#Unapologetic: Rihanna Readies ‘Interactive Experience’ For New Album

Published: Thursday 11th Oct 2012 by David

Let’s face it, when it comes to whipping up a buzz, no one does it better than the folk over at Roc Nation.

Hoping to enjoy monumental success with Rihanna‘s forthcoming album ‘Unapologetic’, the Entertainment group are readying the launch of an interactive campaign in aid of the release, unveiled by the singer’s official fan site, Rihanna Daily.

Details below…

Via Rihanna Daily:

“Following Rihanna‘s award winning social media marketing campaign last year, UNLOCKED, and as Forbes’ and Billboard’s #1 Social Media artist, she continues her digital media domination with #R7, launching on Monday, October 15th.

#R7 is an interactive gaming experience where fans visit www.Rihanna7.com and explore this site to “RIHveal” exclusive content and prizes. Each week fans are assigned weekly trivia questions. When answered correctly, fans have a new mission to exclusive Rihanna announcements and “RIHwards,” bringing fans closer to her 7th album, UNAPOLOGETIC.

“Worldwide superstar Rihanna – the “#1 Person On Facebook” with over 61.7 million Likes – has once again ignited record charts around the world with “Diamonds,” the fastest-rising single of her career to date, with first-week postings at #1 iTunes in 27 countries and Top 5 iTunes in 55 countries.

Now, Rihanna announces the global release of her 7th studio album for Island Def Jam in just seven years: UNAPOLOGETIC arrives in stores worldwide on Monday, November 19th.”

If ‘Diamonds‘ quality is anything to go by, we can’t wait to see what ‘Unapologetic’ delivers ‘The Navy’ and the world at large.

After all, despite her obvious shortcomings, we’d challenge anyone to deny the quality of Rihanna’s brand of Premium Pop, and her well oiled marketing machine.

Your thoughts?

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  1. the real xoxo October 11, 2012

    …and she cant write her own songs?

    • kelly October 11, 2012

      Just like Diana Ross and Dionne Warwick. Must you be so hateful, can u juts be happy for her. Damm blacks are the most hateful evil race , no wonder they arte cursed

      • That B*tch (I can’t with these delusional stans) October 11, 2012

        The same way you are hateful against every black woman except your nappy headed fave? Damn hypocrite.
        Dont make me drag your racially confused ass on this thread.

      • James227 October 11, 2012

        Rihanna have 7 like Beyonce have 4. Can’t we all get along damnnnnn

    • Rihanna Navy October 11, 2012

      7 Deadly Sins

      • Lax October 11, 2012

        @THAT B*tch try dragging a navy officer bytch, go on try it….

    • JJFan1814 October 11, 2012

      Check the writing credits of Rated R (her most crtically acclaimed album) and get back with me.

      And who the f*** cares if she writes her own songs or not…She still makes them a HIT!! Unlike people who get songs and can’t garner a top 20 hit! 🙂 Stay mad tho.

      • the real xoxo October 11, 2012

        Sharing a writing credit with 5 other writers doesnt make you a songwriter.
        “who cares if she writes her own songs or not” – This pretty much simplifies why nobody takes the navy seriously.

      • Lax October 12, 2012

        Hmmmm XOXO Let youself keep right on trying to make it seem like Rih is any less of a artist because others or working behind the scenes with her .
        Welllllllllll one thing is for certain Beyonce has writers, producers, musician and even have a sister who can write her ass of and yo ass still want to try to nail Rihannas ass to the cross well keep those negative vibes going because it don’t matter because the dream made a killing on “Umbrella” and that song helped to really cement the deal with Rih, helped her to get her house in order and pay some bill. And as time goes on Rih is getting better with time, and theres not a phucking thing and of you can do to Knock Rihanna off Her ” A Game”
        you can gladly keep trying though.

      • Lax October 12, 2012

        Rihanna’s single “Where Have You Been” came and
        made all kind of big flashes, Rihanna’s “We Found Love” Made a lot of flashes and she has a way that is unlike otheers
        to keep right on keeping her fans, stans and her haters asses at Attention and i know and so does the navy that Rihanna is KILLING yo asses slowly with Love, music and Herself….

