Estimates Are In: Chris Brown’s ‘Fortune’ Set To Sell…

Published: Thursday 5th Jul 2012 by Sam

A staple in the headlines, Chris Brown has also been a chart fixture since bursting onto the scene in 2005. Alas, it’s a given that all eyes are on the sales of his latest effort ‘Fortune’.

Preceded by a slew of singles, including ‘Turn Up The Music’ and ‘Sweet Love’, the hotly anticipated set arrived in stores globally on Tuesday.

Find out how many units it’s estimated to sell after the jump…

According to Billboard Biz, the ‘Strip’ led set is on course to debut at #1 with Stateside sales of…

125,000 – 140,000


Wholly respectable numbers given the current sales climate. Although, we’re sure many a critic will have much to say about the fact that the LP’s figure is markedly less than the 270,000 its predecessor ‘F.A.M.E’ opened with last March.

It should be noted, though, that the promotional approach for the project (for a number of reasons) has been largely live- performance based; with interviews, radio-tours, and the like not actioned this go round.

Whatever the core rationale behind such approach, here’s hoping Team Breezy have plans in place to ensure the album has commercial legs. For, while his last outing premiered with better sales, it wasn’t a longitudinal seller. Put simply, much like Britney’s ‘Femme Fatale’, its solid debut numbers didn’t sustain long enough to ensure a Platinum seller (F.A.M.E, to date, has sold 872,000 in the US…15 months later).

In other news, ‘Fortune’ is on-course to hit #1 on the Official UK Album Chart. If the feat is realised, it will serve as Brown’s first British chart-topper on that particular tally.

Your thoughts?

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  1. @teamfoxydondiva July 5, 2012


    • Hey Ya July 5, 2012

      thought he would sell 300K after the BET Awards and the drake publicity stunt. RIP to CB’s carreer since all his singles are flops

      • DONTAZZ July 5, 2012


      • OH_GREAT_ITS_HER July 9, 2012

        You would think so. Don’t matter how Samantha dresses it up. The boy has flopped. Poor boy.

      • Tyshea July 17, 2012

        Dumb ass his career is not died his album is #1 in the us, uk, and its number one in 22 other countries so just stfu becuz u dont know what u saying

    • ALONZO WILSON July 6, 2012

      his career is not dead Dumb ass

  2. THE LEGENDARY LAX July 5, 2012

    Should have been 350,000 first week sales

    • fresh July 5, 2012

      shoulda coulda DIDN’T!

      & YOU will DEAL!

      • skintightjeans July 5, 2012


    • ALONZO WILSON July 6, 2012

      yall 2 just deal with it

  3. hunni2nice July 5, 2012

    He grabbing another number 1 album! Though of course sale wise is poor, im just happy he be going number 1 in the UK without promo.

  4. Heister July 5, 2012

    Flop, flop… another flop! Go GaGa!!!

    • Clarrisa July 5, 2012

      What does that do for you though? You must be truly miserable… Like.. WHO gets happy to see someone fall..? Gaga is not even a factor on this post. What a pathetic loser you are LOL smh Just being honest. Take the negativity elsewhere…

    • Queen Brit Brit July 5, 2012

      GaGa is a flop too

      • Miao July 5, 2012


        Britney, insert talent here …………!

  5. Clarrisa July 5, 2012

    That # is slightly disappointing, BUT despite that… Honestly.. The album is probably his best to date. Truly SOLID and versatile. Praying it has better longevity success!! GO BUY FORTUNE! It is NOT a disappointment in any way!!

    • RoyalKev July 5, 2012

      I am a bit surprised it didn’t do better, this could be due to the single choices his label made. Maybe it has something to do with all the controversy ( it’s making people feel passionate about things these days). Breezy really have a few people despising him lately. Anyway, I’m definitely picking up my copy before Saturday. I see him as a great artist with talent. I support him and I’m sure this album will have legs.

  6. Ryan July 5, 2012

    Rihanna’s Talk That Talk debuted with 198,000 copies in its first week and has sold 909,360 in 8 months. Just FYI considering you always call that album a flop yet seem to talk this up as a success.

    • CBE July 5, 2012

      Well well Rihanna brought up again, she released last year and Chris released last year ( 270 000) first week so STFU!

      Let Rihanna release this year or next year she will flop harder then Chris and Usher. #EconomyBad

      • Benron July 5, 2012

        Never ever, she will bring in at least 200k next time with good promotion!

      • Lax July 5, 2012

        @CBE She might flop but as long as she can get
        named Woman Of The Year by a big Magazine we
        will take what shes selling. Shes not flopping in the
        get another something to add to her Resume. And if
        her lawyers clean house like i know they will it could
        get really hot in here.

    • Benron July 5, 2012

      Chris flopped!

      • whatever July 5, 2012

        There you are @Benwrong… I knew you would come Lord you can’t get enough of Chris… Hey I know you are the one doing all the Like and Dislike comments. So Sad!! But it will be okay… Chris will do just fine!! I know how concern you are… oh I’m sure you will be at the other site too… right 😉

    • Clarrisa July 5, 2012

      I’m just wondering… Why do people have to make comparisons ALL the time? Why can’t we appreciate every artist for who they are by themselves and what they do? Rihanna is not a factor in this post either. You can speak your opinion, as I can speak mine. But really.. what point are you trying to make? Whatever it is.. it’s irrelevant. Chris Brown is talented. Rihanna is talented. Lady Gaga is talented. Adele is talented… album sales don’t mean anything. There are plenty of artists out there who have more talent in their pinky who aren’t appreciated, than those who are huge and hyped.

      • Ryan July 5, 2012

        Because this blog is so biased and inconsistent with their reporting. I couldn’t get less about either artist but as a music fan i like to see consistency in the reporting of what numbers constitute a success or a failure. It’s just extremely bad journalism.

    • fresh July 5, 2012

      Talk That Talk has sold 950,00 thousand copies*

      and sells 10k copies a week consistently therefore is expected to sell platinum in a month

  7. ALONZO WILSON July 5, 2012

    Only us black people will buy that album because white people so judgmental and want buy it. Probable the real white people that support him………..

