Rihanna Taps ‘Anthemic Sound’ For New Album

Less than a year after releasing the #1 album ‘Talk That Talk’, Rihanna surprised fans when it emerged she had already enlisted writers to whip up its follow up.

Calling on the likes of Elijah Blake and Swedish House Mafia to help construct its sound, the Vita Coco belle also welcomed creative mastermind Claude Kelly to her writing camp during her stay in London back in June.

Now, he has spoken to our friends over at Kempire Radio about the LP’s anthemic feel- and what fans can expect from it as far as radio goes.

Details below…

Taking Riri’s vocal ‘limitations’ into consideration, here’s hoping this new album strikes the balance between ‘playing it safe’ and taking her sound to the next level.

By playing it safe- we mean sticking to the formula which saw ‘We Found Love’ and ‘Where Have You Been’ become global smashes,and by taking it to the next level…

If Rihanna succeeds in pushing thought provoking singles akin to ‘Drunk On Love‘ and Madonna’s‘s ‘Papa Don’t Preach’, there’s no reason- aside from those so so vocals- her stock as a global entity with heavy radio rotation shouldn’t sky rocket- and guarantee her that US #1 she’s been missing.

For, if a marked effort is made to craft cuts that work on a plethora of radio formats, there’s no telling how successful this project could be for both she and Roc Nation.

And on a visual tip?

Less of this:

And more of this:

Your thoughts?

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  1. the real xoxo August 19, 2012

    you mean, “her songwriters, producers and record execs tap anthemic sound for next album”?

    • BLUE August 19, 2012

      Yes thats what she always do

      • Lax August 19, 2012

        Rih says
        I’d like to think I am taking people on a journey; I am not just entertaining people, but giving them something to think about when they leave. I don’t need those who dislike me
        opinion because i am focus and driven by a strong desire to
        do better and keep taking baby steps on my ladder! to bigger and better things.

      • Lax August 19, 2012

        @Rihanna haters things you see working girls doing…

        Rihanna is the executive producer of the fashion reality show. The 10-part series is hosted by Nicola Roberts and Vogue blogger Henry Holland, and features a group of aspiring designers competing against one another.
        I mean what can i say…haters what can you make out of
        things you can read about that working girls do.

    • Lax August 19, 2012

      @MOB ,,,,AND Rihanna haters it is really funny
      how many time you CALLED OPRAH out of her name
      @MOB,,,and no one not a single commenter called you
      on it but then THEY, HATERS can worry about how many ESSAY’S HER FAN WILL WRITE AND DAH, DAH, DAH,,,,,,
      And Rihanna can be called every bytch in the book and ther’s not a single one of you GOOD people other then her fans and a sellect few who is man, woman are ass hole enough to say a dam single word, about Rihanna’s ass getting bashed.

  2. Siberian Prince August 19, 2012

    If only her talent matched up with her work ethic…

    • Lax August 19, 2012

      Rihanna a hard working artist..
      Making a name for yourself in the music business is hard enough in itself, but to make such a worldwide impression at a young age is a huge feat — yet something Rihanna seems to handle with ease. After making her professional musical debut back in 2005, this singer’s popularity has only continued to grow, earning her some of the biggest acknowledgments this generation of artists has ever seen. And she’s only 24 years old! Crazy, right? Accomplishing so much at such a young age definitely deserves some recognition, so in honor of Rihanna’s 24th birthday, here’s a look back at some of her biggest accomplishments in her career thus far. And at this rate, who knows where she’ll be by the age of 25! Sky’s the limit for this superstar.

      Named the Most Liked Celebrity on Facebook in 2011
      Sure every celebrity has a huge band of follows thanks to the overwhelming amount of social media sites these days, but Rihanna continues to be a standout among all the rest. As of now, the singer has 51,711,204 fans on Facebook, over three million more than Lady Gaga (48,128,783), and over eleven million more than the likes of Justin Bieber (40,507,655). But it is not only Rihanna’s Facebook page which garnered such extreme popularity on the site. Her “We Found Love” single featuring Calvin Harris was the most listened to song of 2011, beating singles from other singing sensations, including Katy Perry and Adele. A huge accomplishment to say the least.

      Ranked As One of Forbes Magazine’s Top-Earning Women in Music in 2011
      Though Gaga ranked the No. 1 spot on the list, grossing a whopping $90 million in profits, Rihanna managed to rake in a highly respectable $29 million for the year, earning her a well-deserved fifth place. She beat out the likes of Britney Spears ($10 million), Carrie Underwood ($20 million), and even Adele ($18 million), who received major praise last year for her hit album, 21. Adele may be Rolling in the Deep, but as of last year Rihanna was certainly rolling in the dough.

      Third Most Googled Celebrity Woman of 2011
      Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites we are able to stalk our favorite celebrities as fast and as often as we like. So who’s getting more cpms (clicks per minute)? Good old Google always has the answer and according to its results, Rihanna was ranked the third most Googled celebrity woman of last year. This is a praise certainly worth mentioning given that people resort to Google to search for basically everything, so the fact that Rihanna is one of the hottest topics among female celebs is definitely a commendable accomplishment. And again, it needs to be stressed that she’s only 24 years old! Is anyone else feeling extremely lazy right about now?

      Named Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive in 2011
      Though her artistic accomplishments are impressive in and of themselves, Rihanna has also been praised for her looks as well as her talents. In October 2011, Esquire declared the singer the Sexiest Woman Alive for 2011, singling her out amid a number of other candidates. Sure you could see it as just one magazine’s opinion, but it’s definitely an honor any female celeb would be happy to receive. In a business where beautiful people are never in short supply, it’s definitely an accomplishment to be able to stand out among the rest and be acknowledged.

      Helped Guest Judge on The X Factor
      As most of the world already knows, Simon Cowell demands to work with the best and the brightest of talent. So when he decided to have Rihanna help judge which contestants should be eliminated at the Judges’ Homes, you know it means he trusts in her artistic opinion. Can you believe that? At the age of 24 she’s already earned professional praise from one of the most critical people in the music business. The fact that Simon’s deemed her talented enough to help find new talent proves that she really has “made it” in the industry. And given everything we’ve learned about her, she’s only just beginning.

      • Lax August 19, 2012

        Remember these are things you can find RIHANNA
        doing the same artist that many of you calls every negative name in the book. The same artist thay you calls ugly and is going to not do good in her career, the same artist that yo broke butts swears is on her way out of the buz because sh’s a doper and all of the other NEGATIVE paint brushes you tries to paint her with.