    • Lax October 11, 2012

      THE REAL XOXO…..
      Rihanna “Talk That Talk”…..
      Robyn Rihanna Fenty – vocals, executive producer, songwriter, composer
      Shawn Carter – vocals
      Calvin Harris – producer
      Steve Wyreman – bass, guitar
      Nuno Bettencourt – guitar

    • android91891 October 11, 2012

      just like beyonce cant write her own songs.

      please shut the hell up and stop hating on rihanna everytime i come on this site and read a RIHPOST you stay hating stop clocking her and worry about your fave. silly b****.

      • Lax October 12, 2012

        Why do the Bey hive always tries to KILL RIHANNA and Rihannas career goals on all of the beyonce post and,,,,on Rihanna s post, Rihanna trully do have the bey hive all Phucked up.

      • Lax October 12, 2012

        These bytches says she has H*****, shes a h**, she dah, dah, dah and none of this hateful shyt is going to slow Rihanna down, so keep the bull shyt coming bytches and keep right on trying to “Double Team the Navy with you Faggggggot asses.
        Rihanna just has to be doing something right because the chick just keep right on on her grind and phuck the bey hive and haters.

    • oh baby (b****** will Deal) October 11, 2012

      Hahahahaha, I said karma was gonna bite that h***** infected ass soon…I just didn’t know it’d be THIS soon!?? Lol.The way this album and lead single are failing to make waves at the top of the charts leaves me with no choice but to deem this album (before it is even released) an epic FLOP!!I thought after the flop that was TTT there simply was nowhere else to go but the top, but boy was I wrong!! Lmaoooo diamonds came and left just as fast as it came lol. No longevity is the shameless w****’s biggest problem. Which explains why all her songs have been at the summit for a week and fall again dramatically the following week, with the exception of a few of her songs. Karate..opp(I said I’ll stop shading this girl). Karrueche

      • oh baby (b****** will Deal) October 11, 2012

        …truly gets the last laugh seeing r**** being dragged by a pregnant lady who’s sitting in England!! Ha!! You don’t steal another woman’s man and expect to go off with no consequences. Loving this floppage!!

      • Lax October 12, 2012

        You “Ruthless” bytches will type what ever you pull out of yo asses good or nutty just to try to cut her off at the path. Desperation is on lock with you Worthless bytches.

      • Lax October 12, 2012

        Haters and bey Hive…
        Billboard – Continuing the mineral motif after shouting out “yellow diamonds” on “We Found Love,” Rihanna implores her partner to “shine bright like a diamond” as her voice grasps at the upper tips of ecstasy. Produced by longtime collaborators Stargate as well as Benny Blanco, “Diamonds” notably slows the electronic stomp of previous lead singles “Only Girl (In The World)” and “We Found Love,” instead offering a lush, mid-tempo pool of synthesizers and Rihanna’s powerful pipes.

    • Jer October 11, 2012

      The mental illness from the BEY-sides. Talking s*** about Rihanna not writing sons. Beyawnce writing lyrics a producer gave her on a napkin DOES NOT make her a songwriter. Then you try to shade her for sharing writing credits. Smh. Thats all BeYAWNce ever did. Even got DROPPED from the writing credits for “Listen” by the Academy. Smh. SUCH CONTRIBUTIONS!!!!! Go die b****

      • the real xoxo October 12, 2012

        i never mentioned beyonce once in my comments.
        i honestly do wonder what goes on in the navys minds sometimes.

      • JER October 12, 2012

        Oh so now nobody’s a BeYAWNce stan. Oh ok.

      • Lax October 12, 2012

        Haters and Bey Hive….
        Rolling Stone – Though she’s still riding high off her last album, last year’s Talk That Talk, Rihanna has already returned with a new single off her currently untitled upcoming album. “Diamonds” steadily pulses with slight orchestral touches and deliberate electronic rhythms, but the track’s production mainly stays out of Rihanna’s way, letting the pop star build hooks with layers of her voice. “We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky,” she sings, unhurried over the uplifting track.

  2. Lax October 11, 2012

    Rih you can’t stop them from talking but you sure
    can give them something different to talk about!!!!!

  3. Lax October 11, 2012

    There’s power in “Her Name”.

  4. damn October 11, 2012

    TO BE FAIR and totally honest this is a very innoviate marketing scheme. This may just encourage more people to buy her music. People don’t buy music not because its not great but simply because wheter or not they pay for their listening experience is the same. Thumbs up to rihana teams (not her) No shade intended just being honest for drumming up this innovatitive scheme and songs (this is shade) for her.

