Alexandra Burke Readying US Album

Published: Tuesday 18th Sep 2012 by Sam

Alexandra Burke has been fairly quiet as of late, yet it has emerged that she’s been hard at work on her third studio album! What’s more, as per the singer herself, it appears it’ll boast a markedly more Urban flavour than past releases as she makes her official American launch.

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During an #AskAlex Twitter chat with fans last night, the X Factor winner revealed a number of interesting tidbits about her next release, including:

* An announcement surrounding her US debut is slated for towards the end of this year

* She will be working with Rico Love on the LP

* Her 2011 collaboration with hitmaker Swizz Beatz, ‘Show Off’ (initially for his album) will be heard. Likely on hers. 

* She also bantered with singer Shontelle, hinting that a New York move is imminent


While all a bit non-descript, it’s uber exciting to see Alex charging ahead with her Stateside plans. Her talent is world-class and should be showcased on a global stage, so what better way to set those wheels in motion than heading to the industry’s biggest market – America.

As the breakout success of Estelle proved, sometimes one has to venture elsewhere to garner the success deserved on home turf. Here’s hoping it plays out as such for Alexandra.

We imagine a re-branding of sorts will be on the cards for the stage blazer, which is somewhat bittersweet. Why “bitter” some may ask? Well, for those who support talent rather success, it was clear that Alex served up many a solid Pop gem on ‘Heartbreak On Hold’ (especially the title track), yet politics and the adamance of some to follow “popular perception” saw the project not achieve the success it should have.

That said, for the longest, it’s clear the masses have angled for Alex to tap into her “Urban” and serve up a more R&B-flavoured album. And as we’ve seen time in and time out, lasting the distance in the industry tends to be more about catering to the demand rather than personal preference.

In all fairness to Alex, though, peddling “Urban” as a Black female artist in the UK (yes we went “there”) is a next to impossible feat these days  unless you’re Emeli Sande. Fair? No. The truth? Unfortunately so.

Fingers crossed that her US move and the industry’s slow-but-steady re-embrace of “Urban” will put her where she deserves to be – at the top.

In the meanwhile, check out the 23 year old rocking That Grape Juice’s The Splash

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  1. Danny September 18, 2012

    She deserves to slay!

    • Blue The Real Hive September 18, 2012

      yes she really do!!!

    • Queen ciara best performer ever is back September 18, 2012

      i agree

  2. the real xoxo September 18, 2012

    i like alexandra, but lets be real.
    these X-factor people dont deserve success, they just get a quick ticket to stardom. while there are artists WRITING THEIR OWN MUSIC, singing just as well and are more individual and different who get no where because the industry is saturated with these people.
    this is why most x factor people flop/fade away because they dont know how to be a real artist, they are only as good as simon cowell lets them be.

    • Zack September 18, 2012

      Alex was gigging for years singing at mitzvahs and weddings/bars. She tried to catch a break her own way but the doors were slammed in her face. I don’t blame her for turning to the XFactor, it gave her the recognition she deserved with that voice. She co-wrote 2 songs on her 2nd album, and can actually sing live…

      She can make it, but she needs the right push. Maybe her friend Bey could help her there 😉

      • the real xoxo September 18, 2012

        wow, she co-wrote 2/16 songs on her album. that means there were 14 songs that she was given to sing and she had no input in.
        i do agree though she is an amazing performer, but there is a difference between being able to sing and being a real artist.

      • Blue The Real Hive September 18, 2012

        Is beyonce still know her,

      • Britbutnotproud September 18, 2012

        @ Zack you took the words right out of my mouth.

    • Blue The Real Hive September 18, 2012

      Alex writes her own music

    • Jonathan Gardner September 18, 2012

      And of course Rihanna, Cheryl Cole and the majority of mainstream artists write most of their own music???

      There are of course a few exceptions but lets be real here.

      • I’m not throwing shade, but… September 18, 2012

        The first comment is lame. People have different talents, all singers are not songwriters and all songwriters are singers. Whitney (RIP) didn’t write many if any of her songs but she breathed the ultimate life into all of them,Fantasia sings a dream, Amber Reilly sings those covers on Glee fantastically.

