Essential Read: Frank Ocean Bares All In Guardian Interview

Published: Saturday 21st Jul 2012 by Sam

In the space of three short weeks, singer Frank Ocean has been catapulted from an underground star on the rise to a relative house-hold name. And while the New Orleans native’s uncanny ability as a songwriter shouldn’t be downplayed, it would be almost criminal to not attribute much of that “hype” to his “coming out” letter.

The hottest of topics, it initially appeared that the Odd Future staple was to let the music do the talking. However, as reported yesterday, the 24 year old has opened up to the UK’s Guardian newspaper about his decision to talk about his sexuality, the mass reaction, his musical process and much more.

A morsel of the chat was previewed, however the full feature has since been released.

Tasteful. Inspiring. Intriguing. For these reasons and many more, the interview is a must-read. Check it out after the jump…

Via The Guardian:

Frank Ocean has had quite the week. “Yes,” he says, smiling, with a barely perceptible shake of the head, as if in mild disbelief. Then he nods: “Yes. But also awesome.” Two things have contributed to making his week awesome. There’s the surprise release of his second album Channel Orange, a week before it was officially planned, which met with rabidly enthusiastic reviews comparing his idiosyncratic, narrative-heavy reimagining of soul and R&B to Prince and Stevie Wonder. Then there was the post on Tumblr in which he told, beautifully, the story of falling in love for the first time, with a man. “I don’t know what happens now, and that’s alrite,” he wrote.
You can understand why Ocean might be feeling a little stunned. He’s suddenly the most talked-about man in music, though he hasn’t yet done much of the talking himself. He shuffles into a dressing room behind Vancouver’s Commodore Ballroom nursing a herbal tea, and plays with it nervously, a hoodie wrapped around his neck like a scarf, before politely shaking my hand, all the time avoiding eye contact. He’s 24, relatively new to all of this, and suddenly the world wants to know his business.

Right now the old formula holds true: the less you know about him, the more you want to know. He’s managed to maintain a rare air of pop star mystery. “It’s not formulaic,” he says. “It’s not me necessarily trying to preserve mystique. It’s who I am. It’s how I prefer to move. I really don’t think that deeply about it at all, I swear I don’t. I’m just existing.”
There’s a sense that impulse has driven Frank Ocean’s career so far. He emerged from two worlds: he was a successful songwriter for the likes of Brandy, Justin Bieber and Beyoncé; and he ran with Odd Future, though always seemed more mature than their mouthier shock tactics. It could be argued with conviction that he’s already eclipsed them. Packing up, broke, and driving away from his hometown of New Orleans, post-Katrina, to give it a shot as a songwriter in LA was a risk. Giving away his first album Nostalgia, Ultra for free was a risk (he put it online in 2011 without the knowledge of his label, Def Jam). Coming out was a risk.

“I won’t touch on risky, because that’s subjective,” he says. “People are just afraid of things too much. Afraid of things that don’t necessarily merit fear. Me putting Nostalgia out … what’s physically going to happen? Me saying what I said on my Tumblr last week? Sure, evil exists, extremism exists. Somebody could commit a hate crime and hurt me. But they could do the same just because I’m black. They could do the same just because I’m American. Do you just not go outside your house? Do you not drive your car because of the statistics? How else are you limiting your life for fear?”

Though he thinks of himself as existing outside of conventional music genres – and the broad ambition of new album Channel Orange touches on everything from Marvin Gaye to Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix – Ocean’s roots are in R&B and hip-hop, neither of which are known for their nurturing attitude towards the rainbow flag. Which makes what he just did seem remarkably courageous. “I don’t know,” he demurs, looking down.