  3. Siberian Prince August 19, 2012

    She is the most hard-working non-talented artist ive ecer seen lol

    • mob – operation kill the b!+@# August 19, 2012

      Pretending to work hard is what you have to do when you have no talent yet propped up constantly by the media. The ‘POWERS THAT BE’ have invested alot of time and money into this HOWLING GOAT. That’s why she is WHINING & LYING to CRACK SMOKER, FORMER TENNESEE PROSTITUTE, ABORTION HAVING BABY KILLER Oprah Windfrey!

      • Lax August 19, 2012

        Mob Rih love being the key board on yo computer.

      • Lax August 19, 2012

        Mob Rihanna will never be intimidated by the likes of you,
        and neither will me are her navy, boo, boo, u stay mad over
        her much success.

      • mob – operation kill the b!+@# August 19, 2012


        Ha Ha Ha 🙂 😉 🙂

        baa…..”I miss him so”…baa….”Oh wait, there’s a spot of grass”…….baa……..”I’ll be right back”

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) August 19, 2012

      It confuses me that yowould think “Non talented” artists would be lazy. Shouldn’t they have to work harder? Think of it as the naturally talented athlete vs. the one who works harder.

  4. diddy August 19, 2012

    She is AMAZING

  5. KING-BREEZYONCÉ August 19, 2012


    • Lax August 19, 2012

      Rihanna will always remember….
      That consciousness is everything and that all things begin with a thought. That we are responsible for our own fate, we reap what we sow, we get what we give, we pull in what we put out.

      • Lax August 19, 2012

        The dirty little secret about people working for her
        and to those who want to try and undermind that system
        can sit their lazy asses around and pass judgement all they want to because Rih is focus and she love what has happened thus far in her life and she is going to work just as hard from now on to try and keep getting it right. Right about now from her and her teams outlook the sky is still the limit, folks.

    • Lax August 19, 2012

      @KING-BREEZYONCE Rih says to you and those who think
      like you think the bey hive and her haters….
      I pay attention to what’s going on around me. I’m always looking for new energy, new talent, new voices. When you do that I think it’s easier to come up with fresh ideas. It’s not that my career has been based on surprising people, but it’s been about challenging myself — to constantly do new things that are going to broaden my own mind and in the process, hopefully, connect with other people.”
      The way she thinks about herself and the world around her she has already made it to that giant melting pot of
      super stars and now that she has paid into the system she have got time now to plan her work and work her plans, just like she want.

  6. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 19, 2012

    Love her or loathe her, she brings it with the music every time. She always collaborates with the best producers and songwriters, so I don’t doubt she’ll be bringing the heat yet again. That said, I’d like the album to be more in the vein of ‘RR’ as opposed to ‘Talk That Talk’ 2.0. ‘Rated R’ remains my favorite Rihanna album 🙂

    • Reality101 August 19, 2012

      LOVE RR…that aLbum came from a real place…

  7. mkigz August 19, 2012

    I honestly believe that Rihanna has a great voice – She just doesnt show case it a lot live – I personally believe that she performed her best vocally before rated r came out – during the first three albums she was consistent live. The most recent three albums that she has put out she has only performed well about 50% of the time. She needs to step up her game when it comes to the vocals. With that said Im not too sure about how I feel with album number 7 being released so soon after Talk That Talk – Even though there’s a world tour coming up next year I would have preferred an album some time next year. SMH – Here’s to hoping that the album will be great (which her albums always are) and to hoping that she puts a lot more effort into her live performances – there is no excuses 7 albums in!

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) August 19, 2012

      Its supposed to come in march/april.

      • mkigz August 19, 2012

        what the seventh album?

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) August 19, 2012


  8. Luvrihanna August 19, 2012

    Hope this new album will sound good….we’ll just have to wait and see !

  9. JJFan1814 August 19, 2012

    Rihanna continues to run the music industry. Sam always writes a novel regarding Riri’s ‘talent’ & ‘vocals’……The same things that he bash constantly are the same things that slays his faves along with everyone else.

    Kinda ironic, isnt it?

    • Gilberto August 19, 2012

      How does she run the music industry with flop albums like Music of Flop, A Flop Like Me, Rated Flop and Talk That Flop? LOL. You’re delusional.

  10. mob – operation kill the b!+@# August 19, 2012


    Whine…”CB has souless eyes”…..whine “I miss him”…..whine “he ruined my entire life”…. whine..ah.. wait CRACK SMOKING PROSTITUTE Oprah Windfrey….what was that?…. “BUT Jayz & PR Team, I already said he has souless eyes”! 🙂

    • mob – operation kill the b!+@# August 19, 2012


    • Lax August 19, 2012

      @MOB i know yo ass is hot this morning and i love it…
      Yo ass have already made the navy & Rihanna’s day!
      I can visualize, yo broke, busted scum bag ass trying
      so hard ti ruin this day, but hold the heck up and know
      that “Homie” do see and read yo misery in yo heated
      and laced with hate comment. You can tell a whole lot
      about the mind set of a “Scum Bag” by what they Type,
      claw, and beat on a keyboard really hard trying to hurt
      Rihanna & her navy’s Feeling, and know that we are
      unbothered by the mere fact that yo ass is hot under
      the collar and the only way yo ass will ever be able to
      try and strike back is by trying to claw yo way through
      that Rented keyboard you are killing right now…Lax…
      come and get me “Scum Bag” !!!!!!

      • mob – operation kill the b!+@# August 19, 2012

        Hot about what the truth? LOL

        Rihanna is worthless. The only one that claws on anything is your GOAT QUEEN RihFUND. And dear, if you can visualize me being destitute, you might want to contact your psychiatrist for a stronger ANIT-PSYCHOTIC medication you loon!! 🙂

        Ruin what day? For whom, R******? What is she doing or saying on this day that males her worthy of anything grand? BEYONCE IS THE SPOKES PERSON FOR “WORLD HUMANITARIAN DAY”! RihFUND is whining and lying on fat CRACK SMOKER, BABY KILLER & FORMER PROSTITUTE Oprah Windfrey’s flabby shoulders…LOL. Yeah, I’m really upset at that LMAO 🙂

    • Lax August 19, 2012

      “I am attracted to a thug. I like that quality, but I like the other side of it, too. Because all guys who go around behaving in macho ways are really scared little girls. So you have to look beneath the surface. There’s a difference between my ideal man and a man that I’m sexually attracted to
      Rihanna speaking to you and the likes of yo Scum Bag
      mind set, boo, boo..