    • tyrone July 6, 2012

      I disagree us black people also wont buy crap if its solid to us. Lets not make this a race thing as its not.
      The reason Chris fails to do well is because he is being Chris Brown . He does not get that his stupid behaviour outside the recording studio is costing him millions . No one wants to know about his antics in the bars and him parading around with thirsty h*** including that karate chop maid of his. Also which idiot told him not to do interviews and radio interviews – the fact is he is not Justin Beiber . he does not represent the wholesome boy demographic that young girls want he is painting himself as a misunderstood victim of the media. he should have been on the defence from the launch of the album by being on all the award shows singing and dancing NOT lip syncing. Who are the people advicing this young man – juvinile PR morons . Chris is a good good kid at heart its a shame he is ruining his carreer by reaffirming what some people think of him. He needs to make a complete break from all this unnecessary DRAMA and actually make proper peace with Rihanna and probably do a press confrence with her or a TV interview with her – that will actually calm the wider audience to move on from the “incidence”. He needs new PR people and advisers not the scavengers he is surrounded by. And he needs to upgrade from that chick he is roaming with who looks like his maid and who is all up with his “open relationship” status. i used to be a big supporter of Chris from the very very beginning not i am just dissapointed. Oh and also Chris – 52 states ??? and Chris Brown’s baby are not the professional ways to advertise an album – get your self proper PR.

    • ALONZO WILSON July 6, 2012

      No dumb ass he didn’t do nothing wrong drake start with him he took action so do me a favor shut the f*** up dumb ass

  8. CBE July 5, 2012

    I will say Im dissappointed but seeing Ushers numbers I knew something wasnt right but oh well…bring on the tour Breezy!

    🙂 the haters will be all over this post like roaches!

    • fresh July 5, 2012

      Don’t use USHER’S sale as a an excuse for Chris Brown’ Fortune FLOPPING

      JUSTIN BIEBER sold 370,000 2 weeks ago and maroon 5 and linkin park sold over 220,000 coppies each for debute week LAST WEEK!

      • CBE July 5, 2012

        Lets wait for HDD numbers before dragging, B**** I wont stop being a fan because of these numbers, using Usher as an excuse? I am comparing…everyone knows its Usher first at RCA before CB.

      • fresh July 5, 2012

        excuses excuses …. people lie numbers dont.. read it and weeeap! :'(

      • ALONZO WILSON July 6, 2012

        them 2 are white they stick up for justin bieber and maroon 5

  9. yeah July 5, 2012

    Drake must be chuckling so hard.. He hasn’t even responded to anything concerning the Club and diss track fiasco for attention

    • Viciousss July 5, 2012

      Drake played it smart, pretty soon people won’t even associate the incident with him anymore. It’ll just be ‘That time Chris wiled out in a club’

      • yeah July 5, 2012

        He is so freaking smart…

    • ALONZO WILSON July 6, 2012

      drake is lil wayne b**** he listening to his man because lil wayne is friends with chris brown

      • Let’s Use Our People July 9, 2012

        So Alonzo, since you think Wayne is in on this, who do you think he’s actually siding with? The guy who makes him millions (Drake) or the guy who randomly hangs out with from time to time (Chris Brown). Wayne will continue to do songs with Chris because he gets paid to do them not because cause he is supporting his “friend”.

  10. NOTSUOH July 5, 2012

    The album is a really DOPE album, very versatile to fit anyone’s likings! I recommend purchasing this album NOWW!!!

    • micheal July 6, 2012

      A bit desperate are we ????

  11. Benron July 5, 2012

    I will restate, Drake Fans diss breezy when your fave can sell his amount of albums, l bet in a year this is at 700k (right around drakes debut numbers.)

    • Benron July 5, 2012

      Oops worded it wrong, Breezy fans can dis drake, THATS WHAT I MEANT!

      • ALONZO WILSON July 6, 2012

        ass hole yall will hate on this social site but want say it on twitter

  12. Aaronomical July 5, 2012

    Although i wasn’t really anticipating this album, “Fortune” is a really good CD. You can really listen to all the songs without skipping. But Chris Brown has lost a lot of peoples respect for him as an artist. Most of the people getting his albums are teenagers and #TeamBreezy, and they’re probably not buying it, they are downloading it illegally. Just my opinion on why the sales are so low.

    • Benron July 5, 2012

      Did you me4ssage me on twitter?

      • Aaronomical July 5, 2012

        message you for what? who are you?

  13. JJFan1814 July 5, 2012

    Respectable numbers but yet you call Talk That Talk a flop???

    I f****** can’t with this site.

    • hunni2nice July 5, 2012

      That album was released last year, just like chris brown’s FAME. THIS year sale wise have been poor all round look at ushers, but hope FORTUNE has longetivity than his last one.

      • fresh July 5, 2012

        SHUT UP!

        JUSTIN BIEBER sold 370,000 2 weeks ago and maroon 5 and linkin park sold over 220,000 coppies each for debute week LAST WEEK!

        your niggah floped!

    • FireIce July 5, 2012

      Rihanna’s album was released during the black friday shopping week. It should have done WAY better than it did. If Chris had released his album during that week, it would have sold more…and if Rihanna had the nerve to ever release an album unattached to Black Friday, it would sell less than.

      Don’t try and turn tables. Rihanna flopped too. And worse. Because not only did she release hers during that uber sales week…but she also had a huge hit on it, but still wasn’t able to generate respectable #’s.

    • ALONZO WILSON July 6, 2012

      white people don’t give a s*** about black people music anymore unless you selling your body like rihanna

      • aynon July 7, 2012

        Beyonce… more than 300,000+ debut, drake 700,000 debut, Jay and Kanye 500,000 + debut

  14. Shaquannamenesha July 5, 2012

    The album is all over the place

  15. Benron July 5, 2012

    I predicted 145k, which is actually much higher than what he was will sell and his fans called me a hater, saying he would sell 300, 400 and even 500k #SMH

  16. Girrrl July 5, 2012

    Boy TGJ is being really nice about these album sales. Had it been anyone else they would be.screaming flop. Fyi I was.correct in my prediction less than Take Care.

    • Benron July 5, 2012

      I think its actually 5 times lower than take care, a little more tho!

  17. Clarrisa July 5, 2012

    Comparing artists is so WACK. I really wish people would stop. I love Rihanna, I love Beyonce, I love a lot of artists, but I NEVER compare and say this person is better than this person.. it’s so childish and pathetic! Lol RESPECT each artist for who they are… I think an artist would take it as an insult to be compared to any other artist. Judge the work they do.. not their competition. Comparing is also taking for granted the artist you “love” so much.. Appreciate them. Don’t slaughter them! They’re doing this for YOU (fans) remember that…. I’m just happy I have music to listen to at all… That is all

    • KD July 6, 2012

      Wow…you got voted down for stating the truth. SMH…What is the world coming to?

      • ALONZO WILSON July 6, 2012

        How do people dislike this some white people can’t agree

  18. Lolax July 5, 2012

    100 000 – 120 000

  19. soulmusiclover July 5, 2012

    flop weak ass negro

  20. KAUG July 5, 2012

    I dont hate chris brown.but his current album is the worst album he produced.tracks such as sweet love,dont wake me up nd till i die are boring.The drama between drake and him was also a factor for the album to flop.Chris Brown and his management thought this album will sell like F.A.M.E .F.A.M.E was good not this crap.chris brown need to take a break from music like other artist.what i think he wants to rule the music industry,which is not happening at all.he is a drama queen

    • CBE July 5, 2012

      His single choices were wrong not the album, stop eating the critics d*** and think for yourself.