  3. saaaam September 18, 2012

    She deserves a lot of success, here in the U.K she is always branded cocky, arrogant and that fame has gone to her head when I personally believe she is totally the opposite. The media have made a mock of her over the past year, to which the public play up to and it became some ‘trend’ to pick on her. It is fact that Alexandra is one of, if not THE, best thing to come out of X Factor as her talent could go global with the right material however Heartbreak on Hold is not worthy. I sincerely hope the best for her because she is so much better than what the media in the U.K make her out to be.

    • Blue The Real Hive September 18, 2012

      Well she sold 17million copies here her song hallelujah still the biggest selling song by a female artist in Europe

      • Matthew Charlery-Smith September 18, 2012

        Where o where do you get your stats from? You must be after attention. WHICH planet do people sell 17 million copies of a SINGLE on?

        Try this:

        Which means it has sold around 600,000 copies.

        Good night!

      • Blue The Real Hive September 18, 2012

        B**** f*** u OVERCOME SOLD 5 m and emit 5 singles sold 6 million

      • Blue The Real Hive September 18, 2012

        U f****** idiots

      • Blue The Real Hive September 18, 2012

        After winning The X Factor, Burke released the winner’s single and debut single “Hallelujah”, which became the current European record holder for single sales over a period of 24 hours, selling 105,000 in one day.[2] The song also became the top-selling single of 2008 in the UK and the UK’s Christmas 2008 number one. By January 2009, the single had sold over 2.5 million copies in the UK alone, a first for a British female soloist.[3] Burke went on to release her Debut album, Overcome, in 2009, which debuted at number-one on the UK Album Charts and spawned five number-one singles on the UK Singles Chart and the Irish Singles Chart—”Hallelujah sold 2.5 million records” “Bad Boys”, selling over 780,000 in the UK and becoming a Platinum selling single as of January 2012 it has surpass 1.5 million copies” “All Night Long” and “Start Without You”—and the album became one of the most successful albums of that year in the UK, the singles released from the album earned her three BRIT Award nominations.[4] The album also saw the release of UK top 10 hit, “Broken Heels” and “The Silence”. In late 2010, Burke decided to release Overcome: Deluxe Edition. Overcome and the six singles released from the album have sold over 17 million record in the UK alone.[5] “Elephant” was released as Burke’s comeback single in February 2012, which became a hit single, with a peak position of number three in the UK. “Let It Go” served as the second single and Burke’s sophomore album, Heartbreak on Hold, was released in June 2012.[6]

  4. sam September 18, 2012

    Let’s be honest. Her second album was S***. Yes she is a good singer but that isn’t what is always needed.

    • Blue The Real Hive September 18, 2012

      And coming from SAM LOOOL

  5. sam September 18, 2012

    And Estelle is a one hit wonder…

    • Blue The Real Hive September 18, 2012

      Estelle loool who’s she? Oh American boy it took me 20 minute to figure out who she is

  6. Ukaszenkoo September 18, 2012

    yes! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time! So much great news! I’m glad to hear this! She deserves to be on top! She should do this long time ago!

    • Blue The Real Hive September 18, 2012

      I can’t wait for her to b more SUCESSful than that racist h** Cheryl cole

  7. Monstarebel September 18, 2012


    • Blue The Real Hive September 18, 2012

      B**** ur entire life s a flop

  8. XlauraX September 18, 2012

    she will slayyyyyyy

  9. XlauraX September 18, 2012

    hopefully its more like overcome than heartbreak on hold

  10. BARBZZZZZZxO September 18, 2012

    Imagine her on a collab with nicki, it would be FIYAHH!

  11. BARBZZZZZZxO September 18, 2012

    she should collab with nicki it will get her big in the states and make her big, maybe a feature on heartbreak on hold? imagine?????

  12. James2012 September 18, 2012

    She could do well with the right material but she needs to be more unique and not go with what everyone else is doing which is what she usually does

  13. kelly September 18, 2012

    Even if she does not make it in America, she, as black woman, will be happier in the USA. NYC is a great place to live. White American’s are nowhere near as racist as those British – who seem to have black in a choke hold out there.

