Watch: Beyonce Bares All On ‘Anderson Live’

Published: Tuesday 11th Sep 2012 by David

After lending her voice to World Humanitarian Day on August 19th, Beyonce took to ‘Anderson Live‘ for her most revealing interview since giving birth to the now 9 month old Blue Ivy Carter.

Speaking on her adjustment to parenthood, her attraction to WHD and Jay Z‘s hands on approach to fatherhood, get into her conversation with Mr.Cooper below…

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  1. 77 September 11, 2012

    beyonce is the QUEEN & she will slayyyyyyyyyyy again and againn

    long life to THE KING BEYONCE!!

    hater you can go to the HELL, cause beyhive is here TO SLAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

    rihanna who?? katy who???? britney who???

    • Blue The real HIVE September 11, 2012

      Yes beyonce is the one!!! Rih who? Lol beyonce slay r**** since 2006 and she still killing her!!! Britney who? Lol that butch ain’t on beyonce s performance level Katy who? Looool Katy shouldn’t even b included in ur sentence

    • Lax September 11, 2012

      Rihanna is the Best…

      • Blue The real HIVE September 11, 2012

        Lies!!! Oh s*** sge is the best Talentless h**

  2. Virtuoso Intellect September 11, 2012

    Omg the interview was cute but they didnt need to save it for his season premiere. Get those ratings silver fox. I ain even mad. Bey is the most clickable singer out now on the web

    Anyways Sam, can u post Azealia’s quote on Beyonce from her rolling stones interview? Lets make em seethe 😀

    • Blue The real HIVE September 11, 2012

      U know beyonce s the queen and they want viewers that’s y they saved it that long

      • Lax September 11, 2012

        Blue Rih is the Best.

      • Blue The real HIVE September 11, 2012

        Yes 21century give how like Rih credits

  3. beyonce´s age September 11, 2012

    this old cow better sit down,nobody is checking for her old ass. @rihanna is 24yrs Lol!!! who is mad about beyonce being 31yrs hands you a gun

    • StarBey September 11, 2012

      LOL Rihanna is 23 and already look like 30 damnnnt that crack is something lol Beyonce is 31 but still has more shape,hips,tighs and ass than that flat ass Rihanna she should be shame

      • Stans Make Me LOL September 11, 2012

        Ur funny, that means Riri has 6 years left before the NAVY drop her ass

      • Ayo September 11, 2012

        Rihanna is 24

      • Leen Grais September 11, 2012

        B**** Rihanna is 24 and not 23. Sit down stupidhoe

      • Blue The real HIVE September 11, 2012

        R**** is 24 and she looks 43 older than Rita Ora!!! Flat ass no body shame ugly face like a man

    • CRAMPED September 11, 2012

      So I’m guessing when Rihanna will be 31 you’ll no longer be a fan because she will be an old cow sing “S&M”.

      Stupid b**** hate Beyonce more than you love R****

      • Blue The real HIVE September 11, 2012

        So they telling us they won’t bother r**** when she is 31 ahhaha that makes beyonce a legend coz we bothering her at 31!!! R**** will b dead at 31 opposed!!!

      • Lax September 11, 2012

        Blue Rih is the best…

      • Blue The real HIVE September 11, 2012

        Lax u f****** c***

    • Blue The real HIVE September 11, 2012

      Ur super checking her by commenting and even reading this post c*** get the f*** out here

      • StarBey September 11, 2012

        OK She’s 24 and look like she’s in her 30’s that crack is something else that’s probably why she’s getting so small ikr FLAT ASS RIHANNA

  4. 77 September 11, 2012

    beyonce dont need to cry to hava those rating!!!!

    she dont need to have the DRAKE vs CHRIS BROWN to kill the VMA rating!!

    she just answer those questions, without telling more & the RATING talk for themselm!!

    BEYONCE have no passenger in her plane!!!!! deal with it or BYEEEEEEEEEEEE

    • Blue The real HIVE September 11, 2012

      True beyonce doesn’t need to b an attention seekers like showing boobs tats world wide to b revelant!! beyonce ROCKS!!!

      • JER September 11, 2012

        Yes. BeYAWNce has never done anything to garner attention.

