Hot Topic: The ‘Oversexualization’ Of Pop Music.

Published: Tuesday 11th Sep 2012 by David

“I love it- I love it- I love it when you eat it.

“Stop at the light Imma jump out my Barbie dream car/Imma jump on it- Imma ride him like a theme park.

It’s lyrics like these Cyndi Lauper may have been addressing, when she billed modern music ‘too sexual’ during an interview with ‘The Metro‘ recently.

Revealing that she shares her fans sentiment that much of today’s music is aggressive ‘Rape music’, the ‘She Bop’ belle had this to say on the matter:

“One young woman walked up to me recently at a concert and thanked me for my work ‘in the midst of all this rape music. I never thought of it like that, but so much music nowadays is about sex, sex, sex and is quite aggressive.

She called it rape music.I thought, ‘Oh my God, I guess she’s right’.

I just try to write music that connects with people’s conscience and make music for awake people rather than sleepwalkers”

So, considering ‘imagery’ endorsed by the likes of Marky Mark, Madonna and Adinah Howard in the 90s compared to outings by the likes of Chris Brown, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj today, we ask this:

Has Pop Music Become ‘Oversexualized’?

Weigh in below!

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  1. JJFan1814 September 11, 2012

    NO POP MUSIC ISN’T OVERSEXUALIZED!!! I’m sure Janet, one of the biggest s** icons back in the 80s, 90s, were singing about s** long before RIHANNA, SAM!!! (See the Janet album for more info)….Same with TLC (Good At Being Bad) and a plenty other rappers (LIL KIM, ETC.)

    Some of the biggest hits this year, Call Me Maybe, We Are Young, aren’t about S**!

    Yall are REACHING for an article!! I’m sure you can find something to post if you go to, or stalk Rih’s twitter/instagram!

    • me September 11, 2012

      yes this is an excuse the bash rihanna

    • Blue The real HIVE September 11, 2012

      Just admit it rihanna s a h**!!! Oh have see chris brown s new tats? It MEANS F*** OFF RIHANNA CHRIS FINALLY TOLD THE WORLD GE DOESN’T WANT HER

    • 777 September 11, 2012

      IMO this is no way to bash Rihanna. she is not the topic here. She is just included in the subject matter. I don’t think there is anything wrong with music and s** combined; however that’s all there is today (mainstream) and when you see who it is being marketed to, KIDS (18 and below) lies the problem. This is not a new issue but it has definitely reached a boiling point. The problem is you have all these wannabes prentending to be “artist” and they couldn’t be further from it. Artist not only create, they are creative. S** is not the only thing in LIFE, it’s just part of it. #ExpandYourMind!

    • mobwife September 11, 2012

      I love Janet Jackson and yes, she came out of her shell on the EPIC CD “JANET. “! “Any time Any Place’, “IF” (your smooth and shiny feels so good against my lips) to name a few from one of my favorite JJ CDs.

      Madonna wrote the handbook and issued a coffee table S.E.X. book back inthe day lets not forget. Where Madonna and others pranced around and posed naked! All of course complimenting her OVER THE TOP SEXUALIZED IMAGE with songs like ‘Erotica’, etc. ……I still love me some Madonna.

      OMG, Prince (Rogers Nelson)! Hell pick a song from any CD…”.Little Nicki’ etc. Please the S**-IN-MUSIC game goes back far beyond this “baby generation”! Cyndi INSIGNIFICANT Lauper needs to STFU and crawl her old ass back into her coffin!

      • THETRUTH September 12, 2012

        lets keep it real there has always been s** music but it has never really been as quite vulgar as today. Music today is not even music its just S**!!! Its ridiculous and yes Sam probably was trying to take a jab at riri but she’s not the only one beyonce has always been sexual, lil wayne, nicki minaj, and plenty others are just talkin nasty, and the real issue is the fact that these songs are being played on the radio and kids are listening to them and copying what they hear and also what they see on tv

    • Lax September 11, 2012

      Heeeeey where is the biggest choochie popper of them
      all Beyonce, She is known for dry humping, grinding, popping, rolling bump it and knocking it and we all know
      that she has had to have some EXTRa Stitches to sew that loose chooc of her’s up some since she have been GAPPPPPING it wide for over two Decades.
      I am sure that Beyonce is having a hard time even with her Clout, paper and sass, she is still having a hard time keeping her money in her pocket book aka chooch, since she does a Super Job of GAPPPPPPPIN her legs wider
      then the Grand Canyon!