      • tony July 6, 2012

        @CBE yes and you shoud stop eating Chris PR d*** and be subjective

      • TARBABY RANGER July 6, 2012

        f** stop making excuses.

    • ALONZO WILSON July 6, 2012

      I dont some of chris brown music because he during white people pop music

    • KANG !!! July 5, 2012

      It’s definitely not Oldonna 😆

      • Suicide Blonde July 5, 2012

        Is that you CAREERENDER, haha.

    • F*CKTHEHATERS July 5, 2012

      lmao like 1000000000000000000000000000 times

  21. TheFame July 5, 2012

    I mean it’s not super horrible numbers considering we’ve seen artist who used to sale huge number like Ciara barely crack or get close to the 100,000 number range. But I mean hey it’s Chris Brown & until he makes some majorly AMAZING like game changing music & fixes his image then he well never be on the track he was once on after his 1st two albums being great…. It’s actually good cd but predictable from him. He just needs to dig deeper

    • gia July 5, 2012

      Ciara? Ha she’s going to flop harder this go around

  22. truth teller July 5, 2012

    That’s just an estimate. In reality, his album is going triple trash bag.

    • fresh July 5, 2012

      read it and weap. 😀

  23. yeah July 5, 2012

    You can’t even compare Usher’s sales to Chris. Usher has been in the game for 2 decades. His album might be doing less numbers, but his singles are doing pretty well. He brought out Climax which is one of the most critically acclaimed R&B song this year. it charted at #17 on the main chart and is currently #1 on the R&B chart for 11 weeks now (The longest run at #1 on that chart). Scream is currently #10 on the main chart. Usher has nothing to prove he is 20yrs in the game with sales artists can only dream of.

    Chris on the other hand is still young. Its freaking too early for him to reach his peak. For the past 3 yrs now, its already been shown that he has reached his peak. His singles aren’t even doing well, yet he is pulling stupid stunts that keeps alienating people as fans.

    • grrreatt1 July 5, 2012

      I agree, Usher’s album sales aren’t that great anymore, but other artists can only dream to have his success and sales, after all he was the last person to go diamond. So he isn’t flopping, Climax is one of the most critically acclaimed songs released this year and it’s also one of his longest running songs at #1 on the r&b charts, his album was also critically acclaimed. He doesn’t have to prove himself, because he has been in the industry for 20 years.

      I feel like Chris needs a break, he needs to take a hiatus, he needs to get his head straight. He’s young and has so much potential to be successful like Usher, but he keeps slacking, and he has been causing too much controversy.

    • ALONZO WILSON July 6, 2012

      that’s a damn lie it charted 10 weeks at #1 only other person that charted was beyonce love on top it charted 7 weeks at #1

      • Failure 03 July 6, 2012

        It’s back at number 1 now. 11 weeks, tying with You Make Me Wanna for his longest running track there. He’s still going strong, after 15 years but the question is, can Chris? He has potential to go beyond Usher, because Usher took a huge ass break making himself deteriorate, so it’s really his own fault. But at least he’s trying, can’t say the same about Chris.

  24. Noel July 5, 2012

    no comment….

  25. CAREERENDER July 5, 2012

    This gon be at the bottom of the trash bins together with t*****-donna’s latest FLOP ALBUM

    • Benron July 5, 2012

      I like what you did there, but Mandonna would be more clever.

    • Suicide Blonde July 5, 2012

      You’re still talking about her Madgesty, bows to the Queen.

    • truth teller July 5, 2012

      I like Madonna but her album was horrible except for Masterpiece. I don’t care about her referring to herself as a “girl gone wild,” it’s just that the beats sounded dated, her vocals were horribly produced and it just was a stale, limp, boring, album that is definitely going to go triple trash bag. I am positive that Chris’s album is a trillion times better than that piece of shite that is MDNA.

      • Suicide Blonde July 5, 2012

        truth teller.
        I’m not gonna discuss about Fortune/MDNA because it¡s all about taste, for me MDNA is a great album, songs like Falling Free, Gang Bang and I’m Addicted are out of this world, nothing like what we have on the radio, but once again it’s just me, your opinion is valid so is mine.

  26. Ugh July 5, 2012

    His promotion wasn’t good. He kept releasing too many songs. People didn’t know what to request on the radio #oversaturation. Well at least he’ll debut at #1 again.

  27. Kgotso July 5, 2012


  28. YouDoRealize… July 5, 2012

    If you’re going to be so stupid and have your name in the media for all the WRONG reasons… then what do you expect? You promote one song up until a week before the albums release… But that’s overshadowed because you got into a club fight with drake. Let’s not forget to mention raz b, miranda lambert, rihanna scandal ( bday cake) . This is all after you push back the alnum. So there you have it, the real reason CBs album flopped, And yes it is a flop.

  29. Alexander July 5, 2012

    Wow, Heavy promotions and wide spread news of the album and RCA Records once again gets knock out by other labels is sad.
    The record label should just fold up or fire the management team for not doing the job.

    • yeyay July 5, 2012

      Co-Sign…how many more examples do we need this year? RCA has screwed up Folks album sales consistently this year….Wonder how many RCA artists get out or not renew their contracts? Man Barry Weiss is missed….the folks running the label right now are lacking…I’m not the biggest Chris Brown fan, but he was with Jive and the RCA merge has not helped…Chris has done his own damage with the “I’m a Rapper” Too Obsession though…Watch Brandy get no support at all and open with like 35-45k..RCA sure knows how to get the most outta album sales for their artist…NOT…Sad, RCA is RCA…..

  30. Jayla July 5, 2012

    No one knew this album was out, so that is still respectable numbers

    • TeamBreezy July 5, 2012

      Thats a LIE! Team Breezy made sure people knew the album was out ..

      weak argument

  31. Vince July 5, 2012

    Not to be rude but the guys on this ebsite should stop being so biased

    As big as C Bron is , and with ALL THE PROMO (HELLO , haven’t you seen all the lives) you’d expect AT LEAST 250 350 K.

    This is not going for him, f****** brilliant dancer , nothing great otherwise

  32. J July 5, 2012

    Whatever!! He just has no competition. Thats the only reason it did well, no other notable artist has their cd coming out at the same time. I heard it, it’s not all that.

  33. Fresh July 5, 2012

    Talk that Talk debuted with 198,000 in its first week 546,000 globally and you called Rihanna a flop. Though F.A.M.E debuted with 270,000 Talk That Talk has sold 950,000 copies and will had sell platinum in a month.