  5. Matthew Charlery-Smith September 11, 2012

    I want her to put some humanitarian songs on her albums and actually donate some of her OWN money. Instead of taking songs about herself (I Was Here) and talking about “giving out hugs”. I really don’t get these celebs. Worth $100m+ but making public appearances so they can “Raise funds” asking US the general public to give OUR money when they have enough to buy the city. Hypocrisy!

    • Matthew Charlery-Smith September 11, 2012

      Beyonce talks about Jay-Z wiping Blue Ivy’s bottom and she “Bares All”? Really TGJ? Your hype will NOT pay off!

      • Blue The real HIVE September 11, 2012

        F****** hell

      • Blue The real HIVE September 11, 2012

        I’m tired of this site haters f*** off plz

    • CRAMPED September 11, 2012

      So you are telling beyonce what to do with her career and how to spend her money?!

      Your are the hypocrite one. You think Celebs should be charitable because they are worth 100m+ while you do nothing to help!

      The reason why they use Beyonce and not you is because She would bring more awareness to the cause because she is famous. That is all.

      • Blue The real HIVE September 11, 2012

        Thank u rohtards are sooooooo rihdiculous

    • Blue The real HIVE September 11, 2012

      Beyonce has been donating since DC SO F*** OFF AND GO FIND INFO B4 writing down stupid s***

      • Matthew Charlery-Smith September 11, 2012

        I need to see the receipts! Recent ones. Not ones from Hurricane Katrina that happened over half a decade ago! Where’s the Michael Jackson size donations? Where’s the world tour dedicated to raising money? Where are the songs aimed at raising money? Not “Stand Up For Love” which raised $10 which went to the songwriter!

        Rohtards? Whatever that means! If it’s a reference to Rihanna then you’re aiming in the wrong direction, I buy Beyonce’s music far more!

        And YES requesting that there be more songs about changing the world rather than being a “Diva” having an “Ego” and “Upgrading” people is imperative to show you’re aware of the world you live in, have some artistic depth and plan to leave something behind more important than your “Weave in the sands of time.”

      • Blue The real HIVE September 11, 2012

        She doesn’t to shoe ur ass receipt!!!

      • CRAMPED September 11, 2012

        @MC – U need to see receipts? Who the f*** you think you are?!!!

        Instead of dictating WHAT and HOW Beyonce should allocate her projects and time for Charity, Get your a*** up and do something yourself! Delicate your life to IT.

        You dont have to be a f****** celebrity or worth millions to touch people’s lives.

        You are beyond pathetic with this comments. B****** like you feel so entitles to what people have and so bold to tell people what to do when you arent doing anything. Those celebs dont owe anybody s***.

    • KingBey September 12, 2012

      Actually, Beyonce’s “I Was Here” Was Written For The Victims Of 9/11, Feel Stupid.And Beyonce Has Given To Charity Before, But She Doesn’t Look For The Press In It.

      • Matthew Charlery-Smith September 12, 2012

        To everyone above, please learn to spell, you’re confusing me! And YES, I DO need receipts! More than her being, “A worldwide woman! W! W! W! You can log on anywhere your girl can take it there!”

        You Beyonce stans! You could say “Beyonce looks happy” and you’d find a reason to see it as shade! Stay with your new found world religion in the shape of Mathew Knowles daughter. That was his intention in the first place. Do you have your Beyonce “B”ibles? I think she has writing credits in it!

        Good night and Good blessings!

      • Matthew Charlery-Smith September 12, 2012

        Written for the victims of 9/11? When ALL of her solo albums succeed (come after) this tragedy why would she be putting a song about 9/11 on her album now a DECADE later?! PLEASE! I NEVER heard Diane Warren say that. The lyrics are inspired by Beyonce and they are about…Beyonce! Who else would she sing about? Oh yeah, her money and her man!

        Show me the receipts about it being about 9/11 and that being Beyonce’s intended use for it or come up with another sacred scripture from the Book of Knowles where she teaches her followers how to lie for her!

      • Matthew Charlery-Smith September 12, 2012

        @Cramped, Constipation whatever your name is: Please draw some seats and count them! I am Matthew Charlery-Smith, I don’t think it. And if I require a “receipt before praise from your fave” don’t get “Cramped”! Rather, understand people are deserving of accolades when they have earned it honestly, not by “writing” songs like “I Care (For Your Credits)” and then putting a song about THEMSELVES on WORLD HUMANITARIAN day and talking about “giving out hugs” rather than her OWN cash.