  5. Lax October 11, 2012

    With a great out look on her life she’s just so happy to be in the game.
    So happy to have been given a chance by the almighty and not Jayz to
    live, to love, to have fun and to keep many tongues wagging all over
    the world and its clear she’s still growing, learning and doing it her way.
    You can be fair or be square in your OPINIONS of Her because at this time
    and point in her life her Motto is: “THERE AINT NO STOPPING HER NOW” WE GOT TO MOVE ON DOWN THE ROAD AND UP THE CHARTS!!!! RIH SAYS SHE LOVES KEEPING ALL OF HER BILLS PAID AND THAT “INCLUDES JAY” BECAUSE THEY ALL LOVE THAT FELLING OF FEELING GOOD AND FINANCES IN ORDER. That is what me and my family, friends and foes love paying them bills and living our lives like it’s golden.

    • THE LEGENDARY LAX October 11, 2012

      STFU u talk so much s*** for no reason no one cares what you write no more….you have no life to be on TGJ 24/7 and freaking writing a book on here s.m.h

      • Lax October 11, 2012

        Bytch i will ride yo fish headed ass till yo wheels fall off.

      • Lax October 11, 2012

        Best Selling Artist of Singles in the UK of the Year; 2nd Best Selling Artist of Albums

        “Talk That Talk” Personal Fastest Selling Album To 1,000,000 Worldwide

        One of only four other artists in Hot 100 history to have had three or more songs remain at #1 for at least seven weeks.

        First Female Artist To Cross 3 Million Listeners On Popular Last.fm Service

        “We Found Love” 10 Weeks At #1 on Europe Chart

        “We Found Love” hit #1 in 15 countries with an averaged 5 Week stay

        First female to cross the 3 million listeners mark on Last.fm

  6. kelly October 11, 2012

    Worldwide superstar Rihanna – the “#1 Person On Facebook” with over 61.7 million Likes – has once again ignited record charts around the world with “Diamonds,” the fastest-rising single of her career to date, with first-week postings at #1 iTunes in 27 countries and Top 5 iTunes in 55 countries.


    • zzzzzg October 11, 2012

      ANd she sells albums.That so called trashy album TTT sold 3 million worldwide.lol haters are presses trying to find anything to hate on.

  7. kelly October 11, 2012

    Diamonds,” the fastest-rising single of her career to date, with first-week postings at #1 iTunes in 27 countries and Top 5 iTunes in 55 countries

  8. RiGanja October 11, 2012

    Loving the promotion…keep it coming.

  9. OK October 11, 2012

    I thought That Grape Juice was Rihanna’s official site? Y’all talk about her enough to sound like undercover stans.

  10. JJFan1814 October 11, 2012

    That Rihanna Reign just won’t let up.

    This is going to be a great album, since Rated R & Loud. Rihanna isn’t focused on touring this go around and I can’t wait to hear it.

    OF COURSE THE HATERS ARE UPSET AND PRESSED. I mean, who wouldn’t be??? #1 on R&B, and the success Diamonds has right now with no promo and video….SAYS A LOT!!!

  11. Rihanna black madonna October 11, 2012

    Beyonce album will not be coming out. It will be like Dr dre detox and forever be pushed back. Mark my words. Rita Ora task for 2012 was to stop things like Diamonds and the Cover from happening. She was meant to have shut Rih down, so she can breeze on it next year. Well, god reversed it and now the plan backfired and burnt and scared beyonce.

    Beyonce will never be to make cutting edge forward tracks that morph all genres

    She will never be able to out s** appeal or outdress Rih

    She will never shout down Twitter and the press for a single and LP cover

    She will never have the fastest selling single or go number 1 / top all over the world in an hour. She will never get number 1 without a video/ All these things she needs to outdo to stop Rihanna, she cannot. Not eve Crazy in love was like The Unapologetic era. This is Rih biggest era – the whole world is talking about this.

    Beyonce will retire, focus on her kid and do more charity work. She might still tour, but she will not be putting her energy into having to compete with Rihanna, Lady Gaga,Kesha, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj ,Jessi J ( uk ) Emelie Sande ( uk ) and Lana Del Ray…..it is too much for an old woman who has never has time to rest to do

    • Rihanna black madonna October 11, 2012

      All those girls have the personal goal TO DESTROY AND KICK BEYONCE OUT THE GAME. She is target and this mega army plan on jihading her.