  2. Letruth September 11, 2012

    Lol of course they use a picture of rihanna. S** sells and will always.

    • Turkey Germany Girl September 11, 2012

      Cause Rihanna is the most s*** one together with xtina

      • Common Sense September 11, 2012

        Nothing s*** about xtina’s turkey belly.

    • Blue The real HIVE September 11, 2012

      Coz R**** is the biggest h** than other artist she f*** more ducks than her age

    • dossome September 12, 2012

      s** really does sell but at the end of the day music rules thats why albums like thriller,bodyguard soundtrack,come on over,lets talk about love,21,music box,daydream continue to outsell erotica,janet,loud and songs like how deep is your love,i will always love you,hero,my heart will go on,rolling in the deep doing better than erotica,anytime anyplace,motivation,s&m

  3. Twitter – @091094_ September 11, 2012

    It definatley has, no doubt about it, infact I see it as normal now, I’v been brainwashed, someone rubbing their p**** on tv dont affect me no more

    • mobwife September 11, 2012

      I wonder if Cyndi Lauper will also complain about all of the TV SHOWS that sell s** and focus on homosexuality? Or is she just bitching about music becuase no one is purchasing her new material?

  4. Suicide Blonde September 11, 2012

    Madonna’s Erotica was the best, its’ her fault haha, i don’t think so because even a love song has a deep meaning, Music has always been about s** most of the time, even in the 60’s, The Beatles, Elvis, Madonna, Janet…Music is about s**, everything these days is about s**, has always been like that, our culture is full of s** references, America’s S** Symbols Marilyn Monroe and Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Lips, Pamela Anderson Tits, J.Lo’s b*** ect, ect…Michael grabbing his crotch is not different from Rihanna’s voguing her v*****.

  5. Bey + MC Slay Your Faves September 11, 2012

    Hypersexuality in music has been a commonplace since the seventies with the emergence of disco. Perhaps now though, s** is becoming more acceptable in mainstream culture and those who view sexuality as immoral or debased are becoming more vocal about how some lyrics scandalize them. I mean, Talk That Talk is no dirtier than a Madonna or Janet Jackson album.

  6. Markus Arelius September 11, 2012

    Pop music is very sexualized…but then again, s** sells. Although Beyonce has managed to stay s*** and not slutty *cough rihanna cough*

    • JJFan1814 September 11, 2012

      It’s amazing how the BEY H**’S has to name drop Rihanna. I mean, until Bey actually outsells Rih-rih “Someone please show me the receipts of 4closure outsold TTT” then you can talk.


      • CRAMPED September 11, 2012

        Who is talking about TTT Vs 4?! STFU

    • mobwife September 11, 2012

      I like Beyonce but lets not pretend that she has not been sexing s** as well for many years if not in her lyrics definately through her dances and choice in clothing. And I like Beyonce so my words aren’t coming from a hater!

  7. becoolxx September 11, 2012

    Well most pop stars are Program Betas Which means they are Programed to be & encouraged to be oversexualiz

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 11, 2012

      i love those kinds of comments , interesting and amusing *reads*

    • RymeReason September 11, 2012

      It’s funny you mention this because last week Rihanna was wearing a t-shirt that said “S** Kitten”. Little do her fans know that she is a p.rogrammed b.eta s** kitten as is Beyonce, Gaga, and Madonna etc…

      Signs of beta programming are animal prints, whiskers, cat faces, bunny ears and leashes or collars. People will say “oh those are just trends”. The goal is to get the masses acting just like their idols; like mindless sexual objects, so yes, the things they wear become trends. They’ve managed to even get the men wearing animal prints en masse.

      Britney Spears tried to break her programming when she had the “breakdown” and shaved her head bald. It was actually her programming that was malfunctioning which allowed her to see that something was wrong with her. That’s why she said all she wants is for people to stop touching her and to leave her alone, and by people she meant her “handlers”.

