Must See: DMX Disses Drake For ‘Dishonoring’ Aaliyah’s Legacy

Published: Thursday 13th Sep 2012 by Rashad

…and the gloves are off!

‘Headlines’ hitmaker Drake has certainly seen his name atop headlines as of late for his fascination with late R&B songstress Aaliyah.  Going so far as tattooing her image on his body and promising revamped unreleased tunes from the ‘Rock the Boat’ beauty – much to the displeasure of fans.


And while Aaliyah’s family and close friends have all voiced their distaste for Drake’s dealings, none more than her ‘Back In One Piece’ co-star DMX.

The former hit rapper may have barked back at Drizzy in the past (even comparing his sound to a washing machine in an MTV interview), but none match this fiery speech shared with our friends at AllHipHop.  Needless to say, the censors were nowhere to be found:

The rapper also consulted MTV to share his thoughts on the Torontoian hitmaker:

Wow. I’m sure we have not seen the end of this. As Missy prepares to release her project, she will undoubtedly be quizzed on her thoughts about Drake & Blackground Records’ intention.  And, if her previous outspokenness lends any clue, she will not hold back on how she feels.

Even with all of the backlash, Blackground has expressed all intention on moving full speed ahead with the project.  How it will fare….only time will tell.

Tidbit:  While we can appreciate X’s honesty and even agree in parts…umm…Jesus take the wheel and drive him right into an episode of A&E’s ‘Intervention’.

Your thoughts?

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  1. MC September 13, 2012

    Yes DMX put that confused gay-wannabe-transgender Ms.Aubry Drakeisha in her place.

    • Suicide Blonde September 13, 2012


      • Britbutnotproud September 14, 2012


  2. Crow LeNz September 13, 2012

    LOL X is keeping it real that is greatly appreciated He never was an ass kisser


    Drake reminds me of obsessed fans on thatgrapejuice like suicide blonde, pop royalty (rude boy) , KELLY and many more … *Just google Kelsnetwork*

    • MC September 13, 2012

      Kelly’s name is changed to Sybil from now on. I think Sybil is the only one who is really obsessed not so much the others….

    • BEYHIVE September 13, 2012

      and yet you’re here doing the same s*** every f****** day …F*** YOU AND KELSNETWORK


        wonder what QueenBee would do if she heard u speaking like that O_O

  4. kinglady051 September 13, 2012

    Lollll Gotta love DMX. Drunk or not…. He has a point. Her family dont approve, Missy Eliott, Timberland and all who knew Aaliyah have spoken against this record as they know she wouldnt have approved. All of the tracks that were not used were ones she kicked off her album or thought was not good enough for the world to hear, so its kinda cheeky how they are exploiting her. Especially as shes passed. Drake should of felt shame for that… from when her people and family are saying NO you gotta respect that. Even if you disagree. Fan or Not. They could have released her album or greatest hits!!! But to cash in on trashed tracks is a joke. Everyone wants to get paid i guess. Even to dishonour the dead. This worlds a mess

  5. Suicide Blonde September 13, 2012

    Bravo DMX, finally….that girl is crazy, i hate her, i still prefer “What’s my Name” solo version without her.

    • MC September 13, 2012

      This girl is more obsessed than Sam is towards Rihanna…..I mean he takes this s*** to the next level….

      • Crow LeNz September 13, 2012

        I would say they are at the same level of obsession but Drake scares me just a lil i will kick him in he is man Vag tho

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 14, 2012

      I only Use what’s my name (solo version) as well !! maaaan ..

  6. Nik September 13, 2012

    He speaks kind of rambled and incoherent at points but parts I could understand was true as f***!!!

    • the realest September 14, 2012

      when he started laughing after ‘that aint KFC thats your FC’ I had to stop that s***.

      I cant.

  7. Kelly September 13, 2012

    DMX was and still is in love with AAliyah. It’s like when she died, a part of him died also. He obviously had undercover feelings for her but he was married and she was in a relationship also. Probably that’s the reason he’s so defeated and is still grieving. He really needs to let go. I’m sure AAliyah wouldn’t want to see him like that.

  8. Rihanna Navy September 13, 2012

    F*** DRAKE

  9. Gilberto September 13, 2012

    DMX isn’t telling no lies. Drake just wants to free his inner woman. I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts wearing a black straight wig.

    • Suicide Blonde September 13, 2012

      I should no but that was hilarious, bravo b****!.

    • MC September 13, 2012

      This confused heffa wants to be Aaliyah more than Nicki Minaj wants to be Lil’ Kim….its disturbing.