“A lot of people have said that since that news came out. I suppose a percentage of that act was because of altruism; because I was thinking of how I wished at 13 or 14 there was somebody I looked up to who would have said something like that, who would have been transparent in that way. But there’s another side of it that’s just about my own sanity and my ability to feel like I’m living a life where I’m not just successful on paper, but sure that I’m happy when I wake up in the morning, and not with this freakin’ boulder on my chest.”
“About my own sanity and my ability to feel like I’m living a life where … I’m happy when I wake up in the morning, and not with this freakin’ boulder on my chest.
Ocean didn’t come out spontaneously, though. He wrote his letter in December 2011, to include in the sleevenotes for Channel Orange, pre-empting any potential speculation that might arise from some of its songs obviously addressing men. “I knew that I was writing in a way that people would ask questions,” he explains. “I knew that my star was rising, and I knew that if I waited I would always have somebody that I respected be able to encourage me to wait longer, to not say it till who knows when.” He’s not one for playing the game, clearly. “It was important for me to know that when I go out on the road and I do these things, that I’m looking at people who are applauding because of an appreciation for me,” he says. “I don’t have many secrets, so if you know that, and you’re still applauding … it may be some sort of sick validation but it was important to me. When I heard people talking about certain, you know, ‘pronouns’ in the writing of the record, I just wanted to – like I said on the post – offer some clarity; clarify, before the fire got too wild and the conversation became too unfocused and murky.”

Later that evening, when he performs to a near-hysterical crowd, a line like “You’re so buff and so strong, I’m nervous … You run my mind, boy” sounds astonishingly subversive, hammering home how rarely we hear overtly same-sex songs, no matter what the genre. Asked why he didn’t fall back on the generic “you”, he shrugs: “When you write a song like Forrest Gump, the subject can’t be androgynous. It requires an unnecessary amount of effort. I don’t fear anybody … ” He laughs, making eye contact at last, his face lighting up, ” … at all. So, to answer your question, yes, I could have easily changed the words. But for what? I just feel like it’s just another time now. I have no interest in contributing to that, especially with my art. It’s the one thing that I know will outlive me and outlive my feelings. It will outlive my depressive seasons.”

These “depressive seasons”, he says, have been erased suddenly by his recent catharsis, but the bleakness of his music has been one of its most notable qualities. Drake and the Weeknd have peddled urban navel-gazing for a year or two, but Frank is on another level, telling dark cinematic stories with a screenwriter’s eye for character. Nostalgia, Ultra was full of unhappy souls: songs which initially appear to be sexy slow jams crumble under the weight of despair; take the refrain of Novocaine, “fuck me good, fuck me long, fuck me numb”, that final adverb joining grief to lust. Channel Orange has a fascination with decadence in the midst of decline, but its protagonists are equally sad and lost. The album’s narratives take in drug addicts, strippers, but also rich kids ruined by consumerism who end up dead or, at the least, on the receiving end of some vicious sarcasm: “Why see the world when you got the beach?” he sings on Sweet Life.

Ocean is unsure about what draws him to the darker side. “I honestly couldn’t tell you,” he finally says, after a long silence. “I would say, those were the colours I had to work with on those days.” Is it drawn from experience? “Absolutely. I mean, ‘experience’ is an interesting word. I just bear witness. For a song like Crack Rock, my grandfather, who had struggled to be a father for my mum and my uncle … his second chance at fatherhood was me. In his early-20s, he had a host of problems with addiction and substance abuse. When I knew him, he was a mentor for the NA and the AA groups. I used to go to the meetings and hear these stories from the addicts – heroin and crack and alcohol. So stories like that influence a song like that.” Some of his narratives are pure fantasy, he says. In the case of Pyramids’ epic first half this isn’t too surprising – it takes place in ancient Egypt – but that, too, twists itself into the story of a stripper providing for a pimp, and turns out to be rooted in real life. “I have actual pimps in my family in LA,” he chuckles. “It was fantasy built off that dynamic … but you can only write what you know to a point.”

The attention to detail that goes into his songs is astonishing. He sings Crack Rock with a hint of fractured breathiness that his sound engineer tried to iron out. “He said, ‘Are we really going to let this slide?’ And I was like, ‘Yes, because that’s how a smoker would sing.’” Music, more than any other art form, demands autobiography: we want our singers to be giving us authentic love or pain; we want to believe it’s first-hand. Fortunately, Frank Ocean is a natural-born storyteller.

