Little Mix Unmask ‘DNA’ Album Cover

Published: Monday 17th Sep 2012 by Sam

Pop quad Little Mix have unveiled the official cover for their debut album, ‘DNA’.

Due in November, the LP is set to feature the group’s two chart-toppers, ‘Cannonball’ and ‘Wings’, as well as the album’s title-track, which also dubs as their next single.


Having scored two #1’s with two singles, the ladies are off to the best of starts. The true test, however, will come with their album sales. The X Factor winners have both the show and Holiday-release window as big boosters to their campaign; whether or not that’ll be enough to blast them out of “talent show” territory into “credible artists” will be interesting to see. Roll on November.

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  1. the real xoxo September 17, 2012

    im not here for them,
    too manufactured and fake for my liking. i dont see them lasting long, they want to be victims and appeal to emotion, Destinys Child, Spice Girls, TLC etc were never like that.
    one of their members is dating a member from 1D, a match made in Syco PR Headquarters no doubt.
    They are not genuine artists, just 4 young girls who are styled to look 43 and make money for Simon Cowell, and when this album underperforms, they will be dropped faster than a hot potato.

    • Twitter – @091094_ September 17, 2012


      • Truth tela September 17, 2012

        I can’t stand them. They are overrated and play on sympathy game. I couldn’t have said it better @ The Real Xoxo. They are evil just like their mentor Tulisa! I wish they could just go away!

  2. the real xoxo September 17, 2012

    also, the sloth-looking one is irritating, she constantly goes on about how she loves her “curves” when she sucks in her stomach in every photoshoot.

  3. truth tea (take a sip) September 17, 2012

    Im saving my coins for Stooshe’s album, not this shite group.

  4. Blue The Real Hive September 17, 2012

    This ugly b****** sucks!!!! Well let me examine xfactor biggest selling artist LEONA LEWIS 5 UK #1 s 20 m sold world wide that’s 1 albums second album flop 3 album flop!!!!! Alexandra Burke 5 UK #1 sold 15million that’s only 1 album second album flop!!!! Jls 6 uk #1 sold 10 million copies that’s 2 albums third album flop!!’ hmmmm leon Jackson 2 #1s sold 1.2 million first album flop second album flop!!!! 1D r out now let c how far they goes

  5. Are You Serious? September 17, 2012

    And the illuminati strikes again. Try next time to be more discreet Jade

  6. bibi93 September 17, 2012

    so cute!!

  7. Littlemixer#1 September 20, 2012

    I know all of the bad comment about little mix are you alls opinions, & I respect that. But Is it fair to pre-judge their future and/or carrer by comparing them to other girl groups or other uk artists? Is it fair to just judge them on how the look in your eyes only? Listen to them sing, they have REAL talent, I think they deserve this. Judge them on their voices, not their faces. I can’t wait for the album, & I love them!!! That comes from my heart…

  8. Dmoney June 10, 2013

    They have good voices, but its nothing special. Just another young group being exploited by the mainstream media, and big corporations. It’s really sad, especially for the talented ones, that see no other option than to be exploited puppets by signing to big corporations in order to “make it.” Making it in this industry has not been the same, not since the big corporations bought out all of the record companies and TV stations. Their voices are good, but they have no soul or feel, just empty puppets desperate to make it big, willing to sell their souls for 15 minutes of fame…

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