  8. ENOUGH ONIKA September 11, 2012

    That’s because a lot of these pop artists need to sell s** because they don’t have the vocals, instrument or songwriting abilities to sing/rap about anything with substance or dynamics. This generation is just f*cked up due to reality TV (bad girls club, basketball wives etc.) and false idols (Nicki, Rihanna, Beyonce). To them what they see on TV and online is what life is all about! Being a slutty drunk h** who fights anyone just to say “I’m bad.” F*ckin stupid. Unfortunately even people who use to be sensible with meaning music fell for the hype as well (Brandy). Real talent is overshadowed if your not thrusting your V on stage nowadays. Oh well, it’s obviously what the public wants or it wouldn’t be popular….

    • Twitter – @091094_ September 11, 2012

      What your saying is true, but I dont think the public want it, I think it was pushed upon the public by greedy record labels and corporate agendas, so after so many years of being bombarded with sexual inuendo that we now think of it as normal

      • Common Sense September 11, 2012

        Technically sexuality is normal. That doesn’t mean that it makes for music of substance though. But since looks are all these entertainers have going for them, it’s what they use to make their money.

  9. LegendTina The Goddess Of Music September 11, 2012

    Some do s** songs just to push boundaries with no substance or anything behind it like these ‘new artists’… Madonna started this s** thing but it was substance and express especially with a song of hers ‘Human Nature’ about her sexual music and there was like a message behind it following her ‘sexual pop anthems’ then you get Christina Aguilera who was the 1st new female artist of her generation to push it with ‘dirrty’ & some of the racy songs on Stripped and followed with ‘Can’t Hold Us Down’ & her stripped part 2 intro & her music of that sexual nature and to do with that and her music is more than s** let’s be honest and she sings on many subjects and more so over empowerment so I don’t see why X vid is here for oversexualizing pop when she spoke on that and with something ‘substance’ being behind it just like Madge’. Xtina & Mimi ‘Touch Your Body’ is part of their craft biut I mean don’t bring the people into this that don’t base their careers and songs just around ‘s** pop songs’ when…

  10. Suicide Blonde September 11, 2012

    Madonna’s Erotica was the best, its’ her fault haha, i don’t think so because even a love song has a deep meaning, Music has always been about s** most of the time, even in the 60′s, The Beatles, Elvis, Madonna, Janet…Music is about s**, everything these days is about s**, has always been like that, our culture is full of s** references, America’s S** Symbols Marilyn Monroe and Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Lips, Pamela Anderson Tits, J.Lo’s b*** ect, ect…Michael grabbing his crotch is not different from Rihanna’s voguing her v*****.

  11. Honest September 11, 2012

    I don’t care if it’s on the stage. It’s entertaining but when women have no class or etiquette off the stage it’s nasty. #1 example… Kesha

  12. pop fan September 11, 2012

    When it as back in the 90s obviously there was madonna, and you had female rappers like lil kim etc back then it was ok becuase was a few.

    But now every direction you go everyone singing and rapping about s**. Its just too much, i miss the old britney, destiny’s child,tlc, michael jackson and more.

  13. pop September 11, 2012

    When it as back in the 90s obviously there was madonna, and you had female rappers like lil kim etc back then it was ok becuase was a few.

    But now every direction you go everyone singing and rapping about s**. Its just too much, i miss the old britney, destiny’s child,tlc, michael jackson and more.

  14. RG2 September 11, 2012

    Damn Sam you stay shading Rihanna. I not a big fan of her but I don’t dislike her because I think she has some really good songs.

  15. christinaslilfighter September 11, 2012

    I don’t have a problem with people expressing their sexuality on stage or through their music or image as long as they don’t let it define their artistry vision.

    You can’t just generalize females when they do then call them a s*** or w**** then turn right around at half these male singers and rappers and endorse them. It’s all a double standard.

    But its sad in todays music industry because its s** that sells. You dont even have to sing or be able to dance….all you need is a s** kitten look, corny ass beat to sexed up lyrics.

  16. CRAMPED September 11, 2012

    S** Sells, I guess. Even A.Keys is trying to be a bit sexier now 🙂

  17. Monstarebel September 11, 2012


    P.S. S** SELLS B****!

