Hot Shot: Keyshia Cole Shares ‘Woman To Woman’ Cover

Published: Thursday 11th Oct 2012 by David


Nicki Minaj?

No, as far as we’re concerned, its Keyshia Cole who boasts the best album cover today, unveiling the cover of her new LP ‘Woman To Woman‘.

Arriving one month before the project’s November 19th launch, the snap sees Cole boast a softer side, days after the launch of reality series ‘Family First’. 

The show, which comes in aid of the album, is set to mark one of BET’s highest rated outings this year, with an impressive opening numbers and next airs on October 16th.

Your thoughts?

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  1. mkigz October 11, 2012

    It’s a beautiful cover – definitely different from her previous one. I will be buying this album next month!!!! You go KC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • truth(chile i will SL-LAP the DOG S*** out a B**** ASS nicki stan) October 11, 2012


      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) October 11, 2012

        SO ARE YOU

  2. king bey/rihanna October 11, 2012

    She needs a hit single or that album aint shifting s***

    • king bey/rihanna October 11, 2012

      Her eyes are beaUtiful tho

    • Black China October 11, 2012

      Remember you said the @king! I bet it sales more than Ri in it’s first week. Believe it or not, but those who stan for real talent are more likely to spend their money, than those who stan for a pretty face and media drama.

      • Yea i said it October 11, 2012

        so why her last didnt go gold, oops and rih went plat!

      • im not here October 11, 2012

        You know rnb don’t sell well unless it being made by a whitey shut up b****

      • Sabian October 12, 2012

        Keyshia has a handful of platinum albums to her credit. Her last didn’t go platinum because it wasn’t that great. So what? All artists eventually put out a clunker that underwhelms their fans.

        Why did it take Rihanna a year to finally go platinum? None of Keyshia’s platinum albums took that long to reach that feat?

  3. Lax October 11, 2012

    Kesha is such a beautiful s*** artist an i love her and her music.

  4. Lax October 11, 2012

    Beautiful album cover.

  5. That B*tch (I can’t with these delusional stans) October 11, 2012

    Im really lovin it. Its really beautiful and different.

  6. Peter Griffin October 11, 2012

    I like Keyshia Cole but that covers a bit creepy.

    • Charlie Baltimore October 11, 2012

      you’re creepy.

      • im not here October 11, 2012

        ya mamas p**** was creepy but i still f*** it with me foot b****

      • Peter Griffin October 11, 2012

        Omg, you really hurt my feelings! Bastards! I’m gonna go have a very long cry. Boohoo!

    • MaZ October 11, 2012

      I do agree with you! Creepy!

      • Jer October 11, 2012

        Creepy as HELL

  7. THE LEGENDARY LAX October 11, 2012

    I’m buying this Album looks more promising and look like she really means it……last album wasn’t how she wanted to be but looks like she has more control of this album…. I cant wait

  8. sentfromupabove October 11, 2012

    like Brandy she is gonna come back HARD

    • MaZ October 12, 2012

      you wish!

  9. truth(chile i will SL-LAP the DOG S*** out a B**** ASS nicki stan) October 11, 2012

    OMFG WHO THE F*** CARES!!!!!! (drop fuckn mic and twist off this post chile)

  10. king z October 11, 2012

    Wow she and k michelle look and sound alike

    • OWWW October 11, 2012

      Looks alike maybe, sounds alike HELL TO THE NO in myy Whitney voice, K.Michelle slays Off-Keysh in vocals!!

  11. lolli October 11, 2012

    imma get this CD… I really LOVE Trust & Believe…. i hope she performs it live on TV though… I want a live version of that one.

  12. lolli October 11, 2012

    oh yeah and I hope she does another AOL live sessions or VH1 unplugged … love her voice live.

  13. RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) October 11, 2012

    This is my girl , this is an album cover

  14. MaZ October 11, 2012

    Horrible….mmmm….creepy….and it looks so low budget cover! I mean come on! Does it look fresh and creative? The title is woman to woman not the two faces of Keyshia cole!

    • im not here October 11, 2012

      your face is creepy

      • MaZ October 12, 2012

        Kiss my ass!

  15. FAF October 11, 2012




  16. Ish October 11, 2012

    She looks beautiful, but you’re crazy if you think this album cover is better than Rihanna’s (and I’m nowhere near a stan). This looks like a shot from somebody’s magazine. Her best album cover was “A Different Me” in my opinion. I’d prefer it more without her holding that 2nd face – makes it look too photoshopped.

  17. phillydoinit October 11, 2012

    YASSSSSSSSS!!!! She comin hard!!

  18. Jamie October 11, 2012

    I don’t get it.

    • im not here October 11, 2012

      you never do dumb ass

  19. theman October 11, 2012

    She does have a hit single. It’s a hit song on her urban radio, her core for her music.

  20. TeamXtina October 11, 2012

    I loved the cover but Nov. 19th Rihanna, Keyshia, & Nicki all drop on the same day. I wonder whose gonna have the billboard’s #1 album.

  21. blairdevereaux October 11, 2012

    i love the creativity but this is the EXACT SAME PICTURE THAT MONIQUE DID W/ DEREK BLANKS…it made sense for her because she is an actress so it symbolises the acting masks drama and comedy…here I’m not sold. she looks beautiful though…

    heres the link to moniques pic

  22. Dat Dude October 11, 2012

    Love the album cover im definitely supporting her album along with Brandy & Ashanti album R&B is making a comeback

  23. selena October 12, 2012

    Keisha cole could never do no wrong go boo i am definly buying that cd yes indeed!!!!

  24. truth(chile i will SL-LAP the DOG S*** out a B**** ASS nicki stan) October 12, 2012


  25. Mely B October 12, 2012

    Keyshia looks gorgeous & I think it’s an interesting concept appears to say that she’s taking off her mask to show the real her. I cannot effing wait for her album to drop.

  26. so much for modesty October 14, 2012

    she wanted to get that ring in there!! one thing i like about a certain other artist is she doesnt need to broadcast her wealth or the type of ring her man put on it, in fact she kept it out of the media for so long, but Keyshia is screaming look at my shyt, im ballin’

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