      • Rihanna black madonna October 11, 2012

        Xtina and Britney are the last one standing from that ear, it is time for Beyonce to gracefully bow out like they did and do a reality show.

    • boopboop October 11, 2012

      if bey does release a 5th album, it will flop harder than bionic & she WILL be doing reality tv, just like britney and xtina. white america doesn’t care about beyonce anymore.she’s pretty much in ciara and kelly rowland’s territory now–i.e. only black folks are checking for her, and really, only the hood hive stans she has left really care about her.

      • Rihanna black madonna October 11, 2012

        Only african americans care about beyonce. No one else does. She was cropped out the picture at Jay Z concert – the one Rih and Chris attended. Her new house of deron ad was completely ignored by the white media. Even being fired by Clint eastwood for scaring away male leads, has not generated huge stories. She has been ignored. She will not release this album, it is meant to come out next year and there is barely any news – this means she will not release it.

        Lady gaga f**** beyonce with pop
        Rihanna – f**** beyonce as black queen it girl
        Kesha fukcs beyince with young pop
        Katy P f**** beyone with pop
        Adele f**** beyince with raw talent and voice
        Lana Del Ray fuckst beyince by being original
        Jessie J f**** beyonce ruling the UK
        Emelie Sande f**** beyince as a genuine songwriter.

        SHE CANNOT COMPETE – SHE HAS NOTHING TO OFEER. LADAY GAGA, RIHANNA, ADELE tours blow hers away. Rih is more beautiful and sexier than her. BEYONCE IS FINNITO

        So many b****** are outdoing Rihanna in ever way.

      • Lax October 11, 2012

        I wonder why dereon have not done any better, i mean many know that beyonce is sinking money behind that clothes line and Hmmmm.
        Jessica simpson has made a Billion and i read some place where they stated that Jessica don’t always report her real Net Worth, but shes loaded, and you never hear her talking a lot about It.
        Beyonce’s Bey Hive hates on Rih with a passion and the more HATE Rih get the higher Rihs’ stock will soar tthrough the celings and i know they don’t want nobody to get paid but beyonce and jay.

    • mob: come here & let my hold UR throat October 11, 2012

      I actually like Rita Ora and think she has a nice voice. I do however, think she was groomed to be Rihanna’s replacement! I find it interesting to hear folks in the media actually come out of their faces and finally admit that was the general understanding they got from JayZ’s personal, hands on approach to promoting her. Something they had not seen him do since Rihanna.

      ……….Where was the oh so needed support for J. COLE? 0_O

    • zzzzzg October 11, 2012

      Kelly?? lol

  12. JJFan1814 October 11, 2012



  13. Rihanna black madonna October 11, 2012

    Poor old smelly old fart Rita Ora. I feel Rih is coming back hardcore JUST TO punish her for jacking her life, shading her and namedropping her powerful name.

    Like her fire is reignited because she Has the clone smelly old fart as a punch bag. I read Rita Twitter, her fans are concerned about her as ask if she is alright. This was just after she tweeted being in the vogue office. They said she seems down and out.

    • king bey/rihanna October 11, 2012

      U and kelly are the same person so sad

      • Lax October 11, 2012

        king bey get lossed, please.

      • Rihanna black madonna October 11, 2012

        I am changing my name from Kelly to Rihanna black Madonna.

      • Rihanna black madonna October 11, 2012

        A new potent name to match my potent blood pressure raising comments.

      • Lax October 12, 2012

        Hmmmm the navy isn’t worried about getting our blood pressure raised becaue we are having a blast reading the Desperation in the Bey hives comments of hate and madness over Rihanna being a hard working chick.

  14. Lax October 11, 2012

    As silly as the hive is they all need to have strait jackets
    wrapped around all of their hating asses. I just read where
    one of these skanks or asking That grape to ban Me because
    they hate seeing links to RIHANNA accomplishments and they do not want to see any positivity on rih what a dam shame, these bytches or slobbing at their dam mouths and How Sweet It Is..