      • mob – operation kill the b!+@# August 19, 2012

        LOL, R****** is a WH H O R E. What standard or quality? This trick will DROP IT LOW & SPREAD IT WIDE to any man who wants a sniff! –Beyonce’s pet camel, Chris Brown, Drake, Meek Mill (ewww, damn), Aston Kutcher, Matt Kemp, the dude from her video shoot, the milk man, the post man, damn just any MAN.

        LOL, “Standard and Quality ” <— she needs to perfect that in herself before trying to critcize anyone, male or female. CLOSE YOUR LEGS ALONG WITH YOUR LYING LIPS RIHANNA! …thank you

      • Lax August 19, 2012

        MOB she might be but she’s a PAID HO!!unlike
        the likes of you.

      • mob – operation kill the b!+@# August 19, 2012


        Instead of cleaning her nasty twat, you better worry about washing your own before your next “client” boo boo!

      • Lax August 19, 2012

        operation kill could be to knock yo
        own ass off mob and it is clear
        that you are dreanged and it
        seem you stay “Corked & Screwed”.

    • Lax August 19, 2012

      @MOB do things like this P*** you off…
      USMagazine, Sunday, August 19, 2012, 8:30am (PDT)
      Rihanna will never forget her first love, no matter how tragically — and suddenly — their relationship ended.
      During her appearance on Oprah’s Next Chapter (airing August 19), the 24-year-old singer tells host Oprah Winfrey, 58, that ex Chris Brown, 23, will always have a place in her heart.
      “I am reminded by a lot of things. A lot of good memories we had,” Rihanna says of Brown. “By the slightest things: hotel rooms, tour venues. Any little thing: music, songs. And I do miss him at times.”

  11. Lax August 19, 2012

    Rihanna and navy what ever happens, keep thinking like this….
    I am the architect of my destiny. I am in charge. I bring that to me, or I push that away. You can no longer blame other people for things that happened to you. The other is that there is order in the universe, even though it looks like chaos. We separate the world into categories: this is good and this is bad. But life is set up to trick us. It’s a series of illusions we invest in. And ultimately those investments don’t serve our understanding, because physicality is always going to let you down, because physicality doesn’t last.”
    The very best aph-rod-isiac ever is “Rejections” from those who can’t stan to see
    you shinning ever so bright.

  12. DOSSOME August 19, 2012

    WTF?7 albums in already!!!what happened to artists taking time off to get “artistic inspiration”….Her label should stop exploiting her like this,she’s got a life to live aside from making money for those greedy record executives

    • wendell August 19, 2012

      After this interview I’m wondering how this album will sell after Rihanna saying she sometimes miss Chris. How is the mainstream going out and purchase her album after that statement.

    • truth tea August 19, 2012

      you cant get “artistic inspiration” if you dont write your own songs. rihanna is nothing but a cash cow

  13. Lax August 19, 2012

    @DOSSOME These labels do that many of these artist works
    like crazy on their albums in all sort of ways. Like just to name
    a few who come to mind, Gaga is working on her next Offering
    while she is on tour and now a day it’s not uncommon.Taylor
    worked on her album while on tour.,That has to also be what
    the artist want to do because they do that a lot, now a day.
    I do cosign what you stated.

  14. mob – operation kill the b!+@# August 19, 2012

    No, no, no LOL…. RihTARDs label is not exploiting her. They just realize that her days are numbered. There is only so many more times the crowd can stay attentive to THE SAME OLD SCHEME/SCAM….i.e. I need to promote a CD or Single therefore Chris Brown…blah, blah, blah……Let me put my hand in my panties and rub…….let me take off my clothes, roll-up a fat one then jump on stage sounding and looking a hot mess! You can’t blame Def SCAM & GayZ for squeezing every bit of money they can bleed out of her…… ** I WOULD!! 🙂

    • Lax August 19, 2012

      A lot of people are just really confused by me; they don’t know what to think of me, so they try to compartmentalize me or diminish me. Maybe they just feel unsafe. But any time you have an overtly emotional or irrational, negative reaction to something, you’re fearing something that it’s bringing up in you.
      To you mob, haters…..Rihannas though process and as long as she pay ATTENTION to those who has paved the
      way for her she along with countless others will be just fine.

      • mob – operation kill the b!+@# August 19, 2012


        It’s easy R****** know need to guess, speculate or wonder. We judge you based on your constant need to seek attention:
        > We see that you will PROVIDED LIMITTED INFORMATION or opening LIE when it gives you the attention you so desperately seek!
        >Everything you do or say is a scripted action to garner media attention. Be it CONSTANTLY WHINING about Chris Brown, BOOT-CALLS to Aston Kutcher home at 4an, SMOKING DOPE in public, slinking around the corn fields of Ireland half-naked, having a look alike Chris rown charcter in your videos….oh did I mention CONSTANTLY WHINING about CHRIS BROWN 0_o? 🙂

      • mob – operation kill the b!+@# August 19, 2012


      • Benron (King Of The Navy) August 19, 2012

        Chris brown is never the main topic of her interviews but he comes up, that ‘Chris look alike” looked NOTHING like chris if you ignore skin and hair color and he wasnt even the first choice for the video.

  15. TC August 19, 2012

    I’m so stoked that Claude Kelly is working with her, cuz they last time they were able to come up with the AMAZING Firebomb!!!

    • Spot Love August 19, 2012

      Is this the singer-songwriter TC??

  16. Lax August 19, 2012

    NEW YORK (AP) — Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Michelle Obama are giving a helping hand to Beyonce.
    RELATED: Beyoncé Debuts ‘I Was Here’ Video For World Humanitarian Day
    Obama and the pop stars have signed on to support Beyonce and the global campaign for World Humanitarian Day, which is Sunday.
    The campaign asks that on Sunday people help others through such acts as making sandwiches for the homeless or volunteering at a local charity. The goal is to share 1 billion messages of hope.
    A representative for Beyonce says that Bieber, Gaga, Obama, Rihanna, Shakira, Jay-Z, Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin and others will participate.

    • BLUE August 19, 2012

      STFU r******

      • Lax August 19, 2012

        Say Blue…
        Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another.