    • CRAMPED September 11, 2012

      But yet Rihanna type of s*** is more vulgar and trashy TBH. She’s always that way, not just to sell music. She has incorporate it into her life. She has lost herself big time #RealTalk

      Janet is very slutty too, Madonna as well, but it has its place. The young gurls must learn that.

  18. CRAMPED September 11, 2012

    TBH some of them (singers) might think they are s*** and erotic when they are just trashy and predictable because its no longer used as an art, but is more part of their lifestyles.

    Thats when it started becomes boring and that Xtina Not Myself Tonight video is so desperate and attentionseeking.

    My fav s*** singers is Shakira and & Bey of course

    • Beyonce Cop Everyone’s s*** September 11, 2012

      f*** beyonce and her slutty trashy pop p**** gyrating c*** b****.

      • Common Sense September 11, 2012

        At least Beyonce has a voice to fall back on when her looks fade unlike some…

  19. Sarah Says September 11, 2012

    I think that it is and its not right. I think the oversexualisation of females is also not right and started with Britney who was boob jobbed and sexual straight after her first hit. is this wrong? no, but when the girl is 15 it is. Modanno had her erotica area and was a mature woman, also she was banned from many music and radio ststion but now it seems to be a free for all and the radio and tv will show and play anything. I think that Rihanna is a highlihjted figure because all of her songs lyrics seem to have the same theme and to be honest lack imagination. thats just my opinion

    • Ashley September 11, 2012

      I agree with you 100% with your comment and your statement about riri. I too think that she lacks imagination, and she’s not classy s***, she’s trashy s***. Theres a difference between being classy s*** and trashy s***. Classy s*** would be Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera, hell even Adele is classy s***.

      • Nik September 11, 2012

        Also I think being s*** on stage is different. I like both Beyonce and Rihanna but their images are totally different. People are saying that Beyonce wears revealing clothes but the most revealing things I’ve ever seen her in were ON STAGE. I’ve never seen Beyonce walk around on the street with her n****** showing. That’s apart of her persona. Rihanna is edgy which is why she has the vulgar lyrics, grabs her crotch and ass on stage, and gets tattoos and peircings. That’s who she is. Whether one likes one or the other Beyonce and Rihanna are two different people with two different styles. I wish people would stop comparing them.

  20. christinaslilfighter September 11, 2012


    Rihanna wouldn’t be S*** if she didn’t sell s**. And just because this site used a Rihanna pic for this post does not mean they’re singling her out.

    Do you honestly think Rihannas nonexistent talent is what made her who she is today? HELL NO! It’s her sexed up image, her sexed up music and the fact that she’s whoring around all over the world.

    • MissImpartial September 11, 2012

      Kind of IRONIC coming from a Christina Aguilera fan.

      • christinaslilfighter September 11, 2012

        The difference between them two is that Christinas actually talented so she has the talent to back up the goods. Christinas voice is what got her discovered while Rihannas s** appeal what got her discovered.

      • NANA Yaw September 11, 2012

        @MissImpartial Christina greater than S******

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 11, 2012

        @Christina, sweating, in barbados in a loose school unifor w/ a knee lenght skirt Im sure 14yr old Rihanna had the producers sprung.

      • MissImpartial September 11, 2012

        STOP STALKING me. I don’t care if you don’t like Britney.

      • MissImpartial September 11, 2012

        She may have a great voice but the bottom line is she uses s** to sell records.

    • Natasha September 11, 2012

      Yes they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re just too biased to see it!

  21. King. September 11, 2012

    I think it is. Back in the day when people sung about s** it was somewhat discreet but today it’s just p**** popping in your face. The thing people don’t realize is when Madonna and Janet came out being extremely sexual through music and dance for women was not commonplace. So when Madonna and Janet did it, it was a lot more fresh and innovative but today everyone just wants to be s***.