When he talks about his music – how this bit here was influenced by Sly And The Family Stone, why that vocal retake happened, even the dying business model the industry is built on – he looks up, becoming animated, lively, and less shy. It would be easy to think that he’s reluctant to be famous – Vancouver tonight marks only his 10th solo gig – but when he left New Orleans in 2005, he changed his name from Lonny Breaux to Frank Ocean because he decided it would look better on magazine covers. (He also cares enough to have personally authorised the cover image for this week’s Guardian Guide.)

“I’ve always wanted to make a career in the arts, and I think that my only hope at doing that is to make it more about the work,” he says. But he could have been a successful songwriter anonymously – if it’s all about the music, why step out from behind the pen? “I enjoy singing my songs in front of people. I enjoy being involved in making the artwork for albums and stupid stuff like that. I wouldn’t be a part of [it] if I was just writing songs for others. And I said more about the music,” he grins, lest there be any doubt that he intends to be a star.

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  1. hello July 21, 2012

    Gays like playing the victim at the slightest joke. This guy was mocking Islam (muslims) in his song Bad Religion but

    • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 21, 2012

      July 21, 2012 at 8:40 am
      homosexuality is evil!!!!

      I wonder why, When we have evil people like you.

      I guess thats why we have the better Jobs, live in the best Neighborhood, drive the best cars, and wear nothing but LABELS.

      Say what you want about the GAYS but overall we are doing bigger and better things then the STR8


      • kelly July 21, 2012

        And what do you have to do to get it? Gay also have the most H**, A*** AND A*** WARTS. Check health reports gay men die more of a*** cancer than , whether are rich or not. So, you may be richer…..but your money cannot save your health.

      • kelly July 21, 2012

        It is Ciao.

      • kelly July 21, 2012

        Are you a homosexual?

      • Iconic Iggy July 21, 2012

        Not hating on gays but how the hell are they doing better than str8s? I dont see gay men running multi-billion dollar companies

      • LORD July 21, 2012


        Get yo’ GOD-worshipping ass off someone’s D***!

        It’ll feel GOOD! and You’ll discover that individual feeling of “I can’t change any s***”.

      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 21, 2012

        @iggy …..who do you think run the ENT. Industry… Some of the world most POWERFUL people are GAY…….WAKE UP

        @KELLY no reply to your dumb ass, to dumb for me, I know what to do p*** you off, I’m make you my B****

    • kelly July 21, 2012

      Franck Ocean is a racist and bigot. That is why he attacked islam. I live in LA, gays are the most hateful, bigoted people alive. The things they say about religion, black people – anyone who wants marriage for man and woman – which all religions champion.

      You see how gays racially abused the f*** of black people when the vote about prop 8 was cast.

      • LORD July 21, 2012

        BLACKS have all kind of rights to be racist.

        I’m a black guy, and I enjoy f****** white meat whenever I had a chance.

      • lol July 21, 2012

        @Kelly you sound extremely ignorant i would tell you why but you would refute it so let me give you some examples

        John Lennon (a straight man ) said ” One day the Beatles will be BIGGER THAN JESUS and Christianity will fade away”

        Drake (a straight man ) made a video for “Hell ya F***** Right” inside a synogue with stripper and excessive drinking .

        Meek Mill (a straight man ) made a song called “Church” also featuring Drake with lines that many christians and a pastor belived blaspemed God with lines like” I just want to thank God .. for lettin me shine on these n*****… I m the type of n**** to say a prayer and get what i just prayed fo etc

        Robbie Williams (a straight man ) one of the UK’s most famous pop acts made a song called “bodies” were he stated numerous times that “Jesus didn’t die for you ”

        Ludacris ( a straight man )on a verse said he was the “Lord of all Lords , King of Kings with more verses than the bible ”

        Nicky Minaj ( currently involved with a man ) performed at the grammy’s making a mockery of a exorcisms with a black mass, perversing a gospel song ” Coma all ye faithful” and changing it to ” Come all ye faithful holy and triumphant I AM ROMAN ZOOLANSKY ”

        and that just the people of the type of my head .

        So my question for you is Why the f*** all you so concerned about Frank Ocean generalizing him as a hateful racist bigot as if you personally know him if anything the song Bad Religion is a dual metaphor about joining occults that require one sided love and worship of one man see Joseph Coresh and particular Jim Jones ” who made his followers drink “cynide poison inside their strofoam cups ” in an act of ritual suicide .



      • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 21, 2012

        so now i got another reason to hate him , ever better 8)

      • i’m not throwing shade, but… July 21, 2012

        Can we also add that his crew odd future claim that they’re atheist but draw upside down crosses and disrespect the bible/god…. I liked Nostalgia/Ultra and some songs on Channel but there is more to frank than the innocent victim he’s currently playing

      • Michaelangelo July 21, 2012

        Kelly is a b**** ass n****! I bet you’d never talk this s*** face to face.

    • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 21, 2012

      Yup , and that’s why i don’t like him !!!

      U go Kelly !

      • Michaelangelo July 21, 2012

        U don’t like him because you can’t pop your bloody musty twat in his face. Take f***** hike tramp!

    • MissImpartial July 21, 2012

      Frank Ocean is insignificant to Islam so his mockings and opinion are irrelevant and unimportant.

      July 21st, 2012 at 11:09 am

      @iggy …..who do you think run the ENT. Industry… Some of the world most POWERFUL people are GAY…….WAKE UP
      Everyone is disgusted with Hollyweird and their bull so I wouldn’t be proud to say they run it and CLAIM IT. And to say that the Gay people are more successful is b*******.

      Love your honesty.

      • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 21, 2012

        i know !! but he acts as if muslims even care about his ass ! we have wars , we have s*** other than that to care about ! like c’mon son. don’t ask for it.

        I love @kelly’s comments , she’s honest ! and that’s a rare thing in TGJ land.

      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 21, 2012

        don’t be mad at me cause your blinded by the lights…

        f*** you and Kelly and anybody else who thinks different.

      • Michaelangelo July 21, 2012

        Kelly is honestly stupid. Nothing that b**** say’s is based on facts. And THAT’s a fact! You young n***** kill me thinking you know about life. Frank Ocean is wise and very smart. You ho’s need to take notes.

  2. Xocio July 21, 2012

    Frank Ocean is so real, I feel the same way, your either part of the problem or part of the solution LOVE IT

  3. hello July 21, 2012

    homosexuality is evil!!!!

    • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 21, 2012

      and so are you

      • kelly July 21, 2012

        And so are you. I have repented and STOPPED MY SINS. HAVE YOU?

      • LORD July 21, 2012


        We are EVILS

        You mad?

        We’ve sold more albums, made more money out of concerts, DVD’s ..

        We whipe out with yo’ faces.

      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 21, 2012


        Have a BLESSED DAY HUN

  4. Honestly Speaking July 21, 2012

    I really don’t understand the media obsession with his sexuality. The only topic of conversation should be about his music (which is amazing) and I’m starting to feel as though all of this extra nonsense is threatening to overshadow such an excellent piece of artistic expression on Frank’s behalf in the form of Channel Orange.

    • James227 July 21, 2012

      When the media have something on a black man, they don’t give a f*** about his accomplishments. Frank coming out is big news to the media. Soon his music will be overlooked because of his sexuality. There are millions of gays who are talented and will not come out for this same reason and they are making it big right now.

      • James227 July 21, 2012

        Also you may think that the world is ready for the gays to come out of the closet, but they are not. All these artists whom said the Frank was brave to come out would not have did this because of their career.

      • kelly July 21, 2012

        And as a black man he should of known this. He though being gay, would give him brownie points with whites. It has done the opposite, He said on Twitter, last night , that other major retailers are not selling him. He is being blacklisted. Middle America are not trying to let no black gay man be a poster boy on American soil.

      • LORD July 21, 2012


        Are you a black gay man and you know??

  5. the real xoxo July 21, 2012

    i like him but now he isnt one of those artists who let the music speak for itself like he used to be.

  6. truth tea July 21, 2012

    the album is good but overrated. it got 92 on metacritic
    it should have gotten 80-85.
    most of these dickriders never knew who frank ocean was 2 weeks ago

    • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 21, 2012

      But who are you to say metacritic should have given him 80-85? No true tea on that one. Metacritic is right 92 or above cause Frank has an A+ album.