      • mob – operation kill the b!+@# August 19, 2012


        ” Poor is the man or WOMAN whose pleasures depend on the permission of another.” YESSS…….so why can’t she move on?

    • mob – operation kill the b!+@# August 19, 2012

      And all the ppl you listed are connected in some way with the exception of Justina Babble but of course his ppl would have him their for a good PR stunt! I’d say the same of Shakira who ust signed to YMCMB. It’s a good PR STUNT for them all actually!

      let’s see:

      Jayz – ABUSER who beat foxy brown and amil lion & sold drugs. A good Humanitarian effort would have been for you JAYZ, NOT TO HAVE SOLD DRUGS TO YOUR PPL THAT DESTROYED YOUR COMMUNITY!

      rihanna – s**** that use to sleep with her pet camel & will be whinning for crack smoker & prosittute oprah windfrey.

      Paltrow – delusional white girlfriend with her husband Chris Martin


      • Lax August 19, 2012

        MOB tell us why you mad, though, yesterday
        you stated that rihanna was a big liar and that was yo reason for yo hate. But let me tell you this if you don’t like her why in the phuck do yo ass LIVE on all of her Post, Scum Bag” are you on a Rihanna post reading me and other Navy & Haters
        who are always surfing looking for Rihanna and trying to see what she’s doing.

      • mob – operation kill the b!+@# August 19, 2012

        WHAT —> “scum bag” did you learn a new phrase? LOL

        I could care less about Riri. I just don’t like when she parts lips to mention Chris Brown’s name. Whenever she does he is left dealing with the fallout from the ONE-SIDED PITY PARTY SHE CONSTANTLY HAS everytime a new CD or Single is in the works. If she would refuse to speak about CB as she has her Aston Kitcher BOOTY-CALL episode, then I’d have no problem with chicky!

      • Lax August 19, 2012

        @MOB, Whaaaaaat u could care less now
        look at you going and letting the world know
        how big of a dam fool u r, you see Rih wanted
        to do the collab. with Chris many was pissy
        but i though why not it’s her life and her past
        not mine. Of course i went with the flow i had
        to and also i do believe that God do forgive us
        and who am i to say this are that about Chris
        Now mind you it was Rihanna who got the Beat
        Down, but i RESPECT her enough to let it go if
        that’s what she wanted to do and i have had to
        control myself from calling Chris names and
        trying to MUDDY the water for him, but yo ass
        acts like you are bitter because chris and rih
        used to be a item, and as far as her Talking
        about what happened to her with Oprah that is still Rihanna business. And just so you’d know i hope
        this is it, okay.
        Therefore keep name calling Rihanna and keep
        trying to bash and beat her wheels off BLAME it
        all on her Keep telling yo SCUM BAG a new word
        i have found that seems to name yo type to a “TEE”
        is still in the year 2009 and trying to make me and
        others think that Rihanna started the fight and them
        beat her own ass, Boo, Boo it’s the past and as far as
        me, you, her haters and the navy is concerned it happened
        to her Oprah was asking the question and Rihanna who
        is/was the last time i CHECKED a full grown ass woman and since yo ass always calling her ho’s and other names to describe just how SASSSSSSSSY she really just don’t let yo ass forget that in yo own words she’s as far as she is because she ius using what happen to get ahead well guess what she’s Rihanna she took the “Ass Beating” and the beating in her Face THEREFORE RIHANNA has a right as far as yo Scum Bag ass goes “To Talk About It” all she dam well pleases and if you and others don’t like it then do something about it.

  17. Benron (King Of The Navy) August 19, 2012

    Rihanna’s voice is not overally nasal (britney spears) it does not break constantly (Katy perry) and it is has a sweet tone to it when used properly. Its not THAT hard to make her sound good.

    One of her instagram fans asked her for Rated R 2.0 and she said she was “considering it”. Hope she does it.

    • Gilberto August 19, 2012

      Rihanna doesn’t have any control over her albums. Def Jam tells the producers and songwriters the direction they want. After the massive flop of Talk That Flop, I bet her next album is going to be full of (generic) dance songs. Wait and see.

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) August 19, 2012

        Yes, she does, read my next album.

  18. Benron (King Of The Navy) August 19, 2012

    Think of Rihanna’s career purpose like a manager/DIRECTOR. She co-writes but for the most part she just tells everyone what to do. She DIRECTS them what kind of pictures to take for promotio. SHE DIRECTS them what kind of songs to write. She MANAGES which songs make it on the album and which don’t. She does decide the name (Talk That Talk) and choses the cover (from the pictures she directed). Even all her music videos get run by her.

    This “puppet” thing isn’t cute when all other artist have the same or less input, maybe a little more if they actually write all their songs but since their are PROFESSIONAL SONGWRITERS, she may use them.

  19. ChacChanana12 August 19, 2012

    Okay @ lax your posting the longest comments non stop with all the back and forth she probably has 12 comments from diffrent people. But I read ( I’m not trying to hate but u make me wanna cause MY faves r so much better than Rihanna but whatever) on a blog ” is the reason 4 Rihanna not having a number 1 album cause she releases an album every year or should she trying every couple if years like some other artist. This might mean people r more ” thirsty” for her and her music etc” What do u think lax because I’m starting 2 think out of u n benron u r the biggest Rihanna Stan. Y’all both hate on any other artist sometimes underground but I think I might stop reading comments cause they r pushing me away from her n that isn’t right. Reason being one person said everything Sam critizes her in talent and vocals she slaves your faves. Gurl bye I know about 5 underground artist or not as well know that’ll slay her in vocal right of the top of my head. It irritates me how people always compare here to other artists that r miles ahead of her and here’s the thing: all y’all say is she got whole lotta number ones. So that has nothing 2 do with TALENT. Talent is either ( if your an artist) singing . Well IMO u should have a at least good voice. Dancing and performing i mean getting on that stage u should be owning it Rihanna just walks back and forth giving u bad vocals and I do think Rihanna can sIng just breathes through her nose n stuff she needs lessons in techniques of breathing maybe it’ll then come out right. Oh yeah. @benron and lax I’m so SICK of u acting like Rihanna is this great singer dancer and performer. Rihanna isn’t horrible live…well sometimes can’t dance ( she danced one time in a video which wasn’t like real coreaography just shaking stiffly) n she KNOWN for being a bad performer. So tell me as an ARTIST what is great bout Rihanna. What talent does Rihanna have besides number 1s which some aren’t that good I liked hard n umbrella Pom de replay n that’s about it n talk that talk cause their urban itself 4 pon de replay. So without bashing or comparing or talking about any other artist tell me y Rihanna is the best because u seem 2 believe that from all these negative post u make about diffrent artist. N u can’t talk about record sales number 1s etc. just talent because record sales don’t prove anything about the quality of the music. So talk about all her talent n overall things great about her as an artist. The only thing I can say is back in gggb n rated r days she had some style. But that’s not talent but u can say stuff like that 2. But no sales n charts cause they prove nothing about u as an ARTIST or the QUALITY of your music. Tell y her music n performing is great n singing u can even send me some links I promise to watch them and give an honest opinion!