    I love breezy he’s the s*** tbh bug at the same time he’s allowing controversy to f*** up his money with controversy.

    I brought up Rihanna’s figures to say that That grape juice is biased as f*** and the bet hive and Sam were dragging her for her debute sales yet you pay CB on the back? That’s Bulshit STOP It!

  34. WELL DAMN! July 5, 2012

    LMMFAO #TeamBreezy will hit that vote button for fandamonium<-(or however u spell it) but won't buy his album. Where y'all at team Breezy? I will never in my life purchase his albums again. He's too ignorant for me to support him with my hard earned money… I don't support ignorance… WOMAN BEATER!

  35. Auntie_Jackie July 5, 2012

    Too much material and a disorganized promotion strategy gets you 150K. Too much negative press and no cohesive album concept gets you 150K. He’s talented, he’s awesome, but this was messy.

    That said, Chirs Brown did first week numbers people would kill for. He’s doing fine, but it’s not what he’s capable of doing. His ass needs to stay out of the tabloids and stay in the studio, in the art gallery and wrecking the stage.


    • fresh July 5, 2012

      yeap he would aslo kill for 198,000 for his first week as we;; :'(

    • TRUETHAT July 6, 2012

      The most sane comment this year on TGJ.
      Thank You

  36. I Judge Flops July 5, 2012


    I could’ve told ya’ll this.


    (except Adele)

    expect your fav NEXT GO ROUND AS WELL. Get in the “Flop LINE” b****** because it’s coming

    • fresh July 5, 2012

      *nicki play nice with chris… no skipping*


      • Auntie_Jackie July 5, 2012

        Album sales are down for everyone….but he’s still a flop? Okay……..

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) July 5, 2012

      Adele is the queen !!

  37. Nunu July 5, 2012

    Not a fan but congrats to chris 🙂

  38. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) July 5, 2012

    Not bad, I expected worse. This would be more than Usher´s numbers. The industry is totally f***** up. We´ll see the final numbers. But really nobody is doing more than 200,000 nowadays except for like 10 acts during a whole year. Really sad

  39. Ugh July 5, 2012

    This era for him sucked ass. No hits, lackluster performances, crackhead skinny, club drama……….BLAH

  40. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) July 5, 2012

    That’s actually very surprising. I thought he would sell around 200k.

    The album is a great body of work. The only problems are that there are some fillers on the standard version (‘Stuck On Stupid’, ‘Party Hard’ spring to mind) and that he decided to perform the album’s only pop songs at the BET awards, which was all kinds of WRONG! Aside from that, I hope he does well with the album and achieves longetivity. He has a lot of potential urban smashes on the album, so if handled properly, it can be a success and sell about 700-800k, which, given how Nicki, Usher, R Kelly and Monica have done so far, will be a good enough figure.

  41. kelly July 5, 2012

    They are predicting CB album to flop. As expected, he is a ghetto, ugly untalented ebonic speaking loser. I cannot understand why a beautiful megastar like Rihanna would even look at someone who is beneath her. Men like CB are only good enogh to clean Rihanna car, not date her. Rihanna is on a superior level to CB types – she should be with a movie star or Cristiano Ronaldo, Thierry Henry, Mario Balotelli , Zac Efron etc – men of status. CB is not a worldwide famous act, he only got known, globally BECAUSE He was lucky enough to date Rih.

    Not only that he is a violent animal who beats women. If Rihanna was a white Megastar ……she would never date a monster like CB.

    Tiger Woods is single…..if would be nice if tried a black woman too – Rihanna and Tiger would be the power super couple. That is her level, not some monster from the hood, who cannot speak English properly.

    Anway, his career will fade out. He has been given no deals in Hollywood or fashion, so, he is on his way out. Thank god.


    • Verve July 5, 2012

      You sound incredibly stupid. Don’t speak again.

  42. kelly July 5, 2012


    Ha ha all your faves are flopping. Rita Ora HWD has drooped to 65. Alexandra will soon be drooped, kelly will get dropped and CB is done!

    LOL LOL LOL Rihanna is still Queen. She is on the front cover of Hapers Bazaar. Boom – yet another fashion cover.

    • F*CKTHEHATERS July 5, 2012

      yess let them haters know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • tony July 6, 2012

      you forgot she is also “WOMAN OF THE YEAR” for Vogue

  43. LTM July 5, 2012

    Lol and your poll had a 500,000 and higher option

  44. Queen Brit Brit July 5, 2012

    Flop lol!!! Justin Timberlake would never

  45. White girl mob July 5, 2012




  46. robyn July 5, 2012

    slow and steady wins the race
    He will be fine, the album is solid, just poor single choices
    Mirage stays on repeat. He needs to release that next…

  47. KRISTEN July 5, 2012

    personally, I didn’t support this album because I really don’t like Chris. I did buy F.A.M.E it was an okay album I guess. In honesty TUTM the song was too much and too much was going on for one song… I gave him a sec chance after the Rih incident and he got away with that. BUT I have totally lost ALL respect for him with this incident with Drake. He seems ignorant and a horrible attention seeking man. I personally think he needs to grow up, Chris making a diss track to Drake isnt going to make you do same numbers as him! Lost all respects ta da.

  48. Viciousss July 5, 2012

    The sad thing is it’ll probably be lower, estimates have been off lately and it doesn’t seem like Chris is the one who’ll break the trend.

  49. the real xoxo July 5, 2012

    is that it? he and his stans have spent so long hyping up this release. this is no where near as good as FAME. most people only like it because its finally out. sorry but considering his last cd pushed 270k (a decent album) this is very underwhelming. dont even say “poorly promoted” hes been everywhere! 40 on metacritic aswell.

  50. Benron July 5, 2012

    B****, what the f*** do you mean, his album was not expensive “The economy” “everyone but Adele is flopping”. Adele’s 50 pound ass is not taking all the sales, some albums are doing well, these people need to promote harder, other than Chris, because nobody wants his music. He flopped, end of story!

    • whatever July 5, 2012

      Poor Benwrong!!!

      Why so angry… everyday you are looking for Chris… My goodness!! This must be the only life you have is following comments about Chris and Rhiaaannnneee. You really need to find some friends ASAP.

  51. MISHKA July 5, 2012

    Well, Chris…What did you expect? (In my Uma Thurman’s voice in her Schweppes Commercial)

    Numbers don’t lie… Let’s call it like it is, this album IS a miss. Panned by critics, panned by fans and stans.

    Despite his antics: twitter beefs, love triangle (or even rectangle), bottle fights.. his talents used to prevail above everything else. But clearly people are not feeling “Fortune”.

    Production and Single choices are all over the place. The autotune, that tacky album cover, the 3,054,456 free songs…everything about “Fortune” is either “not good enough” or “too d*mn much”.

