Watch: Trey Songz Performs On 106 & Park / Talks Beef with Ne-Yo on Hot 97

‘Heart Attack’ hitmaker Trey Songz has indeed seen today be his busiest of the year.  Aside from celebrating the release of his 5th LP ‘Chapter V‘, the singer has taken New York by storm – hitting up venues from ‘The Today Show’ and VH1 to radio interviews in more.

Now, taking to the 106 & Park stage to perform a ‘mini-concert’, the self-proclaimed ‘cornerstone of young R&B’ is looking to use his alarm clock vocals to awaken interest in his latest project – one he’s deemed evidential of his ‘most growth yet’.

Also, heading a heated  (and quite awkward) discussion with New York’s ‘Hot 97’ regarding his beef with fellow crooner Ne-Yo, see Songz in action below:

Trey performs on 106 & Park (to perform ‘2 Reasons’, ‘Dive In’, and ‘Heart Attack’):

Also, see the diva’s fiesty dish on an ongoing beef with singer Ne-Yo below:


Your thoughts?

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See that interview in its entirety here.

(Thanks Hot 97 & NeonLimeLight)

Your thoughts?

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  1. DOSSOME August 21, 2012

    from what i have heard so far…not impressed…RnB is gonna make a comeback,trust me BUT it won’t be trey bringin’ it…BTW why keep posting on songz when you clearly don’t like him?it’s not like he even increases traffic…

    • credits August 22, 2012

      Luke james, Miguel and frank Ocean, the new breed. The male perspective in R&b needs a comeback. Sorry trey, your music is for the strip clubs.

      • Crow LeNz August 22, 2012

        frank Ocean that’s a no no

  2. LeesOnTop August 21, 2012

    What a d***.. She’s the interviewer.. it’s not her fault that you get asked the same questions.. it’s a PROMO.. that’s not shocking. Way to be a asshole for no reason.

  3. Nate August 21, 2012

    Trey is way too cocky and rude.

    The fact of the matter: Ne-Yo was speaking the truth. For five albums straight (plus that Inevitable EP), Trey has been churning out and rehashing the same music. It has become terribly tired, so it’s hard for a listener–other than his blind fangirls–to feel any type of way about his music. He’s not progressing.

    “I only came for the b****** and the drinks?” Is that really what it has come to?

    • credits August 22, 2012

      Remember “gotta make it” and “Gotta go” from his first album? i’d say the next 4 albums after that were repetitive and all about s**. You’re right he isn’t progressing, its been down hill musically after the first album.

      • Nic August 22, 2012

        Trey’s 1st album and singing “technique” in his beginning days/Era, is probably the only thing worthy of praise and critical acclaim. I wish he would go back to that formula and hunger he started with or atleast find a balance between passion driven R&B songs and the baby making/f*** music he loves to make now. Just my opinion.

  4. Speaks Truth August 21, 2012

    I wish a gay person would have interviewed him cuz they would have ate him up…… Wasn’t he the one that started the name calling and turned it into a beef???? Cuz all Neyo said was he basically need to grow in his music and connect with the lyrics and the way he deliver more….. He spoke the truth

  5. TreySlays August 21, 2012

    lmfao I laughed the whole time. Let’s be real if you were told not to ask something and you ask it you deserve the shade thrown your way and I LOVED EVERY SECOND!!! lol

    • RAmia August 22, 2012

      Yeah, he didn’t come across cocky to me, he asked them not to ask certain things. Famous people do it all the time. I mean do you always want to talk about silly run ins you may have had with people every time somebody wants to talk to you? NO, Let the past stay the past and if they want to talk it out they will. Life goes on people. I have watched many of his interviews and this is the first time i have seen him without that s*** smile planted on his face the whole time. They were irritating him on purpose. SORRYY

  6. Vegas Girl August 21, 2012

    I don’t see what’s wrong with Trey shutting them down, they are asking him to speak PUBLICLY on something he felt Neyo should have addressed directly to him PRIVATELY. If he doesnt want to discuss it…drop it. Whether Neyo is right or wrong, why would you discuss that on the radio? Trey is a professional singer (whose vibrato irritates me) and Neyo (whose voice to me is extremely thin and weak) is essentially critiquing his voice. Save that for your A&R position Neyo.

    I really don’t know why people think Neyo is so qualified to be critiquing anyone’s voice. But I’m a little biased because I can honestly say I haven’t liked anything Neyo has ever released to radio, i cant be bothered to even listen to any full album of his because of how much I dislike his voice.

  7. Nick August 22, 2012


  8. RG2 August 22, 2012


  9. RG2 August 22, 2012

    Honestly Trey you didn’t really blow up until your third album due to all the s** songs and club bangers i.e: “Say Ah”, “Neighbors Know My Name”, “I Invented S**”, “LOL:)”. Ne-Yo has had far more success as an artist and song writer, and all he was doing was giving you constructive criticism, and you got all hot and bothered, CALM IT DOWN BRUH!

  10. My hip, my back August 22, 2012

    Ewwww I thought that was Stevie j for a second in that pic

  11. RG2 August 22, 2012

    then again he doesn’t have to clear up rumors about beef when he’s promoting an album.

  12. OMG A SITE FULL OF C**** August 22, 2012

    I cant stand him……basic h**. Trey come out already.

  13. Theman August 22, 2012

    He has an attitude. Neyo didn’t even say much of nothing. As long as you tell him how great his music is he’s all good.

  14. queen cobra August 22, 2012

    One thing I hate about these sensative ass artists. They know they need to radio platform but they want to dictate how they are used. Chris Brown did the same thing, went on these interviews trying to dictate what is discussed and people dont want to hear that. How many times you gone say the albums in stores. We know that. The radios should be allowed to ask the artist whatever or stay at home and do promo on their own and see how far that goes. Trey songz irks me with that unneccessary hissy fit.

    If I were radio, and the you ask an artist to come speak and promote the album, do not allow them to dictate the interview.

  15. Black kupid August 22, 2012

    This B**** & neyo are trying to stire up industry water to shift albums. That s*** ain’t gone work cos nothing impressive has come from these two, they will be lucky if the hit 100K first week. What beef neyo only state what every body already knew (although he something he should ve done privately) and our over sensitive puss is trying to use that. To generate buzz. Heart attack + video gets a pass from me but other than that i will pass on this album

  16. the real xoxo August 22, 2012

    neyo never lied, he wasnt rude either.
    why is it that every artist must lick eachother’s arses these days?

  17. LOL @ K FOXX August 22, 2012


  18. Eric August 22, 2012

    Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like Trey was being a bit of an a** on 106 & Park, especially in response to the male co-host who kept it cool and was only following script. Trey acted like the interview questions and the video parody were beneath him. If you show up for an INTERVIEW, expect to be asked questions and to participate in a little fun. And you’re never bigger than what your fans say you are, so be careful of the impression that you give them. No one likes a jerk.

  19. carl August 22, 2012

    He needs a f****** slap.

  20. RELLY August 22, 2012

    He is so f****** arrogant and cocky and above himself. The new album is whack, it WILL flop just like the last one..and Neyo is right he cant sing for s***, he sounds like a billygoat! take a seat BOTTOMsongz

  21. S****** Blonde August 22, 2012

    She looks great, i enjoy everything, you go Diva.

  22. Tbozfan10 August 22, 2012

    Oh s****** girl or whatev (what a dumb name), there you go taking shots at someone’s masculinity. Like it matters from you with your worship of everything white.

  23. Black Madonna August 22, 2012


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