    • Lax August 19, 2012

      @CHACCHANANA12 Now if you was tellin the truth
      and u r not then Rihanna’s nave would take this as
      gospel right here by this Scum Bag, and i know you do know because even though you r trying to talk shyt about what and how
      i do thing and Benron we don’t think like you are this ass hole and you do not see the navy defending no one but who we stan for because of all the post in the last SEVERAL MONTHS, here you will never in LIFE read the S***** ASS
      THINGS that are always IMPLIED on and aganist Rihanna and her navy like this S***** comment and of course yo S***** comment reminding me and others that Rihanna do have a few good soliders who RESPECT HER HUSTLE just as much as you do BEYONCE, CHRIS AND OTHER, YOU “SCUM BAG”..

    • Lax August 19, 2012

      @CHACCC As long as we reads yo ass and this
      LOL, R****** is a WH H O R E. What standard or quality? This trick will DROP IT LOW & SPREAD IT WIDE to any man who wants a sniff! –Beyonce’s pet camel, Chris Brown, Drake, Meek Mill (ewww, damn), Aston Kutcher, Matt Kemp, the dude from her video shoot, the milk man, the post man, damn just any MAN.
      Keep them hate filled comments coming “Scum Bags”…

      • Lax August 19, 2012

        Rihanna like always..

  20. whyohwhy August 19, 2012

    This will be just another cover-up and to be frank I believe people are getting tired of it. Get mad, say it’s hate or what ever but Rihanna is not talented all of her stuff is based on beats mixed with an image which boils down to she has no growth in her music or vocals if that’s what you call it. Rihanna will give you the same thing with a different name…

    • Lax August 19, 2012

      @WHYOHWHY Yeaaaaah what ever, Rih is a working
      Woman and a hard worker at dad, she even took pops
      to toyko with her to hell with what you haters are saying she’s
      still making it rain on yo asses.

    • Lax August 19, 2012

      Rihanna was all smiles upon her arrival in Tokyo on Thursday. The pop princess was decked out in a black Versace T-shirt, green leather jacket, jeans, and Gucci purse as she made her way through Narita International Airport. She will headline the Summer Sonic Festival in Tokyo on Saturday and Osaka on Sunday. The two-day concert extravaganza also features performances from Pitbull, Azealia Banks, Ke$ha, Mac Miller, Nelly Furtado, and more.

      RiRi turned her trip into a family affair, bringing her father along with her. “Me and pops spent his entire bday on the plane!!! SMH!!” tweeted the singer, who is nominated five times at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards.

      Her fashion reality show “Styled to Rock” premiered this week in the U.K. and she has been working on a new album, but no release date has been set.
      Keep trying to shyt talk her career, and try and lie to yo self
      saying she’s a “Nobody” because the world knows a different and more compelling truth that they can see clearly in Rihanna and her work around the globe.

    • mob – operation kill the b!+@# August 19, 2012

      THIS HERE!! 🙂

      But you are now considered a hater. I will admit that I liked GGGB. That was her best CD – really her only memorable CD if you ask me. Unfortunately, every CD she has produced after that effort has just been generic. I think she is being forced to produce music in volume so that the POWERS THAT BE who control her career can recoup their large investment.

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) August 19, 2012

        Rated R was generic? Loud was generic?

        B**** bye you stan for Chris brown. Trey songz, Jason derulo and any other R&B artist could easily sing his songs.

      • Lax August 19, 2012

        @MOB to me spewing hate kills one’s spirits and their
        pressure is up and they are as tense as ever. I mean why
        would some one you label a liar, and dah, dah, dah be of any interest to another person? I mean it’s fine to try and shyt talk RIHANNA and question each and everything her navy do that is cool because at the end of each day, nothing will change the FACT that Rih is a force to WATCH and talk about from here on, and it matter’s noat a single phuck how she got there what matters is that she made it there. I read you often saying that the incident is what made her a super, some more dah, dah, dah anywhoo, its fun Reading you and others who are always trying to take rihanna’s head all the way off..and you are doing that to a working chick i wonder what would it be like if Rihanna’s ass was lazy as Hell.

  21. JAKE (I JUDGE FLOPS & PRAISE TALENT = DEAL WITH IT B****) August 19, 2012


    An “Anthemic Sound” huh?

    I’m sorry, but in order to create a sound in music, that is “Anthemic”, you need both the producers, composers and THE VOCALIST/PERFORMER of the song to be a part of the piece. Everybody know that, despite how “ENTERTAINING” Ms. Fenty may be, she is NOT a vocalist and because of this, I can already see the state of the album now:


    Why doesn’t 21st century Pop music, and 21st century pop producers, do something different for once?

    Why not combine LIVE INSTRUMENTATION WITH ELECTRIC INSTRUMENTATION instead like Pop music of the 1970’s and 1980’s did? Now, because technology has grown so much, nobody wants to create a masterpiece anymore – all they want is the quick hits!!! Thats why Adele’s 21 sold so much. Forget her voice, THE MUSIC SHE MADE WAS MUSIC. AND HER MUSIC WAS JUST AS “POP-INFLUENCED” AND IT BECAME ANTHEMIC, so lets not use anything else as an excuse. UGH.


    • Benron (King Of The Navy) August 19, 2012

      Everything you said was false, and shows that you have only paid attention to talk that talk, not Rihanna’s previous albums. Rated R is MUCH better than 21, heck loud is better than 21.

      “Adele” Is only successful because of hype, she is a mediocre at best watered down version of a soul singer who can not entertain. This is VISUALLY and SONICALLY, her voice is ok in the way she uses it but Rihanna’s voice is much better because it is infectious, charismatic and intresting. Adele has one octave, and sings her monotone version of it throughout every single song, whenever she tries to go higher we have to bear through another one of her 1,000 voice cracks because she has no singing ability other than basic hiding the horrible qualities of her voice.