  52. the truth July 5, 2012

    this is a flop! im sorry but team sleazy were all calling usher a flop.
    this album has been so hyped up, what an anti-climax. (no shade intended)

    the album was weak. only 2-3 decent songs.

  53. Hey Ya July 5, 2012

    He shouldn’t have duet with Rihanna, she is like a jinx to him.

  54. Hey Ya July 5, 2012

    He shouldn’t have duet with Rihanna, she is like a jinx to him

    • TeamBreezy July 5, 2012

      get a life

    • tony July 6, 2012

      that probably the ONLY reason why he is still relevant today. Without the Chrianna stories his numbers would have been even lower . Lots of Team Breezy are Chrianna fans because that seemed like a time when he had it all together now he seems like a total mess – too many tattoos , wild lifestyle and an open relationship with a woman that looks like a boy . Then we have the Raz b and drake beefs and the lip synching fiasco all leading up to the album release sheesh mess mess mess.
      Graffitti was the BEST Chris brown album it was heartfelt and he should have continued in that vein instead of all the time singing about his sexual powers . That would have sold more. The only single on this album that is good is Dont judge me which seems directed at a mystery lady he is longing for – hmm i wonder who she is ???

  55. 0–fame July 5, 2012

    shyyt hes doing pretty good for it beinf out onlii 2 dayys ahha by the end of the week hell be up there … his music on this LP is one of the BEST #TeamBrezzy

  56. blind truth’st July 5, 2012

    Wow LOL…..thats it?
    After all the hype,promo,deluded outburst from stans on Twitter and all over the internet.
    Now if beyonce,Rhianna,Gaga, or anybody else big did those numbers team breezy would try to clown…
    There is no excuse its ok.
    Even though at this point in his career
    Bigger numbers wouldve helped

  57. RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 5, 2012

    Troubled singer Rihanna, 24, is in BIG trouble with the IRS after failing to pay taxes on “tens of millions” of dollars in revenue she earned as a multi-platinum singer from 2008-2010.

    This news comes just one week after singer Lauryn Hill pleaded guilty to tax evasion. Hill faces prison time for failing to file her tax returns.

    But Rihanna’s problems are more complex, according to a report in the NY Post today.

    • Benron July 5, 2012

      Post when you know what your speaking of, her accountants got her audited, she is fine, nothings happening, they lost her millions, she is suing, they have like no receipts of anything, a took 26% of the tour revenue, and they only gave her 6%

      What your reffering to is those dumbasses filed them late and got her penalties, those conasses have been doing this to her for 5 years (2005-2010). The only reason the Loud tour made 100mil is bcuz they weren’t around to f*** it up.

      • X,Y,”and Z” July 5, 2012

        @Benron re: 7:37 pm —

        Although her tax advisers/lawyers and money handers are to blame, according to the IRS, they’ll hold HER accountable! Is it “fair” absolutely NOT! ..But it is, what it is..

        The ONE thing Rihanna doesn’t want is the IRS on her back. It’s NOT a good thing, not now, and not if she wants to do certain things come the near future. If she’s thinking ’bout U.S. citizenship (not sure if she is), it’ll come back to haunt her.

        Citizen, or not, you saw what they did to Lauren Hill, right?

        I’ll advise Rihanna (as I did Breezy/Karreuche/Big Pat regarding that entire Drake/Meek Mill bottle-throwing fiasco): drag them ALL (in her case) the tax advisors/money handlers into court and sue the snots outta them! If it’s proved she’s the victim of foul play, then, it’ll at the very least, take some heat off her.

        X,Y,”and Z”

    • tony July 6, 2012

      and i thought this post was about Chris Brown and his record numbers ? How did Rihanna and her suing he Accountants fall into this post ?.

      Lets focus on Breezy here lets not deviate from the subject .

      Now as you were saying X , Y , Z lets hear what you have to say on Breezy’s numbers

  58. Journey Israel July 5, 2012

    Yell butttt it’s still number one RIGGGGGHHHTTTTT!

    • Let’s Use Our People July 9, 2012

      Only because no one else with a bigger name dropped an album this week. Now if he would have dropped his album on the same day as Justin Beiber, Chris would have barely moved a 100k.

  59. Jessica July 5, 2012

    Sam you’re the biggest hypocrite ever, how can this good journalism when all you do is suck this guy’s d*** every chance you get and the other artist you like. Those numbers are horrible and I’m pretty sure you had a snide remark about Usher only doing about 175k and Chris obviously did well below that.

    You suck and I don’t know why I keep coming back to this hypocritical and bias site.

    • Jessica July 5, 2012

      Also, His albums show no growth and just countless repeats of the same shitty format. When Chris brown makes Albums like Usher’s Confession and has memorable tracks that people listen to after a few months then he can talk about how great he is.

      • X,Y,”and Z” July 5, 2012

        @Jessica re: 8:20 pm —

        Jessica, you’re no fan – which is your right to exercise your ‘freedom of choice’; that said we wouldn’t want you on Team-Breezy in any case.


        *Men..* Listen, Usher is now easing into middle-age, and is now finding “new and creative” ways to hide the multiplying graying hairs on his face and atop his head.

        You see, Chris Brown has what NO current R&B artist has in MASSIVE ABUNDANCE: TIME, ENERGY, AND TALENT(S)!

        “Time”, with all its rule and precision, and in its relentless march, has run OUT for Usher. I know it. You know it.. HE now knows it! It’s ALL now down hill, from here, for Usher Raymond; both literally and figuratively!

        “Time” has too run out for ‘Wheelchair Jimmy’. If there’s one thing his “gory/bloody bottle-throwing incident” had and will reveal to us, it’s just how much of a weakling and gimmick he truly is. Meek Mill used him for the puppet HE is: “See a fool – USE THE FOOL”!

        “Time” has also run out for the OTHER two who where sent to take Chris’ place: Trey Songz and Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber is now where the Jonas Brothers were just 3-short-years ago. And where are THEY now?! “Where” indeed! Puberty is no “friend” to Justin! Trey Songz had the urban stage ALL to himself, and he put everyone to sleep.

        “Time” is what Chris has in abundance. “Time” to, at times, not always succeed — but more-than enough “time” re-group, re-boot, re-brand, and reconstitute.

        “Music” isn’t the only venue Chris will have to express his many talents. The sad truth is, today’s populace, on the whole, with only a few artists as exceptions, do NOT “buy” music. Usher “sold” when folks were buying!

        Question: Has Usher yet appeared in a #1($100-Million) movie that HE was pivotal in its promotion, or had the longest/most exciting scene in? NO! Chris Brown as far as a multi-faceted artist is LIGHT YEARS ahead of Usher as a then 23-y/o.