        I don’t care if I’m excommunicated from the Church of Beyonce! You guys enjoy Not Michael Jackson preaching her new found hugology!

  6. Beyonce’s Weave (& Her “HIVE” of Head-Lice) September 11, 2012

    The difference between that other lady and BeyFraud is you can tell the intelligent one from the unintelligent simply by the responses to the questions. BeyFRAUD is so fake and she is such a thief, b**** does not change nay diapers so why is she lying, to seem all so perfect for the HOOD-HIVE right.

    BeyFRAUD wants Baby Blue to learn from “mommy”, she wants Baby Blue to learn how to shake your c****** in front of millions of people? Don’t think so.

    • MARINE EYE CANDY September 11, 2012

      Remember b****..its not your fault
      You’re a loser’re a goddamn loser hating ass b****.

      Some people are born with potential.
      You’re weren’t you’re just a hating ass b****…
      Ok? Understand?

      Yours in Christ
      Marine Eye Candy <3

      • Blue The real HIVE September 11, 2012


    • CRAMPED September 11, 2012

      Beyonce might not be the most eloquent speaker, but she is far from dumb.

      Now I could give a 101 reason whey R**** is 100X more dumber…

      • Blue The real HIVE September 11, 2012

        Beyonce s always nervous when it comes to speeches and interview I don’t find this dumb f****** give us a reason of BEY being dumb instead of writing bare s*** down

    • Blue The real HIVE September 11, 2012

      Did she steal from ur family? Or did u c her stealing?


    she seems so down to earth… i mean just google kelsnetwork

    • Blue The real HIVE September 11, 2012

      F*** off with ur kelsnetwork

  8. Puhleaze September 11, 2012

    This w**** is the fakest thing in the planet. Whatever she does is all self serving & calculated. Whoreonce who? She is the biggest w**** in the music industry now. First, being sold by her father, then now sucking a camel’s d***. If this is the star of this generation, the bar is obviously low. A plagiarist, phoney writer, v*****-popper is an icon. Good job s****

    • CRAMPED September 11, 2012

      Everybody should be a w**** like Beyonce!

    • Blue The real HIVE September 11, 2012

      A r****** calls bey a w****!!! Whoa U really begging for my insult on u and yr fav!!!! The only S*** in the business is RIHANNA (every industry n***** done had her) have u ever heard someone saying that about Bey? R**** have Naked pictures leaked on Internet!!! She shows her boobs to kids!!! She only sing about s**!!! She f*** more N***** then her age!!! That’s the b**** u should b calling a H** not BEYONCE IDIOT

  9. MC the place to be!! September 11, 2012

    its funny that beyonce’s net worth is how much mj spent on his humanitarian efforts that should tell u something the next time yall start to compare her to that big of a person and i thought this was live not pre recorded a month ago smh

    • CRAMPED September 11, 2012

      Good for MJ, but why do u want Beyonce to spend ALL her money on Humanitarian work?!


      • Mc the place to be!! September 11, 2012

        mj net worth was 750 million thats nothing but pocket change to him and nobodys telling her to give her money away ppl just love to compare her to ppl who are wayyy above her and did more s*** 4 ppl

      • CRAMPED September 11, 2012

        @MC – U said Beyonce Networth is equal to what MJ donated, so I’m asking again why do you wnt beyonce to donate all her money to charity?

        Mj. and Bey is free to spend their money how they want to .

    • Blue The real HIVE September 11, 2012

      MJ HAS DINE HIS PART!!! Now Beyonce s doing her parts!!! What have u done to pass on judgment?

  10. Gilberto September 11, 2012

    Beyoncé is so cute. She doesn’t need to use her personal issues to have interviews.

  11. RoyalKev September 11, 2012

    Every time I see Bey on these kind of programs I notice how much people genuinely seem to like her. She has to be an amazing person to know to get this response from everyone. I love her spirit and I always feel like I’m watching a cousin hold an interview. I can’t wait til she’s ready to sting ’em again! #MissingB

  12. Beyonce’s Weave (& Her “HIVE” of Head-Lice) September 11, 2012

    I like how people bring up Beyonce’s sales for DIL to try and prop her up, can I also add that at one time Usher sold 10 Million copies (in the US) of Confessions, making him the King of RnB. Today Usher is struggling to keep up with his lessors (Chris Brown, Trey Songz). 4closure was the beginning of BeyFLOPs decline, she should go beg daddy to manage her again, she cant do it on her own.