      But (Taking a page from MOBWIFES book) since the “media” pushes her forth as the best thing since sliced bread because she rants on in vague stories and analogies that make NO sense everyone buys her s***. How else would Gaga, Taylor swift and other barely above average white girls have success without the media.

      • JAKE (I JUDGE FLOPS & PRAISE TALENT = DEAL WITH IT B****) August 19, 2012



        There were several FALSE facts you pointed out:

        Adele has a “ONE” octave vocal Range? Rihanna’s Studio Vocal spans from A2 to C5, which means that her vocal range crosses almost 2.0 octaves – WITH AUTO-TUNE. HER LIVE VOCAL RANGE DOESN’T EVEN HAVE A CLASSIFICATION BECAUSE SHE CAN’T SING LIVE. Adele’s Studio Vocal Range spans from C3 to D7 which means that her vocal range crosses almost 2.9 – 3.0 Octaves, not to mention that she has hit an #F5 in a Set Fire To The Rain Live performance, SO ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY THAT RIHANNA IS A BETER SINGER THAN ADELE?


        Now, don’t get me wrong: ADELE IS AND WAS HYPED UP. But, whichever you put it, people embraced her because her sound was different and her music was emotional and classic but at the same time appealing and mainstream. In no way is Adele the best soul singer I’ve ever heard, hell F****** no – AMY WAS A HELL OF A BETTER SOUL SINGER THAN HER, but something about her music is and was different.


      • Lax August 19, 2012

        JAKE …Adele, beyonce, gaga, britney, jlo, rihanna and
        countless DO not and WILL not ever CATER to the same kinds of people, Ever. Rihanna caters to her people and they are from all DEMOGRAPHICS and she don’t have to ever please the ass holes who visits this site and she will still be the Mega Star she ALREADY is…..

      • Lax August 19, 2012

        @BENRON cosign you all the way, haters it don’t matter
        a dammmmmmmm, and we don’;t give a single one half a PHUCCCCCCK what yo hatful asses type,,, stay bitter, broke and pressed.
        keep trying to run game on Rihanna’s navy because we have
        HAPPINESS that tells us we don”t need any of yo asses to have PEACE in our hearts to keep us all grounded.

      • Lax August 19, 2012

        Rihanna and her Navy lives in the “World”
        none of Us are “Of The World” You can’t Hurt us every BLESSING that come our way is ordered by a GREATER
        FORCE that none of you will ever understand, are ever be in control of. Each day we wake up we can feel that there’s a “Power Within” that force knows all about it, and is controlling our “Destiny”” we do not have to change to be LIKE you and just like RIHANNA she will forever be herself and no matter how “Scum Bags” talk shyt we know that REGARDLESS everything is going to be just fine.

    • JAKE (I JUDGE FLOPS & PRAISE TALENT = DEAL WITH IT B****) August 19, 2012





      • Lax August 19, 2012

        @JAKE Now u r usually clear on what you type
        but don’t you know that that word “ANTHEMIC” is just a matter of speech, i mean words once spoken can never be recalled but on the otherhand we have to read between the lines when the people working with these artist speak are make a statement we as the buyers have to take what ever they say with a grain of salt until the finish product is delivered and how it sales always make “X Mark The Spot”.

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) August 19, 2012

        Rihanna’s live voice ranges from c5-b6. Usually she can even sing lower than c5, ADELE SINGS ONE NOTE AND TO INSINUATE ANY DIFFERENT IS A LIE!

        RATED R AND LOUD ARE MUCH BETTER ALBUMS THAN 21voicecrackspersong.

  22. Lax August 19, 2012

    @CHACCHANANA,,,it seems the likes of you are always working
    as hard and as long as yo broke, busked, scum bag ASSEES can
    to try and break anybody’s SPIRIT who defends RIHANNA to the
    last, well i willtell yo ass this You need more people….
    i will show you a long ass essay and you can stick it up all of yo “Scum Bag” Asses..
    there will be a long ass essay, shortly..As long as you Scum Bag have a a free run you are forever trying to Low Rate RIHANNA but not so fast, no way Hosey and oh Keep ADDRESSING ME BECAUSE I LOVE SEEING MY NAME IN PRINT,,,SCUM BAGS…

  23. Lax August 19, 2012

    Put your thinking caps on and think about it, as long as the world has been in existance there has been pimps, w**** and s****, right? Now if you had your rathers wouldn’t you much rather be a millionaire s*** or w**** than to be a Hood Rat W**** or s***, you feel me. Rihanna is the best of the best and even if she did fit any of the cazillion of bad, nasety names she was called shes still the best of the best. So many of you Pimps, whores and s**** don’t seem to be doing so good After Hoeing all of these years you or still in the same f,,,,,g rut that you started out in. Rihanna has gone from Barbados to the United Stakes and shes a House Hold name now “Rihanna” Is heard all around the world. And even when she has been out of the Country for weeks and months her name still stays on your hood & Project lips. You could say that ririr is the one who got away. Many or so mad and salty because of her Success, because she has of late been named right up there at the top with the Biggest in the Entertainment Industry. And thank goodness the Jokers did not have to be the ones who or singing her prasies as of yet its the Very Higher Ups, whoi really Count the most. All eyes or on her and they or really paying a lot of Attention to rihanna as of late, because her star power is shinning so Bright for all to see from Sea To Shinning Sea, Just how mad or you about that you Jockers? Yep just as i figured you or really mad, mad about rihannas success and how she keeps her audiums Entertained to the Max. Shes always in the News all over the World Big Time. While Entertaining in Europe shes also raising sand in the United States too. Even some of the most Heavy Hitters In the entertainment industry or taking notice. And you know shes doing great when many keeps cursing her out on the Internet trying to Hurt her Fellings,hahahahahaaaaaa So funny. Jumping in and out of Traffic to take a punch at Rihanna the cream of the Crop in the Entertainment Industry. A Bright star whos bright shine is Captivating to say the least. And now that shes so Huge they or trying everything their little Small Brains can think of to try and Stop her from shi ning so Bright that bright shine has screwed up many of their brain waves because of all of the cob webs in their heads. Many of their heads or blocked by cob webs and debre, trash left from so many years of Whoring and being a S*** in that Hood rat Project. Rihanna might not ever be the best in the game, but she is surely all up in the game. Rihanna may not ever be the best paid or make the biggest paycheck but thats okay shes still in the game. Rihanna may be called s***, w****, can’t sing or perform great, but shes still Headlining her own Tour at 23 Years Old, traveling the World with some of the biggest Billionaire Companys Sponsoring her Tour Ever. Back in the day when Janet was Paid 80Million by a record label i saw where Richard Branson stated that Janet bought R Island where her lives and to this day Janet has been doing her own thing even though her brothers were performers also and mj is the King of Pop and that never stopped Janet from Loving him and her brothers all My point i am making is that Rihanna did not have a Platform she had people who gave her a chance and she has taken the Wheel and shes the Driving Force behind her rise to Stardom and theres not a dam thing you cHicken heads can do about it but tslk ish, end of story, true life and the rise of even Bigger and Better Things for Rihanna to Add to her Bage of ACCOMPLISHMENTS & ACCOLADES, WITH OR WITHOUT YOUR SUPPORT, HOOD RATS & INTERNET BULLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HEEEEEY,,,,Haters now please Quietly Skip, Hop, jump and slide the
    PHUCK down that RAIL to that Basement and wait for me Rihanna are
    BENRON & Rihanna to give a phuck about how yo hating asses feel & think…

