EnVogue Drama Explodes: Members Sue Each Other

Published: Thursday 16th Aug 2012 by Sam

As the shot above shows, the ladies of iconic quartet EnVogue have aged gracefully. Sadly, though, their relationship with one another has done quite the opposite.

This month saw member Maxine Jones dramatically leave the ensemble to join former member Dawn Robinson to form another version of group.

Now, tensions have reached fever-pitch with lawsuits in the mix. See what we mean after the jump…

Taking to Twitter this week, Jones said of her one-time “sisters” Terry Ellis and Cindy Herron:



Dawn then chipped in with…


Greatness doesn’t die, it lives on and inspires. Hence, the legendary blueprint EnVogue leave behind in the midst of this mess will no doubt serve as a powerful reference for the female stars of tomorrow. It’s just a shame that the ladies themselves join the ever-growing list of girl-groups who imploded beyond repair.

At least we have the hits to savour…

Your thoughts?

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  1. MJ Lover August 16, 2012

    Smh messy and shady s***. Chile I can’t .

  2. ENOUGH ONIKA August 16, 2012

    Who are they?

    • Biting Truth August 16, 2012

      Who are you? Shut up.

    • BLACK MADONNA August 16, 2012

      Your too young hun go to bed..

    • D.A. August 17, 2012

      Well, you are on the internets, you can google them ya know?

  3. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 16, 2012

    At the end of the day, all that turly matters is the music. They’re grown women and they can handle themselves the way they want to, but that belongs to their private life. All I focus on is that these ladies delivered amazing music from their debut all the way to ‘Riddle’ 😎

  4. Marcos O’liva August 16, 2012

    this group always had alot of drama in it. everyone want to be a diva. they all wanna be the beyonce role. none of them wants to play the kelly or michelle role. i say as long as you cuting me my fair share of the money. i dont care. i’ll sing doo wop bop pop lol.

  5. DOSSOME August 16, 2012

    as usual twitter is the platform celebrities use to air their stupidity…who wants 2 EnVogues??delusional b****** these 4 are.at least we will continue listening to their classics as they make fools of themselves *plays don’t let go*

  6. Sweetnothings78 August 16, 2012

    Dint let go is one of my all time favourite songs. It’s true though their egos have gotten so big they have to air their dirty laundry about.

    Such a shame as they were incredible

  7. Biting Truth August 16, 2012

    They’re a bit old to be acting like this in public. I would expect this kind of drama from a next generation girl group that’s comprised of their daughters.

  8. Eric August 16, 2012

    Great example ladies. Get it together!! Stop shortening your lives with this foolishness!

  9. rnb boy August 16, 2012

    Whats more concerning is they cannot spell!

    Its a shame – whilst their hey day is behind them they truly can sing and I had the luck to see them live – all four of them at the O2 in London a couple of years back and they were amazing!

  10. JadenOneal August 16, 2012

    I think their main issue was tHEy all tried out to be the next big solo artist in a talent search. They never intended to be in a girl group. The management company that held the auditions decided to make them a girl group. Its hard to turn a solo artist into a band member. They are very talented.

  11. MISHKA August 16, 2012

    How old are they to fail to understand that EnVogue without EnVogue is not EnVogue so they need to take it like a business and make it work like the Spice Girls just did?

    Ridiculous Grandmas.

    • XoMoDe August 16, 2012

      Riiiiiiiiight, because the Spice Girls NEVER went through anything like this…


      • MISHKA August 16, 2012

        What did you read, genius…

  12. lucifer August 16, 2012

    please, this is all to boosr interest in their reality show

  13. RG2 August 16, 2012

    DAMN, girl groups always break up over petty b*******, EXAMPLES: Danity Kane, Spice Girls (When Geri Left the Group in 1998), Destiny’s Chid (Letoya & La’Tavia being kicked out plus Farrah leaving after 5 months), 3LW, Total, 702, Xscape, The Pussycat Dolls (which was just a lead singer w/ back dancers). SMH DOES THE CYCLE EVER END.

    • JER August 16, 2012

      You better go in!!!! Makin it look like grown women can’t evn get along which APPARENTLY they can’t.

  14. Kevin Johnson August 16, 2012

    I don’t know what to say about all of this. En Vogue back in the day was my all time favorite female group. I have all of their cd’s and two musical video tapes of them and their hits. What is or was the problem that the talented and beautiful young ladies couldn’t get it together? And why would you allow differences to break up your group because every group have differences. I am disappointed because I won’t be able to SEE or HEAR the original singers of En Vogue do a big comeback because whatever issues that needed to be squashed, wasn’t.
    Ladies ……can this situation be fixed?

  15. B Lamont August 16, 2012

    DAMN DAMN DAMN…I had real hope for them that they had gotten their ish together and were gonna give the fans that good EnVogue (all 4 original member) cd that we’ve been waiting for. What happened that caused all of this to implode? Especially for Max to join #teamDawn. She was always part of the group, except when she was takin time off for her family.

  16. JER August 16, 2012

    LORD THE DELUSIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will these 90’s ho’s get it TOGETHER already? And all my faves too. SMH. En Vogue is a mess. Kim is a mess. Brany is a hot mess. Monica is a mess. MARY is a mess. Mimi is acting her usual damn fool self. Where i my mother Janet?

    • john August 17, 2012

      Ha and Janet isn’t a mess?

  17. Christopher Capan December 22, 2012

    En Vogue f****** blows!!!!! They ruined my life!!!!

  18. chris March 1, 2013

    okay i just saw en vougue tonight and they were amazing! rhona is obviously not the best addition but they put on a great show and I think that if maxine and dawn would just go do their own thing, the remaining two could finally be back on top. I was ready to skip the show after reading about all the drama. And I must say they were better than when I saw all four in ’10 new years eve in albuquerque. Best concert I ever been to. these are the two that have been in the group the entire time the most dedicated and real members the group has ever had. I think the other two greedy b*****es should grow up and just find another job since they cant play nice with others. I would not see the other two alone but these ones have something that obviously makes en vogue great.u must see to believe.

  19. ruinuetriarly June 3, 2013

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  20. Info October 2, 2013

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