    • DenimJunkieKidd September 11, 2012

      so janet’s anytime any place was discreet 93?all of madonnas songs lol….and prince had alot in your face s** songs in the 80’s…..same s***, different day!!!! hell we can take this back to the 70’s

      • King. September 11, 2012

        When I say discreet I mean its not thrown in your face. There is a difference between ‘S** in the air, I don’t care, I love the smell of it’ and ‘I can feel your hand movin’ up my thighs’ they are both talking about the same thing but one is less obvious than the other. And also it’s a difference for men like Prince; Prince, Marvin Gaye, Teddy Pendergrass, etc. were singing about s** for a long time. That’s I specifically said women in the post because women weren’t that sexual in their music until people like Madonna and Janet made it more acceptable and mainstream. I understand what you mean though, s** is natural and people have sang about it for forever.

  22. Damien September 11, 2012

    Honestly, I do not think pop music has become oversexualized. Reason being, all music had always had sexual tentions to it. It is not just pop music either. I mean have some of you heard country/rock music lately? I mean get real

  23. R****** Navy: Broke,Ugly & bitter September 11, 2012


    • Blue The real HIVE September 11, 2012

      Like beyonce s*** but classy

      • Natasha September 11, 2012

        Beyonce has her trashy moments…….STOP PRETENDING she doesn’t. Because in GOD’s eyes shes just as guilty, especially when you’re trying to make it seem like she doesn’t. Remember in GOD’s eyes SIN is SIN, whether small or big!!!!!!!!!

    • Common Sense September 11, 2012

      No idea why you have so many dislikes, what you said is 100% accurate.

      • Natasha September 11, 2012

        NO its not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. MissImpartial September 11, 2012

    Few artists have the star power and can sell records without selling s** such as Adele, Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys, Whitney Houston and back in the days Mariah.

    • Blue The real HIVE September 11, 2012

      Whitney Houston sold 250m records world wide and she didn’t need s** songs to keep it up!!!Mariah Carey sold 150m records with her voice only Adele sold 50m records Taylor sold 30m u know why? Coz they real and their voice s enough

      • Common Sense September 11, 2012

        Pretty sure you misplaced Mariah and Whitney’s names.

      • MC September 11, 2012

        You got Whitney’s and Mariah’s record numbers switch…..Mariah sold more than Whitney

      • Natasha September 11, 2012

        Mariah did not sell her records with her voice only. The ONLY few people I can say that has are Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys, Adele, Whitney Houston and a few more that aren’t big names. Everybody else one way another has!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mobwife September 11, 2012

      Oh please….. really?

      >Adele is a damn anomaly. She simply released music at the right time in her young career. She was broken hearted, sang about that emotion in every song and ppl graitated toward it. Let’s see what happens next time.

      >Taylor Swift is MARKETED as the “sweet innocent county girl nex door” who was abused by that big ANGRY BLACK MAN Kanye West. She has it “made in the shade” for the duration of her horrible, homely career!

      >Alicia Keys had that Adele appeal. She sang specifical songs about love & struggle. She has also discussed the “joy of s**” in her music.

      >Mariah Carey Whitney has NEVER USED S** TO SELL MUSIC, on this we can agree! 🙂

  25. glum September 11, 2012

    What a question…it’s not just oversexualized, it’s all about s**.

  26. me September 11, 2012

    another lame article written by a lonely hopeless blogger aka SAM. shame. music has always been sexual and rihanna is nothing compared to the 90s rnb artists and rappers. funny how u using this article as a poor way of bashing rihanna and u attackin the women and forgettin the most sexual music which is rap. rap music is the most sexual and music has always been sexual since forever.

    where is beyonce in the above. she was having an orgasm in the video for baby boy and has sexual moves on stage. where us kelly rowland motivation?

    sure u wont post those coz u kiss their ass. shame on u. must be a slow news day

  27. Blue The real HIVE September 11, 2012

    Less talented people like R**** r destroy the future of music

    • Natasha September 11, 2012

      So does your fave!!!!!!!!!!! Lets not pretend that Beyonce doesn’t. Because she does!!!!!!!