        “Time/Energy/Talent(s)”, Jessica, is what Chris Brown has in MASSIVE abundance..

        X,Y,”and Z”

      • Girrrl July 5, 2012

        X Y Z
        you can’t be serious. Usher had more talent when he was 15 than Chris Brown will have in his life. You keep saying Usher is old but when he was CB’s age he was breaking records. What has CB broken? Oh yeah the window at Good Morning America. When Usher was in his 20s he had a diamond album, hit singles, more than one grammy, a great voice. Chris has none of that.
        In regards to Drake, he has 2 hit albums that are selling without him begging his fans on twitter every 10 minutes. Usher and Drake will stand the test of time. Once the girls get over CB’s looks and antics he will be over, His album sales have shown that.

      • Let’s Use Our People July 9, 2012

        Sorry @X Y Z but I agree with @Girrrl, once people get over his good looks he will be a has been. If Chris ends up in prison one day ( and at the rate he is going he will), then he will be another D’Angelo. Just a man with a good voice who depended on his looks to get him through life. He is no Usher and he damn sure will never be Michael.

  60. X,Y,”and Z” July 5, 2012

    Alright… I gotta admit..

    I didn’t see THIS coming. I guess it’s time to get BACK on the Blogs and create some drama and move units. Where before we had “Camp-Fenty vs. Team-Breezy”, I guess we now have ‘Team-Breezy’ vs. Drake/The World.

    (sidenote) Sam, ‘The YBF’ changed-up their set-up – you’ll now have to log-in to post comment(s), did you noticed how their comments dropped? Bad for them, good for TGJ..!!

    The artists need the Blogs; Blogs need the artists’ energized, and yes – sometimes noisy, unruly, ill-mannered supporters. The Urban Bloggers need to find a better way to deal with the unwanted spammers, instead of drowning artists’ supporters’ thoughts and ideas with in a flood of “comment-killing” rules/prerequisites’.

    X,Y,”and Z”

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) July 5, 2012

      you H** , everytime chris flop u use rihanna ?!! why is that ?

      was she the one who told him to go and have a fight with drake over her ass ” while having krash-bandicot as a girl friend ” ?!!
      leave rihanna and camp fenty out of this , she got her fair share of backlash after those remixes.

      he should have known better , ppl count him down and point out his anger issues, and he should not come up with actions like having a bar fight while knowing that espicially before his album release, of course his image got trashed and it’s the album sales what gonna show that. all of that happened because of what ?!!
      because in his camp , no one really care about chris !! no one talk to him in a mature way and say : calm down man , this is bad and do not do it. for the sake of your fans and your mom , do not do it.

      you know when we are all angry , there is a moment when you can get calm if someone told you nicely , and in a mature & convincing way , to calm down , right ?

      where is that person in camp breezy ?

      U know the media gonna try it’s best to trash the man and make everyone say he’s a SERIAL “woman-beater” and just harmful to society and national security.
      build’em up to put’em down ?! they love that.
      U #teambreezy should do something about it , you can be a good tool for pressure. u can def do something beside playing the game of ” blame everything on rihanna” or using that card everytime.

      • X,Y,”and Z” July 5, 2012

        @Pop Royalty re: 9:15 pm —

        “..everytime chris flop u use rihanna”

        Minus ‘Graffiti’, just how many times has Chris “flopped”? ‘F.A.M.E’ was a success! ‘Takers’ was a success! ‘Fortune’ has only now JUST BEING released, Team-Breezy hadn’t been given time to get excited..

        And as far as “Rihanna”?! Listen, with all the promo that Rihanna was/is given, ‘Talk That Talk’/’Battleship’ were both colossal failures that did irreparable damage to her brand.

        “was she the one who told him to go and have a fight with drake over her ass”

        ..Hmm… you’re not American, are you? The reason I ask this is you’re not too familiar with American/Western customs, are you? You see, we don’t “fight” over/for “free” p****. And that’s just what Rihanna is “free p****”! Are you familiar with basketball? You see, if you were, you’d know that you don’t “fight” over/for the ball. If you want the ball, all you need do is to find an open position, and they’ll pass it to you. You then “use” the ball, then you pass it on to the next man! And that metaphor/analogy pretty much sums-up Rihanna.

        ..Rihanna is nothing to fight about! You don’t “fight” over another man’s “seconds/left-overs”; don’t believe me? Just you ask Aston Kutcher. Ask Matt Kemp. You don’t “fight” over “loose, easy-to-get” p****. You f*** her, and you kick her to the curb for the next man to use. Rihanna is, as we say in NYC, a “rubber” (condom). No one will “wife” Rihanna. No one “fights” over her. Rihanna’s cheap. Rihanna’s community property! Rihanna’s a w****!

        Listen, re: “the bar fight”: shortly, the entire facts will come out. The civil/criminal cases will surely bring/push them to the light! Drake will be revealed to be the one who caused the bloody, gory injuries to those women. The very ones we’d all saw in those gory/grisly pictures.

        When the criminal/civil trials inevitably comes, when those women take to the witness stand and tell just how much Drake’s brutality changed their lives, he’ll be officially FINISHED! “Wheelchair Jimmy” is easily replaceable. He was ONLY an actor who was playing the role of a rapper. Hollywood’s FULL of ‘Wheelchair Jimmy’s’ He’s a gimmick. He knows it. I know it. You know it!

        ..If Drake wasn’t so threatened by Chris’ talents, he’d NOT have reacted as he had and swung that bottle, nor initiated that bloody carnage as HE had! If Drake had felt Chris as “insignificant”, he’d have just laughed/brushed-off Chris, and kept it movin’. But he didn’t. His reaction was that of a desperate fool.

        If I were you, I’d not be as easily fooled by his album sales, ‘Young Money’ have been known to buy their own artists albums/CDs.

        Look, as difficult as it is to accept: ‘Wheelchair Jimmy’ is finished! Rihanna is finished! Nicki Minaj came for Rihanna; she’s the NEW “IT GIRL”; Rihanna’s one-time mentor, Jay-Z, only now cares about Rita Ora; and Chris Brown is the Lord And King Of R&B. And come his world tour, you’ll see ‘Fortune’ sales explode!

        X,Y,”and Z”

    • TRUTH TELLER July 5, 2012

      OMG I missed you! What does “30-something” Kelly Rowland think about Chris’s sales and how it will impact the release of Ms. Kelly Part IV: The Saga Continues, Chapter 9

    • Let’s Use Our People July 9, 2012

      Ok XYZ, say you are wrong and they find Drake guilty. He’ll most likely get probation just like Chris did cause he’s a first-time offender. But Chris is still on probation, if he gets charged he is definitely going to jail.