    The black people were defending the MOBO awards for having more whites over blacks. Cannot believe Kanya King bucked to the trend to hate Alexandra, and did not nominate Alexandra for a Mobo.
    Yes, Emeli is the only black girl to make it big in the UK – EVER! but she is mixed race.

    They ( uk ) destroyed Alexandra burke’s career cos she was confident dark skin black woman and the UK HATE THAT! We have to be proud to be Americans. Look how blacks in other white countries get treated; France is even worse……..

    Beyonce sang with her on Xfactor – she matched Beyonce 100% I would of been more happier if Alexandra was signed by Jay z and given that Rita Ora promo push.

    • truth tea (take a sip) September 18, 2012

      Emeli sande is the only black girl in the UK to ever get big? LMAO.
      Alexandra Burke WON x factor when it was at its peak, out of the public vote, and 2nd place was JLS, an all-black 4-piece boy group.
      stop generalising, but i will agree with you about those MOBOs.

      • Blue The Real Hive September 18, 2012

        Alexandra Burke sold 17m as any white butches done that? Her song hallelujah still the biggest song by a female artist when would a white girl break that record

      • kelly September 18, 2012

        Jamelia has never dominated the UK album charts for 7 solid months and selling nearly a million.

        Sugababes? they kicked the black girl out, cos she accused of being a bully ( all black girls in the UK seem to be bullies ) and she failed to get a solo record deal

        Misteeq – were never Destiny child, or even Girls aloud, and now they complain how they cannot even get a meeting at any label. The biggest UK girlband is the spice girls.

        JLS – the same group who refuse to put black women in their videos, even though will never sell like one direction or last as long as take that?

        Aexandra Burke – she banned from radio, so what f*** u talking about.

        So, I win. Emelie Sande – who is mixed race, is the most successful black singer EVER! Craig david would be the most successful male black singer. He mixed……and they dropped him too!

      • Blue The Real Hive September 18, 2012

        Simon Cowel can break u if u don’t obey that’s what he did to alex b**** the song hallelujah still the biggest selling song by a women in Europe her xfactor album sold 2.5 m and it’s single sold 3m her overcome album sold 5 million and it’s single 6.5 m that’s 17 million idiot!!!

    • Britbutnotproud September 18, 2012

      She is better of with RCA Jay Z would live her at the top of his shelf and after a few years drop her.

  14. Dustin September 18, 2012

    Success is never DESERVED. it’s earned. It is not a basic human right to be a successful pop star. You put in your blood, sweat, and tears into your passion. If people buy what youre selling then congratulations. If not, it’s time to search for plan b.

    I think she has a solid voice. That said, there is something not quite closing the deal for me. I don’t know if it’s image, branding, or just her material.

    Whatever the case may be I am definitely interested in her doing something more urban and I wish her luck. Serious side eye at the Rico Love collaboration though. He is ubiquitous and I’m not sure why. His s*** is just kind of average to me.

    • Blue The Real Hive September 18, 2012

      Alex will b more SUCESSFUL in us

  15. kelly September 18, 2012

    She is 23 and her voice is ONE THE MOST POWERFUL OF ALL TIME. REAL TALK!

    HAD SHE BE BORN IN AMERICA, instead of that racist shithold, the UK She would of where Alicia Keys right now.

    • Blue The Real Hive September 18, 2012

      She is 24

  16. stan4beyonce September 18, 2012

    RCA need to have more faith in her, she got soul! An Urban/Rock album would slay I think because her voice would suit that amazingly, kind of like Rihanna’s Rated R but with more soul and depth

  17. BEYONCEFOREVER—- September 18, 2012

    Jay-Z should sign her to Roc Nation and she should be having Rita Ora’s success

    • kelly September 18, 2012

      I think Jay Z should ditch that overrrated white girl and give thsi sister chance. yes! she is dark skin and ugly…..but!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE CAN SANG. She has sand with Dione Warrick and when she was 10 – stevie wonder wanted to call her.

    • kelly September 18, 2012

      If they had given RIP to Alexadra, it would of been a smash, Alex would hit a HIGH Note that would slay………..