  28. Are You Serious? September 11, 2012

    Music has always been sexualized, but it was never as blatant as it is today. Children would sing Sexual Healing without a care in the world and not knowing what it meant, but it’s pretty clear when Nicki Minaj says point me to the best ass eater. Same goes for drugs. Even today, many people don’t know Mary Jane is about weed, but many know about Lil Wayne promoting drugs. I thought Brown Sugar was about a girl up until a few months ago when I found out it was about weed. Prince sung about s** all the time, but during that time kids didn’t know what he was saying. How long did it take you before you found out Little Red Corvette was about a v***** or what exactly the Beatles were singing about in Octopus’s Garden? The hottest song on pop radio right now is blatantly about a blow job and no one seems to see the problem with it.

    • Nik September 11, 2012

      I agree. I think that back then it was more of “hidden messages” that you don’t realize until you’re older and actually listen to the lyrics, then came a time where it became more “in your face” and there’s no doubt what it’s talking about.

      • FAF September 11, 2012


  29. N’jaila Rhee September 11, 2012

    ALL S** IS NOT R***!

    men and women singing about consensual s** no matter how raunchy, or promiscuous is NOT R*** MUSIC. R*** is an act of non consensual s** usually for dominance , to inflict pain and suffering or to take advantage. Rihanna singing about the joys of a the clitoral orgasm you get when someone eats your box is not r***. Its enjoying her sexuality as the gift it is.

  30. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 11, 2012

    you b****** are all about s**.

  31. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 11, 2012

    for once , i agree with this post. but this what happens when you confuse “love” with “s**”.

    and almost all the songs talk about s** , in a classy way , or in a trashy way , it is still about s** at the end of the day. that’s why most of the pop icons had nothing to hide. we saw it all when it comes to some of them. S** SELLS , that’s like the #1 rule in the book of “fame” !!

    and I’m just amazed u didn’t put beyonce’s “video phone” and gaga’s “lovegame” with them other vids. biased queen !!!

  32. I Guess September 11, 2012

    Wow these poor misguided people.
    S** laced lyrics have been around since the beginning of the music industry.
    Today they are more in your face and vulgar with it.
    There was a bi-sexual singer in the 20’s.
    She is legendary Bessie Smith the queen of blues. Hell majority of her music was point blank. I don’t understand why its a big deal.
    Now if it’s classy,fine. If it’s downright slutty I’m not interested. Madonna didn’t start s*** it was already present. Madonna is about as original as Beyonce and that’s saying something. The problem today is that with alot of these broken homes and the way the economy is now.Most parents don’t have time to sit and explain s** to children anymore.

    So they are getting the twisted explanation from these artist who don’t really understand their impact on children.
    Rihanna,Madonna,Janet are known for it but don’t sit here and act like Christina Beyonce,Mariah etc aren’t above it either. while all three are at least talented vocally their image has always been sultry and provocative.
    End of the day it all comes down to what YOUR expectations are. If it’s too much for you turn the station,skip the channel,don’t let your children watch it.
    But face it sexually charged themes have been present in the industry since the beginning. Be it image,theme,lyrics, etc.

    I guess the old people are just too old to remember it

  33. Benron (King Of The Navy) September 11, 2012

    S** doesen’t sell, think of all you’re faves. Was there biggest hit about s**? Was their best selling album the most sexual? Chances are that they aren’t.

    I love how he mentions Rihanna, but not his faves Beyonce and Rita as if one isn’t famous for shaking her ass in a leotard with “bootylicious” booty pads and one isnt just a clone of Rih #POORDAT

    • KingBey September 11, 2012

      B****, Shut the f*** up, you are one of the dumbest Rihanna stands to step foot in this f****** blog. Anyway, Yes Beyonce Has Sold S** , But Rihanna’s Hits Are Mostly About? What ? S**, Right? Rude Boy Anyone? Lmao. Beyonce’s sexier singles are at least discreet. While rihanna’s Are Just Out There.
      Birthday Cake(Ooh I wanna f*** you right now)
      Talk That Talk(So imma give it to you baby)
      S&M. Do I Need To Cite Lyrics?

      When Rihanna’s looks fade, what will she have?

  34. TheFame September 11, 2012

    Also rihannas best selling album gggb is not about s**. And think about rap music it has always been very graphic,
    we live in a very oversexualised generation compared to 20 years ago, worlds like b**** are used as empowering…when u think of inslting someone ur comment is always very sexual.
    its the world we live in.
    and please how is a girl who has admitted not to have gotten laid in more then a year a h**?

