Watch: Cher Lloyd Lands U.S. TV Debut

Published: Wednesday 25th Jul 2012 by Rashad

British beauty Cher Lloyd looks to make a splash the U.S. shores with her first American television performance on tonight’s ‘America’s Got Talent’.  Bringing a live rendition of her U.S. debut, the Snoop Dogg assisted ‘Want U Back’, the former “X Factor U.K.” contestant brought her music video to life with the stage’s elaborate set.

With the song riding high in iTunes charts, fans can catch ‘Sticks & Stones’, the song’s parent album, on shelves September 18th.

Until then, see how she fared below:

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  1. Jay Jay July 25, 2012

    I see her being bigger than Rita ora in the US.

    No shade

  2. nunu July 25, 2012

    Cher Lloyd is doing well in the state who’s rita

  3. BEYONCE’S WEAVE July 26, 2012

    Well I thought the performance could have been better but I can see why she’ll be a success in the US. She has style, personality and generally something interesting about her. Wish her all the best.

  4. MACHAVIEL July 26, 2012

    You can tell she was nervous..but she is doing very well here in the states..her single is #16 on the hot 100..and it hasnt been that long since it debuted..! People really dig her over here..while erbody watchin rita and azaelia banks..cher could be a sleeper breakout star..

    • kelly July 26, 2012

      I agree Azaelia Banks and Rita ORA will not make it.

  5. HaterzStayPressed July 26, 2012

    She’s cute! And very marketable in the US unlike Rita Ora. 🙂

    • k July 26, 2012


    • kelly July 26, 2012

      Rita will never make it anywhere but the UK.

  6. Tizzle July 26, 2012

    She’s dope. Her performance could have been better yeah, but it was her first time performing over here so she will def get better. Good for her. I def see her being big.

  7. Talk my Truth July 26, 2012

    British beauty! Please….
    Good luck to her, L.A is using all his available tools to market her.

  8. Talk my Truth July 26, 2012

    Okay, just watched it and it was dreadful! Kudos to her for singing live but the cuteness, over americanised accent whilst singing and the Katy Perry styling I can see why she’s doing well.

  9. facekick July 26, 2012

    I thought she was that one chick name Karmin.

    • Virtuoso Intellect July 26, 2012

      Kamin is a male-female duo lol

      • kelly July 26, 2012

        Karin ( the girl ) are going up against Rita Ora for that Rolling stone cover. Karmin has had a hit on billboard and they are number 3 on UK itunes. I think they will win.

  10. Wacky O July 26, 2012

    I can’t stand this wack ass weasel!

  11. the real xoxo July 26, 2012

    i dont like her or artists like her. an edgy image but generic music.

  12. truth tea July 26, 2012

    another manufactured x factor star with no real artistry. and, as expected, the public are eating it up. she is nothing but a cash cow for simon cowell as are one direction.
    “put any boy on stage, make him sing and girls will scream” – Simon Cowell.

  13. kimberly July 26, 2012

    L A REID what is wrong with “C-ERROR”? What’s going on?

  14. kelly July 26, 2012

    To Sam and Rita Stans,

    Where is Rita Ora and her summer smash; R.I.P to the girl you use to see, her days are over; snatching Rihanna wig?

    Told y’all it was LA reid behind Rihanna. Jay Z. Jay brown and Ty ty do not have a clue how to make a pop star. Cher ‘s song only came out just a month ago ( long after Rita’ Much Hyped so called summer smash ) Want u back debuted at 75, then jumped to 51, then 37, now it is 16 – it will go top 5 in America. It is already number 6 on itunes.

    LA used no hype, no one’s ‘ name ‘ ; a limited budget , no over priced, glossy photoshoots – they don’t even really use one direction name to sell, and she knows them personally!

    So, it looks like Cher Lloyd is Rita Ora worst nightmare.

    • ty July 26, 2012


      • kelly July 26, 2012

        I was thinking the same about Sam and all the people who diss Rihanna all day and all night. SHUT THE F*** UP!

        What I say is FACTUAL AND CORRECT. I back it up by facts!

      • jamilaa July 26, 2012

        buhahahahahahaha 2 funny lol @TY u too funny gosh!! rolling on the floor! c**’on mate!

      • F U Misha B-ULLY HAHAHA July 27, 2012

        This Kelly b**** needs a life hahahahahhaha

  15. kelly July 26, 2012

    How embarrassing for Rita ORA and Jay Z : All that money and hype. She has been in vibe, glamour , complex, hundreds etc and she flopped.

  16. Roman July 26, 2012

    She looked nervous as f*** her… Lmfao I was crying thru the whole performance. Tryna bust those moves but she was looking as stiff as Gaga’s d*** throughout that it… Single is doing well though…

  17. kelly July 26, 2012


    remember When you and every one was cooning on Frank Ocean like some kind of messiah? This even included Beyonce, etc. Everyone thought he was gonna be as big as Adele and debut with Britney circa 2000 1.5 m in one week?

    Well, according to LA Times, His LP dropped to number 4 , and amazon are selling the LP for $2.99 He is a flop. I knew that the gay thing was gonna backfire badly. He will not even go platinum. He has dropped out of the top 10 on uk itunes.

    His career is a wrap, he will have to go back to songwriting. I bet when he sleeps at night, he feels shame that he stooped so low and it did not even pay off!

  18. F U Misha B-ULLY HAHAHA July 26, 2012

    Did u see her lazy eye lol its kinda like her singing LAZY hahaha
    another white girl thinking she’s black…

    • kelly July 26, 2012

      Etta Bond, Katy B, kelsey, Tulisa, Rita Ora, Jessie J etc….they seem to have a lot of that in the UK.

    • kelly July 26, 2012

      It is not just the whick chicks in the UK…….Maverick Sabre, Devlin, Plan B, Professor green, Dappy, Example, Connor maynard …..Whites in the UK seem to be the ones doing the black music over in the UK. I cannot believe the blacks in England are just standing for it.

      • F U Misha B-ULLY HAHAHA July 26, 2012

        Well the blackies in the UK are lazy…
        They dont want to work they want to get there money from the job centre and sit on their lazy black arses all day and blame the past for why they dont want to work its the classic chip on there shoulder thing.

  19. That B*tch July 26, 2012

    I couldn’t bother to watch any more after 1 min. This girl just came out but I’m so tired of this h** already.

    • kelly July 26, 2012

      she is cute

  20. antertain July 26, 2012

    Wow she was so nervous on her face at the end.

    Good Job Cher.
    Want her to keep the confidence she shows when in the UK.

    Good and safe start I say.

  21. Dorsey July 26, 2012

    I love Cher. Good job.

  22. Scars July 26, 2012

    she can do it better

  23. Saetana July 26, 2012

    What a horrible noise, I never did understand how she got a contract when she is mediocre at best. She also put herself across as an urban artist and has allowed Syco to turn her into a generic joke. I’m not surprised she is doing well in the US though, they seem to like generic pap over there, please keep her as we don’t want her back in the UK. I still shudder over the thought that the dreadful Swagger Jagger got to No 1, admittedly it fell out of the charts very rapidly after that but it doesn’t say much for the taste of the British pop-buying public either. Then again, nursery rhymes are about her level ;o)

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