    • KELLY IS A RACIST C*** September 18, 2012

      you are such a bitter thing grow up not everything is about race..!

      • kelly September 18, 2012

        I am glad my comment ( misha is a f****** c*** ) I know it is you has the potency to f*** with tour brain. It proves – I am speaking the truth and nothing but the truth and whether you think it is racist or not…….I stand by the truth.

        Good Day!


    • Blue The Real Hive September 18, 2012

      Beyonce get tooo jealous of Jay z women I don’t wana hate her do may b Columbia or def jam can have her

  18. Kyle September 18, 2012

    I’m from the U.S. and I would love Alexandra to achieve success here. She has the voice and the presence to do so. I bought her latest album on Amazon as an import and I was very pleased with it!

  19. Gaz September 18, 2012

    Love me some Alex, glad she’s finally doing it!

  20. Blue The Real Hive September 18, 2012


    • Blue The Real Hive September 18, 2012

      Kelly u couldn’t wait to dislike this eniit

  21. truth tea (take a sip) September 18, 2012

    stop saying “oh she should do this and that”.
    her voice SLAYS but she doesnt even write her own music.
    incase you have been living under a rock, the industry isnt about talent its about being with the right people!

    • Blue The Real Hive September 18, 2012

      The industry is not about talent?

  22. Scott September 18, 2012

    Alex needs a great team, she has the all round talent and the US is ready. She is one of the best performers and should go for it.

    • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! September 19, 2012

      scott? You happy at how well cher lloyd is doing in america?

  23. Blue The Real Hive September 18, 2012

    BEYONCE RECORDS SASHA FIERCE: FIRST AND ONLY FEMALE TO HAVE 9 SINGLE FROM 1album to enter the top 40 on UKCHART!!! Amazing That was also on Guinness book of record 2010

  24. Blue The Real Hive September 18, 2012

    She also talk to much she shouldnt reveal this it should of b a suprise Alexandra Burke has revealed that she is working on an album for a US release.

    The singer admitted in a Q&A session on her official Twitter page that she is working on new songs to put out in America.

    © Rex Features / Nigel Roddis Photography

    When asked by a fan if she was recording music for a US album, she replied: “I certainly have…!” adding that fans can expect to hear “R&B bangers”.

    Burke then finished by confessing that she was nervous about singing in a special performance of Les Misérables for Children In Need later today.

    The star’s latest album Heartbreak On Hold peaked at number 18 on the charts in June this year and spawned the hit singles ‘Elephant’ and ‘Let It Go’.

    She recently revealed that she gets upset when the media accuse her of being a diva.

    Watch the ‘Let It Go’ music video below:

  25. Blue The Real Hive September 18, 2012

    Burke pulls out of Gay Pride show already rejecting the UK
    Monday, 3 September 2012

    Alexandra Burke said the decision not to perform was out of her hands


    Alexandra Burke has disappointed fans after she pulled out of performing at Brighton Pride at the weekend at the last minute.
    The former X Factor winner was due to perform at the Gay Pride event at 6pm on Saturday but reported she cancelled at the very last minute, and claimed she did so because her team “were not satisfied with the venue with a crowd estimated in the thousands, and claimed it was not significant enough for the singer to attend”.
    In a statement Pride Brighton and Hove said: “The team at Pride Brighton and Hove are sad to announce that despite agreeing the full details of her performance in advance, Alexandra Burke and her management decided to remove her from the line-up at the last minute, disappointing thousands of her fans.
    “Pride Brighton and Hove would like to thank Fatboy Slim, the Freemasons and all of the performers who waived their fees to perform at Preston Park for their support of Pride Brighton and Hove 2012 and the LGBT community at large.”
    Alexandra, who performed at the event in 2011, took to Twitter and told her fans: “Hey Guys, due to circumstances out of my control I’m unable to perform at Brighton Pride today, so sorry guys.
    “Brighton Pride, I am so sorry to disappoint. I’m really disappointed too. I wasn’t taking a fee for the gig… and I really wanted to perform for you all…
    “However the promoter did not meet the production or technical requirements needed to make the show work. It was sadly out of my hands.”
    The singer’s spokesperson said in a statement: “Alexandra Burke travelled to Brighton today [Saturday September 1] for Pride, but due to technical and production issues on site, she was sadly unable to perform.”
    Alexandra, 24, went on to play another Gay Pride gig in Cardiff on Saturday night and tweeted a picture of herself backstage with Charlotte Church.
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  26. Britbutnotproud September 18, 2012

    Good luck Alex you deserve your big break America is where its at. Screw the UK they don’t deserve you.