  35. TheFame September 11, 2012

    Its easy to try to blame this one new artist but look at the legends and i promise you they where too oversexualised in their time too. From manroe to grace jones, mj, to elvis.
    and y r we just looking at women? Men started this?

    • Nik September 11, 2012

      MJ got a lot of flack for the crotch grabbing and then it became one of his signature moves. Also Bobby Brown got in trouble for performing “Roni” on stage with an audience member where he was simulating s**.

  36. mobwife September 11, 2012

    Cyndi Lauper STFU!

    Remember when they banned Elvis from performing live after he was filmed ROTATION & GYRATING HIS PELVIS ON LIVE TV while singing about s**?

    Remember the OVERTLY SEXUALIZED antics of The Doors lead singer Jim Morrison when he sand and performed? How about the rest of the musicians during the “FLOWER POWER – FREE LOVE – LET IT ALL HANG OUT GENERATION”?

    GTFOH Cyndi Lauper!

    And why is she just picking on certain genra and artists has she not seen the LIVE S** SHOWS groups like KISS & MOTLEY CREW have on stage while they perform? What are they talking about music if not DRUGS, S** & ROCK N’ ROLL?

  37. mobwife September 11, 2012

    @SAM where are the videos of NAKED PERRY & LADY “ALWAYS NAKED” GAGA? “Take You Down” was a great song and I also enjoyed to performance. What was GAGA doing in “Bad Romance”? Why was she damn near NAKED? Where’s that video? *side-eye*

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 11, 2012

      Lady gaga is naked more than anybody. And for no apparent reason then to call her s*** artistic. She is desperate in the least attractive way.

  38. mobwife September 11, 2012

    Okay, that EROTICA VIDEO was all that sorry haters……LOL, get’em it Madge!! 🙂

  39. commanderofthedancefloor September 11, 2012

    s** does sell but to a point. if the music is there also then it will sell best example is cassie she is in my opinion one of the hottest looking artist to have come out within the last decade, but look at her career. every female now sings about s**, in my opinion it is much more toned down than it use to be. i think there was more in the begining of the 2000s mainly because of all the female rappers rapping about their p****. only rihanna and gaga are the current big artist to sing about something like a guy giving them head. (birthday cake, heavy metal lover)

  40. FAF September 11, 2012


  41. JER September 11, 2012



  42. the real xoxo September 12, 2012

    i cant at the navy thinking rihanna is a real artist.
    if rihanna never had s** appeal, she would be back in barbados fishing for food with shontelle.

  43. Miguel September 12, 2012

    Um… No?

    People like s**, and to feel s***.

    And those who feel ashamed by it, dream about it.

    So everyone likes it… whether they admit to it, or not!

    Music is just a reflection

  44. MC the place to be! September 12, 2012

    There’s nothing wrong with being sexual in music its just that today a lot of people lyrics sounds very elementary whereas in the 70s 80s and 90s ppl sound like they actually graduated school and most did nowadays you have people who start their careers at 16 and might get a tutor but in the end never finish and that’s why people love the 90s because even on a hot dance track them lyrics were on point and it made sense. Nowadays on your regular Rihanna and Beyonce track you hear things that rhyme but when you actually look at the lyrics its a whole but of random words ppl told stories with their lyrics now its just to simple almost like jello jingles and its sad ppl buy it with all the technology that we have don’t you think music today would be a lot better…there’s plenty of ways to talk and sing about s** without even mentioning it poets and great songwriters do it all the time but people just love the money and fame and not the art of it and that’s the downfall of music today nobody really loves it they just love the fame it brings and its sad because music is powerful and ppl are taking it for granted by putting out pointless work and then calling it art and classic when you actually sit down and think about it ask yourselves this is this something I’ll be listening to when I’m 60 and have grandkids? And I know Adele gets a lot of props but I know for a fact her 19 and 21 albums are the only albums of today that’s successful I can listen to when I’m older they’re other albums that were great but didn’t get the success but 21 will pop out because through all of the dance crazed teen pop music today an album with actual substance can outsell anything today that should tell u something ppl will buy your music if your music is great and it don’t sound like u want a hit or anything from it

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