  61. MACHAVIEL Aka Gaaglooo! July 5, 2012

    Bien il devrait etre content avec toutes ses immaturites! Il m’a vraiment laissee tomber alors que je l’ai tellement defendu suite au scandal avec Rihanna. Mais dernierement, il agit comme un chanteur ghetto amateur et non comme un chanteur professionel. Je lui souhaite de retrouver sa voix et d’etre plus ambitieux, determine et perseverant!! Allez vas y chris!!!

    • TRUTH TELLER July 5, 2012

      French people care about Chris Brown?

  62. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) July 5, 2012

    oh , poor dude.

    his album even got leaked , let the man breathe !!

    it’s fine chris , it’s fine. it is all up to #teambreezy. it’s time for us to show how they gonna support chris when he’s down like that.

    honestly , that made me sad.

  63. theman July 5, 2012

    His issue is his issues along with releasing way too many non album singles. He has also just become far too irrational. This album seems rushed. He should have just scrapped tis album and went with a rerelease.

  64. X,Y,”and Z” July 5, 2012

    @Girrrl re: July 5th, 2012 at 9:40 pm:

    “Usher had more talent when he was 15 than Chris Brown will have in his life.”

    Could we possibly unburden ourselves of the estrogen heavy ‘hyperbole and sensationalism’?? Can we at least post facts and figures to support our positions/claims (thanks, much, in advance)?

    “You keep saying Usher is old but when he was CB’s age he was breaking records.”

    Usher’s “masterpiece”, “Confessions”, done when he was a 26-y/o when folks were buying albums. As I said, given the “double-time” of the pop-music/culture landscape, Chris has an ABUNDANCE OF TIME AT HIS DISPOSAL! USHER DOESN’T..!!!

    “What has CB broken?”

    1.) DWTS still-standing record for 19-Million watching his performance.
    2.) NBC Summer Concert Series 19,000 live audience draw; a still-standing record.
    3.) Record BET Award show draw, as the main attraction WITHOUT Beyonce, Rihanna, Jay-Z etc..etc..
    4.) As a then 21-y/o the Executive Producer of a #1(well-over) $100-Million (money-making) Movie, that has HIS name, not only firmly affixed as one who played a important role in promoting, but also one who had THE longest/most exciting scene as actor.

    “When Usher was in his 20s he had a diamond album, hit singles, more than one grammy, a great voice. Chris has none of that.”

    And Chris doesn’t NOW have, as “someone in his 20s,” a Grammy to HIS possession?! Isn’t Chris ‘2x the dancer’ Usher EVER was?! Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Usher do “Confessions” in HIS late 20s?! Which just proves and reinforces my point: CHRIS HAS THE LUXURY OF TIME! USHER DOES NOT!

    “In regards to Drake, he has 2 hit albums that are selling without him begging his fans on twitter every 10 minutes.”

    Again, you’re given to hyperbole and sensationalism. “In regards to Drake”: ‘Wheelchair Jimmy’ is an actor who is now playing the role of a rapper. He’s nothing more! If Drake was as “secure” in himself and his talents, he’d have not had reacted to Chris has he did/had: swinging that bottle at him!! The industry, post “Feb 8th, 2009 Chrianna”, thought they could send three dudes to come for Chris: Drake, Justin Bieber, and Trey Songz..

    Trey Songz will sing you into a coma. Justin Bieber will soon “go the way” of the Jonas Brothers as soon as puberty inevitably catches-up with him. And, due to his envy, and hate on/of Chris Brown, come the inevitable trial resulting from his recent “gory/bloody bottle-throwing” NYC incident, Drake will soon be “persona non grata” as Chris was after Feb 8th, 2009 Chrianna.

    “Usher and Drake will stand the test of time.”

    Usher will “stand the test of time” to those who were around to buy his music – WHEN FOLKS BOUGHT MUSIC! That was/is an entire generation ago..


    ..”Canadian-Bacon Jew Actor”: Drake is, as I’d said, an actor now playing a role: rapper. ‘Wheelchair Jimmy’ doesn’t even write his own material. He’s a fraud, and studio-made gimmick, in EVERY conceivable sense of that word!

    Just you mark my words: “Wheelchair Jimmy”(Drake), (Officer) Ricky Ross, and “The White Rapper” will be the death of rap/hip hop..!!!

    “Once the girls get over CB’s looks and antics he will be over, His album sales have shown that.”

    Wait, so ‘F.A.M.E’/’Takers’ weren’t successful?! You’re not only a “hater”, but you’re also rabidly delusional! You said those very same words after ‘Graffiti’, ‘Takers’, and without now even letting ‘Team-Breezy’ swing into action, now the very same! We’re tired of the small-brained-hater drivel from the peanut gallery.

    Listen, for future reference, as welcoming of discourse and debate (and I do, no matter however long, read ALL the comments) as I am, if you continue with you fact-less, emotional, tortured diatribes, I’ll have to ignore you. That said, if you could suppress the need populate the vacancies with fact-less volume, TGJ bloggers would much appreciate it.

    X,Y,”and Z”

    • Verve July 6, 2012

      Don’t try and play that “when people were still buying music” b*******. if a substantial number of people wanted Chris’s album, they’d make it a point to go cop it. The reality is that Chris isn’t compelling enough to inspire sales of his music. Few people want his album. That’s why his punk ass only moved a little over 100k. Deal with it.

  65. BEYONCE’S WEAVE July 5, 2012

    Hahahaahahahahahahaha FLOP figures. His label is going to drop him, an early Christmas present to the masses. X,Y,Z probably bought like 10 copies but unfortunately that wasn’t enough LOL. Chris Brown is a FLOP and I am enjoying his poor sales figures, I will bookmark this page.

    P.S. Drake can shift 700,000 in one week so Chris Brown should know not to pick fights with artists BIGGER than he is. Great way to alienate your Drake, Nicki Minaj, Lil’ Wayne and Rihanna fans, now your project is a huge FLOP HAHAHAHAHAHA.

    • X,Y,”and Z” July 6, 2012

      @Beyonce’s weave —

      Oh, let’s talk “flops”, shall we? K, “4” was a DISASTER! And with ALL the hype and monies thrown at its marketing/promotion?! A disaster of EPIC PROPORTIONS!

      Lady Gaga has come outta no where to take Beyonce’s place; don’t believe me?!

      ..Before Lady Gaga, everything/anything Beyonce released went platinum in less-than a month! She had ZERO competition. But now? Well, now she’s showing up at BET Award shows – front seat – where before she’d thought it well-beneath her – FAKING A PREGNANCY – doing everything as NOT to “waste” any time.
      “Why should I carry a baby, waste 9-months of my life and have to worry about diets and losing the “baby weight” when all I have to do is to pay my cousin to have the child? My fans/the public is stupid enough to believe me – f*** them,” is what YOUR Beyonce said, and thinks…

      Let’s face it, Lady Gaga, and a “Chubby R&B-Singing British White Woman” shook Beyonce to the core.. “HOUSE OF DEREON” NOW TREMBLES IN FEAR, hence faked pregnancies, and the whoring-out of another woman’s newborn, and lest we need more tangible proof: the Kardashian photo-ops!