      • Nacole July 21, 2012

        Exactly…Never try to reason with cynics…

  7. Don July 21, 2012

    Nice read! Much success to Frank and anyone else who’s living and accomplishing their dreams.

  8. kelly July 21, 2012

    Frank Ocean, said yesterday that many other major retailers are NOT carrying his LP. I knew that would happen. The difference between Elton, George Michael l Freddie Mercury, ETC IS THEY ARE WHITE MEN.

    Also the white gay men NEVER EVER came out early in their came out so early in their career and scream they are gay; they also never had love songs directed at men. The reason why he is facing a backlash from other major retailers is because he is a black gay. Black gay are not on the same levels as white gays.

    He should know that first – before he screamed he is gay. He has no one to blame but himself.

    • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 21, 2012

      you make some of the dummiest comment on her.

      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 21, 2012


      • kelly July 21, 2012

        Yesterday, you said a lewd comment to me. ” How about I take a gun an stick it up that nasty ass pussie of yours and pull”

        Well, Clapback time! How about I take a gun a penetrate your a*** till it ruptures and internally bleeds.

      • LORD July 21, 2012


        Come on do it..

      • LORD July 21, 2012

        INTERNET allows you to do anything, but doesn’t allow you to forget the fact that “channel ORANGE” is #2 right now.

      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 21, 2012

        well i see you didn’t follow directions

        lets try again:

        How about you take a gun an stick it up that nasty ass pussie of yours and pull”

        clapback bounceback, fall the f*** back

        this is the dummiest C*** on tgj.

    • aishaaguilerakeys July 21, 2012

      I think he came out at the right time.

      • kelly July 21, 2012


        I would love to shove a gun up your ass and pull till brown and blood stains the your body.

      • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 21, 2012

        ^^^^^^ *DEAD* seriously *DEAD* !!!

      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 21, 2012

        lol awww not going to happen

      • Common Sense July 21, 2012

        Typical response by the Christians/Islamic psychopaths.

  9. Lisa July 21, 2012

    @richlandblack you got issues and you need to pray your demonic gay spirit off you, so sad for you!

    • kelly July 21, 2012

      Thank you for saying what we all know.

      But , watch Richard and co come and start abusing your race, nationality, ethnicity, religion etc.

    • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 21, 2012




      • kelly July 21, 2012

        You are rich? How? by being a $10 a blowjob / c** in the mouth / swallow rent boy?

        WELL, if that is how u make your money……………

      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 21, 2012

        thats what you want to belive, you can belive whatever you choose hun, and btw we don’t do blowjobs babe that nasty, thats what you are made for , aren’t you a “C***”

  10. Legendtina July 21, 2012

    Im not understanding why people care about him being gay so much. He’s gay. Who cares? There is probably a gay man living around the corner from you. And his music is beyond over rated. Channel Orange was good because of lyrics. His voice really isnt impressive. That being said, he is putting out better music than any other urban male act.

    • LORD July 21, 2012


  11. Lisa July 21, 2012

    God said a man is to be with woman not man with a man period and you wonder why we got So many diseases this is why!

    • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 21, 2012

      you sound just as dumb as kelly

    • aj July 21, 2012

      If that’s the case why did he create the ability for man to live another man? I don’t know if being homosexual is right or wrong but it is each individual’s own life to live and if they have affinity for someone of the same s** then that is there now business. One individual does not have more moral authority over another. For those religious folk out there every whole book/scripture tells you to focus on your on life. Focus on what makes you spiritually connected to God… hating on others will not stamp your entry to heaven. If frank is gay then so be it. Either enjoy his music or if your gonna hate sit down, STFU and stay in doors cause it ain’t going away…

  12. Nacole July 21, 2012

    Frank is a very talent artist and I so support him!

    It’s a damn shame though to see certain straight and gay people play one against the next though because of your varying agendas.Frank is being supported by all groups no matter sexual orientation and fools are going back and forth over some bullshyt!

    Let Frank be Frank and you be you and stop worrying about what that man is doing or who he’s doing…..