    • OMG A SITE FULL OF C**** August 19, 2012

      Ugh, Don’t you get tired posting trash about trash. Please escort Rihanna back where she belongs…….in the trash can.

      • Lax August 19, 2012

        Similing at the haters.,

  24. monstarebel August 19, 2012

    Yaaaaass!!! This b**** RiRi bout to slay us again!!!! Yo Fav Betta watch out!! RIHANNA NAVY 4 LIFE!!!!!

  25. truth tea August 19, 2012

    i cant @ the navy actually thinking rihanna has anything to do with her music.

    • Lax August 19, 2012

      @TRUTH TEA…Why do it suprise you and so many that RIHANNA actual have got many fans they just do not
      all come here on this site to “Hold Court” but they still are supporting her and will be doing it for many moons to come..

  26. joker August 19, 2012

    let’s see if he makes it to the album. not that “anthemic” way tho. it’s actually not how he wrote before. i found a couple love & goo music, but that’s it. wonder what he could create else. 🙂

  27. joker August 19, 2012

    on another note. rihanna could really write some own songs. like wtf. she’s ranting on oprah. damn. she supposed to be an artist. so. what music would that be like if she’d be able to? just think. 😉

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) August 19, 2012

      She co-writes.



    • BritBrat August 19, 2012

      Another Triple platinum album?? Rihanna doesn’t have a Triple platinum album. Does she?

      • Gilberto August 19, 2012

        She does. TTT is 3x Plastic Bag in Somalia.

      • mob – operation kill the b!+@# August 19, 2012


        “She does. TTT is 3x Plastic Bag in Somalia.”

        *Faints, recovered, faints agian* ….I can’t stand you for this comment!…..ROTFLMAO 🙂

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) August 19, 2012

        @Gilberto I love her but damn your not going easy on her. LOL!



  29. commanderofthedancefloor August 19, 2012

    rihanna is considering doing a rated r 2.0, this got me really excited. no matter what of course like everybody else who commented on this post i will be checking for her new music.
    whether you guys admit it or not you will be checking for her whenever she releases anything.

    also if rihanna was just a puppet and had no input, then speaking theoretically roc could of made anybody else into a superstar like rihanna, so why have they not done it? Obviously its just the writers and producers that make rihanna into who she is so why then has there not been anybody else to do the same as rihanna, several other artist have used the same writers and producers yet have not gotten the same result?

    • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) August 19, 2012


    • Beyonce’s Weave (& Her “HIVE” of Head-Lice) August 19, 2012

      Best comment I have read today.

  30. Lax August 19, 2012

    Rihanna from her own words…hater to calm you when
    yo asses has orbited to the moon over what Rih is
    doing next…
    I’m not concerned with people
    Who prey on the wealth of their fellow man
    ‘Cause they only want to know you, enroll you
    Only for the things ya had, I just think it’s so sad

    Get dem haters out your circle
    Smile in your face but all they wanna do is bring ya down, down
    See them try to mess to hurt you and work you
    Anything to bring ya down, down

    They keep evil thoughts in their hearts
    What you don’t know
    You can’t let them knock your hustle
    Not letting them know how much you struggle

    They turn green with envy when you’re on top
    And dem heart is full with strife
    Their by gonna try to take your life
    Yep and she still know how to show much RESPECT for those who
    dislike her…


    …………….. grabs garcia vega ….this is funny that the titanics thinks she has TALENT.


  32. POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) August 19, 2012

    We All know the World gonna Be dancin’ and Jamming to It as the world did with her last 4 Albums.

    and I can NOT with BEYonce Stans Talking About someone flopping , i heard Beyonce Just Joined the “Bionic” sector of the flopped B****** After “4” Got no LOVE from anything” Stans Included” !!! Poor Beyonce.

    • Gilberto August 19, 2012

      B****, are you drunk? Did you forget about MDNA? LOL. Beyoncé’s “flop” sold over 2.5kk WW without releasing generic dance songs. I can’t. 4’s sold more in US than MDFLOPA and Floponic together in the entire world. I can’t. MDFLOPA barely sold 1kk WW (LMFAO) and it’s already DEAD AND BURIED everywhere. Her singles were a big failure. She was so desperate that she teamed up with Gimmicki Minaj hoping to score a hit… Well, it FAILED. Oldonna doesn’t have a hit album since 2005 and a hit single since 2007. PATHETIC! Lady Gaga is the queen of pop. Hasbeenonna, Hasbeentina Floplera, Hasbeeney Flopears are dated and obsolete next to Lady Godga. Oldonna’d better keep using Gaga’s name to get headlines because she can’t do that by herself.

      • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) August 19, 2012

        ^^ B**** i know U know Who’s MADONNA. just That !! Don’t embarrassed Yourself !! MDNA is Madonna after being 25 years in the game ” #1 in 51 countries” , “4” is Beyonce after being 8 Years *SOLO* At the game, No HIT SINGLES , No impact at all on Pop culture , No 10+ Millions sales , NOTHING AT ALL at her 4th album While MDNA is madonna’s 11th album or something , don’t compare B**** , cuz i’m sure If it was the 80’s , Beyonce Will Be the Ashanti of the 80’s !! Do not Come for MADONNA !! I won’t drag u further tho. enough !

