Hot Shots: Ke$ha Covers ‘Vibe’ / Explains Reflective New Album

Published: Thursday 11th Oct 2012 by David

Ke$ha glistens and glows on the cover of ‘Vibe‘  this month, taking to the mag to promote her long awaited new album ‘Warrior‘.

Titled ‘Hip Hop’s Guilty Pleasure‘, her spread boasts a number of ‘clean cut’ shots arriving two months before the December 4th launch of her project, which features contributions from Will.i.Am and Iggy Pop.


Snaps and quotes below…

 On Rapping:

 “The first time someone called me a rapper, I started laughing,” she says. “I was shocked, and thought it was hilarious. But then, Andre 3000 was telling me how he thinks I’m a good rapper. And Wiz, who’s a good friend of mine, thinks I’m a good rapper? Snoop? It’s crazy and funny to me.”

More important to her is that people know she’s a singer: Because of her copious use of Auto-Tune on earlier projects, she was accused of not being able to sing, and she’s toned down the effects. (She’s been absentmindedly singing all day—in the car, in the bathroom, walking down the street—and it sounds great.).”

On the LP’s reflective nature:

“I’ve really just been doing a lot of thinking about life,” Ke$ha says, looking somberly at the stacks of shoeboxes at her feet in the sneaker shop.

“The first record, people tore me a new asshole, and were ****ing steady on my balls, and tried to make me feel like I was such a piece of ****. I did some soul-searching, and realized nothing I’m doing is negative, it’s actually super positive.

You can change peoples’ mood in a three-and-a-half minute song. So why not spread positive energy and be funny? Let [the haters] be miserable. Anyone who wants to have a good time, let’s ****ing do this.”

Your thoughts?

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  1. Suicide Blonde October 11, 2012

    B*******…that’s not her body, she has the most ugly body in the music industry.

    • mr.m October 12, 2012

      AGREED xD

    • Nika October 12, 2012

      YES – Mrs. Sponge Bob Square Body!!!!

  2. YEAKELLY October 11, 2012


    First this crap with Billboard making pop artists with R&B leanings into R&B artists and now Ke$ha is on the cover of VIbe??

    Can we have anything anymore?

    Kelly Rowland, Brandy, Keyshia, Ciara, and crew need to pack up their bags and had elsewhere, R&B is getting drug…

    • FAF October 11, 2012





  3. Jamilaaa October 11, 2012



  4. That B*tch (I can’t with these delusional stans) October 11, 2012

    What is going in with this world? Pop acts are debuting on the RnB charts and now Kesha is on VIBE?

    • MELODY2012 October 12, 2012

      I thougt the same thing….

  5. Rihanna Navy October 11, 2012

    wow ke$ha really clean up nicely, she looks great/

  6. mob: come here & let my hold UR throat October 11, 2012


    Read the f**king article titles! David Guetter SAVES R&B? Ke$ha is ON THE DAMN COVER? WTF is really going on? I have watched VIBE tear down BLACK ARTISTS yet they claim to be a leader in BLACK MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT! I see the headline praising EMINEM! I have yet to see them tear him down for his MANY YEARS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AGAINST HIS WIFE KIM MATHERS. He not only beater her but enourgaed his fanbased to attack her. He also made songs advocating her death….ummmmm! *side-eye*

    • FAF October 11, 2012


  7. irene46 October 11, 2012

    thought it was christina at a quick glance.

  8. android91891 October 11, 2012

    very proud of kesha i’m glad she’s back her music is one of my guilty pleasures. glad she’s on the cover of vibe too

    some of you are so f****** negative to change accept change some of it might be for the better.

  9. Dollar$ign$kills October 11, 2012

    Lol @ Suicide being pressed. Didn’t you see her at the VMAs? Her body is banging

    • Suicide Blonde October 11, 2012

      B**** please!..Google Kesha in bikini.

      • Dollar$ign$kills October 11, 2012

        Those pics are 2 years old you dumb c***. Sit your pressed ass all the way down.

  10. bibi93 October 11, 2012

    funny Ke$ha

  11. Teflon Boy October 11, 2012

    Yeah, I have to agree that something is definitely skewif with what’s being done to RnB right now. For the record no-one is saying that Kesha shouldn’t be on the cover of Vibe because she’s white, she simply has no affiliation with Soul, RnB or Hiphop whatsoever so her appearance ON THE COVER is incredibly bogus considering how uber promoted acts like her already are in more mainstream publications…, and for the record the reason she says she ‘burst out laughing’ at the suggestion she is a rapper is because she actually considers all the talk-singing she does on her records ‘sanging’. Vibe really should be ashamed of themselves for this.

    • Mely B October 12, 2012

      ^5. My thoughts exactly – while I don’t care for Iggy Azealea, she is at least a hip hop artist while this breezy…GIRL BYE with her broke down Foxy Brown pose.

      I’m officially done with VIBE – they NEVER big up Black female r&b artists except Beyonce. I don’t even know why I’m trippin’ – they’ve been modeling themselves after the Source for years now and only cater to rap artists so they won’t get anymore of my $$ that’s for sure.

  12. ENOUGH ONIKA October 11, 2012

    Photoshop is DEFINITELY a gift from God for Ke$ha and those alike lol. Anyway, her face in the second photo reminds me of an 80’s Grace Jones.

  13. Hilly October 11, 2012

    Ke$ha :”Hip Hop’s guilty pleasure”????
    What in the hell is going on in this music industry?

    • Peter Griffin October 11, 2012

      Ikr, Vibe has a retarded editor! Do they know what Hip Hop is?! Do they know what Hip Hop are!? Ke$ha just speaks cause she cba to sing. She needs to stop begging.

  14. It’s Utterly Bizaar! October 11, 2012

    I actually like this cover, Ms. Ke$ha looks flawless babe.

  15. Lax October 11, 2012

    Ke$ha look great on the cover shes a cool chick i like her.

  16. truth(chile i will SL-LAP the DOG S*** out a B**** ASS nicki stan) October 11, 2012

    chiiiiile her ass is pancake FLAT!! (leaves post)

  17. CURLY SUE October 11, 2012

    Hip Hops Guilty Pleasure? Fergie a few years ago…yes. Gwen Stefani a few years ago….yes. Nelly Furtado….yes. But Kesha? I’ve never heard her music on the urban stations…. Not hating, just saying….

    • number1k9 October 12, 2012

      Fergie def YES!

      But I liked all you listed, ANNNND Ke$ha too. They are “guilty” Pleasures….

  18. Acem October 11, 2012

    Guilty pleasure, my ass. I would rather listen to the sound of silence than to struggle to get through 3 minutes of Kesha’s vapid b*******. And putting her on the cover of Vibe with the headline of her being Hip Hop’s guilty pleasure is a complete and utter lie. Please find me someone who considers themselves to be a hip hop head who listens to this dumb b****.

  19. lola October 12, 2012

    This is just stupid and sad. How the hell is Ke$ha Hip-Hop???? How is she even a rapper? You call that talking gibberish she does rapping??? And I laughed my ass off when I heard she was going to tone down the auto tune. In her latest single, it is still on full blast and she still sounds like s***. Also, I heard other tracks and the b**** cannot sing! She looks like a drag queen on the cover and obviously photoshop was used in her pics.

  20. rob October 12, 2012

    so Kesha is the new Gwen Stefani?

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