  13. LORD July 21, 2012

    Whoever’s gonna crack the ears of God about him being gay:

    He’s Gay, He’s WINNING, and He’s RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TRY to handle that FACT.

  14. UMo July 21, 2012

    Homosexuality is unnatural, degenerate and filthy. Anyone who pushes same s** attraction as part of their marketing campaign is loathsome.

  15. Nichole July 21, 2012

    I don’t get the big deal about this guy being gay, and black celebrities coming to his rescue and praising him as if he is the second coming of Christ.

    Give it a rest. These people act as if black gays don’t exist. So what if this dude came out. Ricki Martin and Clay Akin also came out. Big deal.

    I guess when Queen Latifah finally comes out, black celebs will be praising her as well.

    • James227 July 21, 2012

      Queen Latifah has been in the game a very long time. She did not come out way back then. She never admitted that she was gay but the media started taking pictures of her and her mate here lately.

  16. Benron July 21, 2012

    He annoys me to full extent.

    Even if he is gay, he is doing this on purpose. Everyone knows there is nothing else to talk to him about. He sings boring, depressing, woe is me music that sounds like he needs counseling! His voice is not very good, nobody heard of him till he came out and he has been using that for weeks. Pushing hsi album up, telling all in these interviews. He is using all the gays to push him forward in the industry.

    Alot of gays run entertainment shows, blogs and all that s***! So, if he gets them on his side he can get a lot of promotion and be pushed as greater than he is. He sounds like a 14 year old girl writing in her diary…. not impressive.

  17. lol July 21, 2012

    “It was important for me to know that when I go out on the road and I do these things, that I’m looking at people who are applauding because of an appreciation for me,” he says. “I don’t have many secrets, so if you know that, and you’re still applauding … this quote here sums up why he revealed what he did on his tumblr page .

    He didn’t care about money, fame, recognition, being a s** symbol,album sales

    He wanted to be one hundred percent with his fans and to know that their fan fare was real that didn’t conceal anything for them to be fans of his . I respect that.

    I am also happy finally we have a young black man as a artist on tv , radio, and magazines that is actually articulate , self aware, that cares about people and the advancement for black people

    “Whatever you do, young king, don’t wind up dead/ Young queen, cross your legs/ Put a crown on your head and remove the chains/ ‘Cause even diamond chains are for slaves/ Don’t set foot in no penitentiary and don’t taste the poison/ Don’t you bail on your families,” …………. FRANK OCEAN WROTE THAT !!! He wants black people today to RESPECT themselves. Notice his RNB peers just sing songs about women degrading themselves takin of all their clothes and wanting their n***** to act ratchet in the club

    • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 21, 2012


  18. RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 21, 2012

    I find it very ironic that people say they don’t support gays or gay this that ect, Why did you reply to the post if thats the case(damn dummies)

    Also for the people that wear LABELS(gucci prada ysl lv fendi, armani, michael kors, chole, christian loubutin(red bottoms), dolce&gabbana, alexander mcqueen, marc jacobs ect are either gay or have gay people to design for them. so no matter what you support the GAYS

    Thanks GOD i’m a HOMO yassss GAWD HUNTY


    • Nacole July 21, 2012

      You want to hear something funny…Those that say they don’t support gay people just don’t know they support them.

      I have a relative that work at a very well known label and it would blow many minds to know some of the artists that are gay that they would never suspect….

      Frank is winning and that is what these losers can’t stand…

  19. Gees July 21, 2012

    I can’t take him or any other celeb serious right now…
    People really need to open their eyes
    You never seen Luther or prince or Any other R&B soul singer using their private lives to sell CDs … Let the music do the talking ..I don’t care who you prefer to bone!

  20. RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 21, 2012

    People need to understand that when you are gay, you don’t want other to out you out.

    Hell I would rather say I’m gay then someone else runing around saying that I am. Thats all Frank did and I respect him for that to the 1000000000000000000 power. Its like damn if he do damn if he don’t.

    people talking bout luther, prince ect that was almost 30yrs ago, ITs 2012 hell the question is WHO AIN’T GAY THESE DAYS.