    • boopboop October 11, 2012

      the flea hive don’t like anything that shows rihanna in a positive light. they wanna cling to their delusion that she’s just a “singles artist” and don’t wanna come to grips with the fact that beyonic is no longer THAT B**** cuz rih snatched that title and ran so far with it, beyonic would need to fake her own death to try to top her!

      • Jer October 11, 2012


      • Lax October 12, 2012

        Wonder why do the Hive keep changing their screen names,
        boopboop , bey hive Haters stay bitter bytches.

  15. Lax October 11, 2012

    With comments like this right here,,,, it aint nothing but a party….

    October 4, 2012 at 5:07 pm

    First off, will you delusional Rihanna fans stop calling Rihanna a QUEEEN. Everyone knows theres only one queen and thats QUEEN BEY which her fans titled her with 1st. Secondly, I cant belivee the audacity of this b**** calling her album Seven, this highlights her lack of orginality copying Beys album name 4. She couldnt think of a more original album title. Lets see if she manages to be responsible for any creative input for this album since she has failed to do so in her others.

    PS WHY would this poster be bitter because we often times calls RIHANNA QUEEN?

    • Jer October 11, 2012

      YOU DIDN’T HAVE NO SENSE OR NOTHIN JESUS BUT YOU POSTED THIS B*******. Get your life ho because Rihanna got hers

    • Lax October 12, 2012

      @VOICE OF REASON,,,,why you so bitter though, why all rihanna is doing is working hard , i mean what is she supposed to do other then work hard on her career, you low life.

  16. boopboop October 11, 2012

    i predict rihanna will soon have 90 or 100 million likes on fb. she is the queen of social media.

  17. Suicide Blonde October 11, 2012

    This girl is eating the world without making much noise, take notes GAGA.

    • MACHIAVEL October 11, 2012

      STFU You Pressed C***, Your Madness Toward Gaga Is Very Sad! SMFH…

      • Suicide Blonde October 11, 2012

        I still have love for her and for you too, it’s just that she is doing silly things these days, i love her, i’m just angry with her.

      • Lax October 11, 2012

        I Dig Gaga to.

      • MACHIAVEL October 11, 2012

        @Suicide, While I Can Understand That You Are Not Into Gaga’s Behavior, (Cause I’m F***** Not) I Can’t Unterstand How Biased You Are Toward Her!
        The Fact Is All This New Pop Stars Are Copycat, Ovverhypped With Delusional Stans, But You Only Choose To Attack Lady G, That’s Why I’m Mad With You!
        They All Are Gimmick But Lady G Is The Only Talented Of All Them News Pop Stars Even The Others Have Better Style……..

  18. boopboop October 11, 2012

    i wish clint would hire rihanna for ASIB, just to slap beyonic upside her dirty dried-out weave. that would be the ultimate insult! for her to get dropped and replaced by the person who already snatched her crown in the music biz!

    • Lax October 12, 2012

      Why Rihanna love the president, duuuuuh.

  19. android91891 October 11, 2012

    RIHANNA DO YOUR THING GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SO F****** PROUD OF YOU B**** KEEP THEM TALKING B****

  20. Auntie_Jackie October 11, 2012

    Roc nation is really good at interesting promo. They make everything fun. Unless they come with a real smash single though, this album will fare far worse than ‘Talk that Talk’ did. No amount of Chris Brown press can save it.

    In saying that, it doesn’t matter. The album isn’t her main concern, it’s touring, selling perfumes, books, and other things. The music is just one element, the element that starts the machine rolling. If the album flops, we’ll still be treated to Rihanna every five seconds.

    • Rihanna black madonna October 11, 2012

      You are a very bitter, hateful woman. At least I hate on Rita cos she is a flop, Rihanna has never had her album pushed back in the USA.

      Now time to rip your fallacy comment to shreds: This is not Roc nation, she is signed to Defjam – LA reid is her former boss, LA REID has never worked for Roc nation, as that hood label use to be lop Rockafella with Damon Dash.

      Smash single? Can you not read, Diamonds is HER fasting selling single 1 in 27 countries and top 2 in 55 countries – it says in the f****** article. Who, this year, even last 5 years has performed like that without a video or promo? NAME A SINGER?

