Hot Shot: Ashanti Unveils ‘No One Greater’ Cover

Published: Thursday 5th Jul 2012 by Sam

Ashanti‘s ‘Braveheart’ LP may not sport much of a pulse, yet that hasn’t stopped the singer from pressing on with the project.

Last week saw the debut of the set’s latest single ‘No One Greater’, while this week brings with it the cut’s official cover.

Stunning. A shame as the same can’t be said for the track itself. For, while eons better than it’s predecessor ‘The Woman You Love’, the cut still sounds like it was cooked in 2004. It should have been served then too. Perhaps then it would have had a fairer shot of becoming a hit of some variety.

Still, in still peddling this project, it’s clear Ms. Douglas has quite the hustle in her. And as time has shown, persistence often yields results. Whether it’ll be with this song remains to be seen. We observe intently.

Your thoughts?

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  1. shay July 5, 2012

    I do believe the person that runs this site is bi-polar.

    Ashanti looks HAWT!

    Love the song too.

  2. I’m a chic July 5, 2012

    I’m a chick and that single cover looks hot. I love the single. I got it on repeat.

    Sam this is HipHop and R&B, not pop garbage. Not everyone’s gearing towards selling out to Pop. I’m glad she didn’t forget where her core fans came from, HipHop/R&B.

    I’m pretty sure Ashanti has other hits on her album that you’ll find to your liking.

  3. WHOCARES July 5, 2012

    IT’S “EONS”. NOT “IONS”.

  4. Jayla July 5, 2012

    This song is HOT! You all know Sam and this crew don’t like anything hip hop, they just want some pop garbage to prance around and shake their ass to.

    Good job Ashanti! Hot Song, Hot Cover

  5. The Shade July 5, 2012

    Sam didn’t say the song isn’t hot he said it sounds like it was cooked up in 2004 and it does ! There’s hope 4 anyone But if this is the route ashanti going then I’m afraid to say she going to flop hard

  6. I Judge Flops July 5, 2012


    Smells like a FLOP

    and the sound SOUNDS like a flop

    I bet if I put the CD in my mouth it would even taste like a flop.

    My sixth sense is the ability for me to foresee a flop and my 6th sense is telling me… this song shall AND WILL do worse than her 1st single.

    • KANG !!! July 5, 2012

      U betta let them muthafuckas know 😆

    • Benron July 5, 2012

      B**** you stan for Beyonce, she has sold 0.00003 albums in the past 7 motnhs, all of her singles flopped and nobody cares about her but the crazy beyhive members!

      • I Judge Flops July 5, 2012

        LMFAO .

        That’s why “4” has sold 1.3 million copies in the US alone.

        More than Ashanti last 2 albums. 🙁

    • shebashine July 5, 2012

      If you so much a Beyonce stan , why are you always trolling for Ashanti? I would like to think that being a Beyonce stan would fill your needs, but somehow the need to trash Ashanti gets you wetter. No wonder you are always one of the first to reply.

      • Lax July 5, 2012

        @shebashine, i heard that you’d think beyonce
        would full fill all of the dang haters ego’s but they
        are always up in the house trying to trash talk other
        artist careers down!

      • christine July 8, 2012


        You spoke the truth on her *ss. I am a major Ashanti Fan and I have noticed that the so called Beehive or Bey fans hate on Ashanti MORE THAN ANY OTHER ARTIST.

        Why is that????? If the girl really didn’t have a chance or any talent they why do Bey fans sweat bullets every time Ashanti puts out music.!!! I think we all KNOW why. Thank you:)

  7. T-blaze July 5, 2012

    the comment posting my the Grape Juice is to get people talking to dispute or concur….with that being said this song is exactly what Ashanti needs in the 2012…If you listen to the radio it would fit perfectly in what we are listening to right now….French Montana and Meek Mills was a brilliant placement on the song and Ashanti although the song is laced with repetitiveness (like the radio) it still none the less refreshing. I wouldn’t mind buying the cd with the two songs “the woman you love” as well as “no one greater” I would rather listen to this song instead of most of the crap on the radio…..big ups to Ashanti.

  8. JER July 5, 2012

    T. I love Ashanti. I bought Concrete Rose first week coins. I bought The Declaration. First week coins. I’m rotting for her. Ashanti always has great songs, good albums, but GORLLLL she always has the lamest singles. HoneT a single has to POP! I need FIRE! Why do yal think everyone has jumped onto the dance trend? People want POPPIN hott uptempo singles. These R&B singles are better left as album tracks.