    • James227 July 21, 2012

      And Luther & Prince had long lasting careers with out coming out saying that they were gay. People knew let Patti Labelle tell it. She loved her gays fans and she also stated that coming out in the music industry is not a wise thing. Luther made love & baby making songs that women can enjoy. Back then we did not have to figure out if an gay artist was singing to a man. This cat is doing the opposite. First he comes out the closet second he’s singing about men in his songs and the media are going after him for it. They are going to pick at every little verse related to his sexuality. Me myself don’t care I say live you life. We all have someone in our family who is gay and won’t come out because of being rejected by their own family members.

    • XoMoDe July 21, 2012

      I don’t care if it is 2012 and that was 30 yrs ago…in addition to Prince and Luther both being more talented than Frank is, my bet is that he won’t be half as successful as they were. Luther was gay and everybody knew it, but because he didn’t make it a topic of conversation or a theme of his music, his music was universal and not polarizing.

      I can’t relate to Frank and really don’t want to. He’s a man singing about being in love with another man. I guess if you’re gay you can get down with those lyrics, but WTF does that mean to me? Not a damn thing. I’m supposed to put his gay music on when I’m trying to have a romantic evening with my opposite s** S.O. Heh. I don’t think so. I’m supposed to jam out to him singing about being in love with a dude when I’m chillin with my peeps. Nope.

      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 21, 2012

        it aint for everbody

      • Walter July 21, 2012

        @ XoMo

        I don’t give a flying f*** about Frank or his music. Never then and not now either and it’s not because he’s gay. @XoMo My girlfriend who is sitting here with me said that your comment was so on point.

        Can someone tell me how GaGa’s Born This Way stayed on the charts. After that song it seems like she’s not to much in the media anymore after that song.

      • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 21, 2012

        exactly !! he made it hard for everyone to like his music , that’s why he had to play this game of : oh , i came out , U must love me for it , do u respect me , respect me , respect me , please respect meeeeeeeeee “.

        i won’t. and coming out days before his album release , stop it son.

    • kelly July 21, 2012

      So you are a HOMOsexual

      • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 21, 2012

        you are crazy and unstoppable , i love it 😆

      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 21, 2012

        yes I am , and its nothing you or anyone else can do about..

        clapback b******

  21. ENOUGH ONIKA July 21, 2012

    TGJ I wish you would stop posting every Frank Ocean interview about the same d*mn thing everyday. He’s not the first gay and won’t be the last, who cares? The problem now is the comments that are being made because of these posts. I’ve seen more “f*****,” racial slurs, and bashing of religions since you started posting all these Frank posts than I ever have since I started coming to this “blog” site supposedly about music. Sam seriously, at some point you gotta have some integrity over what you’re posting or what’s being said by commenters that’s really crossing the line i.e. religion, racism etc. THis is f*ckin bullish*t, and all for “hits?” You have to be getting paid for this sh*t Samantha. I hope your family and friends aren’t proud of what your turning this blog into. You are one of the causes of why there’s so much hate in this generation, posting sh*t just for stan wars and now religion and race bashing. You’re a f*ckin idiot Sam.

  22. POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 21, 2012

    LORD Replied:
    July 21st, 2012 at 11:06 am
    BLACKS have all kind of rights to be racist.

    I’m a black guy, and I enjoy f****** white meat whenever I had a chance.


    LOL. B**** you better not talk to me ever again. you are a liar as your fav. so you said you are Arabian and now you are a GAY black guy ?! GTFOH.

  23. James227 July 21, 2012

    Someone posted this on another blog. So ture the words:

    And in the end he may regret telling it to begin with. Sometimes when you open those doors and reveal your personal life its hard for people not to over sensationalize it.

  24. Ej July 21, 2012

    I would be embarrassed to even buy a Frank Ocean CD. Having to take it to the counter and having the check out person see that I’m buying the music of a gay guy. **shudders** That couldn’t be any different from buying a gay p*** magazine at Borders.

    • Walter July 21, 2012

      I know that Frank and his record label is going to regret that he ever came out the closet. Notice all the interviews is about him coming out lol. Talking about his CD is secondary as to say oh lets throw that in so it don’t look like all we want to know about his sexuality.

