanie Fiona was after him. Her performance was ok . I’m not a fan of  Melanie, but which ever song she sang was good. I knew Melanie Fiona could sing good AKA her very first single but I didn’t know she could sing LIKE THAT. She did good and reminded me that R&B music still has a chance. 

    Hmm… After her was Nicki I think. I was actually prepared for Nicki to give a bad performance, but I thought she did good. I really love the first song she performed, “Champion”. Beez In The Trap was good too, but I was pissed how they kept bleeping every curse word WAAAYYY TOO LONG. But her performance seem calm. She needs to perform more like that often.

    Not a fan of MMG and I wasn’t into their performance… 

    Not a fan of Maze and Frankie Beverly but I guess the tribute was ok….

    I think after a while Chris Brown performed. I was disappointed with his performance. He performed TWO POP SONGS ON THE BET AWARDS. Why didn’t he performed “Sweet Love” or why didn’t he performed “Birthday Cake” and brought out Rihanna as a surprise guest? Everybody would’ve been talking… I was just underwhelmed. His performance was too short and he didn’t bring it like I thought he was going too. And performing Pop songs on BET Awards isn’t the place for that. I expected more. Smh.

    Whitney Tribute was last I believe… Bringing out Mariah was ok. Monica performed a gospel song… I didn’t like it. Well, I thought she sang it good but WHY didn’t she sing one of Whitney songs like IWALY or I Have Nothing? I thought her voice wouldve been good for that. They could’ve left the gosepl songs to Cissy and Whitney’s brother. Brandy did good, and so did Chaka but I felt like that tribute was TOO short. WHY COULDN’T Beyonće AND Mariah be apart of the Tribute PERFORMING?? It would’ve made it COMPLETE and they focused MORE on Gospel than Whitney songs. I understand Gospel is Whitney’s roots but…. I wanted to hear more WHITNEY SONGS being performed. 

    The host Samuel was WACK and BET knew it cause WHY did they have to bring out Kevin Hart again to do the skits and bring him out to talk? Smh. If BET wanted to get a GOOD AND FUNNY Host for the BET Awards, they could’ve choosed Martin, Chris Rock or Tyler Perry AKA Madea. They do NOT know how to put shows together and it is Debrea Lee’s fault and Stephen Hills. 

    The BET Awards was not all that this year. It really could’ve been better. Smh. And if you actually think that this was the best “BET Awards Ever” than you must not have that much knowledge and you need to look back on the previous BET Awards. The audience kept me more entertained than the performances. Shoot, Beyonce entertained me more and she didn’t even performed (even though I wish she did). Plus her and Jay’s cute little competitive battle for Video Of The Year, lol! And not to mention when Jay pulled a Kanye on Kanye during his speech!! Lol! 

    But this awards was WAY TOO OVERLY Hyped Up. It seems like BET always do that s*** and when you are excited to watch the awards and you finally do, it don’t even be as good as you thought it would be. We didn’t even have SURPRISES. You can include Mariah, but that was the ONLY surprise and BET is usually known to give more. Smh. The rating for this show was a 3 or less. I was disappointed.

    • SpeakTheTruth July 2, 2012

      Dang I didn’t know I wrote all of that….. Lol!!! Well it is my full review of the show. 😉

      • Angie July 2, 2012


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