  9. Neil July 5, 2012


  10. July 5, 2012

    #LMAO! She looked like she just came off that bigbird minaj “stupid h**” video..

    • Eva July 5, 2012

      lol I like Ashanti but that was funny

  11. KANG !!! July 5, 2012



    • shebashine July 5, 2012

      Who cares? Evidently YOU care enough to spend some of your precious time letting everybody know how much you don’t care. Once again!!!

      • christine July 8, 2012

        Tell em…..I co-sign %100

  12. the real xoxo July 5, 2012

    id rather have my fave flop on r&b than slay with dance.

  13. JoArmy July 5, 2012

    I like the song tho…and the cover is hot..I hope song does well

  14. Girrrl July 5, 2012

    I bought Declaration probably will buy the buy this. I agree.with.the.other.commenters. I’m glad she hasn’t gone the dance route.

  15. Lax July 5, 2012

    I dig her and her music and no matter what her music does
    this go around, that ass is calling my name, slowly.

  16. I.D. July 5, 2012

    She looks like she’s real desperate to get some spinach outta her teeth :-/

  17. Meet Sterling Infinity the Birth son of Prince July 5, 2012

    She looking right!

  18. credits July 5, 2012

    That’s a nice pic, it’s a total image change from the “woman you love” video and braveheart cover. Now all she has to do is re-shoot the album cover.

  19. truth teller July 5, 2012

    Ashanti needs to get her ass back in the studio and start writing some new songs for J.Lo in the hopes that Jennifer wants to try to work the chola r&b chick angle once the dance music craze dies out. Ashanti has lost all touch with popular culture, and to THINK that Ashanti was the “Beyoncé” before Beyonce went solo!

    • Jasmine July 5, 2012

      I disagree. I don’t think Ashanti was ever on Beyonce’s level. When Beyonce was Destiny’s Child she was the leader of the biggest selling female group out. Back then, Ashanti was the “hook girl” (ie the girl who sang the hooks on a lot of hit hip-hop records early last decade). I like Ashanti and I think she is a good songwriter, very attractive, and young looking for her age, but as a singer/performer she has always been just average. With that said, I like this song because she is doing what she does best…ie…singing tight hooks and throwing in a verse or two to make a hot track.

      • christine July 8, 2012

        Clearly Ashanti & Beyonce don’t sing alike. Their music & styles are different (for the record Bey came out practically copying everything Ashanti did/wore etc… it was sickening).

        But anyway Ashanti DOMINATED the airwaves like no other. Beyonce nor Destincy Child has ever dominated the airwaves like Ashanit did. That is why her first album holds the record for the top selling female debut. As a matter of fact her 2nd album was Beyonce only competition and the 1st week sales were about the same. Sooooo Ashanti STILL has a fan base no matter how much she is hated on. These are the facts.

  20. Distinguished July 5, 2012

    I wish the song was as hot as the song cover! Ashanti is slaying….her body is sick!

  21. FireIce July 5, 2012

    Wasn’t TGJ praising this song when they first posted about it, now you’re taking shots at it. Fake mutha fuckas.

    Sounds like it’s from 2004? Well, maybe it does, but that’s hardly an insult since music in 2004 was better than the garbage that passes for a hit these days. Artists actually sold albums in 2004. How many albums is Carly Rae Jaspen selling? Thought so…

    On the real tho, while I am “ok” with this song…I do think it needs to be slightly reworked, because it sounds slightly undercooked.

    • christine July 8, 2012

      I agree…. It is good but it could be better. I think Irv Gotti jumped the gun with this one and that is why he pissed off 7 Aerelis who is a perfectionist. I respect the fact that Irv felt like Ashanti needed to drop another song…..It was the right time buuuuut I was hoping that she dropped “She Can’t/ Mine” I thought it was a better choice. However she did pick rappers who are well liked so…Either way I’m STILL buying the CD when it drops.

  22. Sammi July 5, 2012

    She came out the gate hard with “The way that I love you” song and video. I m not sure whats been up with her music lately. My thing is if u had it in u however long ago to produce hit after hit then its still some fire in u somewhere deep. Here’s hoping she finds her footing in 2012-2013.

    • christine July 8, 2012

      So True.

  23. im fine July 14, 2012

    With all the attention this song has gotten on the internet, I see this being a big urban hit. It may even crossover.

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