        And I know you are pressed and hopeless when you resort to call her ” Oldonna” , cuz you got nothing else as ammo but mentioning a fact , we all gonna Age , H**. so what ?

        and GAGA who ? u mean that Human Xerox ?!! REDUCTIVE.

      • Lax August 19, 2012

        But beyonce didn’t care if “4′ sold are not she did that album
        to try and change r&b and we all know that her album has long ago died and is in the music promise land and we are
        now waiting on her next Offering, bey hive. Why keep comparing Rihanna album to the kaaaang when the kaaaaang is just doing albums for fun it seems to me that yo asses would be happy to see a woman like Rihanna working her ass off and be happy about it, damm, oh don’t forget to watch Rihanna Tonight,,,

    • Lax August 19, 2012

      @POP you are always “Right On”
      keep schooling them.
      Do notice how we never have to defend Rih for being
      lazy , she is just always compared to the others who
      came before her like beyonce as an example, and it’s
      almost always is something on the lines like this, she
      will never be on beyonce’s Level, Beyonce can dance, perform, sing and Wash her ass and her fake ass booty
      pads better then she can. Or something like no man will ever
      want her she’s a H**, Hey POP i wonder if they the bey
      hive ever heard of KIM, who keep a man on her arm and i am certain that if Rih wasn’t MARRIED to her job right now then she too have got a good chance to find mr right and live happily ever after.

  33. I August 19, 2012

    Damn another album already?
    I need for her to take a real break.
    The quickest way for an artist to crash,burn,sizzle,drop,and flop is in putting out too much material in such a short amount of time. I think this era is rihanna’s time and I don’t care who disagrees. I love Beyonce yes she is the more talented of the two.
    But I’m not going to sit here and front like I don’t like riri either.I Stan for noone…Stans are crazy…iam not(Don’t Judge be just keeping it 100)
    Rated R is as about as deep as an ice tray though….GGGB will always be her crown achievement..the sales prove it and the critical feedback do also.
    Call her a single artist all you want but she is slaying and that counts for something…
    Its okay to acknowledge Beyonce and not be jealous of Rihanna or vice versa.

    • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) August 19, 2012

      u seem new in here , right ?

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) August 19, 2012

      You need to listen to Rated R again. The non-singles like Stupid in Love, Fire bom and Cold Case LOVE. They’re great. The pop songs were good aswell.

  34. OMG A SITE FULL OF C**** August 19, 2012

    @Lax You should really stop posting on TGJ because your lower level of intelligence is affecting your fellow rihanna stans. Anyway, Rihanna stans are like pitbulls, always ready to attack someone that threatens Rihanna’s Limited career(Beyonce, Rita Ora, etccc). However, there is no denying that this album she brings will get #1 hits because no one can stop the buying power of Rihanna’s dumb puppets. When Rihanna says buy her puppets buy. To conclude, Rihanna doesn’t write her songs sadly so all she gonna be doing at the writing camp is lay down, watch the writers and producers do their thing, take some d***, then put her dying cat vocals to work.

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) August 19, 2012

      She cowrites.

    • Lax August 19, 2012

      I am in my own skin and laughting at how hard it is
      for Rihanna’s haters to leave a comment for me are
      any of Rihanna’s FANS yet they never say a word about
      board, Gotta LOV Her haters.
      @ BENRON, Keep schooling the lessors, thanks.

  35. christinastherealtalent August 19, 2012

    If Rihanna plans to release it this year she’s only setting herself up for major embarrassment with the likes of Christina, Pink, Brandy, etc…all making huge comebacks.

    I know Rihanna releases new music every year because she’s contracted to release a certain amount of albums within a certain amount of time with her label but for real slow your s*** down and take your time for once. If Rihanna had more creative control over the whole process of her music, I’d have more respect for her as a singer. She’s not an artist. An artist is somebody who writes their own music, is involved with the album from beginning to finish and takes more than just 1 day making the album. The fact that Rihanna has to release music every year just proves how she has to continue to shove her s*** in our ears just to stay relevant because the second she takes a break, people will move on.

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) August 19, 2012

      She has input, she just doesent write, not writing doesent mean s***.

    • WILD DEBUTANTE August 19, 2012

      Rihanna definitely has input in her albums

      and releasing an album every year, why is that a problem? thats her job!

      Prince use to release albums sometimes TWICE a year….

  36. Shawnda August 19, 2012

    I see Rhianna’s team is following same footsteps of Brandy trying to promote her upcoming album on Kempire radio which promotes alot of underground artists. RiRi is trying to reach the black audience. Yeah that was shade.

  37. Beyonce’s Weave (& Her “HIVE” of Head-Lice) August 19, 2012

    Rihanna could release the best album ever crafted but Samantha and the Flop-Hive would still find a reason to hate.

    Claude Kelly said it well, Rihanna is a universal megastar at this point and her star power speaks for itself. I cannot wait for the new album because it is going to slay hard so you all better warn your favs to buy that extra strong super glue for their wigs, weaves, lace-fronts and that extra potent color for their hair dyes because Riri is coming to snatch.

  38. dhhyh August 19, 2012

    Adele aint no soul Singer SMH Soul is Anita Baker,Tony Braxton and Aretha Franklin.Even though I can’t stand Rihanna she is better than Adele.I see nothing special about her.OK her voice is unique but what else. 21 was overrated.Rated R was better than 21 and deserve more credit.

  39. WILD DEBUTANTE August 19, 2012

    I can NOT wait for this album……RihannaNavi we are so fukin spoiled. We get a new album at least every year….I dont think this album will be released this year though, probably early 2013 which is perfect and surely she’ll get “THEE #1 Album”

    People act as if Rihanna cant get a #1 album….Thats not the problem, its all in timing + #1 albums dont necessarily mean a hit album, Rihanna’s albums continue to sell over time and not just for a week which is wayyyy better.

    So hopefully this next album is everything and more….Im still waiting on an album similar to GGGB’s edgy fierceness.

    p.s that Rebelle Fleur commercial was everything, SOOO mad Ive never seen it on Television.

  40. BILL August 19, 2012

    bey dont write anything too

  41. Hi5 August 19, 2012

    Oops, haven’t been here in a minute I almost missed this post on the first page. I think that Rita Bore ra sticky post at the top was enough to keep me away, phew! I have rarely agreed with u on ANYTHING RIhanna on this site but for once I do when u mention about the visual tip up there. I couldn’t agree with u more.

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