      • MRB September 14, 2012

        @MC I second your response! lol

  10. Gene September 13, 2012

    Agree with DMX, Drake shouldn’t do this and if the family members don’t want this, he should respect it and not do it, but they don’t care, smdh. People make fun of her death, that I feel that is in poor taste and tactless. People are ruthless.

  11. Outspoken September 13, 2012

    So no comment on what he thinks of Nicki? I woulda bypassed that too Sam lol! Speak that truth DMX I agree with his opinions on Drake

  12. JER September 13, 2012

    DMX i love you but you are tweaked out

  13. STR8FACTS September 13, 2012


    lol, but on a serious note, Finally someone is being brutally honest about this. I know a lot of people like to tip toe around the subject just out of respect for her but this is ridiculous. The family is and has ALWAYS been against anything posthumous after ‘I Care 4 U’. They don’t want any movies, any albums, and re-worked material etc. because they know for a fact that it 1.) was against her wishes and 2.) will taint her legacy because she isn’t here to put her final stamp of approval on it. Don’t listen to any lies her record label tell you just because it’s her ‘Uncle’ because trust me there is A LOT you guys don’t know about him and that label that if you were to know the backlash would be unbearable!

    Think about it like this, if Drake was to pass away, how would he feel if they made a posthumous album of his scrapped material and not included 40 on it? Furthermore, if I was to pass away tomorrow god forbid and I was an artist I would want my discography and legacy to be exactly how I left it, I wouldn’t want anyone adding what they “think” I would approve and forcing my name down peoples throats years later with music I didn’t love enough to release!

    It’s just disrespectful on all levels to Aaliyah and the career she worked so hard for. She is still remembered 11 years on by people all over! Let her Rest In Peace, trust me when I tell you this is what her mother wants!!!!!!

  14. Celebrity Bitchmatch September 13, 2012

    Any chance of a face off between Patrick and Dmx?

  15. Alex September 13, 2012

    DMX just re-earned a FAN!!! ROFL yessssssssss! Someone has to say it, that was raw passion right there! He loved babygirl and he is 100000% right!

  16. danny b September 13, 2012

    As much as I do like Drake’s music, I feel sorry for him, I cant help to agree with DMX. It’s like if Chris Brown decided to produce and create a Marvin Gaye album or if Justin Bieber tried making a Tupac album. It’s just stupid. Drake makes it really hard for people to respect him. It’s one thing to have to try to prove yourself to an industry that is all about hard knock life and gangster-isms and what it is to really be “hip-hop” and what not. But it’s another thing to just try so hard that you come off looking just plain whack and desperate. I understand your a stan Drake. You love Aaliyah, we get it. But she was a precious un-tampered gem that everyone respected and you come off as disrespectful not only to produce an album in her likeness when you didnt even know the woman, but to not even include the people who made her sound. You have nothing to base this project on except for the fact that youre a stan. If thats the case, then everyone here onTGJ should just start producing albums of their faves in their name. DMX hit it all on the f****** nose. Drake, you need to have several seats in a few wheelchairs and think about what the f*** youre doing.

  17. Mc the place to be!! September 13, 2012

    “X” the monster has spoken!! dmx is just that n**** when i think of hardcore rappers hes in my top 3 because how he is in his music is how is in reality…realness at its best!

  18. whocares September 14, 2012

    Lord knows I used to love me some DMX but he looks and sounds like a complete idiot. Rappers knock Drake because they see him as competition. The boy is a multitalent and he actually sells. DMX’s time has come and gone especially with all the jail time he’s managed to accumulate in the last few years. Dude is no longer relevant but like most pathetic washed up celebs, when the chips are down they start talking s*** about the next person doing it big. Get over it D. Get off the pipe and refocus all of that negative energy into something productive in the studio. And finally give fans a good reason to even mention your name. So sick of these Hollywood clowns, and you blogs make them bigger than what they are by covering lame as stories as this one. Anywho just thought I’d give my 2 cents now it’s off to bed.

  19. Mahason September 14, 2012

    I agree with DMX, but forgive me, he reminded me of the last Houston when she was on drugs doing interviews. He was trippin’ out. MTV was bravely insolent, it was very disrespectful all the visual effects of the video alluding to him being inebriated.

  20. Tbozfan10 September 14, 2012

    Wtf did I just watch?

    How could anyone really take what he said seriously when he probably won’t even remember what he said tomorrow. It’s truly tragic. Who knows what he would be saying we’re he clearly not under the influence of more than just alcohol. Poor baby. 🙁

  21. antertain September 14, 2012

    Oh Gosh DMX is one of my favs behind Nas..
    Why he seem so f’ed up in all his recent interviews.