  25. YesIDIDBITCH July 21, 2012

    If i was gay i guess i would support him too, why do you think his album sold so many. Well let’s see there are a bunch of f*** going hard for him. I will not support this gay s***. it is just sad that f*** like Gay Ocean has to use his gay ass sexual orientation to move cds. I’m sorry but this is not cool, than people have the nerve to say he didn’t sell albums because he came out with his gayness like STFU who you trying to convince???? YES HE DID

    • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 21, 2012


      • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 21, 2012

        GOD run the World B**** and he H A T E S gays in all of his holy books. and u gonna die without kids and s*** with all of your likes and the world will keep on go round and round. U gay ?! U have no longevity in life as straight ppl. cuz u can’t give birth !

        who run it now b**** ?

      • Common Sense July 21, 2012

        LOL how does having kids extend your lifespan again? Typical borderline retarded comment from an uneducated, ignorant, idiotic, hypocritical, moronic bible humping christian/islamic sheep.

      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 22, 2012

        I got you .38 too I see, who run this mutha? TheGAYS (you should know aren’t you GAY yourself)

        GOD run the World B**** and he H A T E S gays in all of his holy books.

        How are you going to put GOD and B**** in the same…….

        and last but not least GOD don’t hate he promotes LOVE, dummy GOD didn’t write any of those so called book u people go by.

        chow have a great one F**@POP ON A C***

  26. RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 21, 2012

    the gays stay on y’all minds……I love it when you lie.

    • Common Sense July 21, 2012

      In ten years time when Gays are no longer targets of prejudice the religious hypocrites will claim that they never hated or attacked gays the same way they “never did” with blacks.

      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 22, 2012

        Hun They know it

  27. Journey Israel July 21, 2012


  28. Quetta July 21, 2012

    Did you guys really read that s***? I didn’t even start with the first sentence before getting bored. I have a short attention span on various subjects anyhow

  29. LORD July 22, 2012



    I’m Arabian AND Black, AND STRAIGHT!! Nothing matumatically INVAILED here.

    But, I DO love f****** white asses. and I DO think white boys = WHITE GIRLS.

    I’m a RACIST N*****, NOBODY told you to stick that white nose of yours up my ASS.

    and “My fave” HAS BEEN ON A MAHER-AL-ASSAD–level of HUSTLE. YES!

    You MAD?????

    My fave has been STEALING, TREATING PEOPLE LIKE PURE S***, MAKING MONEY OUT OF IT, AND ENJOYING IT!!! NO, and I mean NObody dared to talk any S***. and This will REMAIN.

    They sued her for money that SHE USES AS TOILET PAPERS.

    PLUS, her husband has been a drug DEALER. Not some DRUG ADDICT.

    He’s been WINNING, all kinds of WINNING. Without ANY DAMAGE.


    My fave has made S*** LOAD OF MONEY, that’ll buy YOU + YOUR SQUEAKY CLEAN FAMILY MEMBERS the number of d****’s that y’all WANT.

    Again, YOU MAD??????????

    Rihanna will never get the privillage even to snatch Beyonce’s –> ASS HAIR TEETH<- .

    MARK my words.

    OKAY PooP???

    Nah get that white ass straight to the bedroom, change for school, because KANDY-TITS PERRY and her WHITE-ASS FRIENDS are waiting for you outside.


    OH, and for that comment on last post "U so f****** dumb , son" ?????

    Easily, you could've inserted the download link for "Stupid H**" instead, and I wouldn't even know the difference!!!

    • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 22, 2012


  30. Dejuan Riico July 23, 2012

    I really think that the negitive comments are to get attention weather or not he came out he’s still a person who makes good music how would you feel if you had a problem and came out with it and peopel bashed you it wouldn’t feel right that’s what’s wrong with the world now and we have so many deaths because of ignorant racist people homosexuality is a sin but judging is also one and who are you to give judgement on a person who is making a honest living and expressing himself.

  31. BidNinja April 9, 2013

    This is the very first time I have commented here and I need to say you give genuine, and quality info for bloggers! Excellent job.

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