Must See: Rita Ora Covers Frank Ocean’s ‘Swim Good’ On Radio 1 Live Lounge

Published: Saturday 11th Aug 2012 by Sam

In an industry which sees many a new artist come and go, the names Rita Ora and Frank Ocean have resonated in a powerful way.

Worlds apart musically, the pair share the fact that they’ve been a firm fixture on the lips of many this year. Indeed, Ocean has excelled with his soothing tunes and potent truth, while Ora has kept the hits flowing from her aptly titled debut – ‘ORA’.

With the latter fast approaching its August 27th UK release, the London-bred beauty gave a nod to her fellow breakout star on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge yesterday. For, as well as serving up a show-stopping rendition of a One Direction smash, the Roc Nation star also tackled Ocean’s ‘Swim Good’ from 2011’s ‘Nostalgia, Ultra’ mixtape.

Check out performance of the song, as well as ‘How We Do (Party & Bullsh*t)’ below…

…and that, folks, is why Ms. Ora’s buzz stays a’buzzin’. Amazing performances!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Topheryouskumbucket August 11, 2012

    i wish yall would stop trying to make this girl happen.. its getting to the point of desperation.

  2. Nik August 11, 2012

    Like the original version better but I like her voice, she should consider doing more R&B.

  3. slimsexy August 11, 2012

    Like it or not Rita is hapening she is no 1 in Ireland. And how we do is almost double platinum in Austraila.Rita rocs!so deal with it naysayers.

  4. 2bad2bme August 11, 2012

    its funny how she covers all great material…but her songs are trash. Child let me know when her 15 min are up!

  5. monstarebel August 11, 2012


  6. monstarebel August 11, 2012

    btw if she releases ORA in the U.S. its gonna FLOP so HARD lol it might do better then C-Errors Basic Instinct tho lol

  7. August 11, 2012


  8. Spot Love August 11, 2012

    As usual she sang it nice… but thats about it she aint gonna be no bigger than cover peoples songs. Poor thing.. Good for her though

  9. Rita Slays August 11, 2012

    Her vocals were on point as always. She has never had a bad performance. Like I’ve said before, if your tired of reading Rita Ora posts on this site stop clicking on them or simply stop coming to TGJ. She’s not leaving so deal

    • MC August 11, 2012

      she hasn’t arrived yet, shesh! clam the f*** down…she hasn’t even released her album yet and the two stans (you and slimsexy) are already bragging….

  10. Sade August 11, 2012

    I’m over her already. As much as I loved her, Just like all things with limited talent her publicized image and vocal have run its course and I am no longer interested.

    This was not a great rendition of an amazing song. Just listening to it all I heard was her reading words and not really feeling what she was singing.

  11. solo12345 August 11, 2012

    for someone who has her own album coming out soon why is she doing so many covers ?

  12. the real xoxo August 11, 2012

    its such a shame that she is more concerned with style rather than substance.
    she has the talent to be a good artist, but her music is rubbish. her covers are sick though

  13. INCAS August 11, 2012

    I want to root for rita but i just can’t…not impressed with ORA album snippets. I wish her album sounded more like her live vocals. Snippets seem too overproduced. That swim good cover is awesome, wish her album showed off her vocals a bit more. I’d buy the album if there were 4 more songs on there which were….I dunno, better than the current tracklist! Very talented though.. :/

  14. yawn… August 11, 2012

    Her background singers sound better than she does. Unless something big happens I don’t see her ever being huge. Maybe she should’ve started out in a group..her vocals are basic not bad …but basic

  15. imusicjunkie August 11, 2012

    She sounds amazing live. Her studio songs never live up to it.

  16. Suicide Blonde August 11, 2012

    I don’t want to sounds like a hater but i don’t like her because she fail to impress me.

  17. Angela Wesley August 11, 2012

    She is a very versatile artist.. I don’t know how the original sounds, but she
    those covers very well. Jay-Z and his team needs to retool Rita’s album.
    If she sing more ballads like this I might buy her album too.

  18. righterthanleft August 12, 2012

    A Rita Ora post without shade about Rihanna comparisons. Sam you are learning to be a decent journalist!

  19. English Online Radio Live January 2, 2014

    I think this presentation is very exceptional. Wish her all the best.

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