    • Blue The Real Hive September 18, 2012

      True my dear plus if she make it in America she probably get a chance tO go global

      • Britbutnotproud September 18, 2012

        I hear you.

  27. ALEXANDRASTAN September 18, 2012

    ALEX WILL SLAY WATCH. THIS. SPACE. Its her time now, she deserves it!!!!! GET IT AB!!!!!

    • Blue The Real Hive September 18, 2012

      Bless her we all waited for her time to come

  28. Carl Nwabudike September 18, 2012

    I hope she does well in the U.S. seems like being a dark-skinned black female is difficult in most places these days, shes super-talented so I wish her success on the US charts . To the person who said Alexandra burke is ugly – _ -; she is NOT ugly, this hairstyle and blonde shid she is doing doesn’t compliment her skintone though

    • Britbutnotproud September 18, 2012

      Its a shame but so true.

    • Blue The Real Hive September 18, 2012

      Finger s cross

  29. Peter Griffin September 18, 2012

    Finally everything I wanted to hear (except her working with Rico Love. He shat Tulisa’s ‘Live It Up’). In my opinion she is the best thing to come out of the X Factor, even better than dry ass Leona!

    • Blue The Real Hive September 18, 2012

      Even Simon cowel said that

  30. Matthew Charlery-Smith September 18, 2012

    I’m tired, but the problem is AB has never “Channeled Black” her music is very Euro-RnB sounding, which is personality-less, thumping trash. Doesn’t work for a Soul diva. Unlike Leona, she is a Black woman with Black woman features and curves and her voice is very Black; she’s not even a commercial-sounding soprano (think of Whitney) but a Soul-filled sista (think of Gladys Knight). When the young White girls who watch X-Factor and love JLS see her they WON’T relate to her the same way. Her 1st album’s singles even failed to contain remixes that would motivate the Urban audience to buy them and play it in clubs etc.

    She needs to put together a non-gimmicky, mature but fun RnB album; a bit of Brandy, Monica, Aaliyah,, Beyonce, SWV & Faith Evans.

    • Blue The Real Hive September 18, 2012

      Your harsh but yh true

    • Blue The Real Hive September 18, 2012

      Her xfactor albums sold 2.5 m her over come sold 5 m single sold 6 m she has sold 17m her second album it’s a fails so don’t Fuckung chat s***

      • Matthew Charlery-Smith September 19, 2012

        To Blue The Real Mental Case

        Why do you come on here attacking people and using all sorts of profane language? Are you too unintelligent to articulate yourself without having a psychotic episode?

        Which “X Factor” album is this exactly? And 2.5m? You do know that would be over 8X Platinum right? Overcome sold 5 million? Where? That would be about 18X Platinum in the UK. So she’s sold more than Adele’s 21? Overcome has sold around 1.5m worldwide and is 2X Platinum in the UK which means around 600,000 copies.

        If you could punctuate a sentence, knowing how to use a comma and full stop (and also capital letters) I would know what you’re trying to say. 6m copies of a SINGLE, HAHA! That would be like 20X Platinum! “Hallelujah” sold 600,000 copies, which for a single in the UK is Platinum!

        Right, that’s it! No more attention seeking from you! Provide some receipts for your outlandish claims and feel free to order that seat (along with your mistress Beyonce’s new album) on Amazon!

        I’ve actually taken the liberty of doing it for you:

      • Blue The Real Hive September 19, 2012

        Yes f*** that s*** I don’t wana read it b**** I got that from UK chart so f*** off and f*** ir fat twat Adele

  31. mr.m September 18, 2012

    It’s too late .. her 15 min are up

    • Blue The Real Hive September 18, 2012

      B**** die at least she still getting money!! How MUch do u have? H**

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