    • Gilberto September 11, 2012

      B****, if you ain’t know 4 outsold all Usher’s albums since Confessions. Usher had a really huge female fanbase, but since he got married and had kids, they didn’t see him as a s*** symbol anymore, and then they started to have real boyfriends and date real men. What happened to Usher will happen to Justin Bieber in a few years. Wait and see.
      She also outsold all the other b****** who debuted along side with her, b****** like Hasbeentina Floplera and Lipsyncey Spears.
      R****** is the one who needs to step up her game because Katy Perry and Gaga isn’t playing around. These two girls had massive eras after massive eras, and R****** is always a miss. Katy had 5 #1 hits (ALL BY HERSELF), 2x Platinum, #1 albums and many other hits. She’s the queen of radio and iTunes at this moment. Gaga has the world on her hands, #1 albums and singles, massive world tour. R****** is barely on the 4th place as the hottest chick in the game. These girls are making her life unbearable.

    • CRAMPED September 11, 2012

      Beyonce’s Luxurious Weave YOU are obviously worried about Beyonce career and her numbers more tha her fans.
      Keep up the dedication to the King B. The BeyHive Appreciates it.

    • Blue The real HIVE September 11, 2012


  13. Brick House September 11, 2012

    Due to the mere fact that she wants to live in a bubble and PRETEND no one else exists i.e. The people who actually want her to be real, thats why I dont care for her and all of her FRAUDULENT LIES, her fans must love the deceipt.

    • CRAMPED September 11, 2012

      Because I’m suppose to believe yu know how Beyonce live her life and her principles so well to judge her like this.

      Real is the new FAKE my dear. Thats why R**** goes through 100000 Hairstyles, Personality changes and image overhaul.

    • Blue The real HIVE September 11, 2012

      Then u shouldn’t read or comment here the fact u did it shows u super care for care

  14. DOSSOME September 11, 2012

    Great interview BUT she simply doesn’t sound genuine..I got to understand just exactly how CHARITABLE she is when,in response to harry belafonte she actually remembered to quote some $100,000 she donated back in 2008 to charity….sigh

  15. Monstarebel September 11, 2012

    Bare a baby b****!

    • KingBey September 12, 2012

      Bare A Brain B****!

  16. CRAMPED September 11, 2012

    R**** stains call Beyonce ratchet and ghetto. R**** is a 100X more ghetto and ratchet.

    They call Beyonce dumb while R**** was the one who was 17 yrs and still in mid-high school (repeating classes) and didnt finish high school.

    And her business skills sux balls too. Talk about her 6% deal with Deal with Def Scam, working like a slave every year, but was basically broke at one point of her career.

    Didnt they listen to her interview on Oprah? Her speaking is as bad as Beyonce without the Southern accent.

    Those Goatlovers are beyong deluded.

    • Mc the place to be!! September 11, 2012

      did beyonce even go to high school???? ooh ill wait..

      • CRAMPED September 11, 2012

        Are u serious? Yes she did!!!

      • Blue The real HIVE September 11, 2012

        F****** hell she did!!! R**** only went down primary school

  17. R****** Navy: Broke,Ugly & bitter September 11, 2012

    Gorgeous! Well composed and down to earth. Of the ugly ass navy stay hating. Beyonce will continue to do her thing while having that foot on their necks.

  18. Blue The real HIVE September 11, 2012

    Beyonce is amazing and I love her sooooo much

  19. BEYONCE’S WEAVE (& HER “HIVE” OF HEADLICE) September 11, 2012

    So Gilberto, if Rihanna is 4th place then where is BeyFlop since Riri is doing way better than her ATM??

    • KingBey September 12, 2012

      Beyonce-4 (Certified Platinum In Less Than 4 Months)
      Rihanna- TTT( Certified Platinum After About 10 Months)

      TTT- Had 3 Hit Singles, Yet Just Sold Over A Million
      4- Had 0 Hit Singles, And Outsold It In The U.S.

      4- One Of Beyonce’s Most Critically Acclaimed Albums,Best Selling R&B Album Of Last Year , Beating, Chris,Kelly,Ledisi,R.Kelly,

      TTT- Nothing , 3 Hits . Thats It. Barely Any Awards, Despite One Of The Biggest Hits Of The Year.