      TTT is still on the USA / UK CHART. IN the UK is outsells Rita Ora, which just came out. It is near 4 million. WFL has sold over 4 million. Whyb been sold a million in the USA and is still on billboard – it has been there or 6 months. WFL was her best video to date. Cake, Cockines, You da one and TTT are all gold with no video. Is that flop?

      Flop to me is Rita Ora failing to have ONE SINGLE HIT. That is flop.


      Yeah, she got the fashion on lock – new clothing line With River lsland; 2 new movies; 2 new vogue covers; GQUS cover – her ist GQUS was the second biggest of that year – no black woman has had that acclaim. SHE IS THE ONLY FRONT COVERS OF MAGS and she can hold that for 5 years, as no black woman can challenge her.

      All your Rita Ora needs time to make it. This is showbiz, TIME IS MONEY AND TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE.

      PS: When does Rita ORA LP come out in the USA?

    • Rihanna black madonna October 11, 2012

      All of Rihanna’s LP have sold over a million and she always had smash hits who go platinum/ Even her debut sold 1.5 million in LP and 2.4 million singles.

      What has Rita Ora sold?

    • Rihanna black madonna October 11, 2012


      K KOKE?

      RITA ORA?


    • Rihanna black madonna October 11, 2012

      I have a feeling your are an older woman in your 30’s. Her success kills you. Bey you spent your life trying to make it and now you are 37 and washed up and Rih is living the life U WISH YOUR OLD ASS HAD.

      • Auntie_Jackie October 11, 2012

        Why you are writing paragraphs is beyond me. First of all, I’m a young gal, no where near 30. Second, I can care less about comparing her to Rita Ora, a new artist, when Rihanna has been in the game for 7 years.

        I’m an American, so I can give two sh*ts about a UK chart. She’s a global star, so good for her. Whether it’s Roc Nation or Def Jam, they have awesome promotion for her. They make everything fun and interactive, as I’ve said.

        Her personal life is largely what’s earned her covers and media attention, not her talent–which is largely why she struggles to sell albums, especially in the U.S. (excluding Good Girl Gone Bad). Diamonds is a good song, that I really like, but it’s not great. Even if ‘Diamonds’ doesn’t dominate, they’ll rush out another single that a sure hit. It is what it is.

      • Lax October 12, 2012

        Rihanna black madonna Preach, preach, preach.

  21. pat October 11, 2012

    she stay snatchin all ur faves wigz….

  22. Ziggy Stardust October 11, 2012

    Say what you want about Rihanna, but the girl sure does know how to get and keep attention without even trying! She’s just one of those people that just “lives her life” and just happens to get attention by doing so. It’s effortless. This is one of the things that people find appealing about her. She’s raw, honest and as her upcoming album’s title would say, “UNAPOLOGETIC”. She may not always go about things in the right way, but what human “ALWAYS” have? This is why people can relate her. She makes mistakes and has made unwise decisions just like any other person. Too many actors, actresses, directors, producers and singers in Hollywood always want to try and maintain a “PERFECT IMAGE”. No one can relate to that, because “perfection” doesn’t exist. So, when you see someone that admits to being a “work in progress”, stumbles from time to time by way of speech as well as their actions, it’s refreshing to know that this person is “REAL” and that they will not get everything right, all of the time. This is what people see in her, and that’s why they can relate to her. It’s not just about talent alone, you have to have the personality to match.

    • Suicide Blonde October 11, 2012

      Love your nickname.

    • Charlie Baltimore October 11, 2012

      CO SIGNNNNN x 100

    • Lax October 12, 2012

      @ZIGGY Yeeeees.

    • sharon October 12, 2012

      Speaking Nothing But The Truth!!

  23. king bey/rihanna October 11, 2012


    • MELODY2012 October 11, 2012

      Smart ass can you please tell me the purpose of having 2 accounts. Kelly speaks her mind in her name why would she change it?

      • Rihanna black madonna October 11, 2012

        I go by the blood pressure raising name of rihanna black madonna.

