Usher Announces New Urban Single ‘Dive’ / Unwraps Cover

Published: Tuesday 21st Aug 2012 by Sam

Personal and professional problems may be plaguing Usher at present, yet that hasn’t stopped the stage blazer from pushing on.

The 33 year old, whose latest album ‘Looking 4 Myself’ has sold just 330,000 copies since its release in June, has lined up ‘Dive’ as the set’s next Urban offering. Penned by ‘Motivation’ maestro Rico Love, the cut compliment’s the LP’s next Pop offering, ‘Numb’.

Peep ‘Dive’s official cover above and take a listen below…


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  1. CCFan007 August 21, 2012

    YESSS!!!!!!! I love this song! So glad its going to be the nexy single 😀

    • Rihanna Navy August 21, 2012

      Usher look s*** as f*** on that cover and DIVE is one my fav on the album, great choice for his next single. get it Sexsher

      • THE REAL TYLER* August 21, 2012


  2. Monstarebel August 21, 2012

    I love the song but not feeling this cover for the song.

  3. Kyle August 21, 2012

    It’s weird to think that I keep forgetting that Usher released an album this year. I feel like the hype in his project faded so quickly. He had some good cuts on there though so I hope this song restores interest in his album.

  4. Hahaha August 21, 2012

    I love the song but Trey Songz already has a single out called “Dive In” that has similar lyrics… Sooooo idk how it would do… but I do love the song

    • Jayla August 21, 2012

      the lyrics are not similar

  5. DOSSOME August 21, 2012

    So what is he expecting this song to do for the album?Gosh!he started off with the brilliantly sang CLIMAX then he quickly reminded us he is generic now…lets hope “personal and professional” issues inspire him in future 2 do better music…330,000 copies.NOOOO

  6. Gladly August 21, 2012

    I find it annoying how this is being announced as his next “urban” single. Why can’t it just be his next single? Why does the word “urban” have to be attached to it?

    • CzarM August 21, 2012

      Because today music has become as segregated as it was in the 1950s.

      If you’re an R&B act, you have to come out with 2 singles simultaneously…one of pop radio and another for “urban”. Both formats aren’t going to play the same song anymore. And you can believe that record labels will put more of their dollars into promoting the pop song, while letting the urban song linger and do whatever it will at its format.

      Both “Climax” and “Lemme See” should have been top 10 Hot 100 hits, but despite how overplayed both became at black radio, neither came anywhere near the mainstream top 10. RCA didn’t even try to promote them at pop. It was all about “Scream” only.

  7. James227 August 21, 2012

    R&B back in full force. The song is ok though.

  8. Jay Jay August 21, 2012

    I forgot he released an album too. I lost interest when he released scream to be honest but I heard there are some good tracks on it.

    • Kyle August 21, 2012

      “Scream” was probably the worst choice he could’ve made. The song is so generic and I think it’s the worst single choice of his whole career.

  9. Speaks Truth August 21, 2012

    Ugh ugh ugh USHER….. Why isn’t “Euphoria” & “Lessons Of Love” “I Care” “Cant Stop, Won’t Stop” why can’t they be single choices…. It’s like he picking the lesser songs off the album to go for single choices smh, I guess good luck, It was a nice album tho, just thought he said it was futuristic r&b and I haven’t heard that in any of singles besides “Climax” smh

    • Jayla August 21, 2012

      Euphoria is garbage, he made a good choice, or maybe lessons

  10. Eatthizgudpuzzy August 21, 2012

    He peaked confessions/hear i stand.

    I supported this album an got it from a friend. I took one listen an gave it back. I felt like there was no heart in this album. Just a bunch of fillers

  11. DOSSOME August 21, 2012

    next tym plz do a pure RnB album and put your heart to it and we good…even though rnb genre is on a decline,i’m sure the album would do more than 330K…UGH!THOSE FIGURES STILL ANNOY ME

  12. TRUTH SERUM August 21, 2012



    ITS A HIT…

  13. JER August 21, 2012

    God love Usher because i cant with these whack ass songs. Looking 4 MySales is a bad album. Usher and Mimi are in the same boat. They had huge albums in 04/05 and a big lead single off the following album and its been a mess ever since. His pop singles are trash and his urban songs have suffered from his focus on making dance music. Smh

    • Theman August 22, 2012

      No they have both released quality albums afterwards. People keep saying release r&b music, but y’alls broke azzes still don’t buy it. “Climax” was his first single which is brilliant. Why didn’t y’all get the album?… That song is amazing… Y’all always talk about wanting great r&b music but don’t support it. Elle Varner, Miguel, Melanie Fiona….. They’ve all released great albums and y’all didn’t support them…

      • Vandrea August 22, 2012

        I didn’t buy it because the album is CRAP. Know what I DID buy? My Way, 8701, Confessions, Here I Stand…

        But I’m deliberately not buying L4M, because I don’t approve of Usher’s selling out. I don’t want a 50/50 Pop-R&B album. If he gives me another album in the spirit of pre-Raymond vs. Raymond, I might consider it…but for as long as he continues to court the Katy Perry/One Direction crowd, I’m good on him.

  14. Junior in Jamaica August 21, 2012

    He stay working that falsetto!

  15. danny b August 21, 2012

    I bet if Justin Bieber released “Right There” Feat. Drake as his next single, it wouldnt be called an “urban” single… as R&B as it is, it’d just be “his next single”.

  16. KD August 22, 2012

    Yes. This song is “There Goes My Baby’s” sexier older brother so I’m ready.

  17. the real xoxo August 22, 2012

    the main problem with artists these days not just usher is that they promote only a few weeks before the album is released to get braggable first week numbers. then they get disappointed and leave the album to sink.
    then again usher has gone through alot in his personal life.

  18. aishaaguilerakeys August 22, 2012

    I love the song, I love the album.

  19. Misty August 22, 2012

    People slept on that Usher album! It was so dope and this song is one of my favorites on the album!

  20. Gr3g August 23, 2012

    I like Usher’s Dive over Trey’s Dive In. It should be interesting to see how they perform against each other.

  21. LUIS May 9, 2013


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