      Yet Rihanna’s Doing Better Than Bey?

  20. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 11, 2012

    A living example of The Art of telling Lies with a straight face.

    • BluesClues September 11, 2012

      It’s absolutely sickening…. I tell ya!!! All that she is this internally insecure sista continues to dig her own grave….does she not know half of her fan base is on this site alone….and the other half loathe her blatant and arrogant dishonesty..!! This along with stealing wack music that inspires this nutty ding bat to yodel more lies!!! I think she shud have asked for some kind of therapy instead of eventually raising a Blue child!!!! Smhehe…

      • CRAMPED September 11, 2012

        @BlueClues — Beyonce is not you f****** “sista” I hate this word because it is so commonly used by degrading, crabs in a barrel, envious and jealous black women.

        Too much Rabidness, its sicknening

    • Suicide Blonde September 11, 2012

      Bravo!…my friend, i live for your shades.

    • CRAMPED September 11, 2012

      @Pop — You Rihtards is so lacking in the Dragging Department.

      Like Really? She talking about her daughter and all you’ve got is she is tell lies?

      • CRAMPED September 11, 2012


      • StarBey September 11, 2012

        @POP b**** I know my fave wont go on OPRAH and come with a whole new fake ass attitude and shed a lot of Fake tears like Rihanna lol its pathetic BrokeNavy shouldn’t even talk.. As I quote Rihanna ” If he’s not at peace than I’m not at peace” lmfao B**** sit yo ass down and stay there…….. Queen Bey is your leader yes she is your leader you not a believer SUCK A BIG D***

  21. Teflon Boy September 11, 2012

    Not even gonna watch this…, why? Because Be*yawn*ce does not give ‘revealing’ interviews lol B**** never says anything of interest kmt!

    • Blue The real HIVE September 11, 2012

      She doesn’t need to reveal her life to haters like u

  22. ChrisFresh September 11, 2012

    Bares all in 2 mns?

    • Blue The real HIVE September 11, 2012

      2minutes is enough to understand her message

  23. Suicide Blonde September 11, 2012

    What a woman!!!!!

    • Blue The real HIVE September 11, 2012

      Super women that’s y we love her

      • Lax September 11, 2012

        Rihanna “HBIC”,,LOL.

  24. ENOUGH ONIKA September 11, 2012

    Rita had Blue Ivory…Beyonce’s pregnancy was a cover up for Jay’s affair which is why Rita still has a deal with Roc and why Jay keeps loosing money on her He knows Riita will exposes both him and Bey for frauds lol. #Jokes

    • CRAMPED September 11, 2012

      and STFU!

    • Blue The real HIVE September 11, 2012

      How can u really say that

  25. Boreanna R****** September 11, 2012

    I loveeeee too see these RIHTARDS BITTER!!!! They must know the meaning of being fake attention hosanna have been that way her whole life. The dumb hag has reached extreme desperation levels now and will be forgotten just like gags and Katy only the strongest survives and these girls dont have that holding power for years too come. When they last as long as beyonce has while remaining a Force too be reckon with then we will see. Blue will be one powerful beautiful individual that’s right Queen Bey teach her from now 🙂

    • CRAMPED September 11, 2012

      Rihanna is obviously the FAKE one, but beyonce always takes the flack for just being Beyonce.

      She has alays been this way. I’ve yet to see her adopt a new personality or something that makes me ask, “who is that person?”!

      • Blue The real HIVE September 11, 2012


  26. Really September 11, 2012

    Stop fighting over people who only want to sing and make money…..Get a life children..I love them both. ….Love the entertainment…..I hope they both stay around and keep making good music.

  27. oh baby (b****** will deal ) September 11, 2012

    Oh the life I’m getting from the queen these days….I simply can’t.can’t wait for the new album next year king bey .!!!

  28. JER September 11, 2012

    Omg the first post already having BeYAWNce stans attacking Rihanna for no reason.

    How typical

  29. Lax September 11, 2012

    They always picks on Rihanna for no reason at all other then
    feeling/being Threaten by Rih, Rih!

  30. MC the place to be! September 11, 2012

    Let’s face it no one brings up Rihanna but Beyonce infested stans!!!

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