      • Slayty Perry October 11, 2012

        Melondy gurl, we all know your Kelly too

    • Lax October 12, 2012

      Bytch we know its KELLY what’s yo Phucking

  24. Jer October 11, 2012

    This is why Rihanna stays winning. She at least tries to give her fans something different. She builds hype and is always connected on twitter and she pulls out corny s*** like this to keep people interested. Yal faves take note. While yal faves get their albums scrapped and pushed back, Rihanna serves that fire every year just like motherfucking Christmas. Surely as the sun rises theres a new Rihanna album for her stans thats 75% good songs. Rihanna knows the game and she plays it well. Yal faves need to getittogether.com

  25. JOHNVIDAL October 11, 2012

    Didn´t Gaga announced something like this (or bigger I suppose) a month ago for her new ArtPop album? I remeber you were all going crazy about Gaga doing too much and stupid things like that. But now Rihanna fans just say “she´s eating the world”? Cos of Facebook likes? 🙂

    • MACHIAVEL October 11, 2012

      I Can’t How People Here Are Biased Toward Gaga, Calling Her All Types Of Ugly Names, Like Copycat, Attention W****, Needy… While They ALL Do The Same F***** Thing!
      But Guess What, If’s Negative When Lady Do It!

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) October 11, 2012

      Rihanna did this last year…

      and nobody remembers what Gaga does because she is an irrelivant w****.

  26. Blue the Real Hive October 11, 2012

    With diamond flopping world wide I can already c that this will b R**** 7th none #1 album

    • Likica October 11, 2012

      B**** how is Diamonds flopping when it’s top 10 hit everywhere?
      Australia (ARIA)[39] 8
      Belgium (Ultratop 50 Flanders)[41] 6
      Belgium (Ultratop 40 Wallonia)[42] 6
      Brazil (Billboard Hot Pop Songs)[43] 2
      Canada (Canadian Hot 100)[44] 8
      Denmark (Tracklisten)[36] 4
      France (SNEP)[35] 1 (for 2 weeks and the third for sure)
      Germany (Media Control AG)[45] 4
      Greece Digital Songs (Billboard)[46] 4
      Ireland (IRMA)[33] 5
      Israel (Media Forest)[47] 5
      Luxembourg (Billboard)[48] 4
      Netherlands (Mega Single Top 100)[37] 4
      New Zealand (RIANZ)[40] 5
      Norway (VG-lista)[38] 3
      Poland (ZPAV)[49] 1
      Portugal (AFP)[50] 2
      Scotland (Official Charts Company)[51] 1
      Spain (PROMUSICAE)[52] 7
      UK R&B (Official Charts Company)[53] 1
      UK Singles (Official Charts Company)[54] 1
      US Billboard Hot 100[55] 16
      US Pop Songs (Billboard)[56] 23
      US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs (Billboard)[57] 1
      It’s going up on radio every day so it will crack top 10 in the USA in no time. When was the last time your fav accomplished this kind of charting? Singles Ladies – flop internationally, hahahaha what kind of superstar is she when she was #68 in France and out of top 10 in all other European countries? Even with X Factor performance in France her singles couldn’t enter top 10 :S

      • Rihanna black madonna October 11, 2012

        Single ladies was only a hit in the USA, it has no cultural or commercial impact in Europe. Beyonce is not global.

      • Lax October 12, 2012

        @LICIKA,,,,Thanks for that, that is clear to those
        who would try to shoot the “Truths & Facts” .

    • zzzzzg October 11, 2012

      LOL delusional H** member! Diamond flopping?!! In your dreams

    • boopboop October 11, 2012

      it will be her 7th WORLDWIDE #1 album. rih don’t need to be #1 in the us to prove she’s relevant because she’s a GLOBAL SUPERSTAR. and even with no #1 album in the us, she’ll STILL s*** on many of your faves when it comes to WORLDWIDE popularity and influence!

    • mc the place to be!! October 12, 2012

      how is the song flopping when just came out a week or two ago its still getting debuts on charts ww dumb stan!!! atleast rihanna can debut high and dont have to worry about climbing it

  27. Rihanna black madonna October 11, 2012

    I am changing my name from Kelly to Rihanna black Madonna. A new potent name to match my potent blood pressure raising comments.

    • Peter Griffin October 11, 2012

      You think alot of yourself don’t you. Why don’t you do ‘Rihanna Black Madonna (Formerly Kelly)’.Ehhh…. See I’m The Brain and your Pinky.

      • Lax October 12, 2012

        Kelly you or driving them nutts, they just can’t stand a strong Navy Officer in the house , whos helping to Level the Playing field keep up the great work.