    Regardless once again he gave the REAL T..
    Drake sure dont wanna meet DMX cus he would bite, chew and spit his bloodclart out!!

  22. nickalus Randle September 14, 2012

    who cares what he says? If the music is good, do your thing Drake., I love the song that is out now, real fans want to hear her music. they should all be apart of ot & shut the hellll up!

  23. the real xoxo September 14, 2012

    Thank you DMX for not ass-licking YMCMB like the rest of the industry and telling it like it is!
    now watch how he will be called a “jealous hater” for telling the truth.

  24. James September 14, 2012

    Can someone explain why Aaliyah is mentioned time and time again but Lisa Left Eye isnt?

    • Biting Truth September 14, 2012

      What does the one have to do with the other? It’s probably because Aaliyah was a soloist and Left Eye was a member of a group.

  25. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 14, 2012

    putting my love to shade Drake aside and me having mad respect for DMX aside , i wanna know what is the real problem ? is it because :

    1. Drake is a big Stan of aaliyah ? and he want to express this love in different ways ? including tats , songs , etc ..
    2. he didn’t ask timbo or missy “A’s longtime friends” to co-produce this album with him ? as if he wanted to introduce aaliyah through his own lens ?
    3. the song that was produced wasn’t really good and that made the whole thing seems disrespectful ?
    and i want to really know what aaliyah’s real stans ” not drake haters , her REAL “stans” think of it !!!! was it bad to that point ? was it good ? was they more XD to hear new music from A that they by-passed the whole drama s*** ?
    4. are missy , timbo , Dmx jealous that drake thought about it first ? and that will make them look not good ?

    i really wanna know what’s the problem !! me myself like aaliyah and i’m fine with her old albums , i don’t support posthumous albums in general , but i want to hear from her stans for real !

    • Nik September 14, 2012

      I like that you asked this. I’m an Aaliyah stan and was also a fan of Drake. When I heard about the project, I couldn’t understand where the Drake connection came from or how he came in the running. Granted he’s popular at this point and time but having never worked with her, how would he know what she would like or fit with her sound if he’s not including people she has worked with in her short life? I like yourself don’t agree with postumous albums because you don’t know if the artist would think it was crap and it will have their name on it. Do you honestly think out of 11 years Drake thought of it first? Or maybe other people (Tim, Missy) didn’t do it out of respect. Another thing that turned me off about it was the lying done by the record company. It makes it seem as though this project will be beneficial to them because they own her music, that’s money in their pockets. I believe her real fans wouldn’t support it because an album without her input is not “her album” at all and that’s kind of direspectful.

    • Nik September 14, 2012

      Oh, did you hear the s*** being done to Michael Jackson’s music? I CAN’T! I swear I’d haunt them from the grave .

      • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 14, 2012

        I agree With all of what u said , and i’m happy a real aaliyah stan answered it honestly 😀

        Thank u 😉

        and yeah , i don’t support posthumous albums for the same reason u just said !

  26. chillin September 14, 2012

    i personally see nothing wrong with what drake is an Aaliyah fan – i m one knows the real deal on what went down on why Timberland & Missy is not on the track…furthermore..if you guys do recall – Aaliya’s final album hardly had any work done by Missy & was actually Static to Aaliya’s music career DOES NOT evolve around Missy & Timbaland. If Aaliyah was around today – and drake had such a love for her as is now – they would be working together..if your a TRUE aaliyah fan and not a drake HATER you would know the difference

    • Nik September 14, 2012

      I don’t know if you or any of the other commenters remember that Static Major was apart of their whole clique (Aaliyah, Missy, Tim, Magoo, Ginuwine) back in the day. He was in a group that sang a song called “Cheers 2 U” . He and his group members was even in the “Are You That Somebody” video. That’s where I remember him first and then became more of a fan when he started producing. It was a nice little R&B cut, here’s a link to the video. If you listen closely I think you’ll see that the beat has a familiar sound.

  27. Christian September 14, 2012

    And that is why I don’t drink “HENNESSY” lmao

  28. Anthony September 14, 2012

    Now!! Let me see Drake pop bottle with DMX..I bet that p**** scared to fire bck

  29. Anthony September 14, 2012

    I feel his anger. Aaliyah has a great a legency, & for blackground to continue to support without the family backing up the project is sadd. First, your really not getting a Cd of her music, your getting bars from Drake..So the project is really Drake album. Someone needs to start a boycott of this album!

  30. credits September 14, 2012

    dmx’s behavior……..

  31. The Truth September 15, 2012

    Like Aaliyah said, “who do you think you are, now? I can’t believe you’ve got the nerve, boy” (Drake)

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