      When Beyonce faked that pregnancy, and with her now ‘best friending’ Kim Kardashian, she’s finally sold her soul to all that is glib, fleeting, intangible, and inorganic.

      Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, and Rihanna are “Sisters Of The Biblical Failure”. Each was given a ready-made stage with millions of earnest, hungry, ready-to-spend onlookers, only to then walk away empty-handed.

      There has never been seen more pronounced failures than Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and Rihanna!

      X,Y,”and Z”

  66. MovieAmi July 6, 2012

    When RCA took over Arista, Jive and J, they became the premiere home of urban artists…and so far they haven’t been doing a good job.

  67. Arie July 6, 2012

    I am not sure why people think that Drake is a bigger artist but anyway I’m not even gonna entertain that, granted these figures are not all that great. People are too consumed by the hate they have for Chris Brown that they lost all sense. Comparing Usher and Chris is plain stupid because Usher does not have to deal with the media backlash that Chris is still dealing with. Secondly the way music is sold today is different to the way music was sold back in the Confessions Era and whether we like to admit it or not there was alot of structure back then. While I don’t agree with the way Brown marketed this album I also understand why he did it this way, for that reason I think he did good. Brown has what it takes to be a superstar and with the support of his team breezy he will reach that Iconic status he is destined for.

    • Let’s Use Our People July 9, 2012

      Usher didn’t have to deal with the backlash because he did not bring negative attention to himself as Chris does. Also, Usher had people like his mom, who was his manager for the majority of his career, to tell when not to do idiotic things and to avoid negative situations. Chris has a bunch of “yes men” around him. They never try to correct his behavior and they let him make the wrong decisions. Chris’ mom even encourages his bad behavior. She stays in debate with teenagers and young women/men over her son on twitter. I see where Chris gets his bad behavior from .

  68. the real xoxo July 6, 2012

    why are team breezy saying “oh he never did any promo”
    b******* he did so many publicity stuns and antics(see rihanna remixes, drake diss, countless tweets about #autotunejuly3rd, club fight etc.).
    This is the most hyped up release this year and it flopped.
    This is exactly what he deserves for thinking that he can make mediocre music because he knows that his fans are deluded enough to force themselves to like any shite he comes out with. FAME was decent, fortune is mediocre and a flop.

  69. TRUETHAT July 6, 2012

    Julle is almal ‘n klomp dose. Naaiers los die outjie uit. Poese almal.

  70. ohh la la July 6, 2012

    On another topic…..
    Can someone please X,Y,A** some medicine?
    Damn!!!! Everyone doesn’t like Chris…
    Get over it please Omg!!!
    Those made up records Omg….more delusions…..Uh Wow
    Be a fan…not a stan….fans aré classier

    • X,Y,”and Z” July 6, 2012

      @Ohh la la re: 9:01 am —

      “made up records”..?!

      Chris’ DWTS appearance drew a record 19-Million viewers – a still-standing record for that show:

      Chris’ BET Award Show appearance: tvbythenumbers.zapit(dotcome)/2011/06/27/bet-awards-11-is-1-awards-show-on-cable-drawing-7-7-million-total-viewers/96678

      Chris’ Film Contributions: ‘Takers’ actually made money, Chris was its Executive Producer, and the actor with the longest/most exciting scene. Here’s the link for the final figures, mind you, these figures do NOT include the “TV Rights” fees that Fox paid Sony/SG: http://www.the-numbers(dotcom)/movies/2010/TAKER.php
      In contrast, Rihanna’s ‘Battleship’ lost OVER $400-Million.


      X,Y,”and Z”

  71. i&i(yardie) July 6, 2012

    120k is not bad but it is a hugh drop from FAME. I saw this coming from miles away. He is just turning people who were rooting from him off with his dumb dumb antics. If I can get turned off then anyone can. People have said was a good album though, still haven’t decide if I will buy it yet.

  72. X,Y,”and Z” July 6, 2012

    @Beyonce’s weave —

    Oh, let’s talk “flops”, shall we? K, “4” was a DISASTER! And with ALL the hype and monies thrown at its marketing/promotion?! A disaster of EPIC PROPORTIONS!

    Lady Gaga has come outta no where to take Beyonce’s place; don’t believe me?!

    ..Before Lady Gaga, everything/anything Beyonce released went platinum in less-than a month! She had ZERO competition. But now? Well, now she’s showing up at BET Award shows – front seat – where before she’d thought it well-beneath her – FAKING A PREGNANCY – doing everything as NOT to “waste” any time.
    “Why should I carry a baby, waste 9-months of my life and have to worry about diets and losing the “baby weight” when all I have to do is to pay my cousin to have the child? My fans/the public is stupid enough to believe me – f*** them,” is what YOUR Beyonce said, and thinks…

    Let’s face it, Lady Gaga, and a “Chubby R&B-Singing British White Woman” shook Beyonce to the core.. “HOUSE OF DEREON” NOW TREMBLES IN FEAR, hence faked pregnancies, and the whoring-out of another woman’s newborn, and lest we need more tangible proof: the Kardashian photo-ops!

    When Beyonce faked that pregnancy, and with her now ‘best friending’ Kim Kardashian, she’s finally sold her soul to all that is glib, fleeting, intangible, and inorganic.

    Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, and Rihanna are “Sisters Of The Biblical Failure”. Each was given a ready-made stage with millions of earnest, hungry, ready-to-spend onlookers, only to then walk away empty-handed.

    There’s now no better examples of failure than Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and Rihanna!

    X,Y,”and Z”

    • BEYONCE’S WEAVE July 6, 2012

      errrrhhhmmmmm what makes you think I like Beyonce??? LMAO.

  73. Puhleaze July 8, 2012

    This site should be called Flopjuice for stanning for flops.

  74. BALOO July 8, 2012

    Breezy needs to get his head straight, and I think a nice long hiatus should do the trick. I mean, he needs a break from all the controversy and s*** he has been through, and quite honestly I don’t know whether his album will sell a lot, but it sounds good to me. Seriously, If Chris takes a break, he will be able to think things through properly in both his music and personal life.

  75. Let’s Use Our People July 9, 2012

    Not to bring their “beef” into this but:
    When Drake’s album leaked: “Listen…buy it if you like. Take Care.”
    When Chris’ album leaked: “#BuyMyShit”.

    Really Chris. Who threatens their fans on twiter?

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