    • Mad-On-Her October 12, 2012

      OK, I have no real problem with Rihanna. But I take offence to her being referred to as ‘Black Madonna.’
      Rihanna and Madonna are comparable in terms of their huge amount of hits, and public fascination with them. But Madonna also changed pop music. An innovator. An artist. The most influential woman in popular music.
      Rihanna can not be compared to Madonna.
      I respect the fact Rihanna wants to be the black Madonna, and that she appreciates Madonna as the icon she is.
      But she will never, ever, ever be in that league. The best she can hope for is to be considered a peer to Beyonce, Gaga and Britney.
      You should change your name.

  28. MC October 11, 2012

    Didn’t Gaga say she was doing something like this? Whateves….

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) October 11, 2012

      Rihanna did this last year with #TTT its nothing knew MC.

  29. Queen Brit Brit October 11, 2012

    All of this and it still wont debut at #1 😀

    • boopboop October 11, 2012

      brit debuted at #1 with flop fatale and AFAIK, it STILL hasn’t SOLD even 1 million copies in the us after all this time. (SOLD, not SHIPPED, mind you!)

    • Lax October 12, 2012

      Queen Brit Brit You ass is a FAKE the real Britney Fans love Rihanna and the navy for the most part respects Britney Hustle.

  30. whyohwhy October 11, 2012

    Rihanna and her stans are so ORIGINAL!! Enought already from this girl who will do anything to be seen. Talk about the same thing! what are y’all calling this back to back mess she keeps coming up with. The same ole story, S**, LIES and VIDEOTAPES. Show, tell, me some growth going on with Rihanna. She cant grow delivering the same thing each time every year. It’s time for s** being her selling point all the TIME!!! too END…

    • Lax October 12, 2012

      And,,,,the Bey Hive is so “Desperate” and so hateful.

  31. boopboop October 11, 2012

    i can’t believe folks STILL harping on that “no #1 album” b*******!

    didn’t c-error have a #1 album in the us? where is she now? how high did “sorry i flopped” chart on the bb hot 100?

    chris brown “fortune” #1 with low sales and hasn’t even gone GOLD

    britney #1 album that got outsold by TALK THAT TALK, that came in at #4

    beyonce #1 album that got outsold by both LOUD and TALK THAT TALK

    didn’t ashanti have #1 album in her prime? now she can’t even get FLOPHEART released on time cuz no1 curr bout her no more

    • sharon October 12, 2012

      LMAO at sorry i flopped! ROTFL!

  32. boopboop October 11, 2012

    summa y’all just don’t like the fact that this so-call “singles artist” is doing BETTER than many of your faves IN SPITE of her not being the greatest singer or dancer! rih has looks and personality and charisma and that is what people connect with, along with her catchy hits. she is a GLOBAL POP STAR who ain’t goin nowhere any time soon, no matter how much you wish for her downfall!

    and even IF she DID fail, guess what? many of your faves will STILL be irrelevant, #1 albums and all! her failure ain’t gonna make your fave any more successful.

    • Lax October 12, 2012

      @BOOP,,,Tell It, Tell It, keep schooling their booty’s.

  33. Beyonce’s Weave October 11, 2012

    Hahahahaha, so I guess this site will suffer from a loss of traffic since everyone (both navy and haters) will be at Rihanna7 dot com. Why not get news and updates, plus interaction straight from the source instead of visiting some Z-rated, ghetto mess of a patch work copy and paste, WordPress template, designed by 3rd world programmers s***** site like “that hood juice”.

    No one’s name increases traffic for this site the way Rihanna does. People visit this site only for Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, now that Rihanna7 dot com will be launching soon, bye bye “That Hood Juice”. Like the saying goes, never bite the hand that feeds you. Guess you’re stuck with Rita Ora in your basement Samantha, lol.

  34. Arie October 12, 2012

    I take my hat off to Rihanna, very few artists can do what she does. I think I might just buy this one. I love the fact that she stopped trying to win over the US market and instead she is focusing on the Global market. I love the fact that she does not claim to be perfect which means alot of people can relate to that.

    • SHADE=DENIAL October 12, 2012

      Exactly!!!! 100% CO-SIGN!!!!!!!

    • Lax October 12, 2012

      @ARIE SO TRUE.

  35. Adrian October 12, 2012

    I’m gonna say this and be out, Rihanna was in her Prime in “LOUD” era

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