Hot Shots: Rita Ora & Solange Party At ‘Absolut Tune Launch’

Published: Wednesday 10th Oct 2012 by David


Rita Ora enjoyed the company of Solange Knowles last night, when they both arrived at the launch of ‘Absolut Tune’ in NYC last night.

Showing their support for the alcoholic beverage, the ROC sisters both beamed in white numbers weeks before Rita performs at the 2012 European Music Awards and one week after Solange released her new single ‘Losing You’ on iTunes.


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  1. nunu October 10, 2012

    am loving Solange new song 🙂

  2. kelly October 10, 2012

    WOW! Solange is on ROC and is Jay Z sis in law and she gets overlooked for this flop? LOL LOL solange.

    Anyway, who was on the daily Mail new shade to Rita Ora? Yesterday , the daily mail accused Rita Ora of stalking Rihanna ( style ) and today……..they are shading Rita again.

    Thank goodness Rihanna didn’t turn up! Rita Ora steals the style limelight as she steps out at drink launch – That is the daily mail headline for today.

    LOL LOL at the daily mail going HAM on Rita Ora/

  3. Rihanna’s body October 10, 2012

    They are both flops and both jealous of Queen Rihanna #NEXT

    • kelly October 10, 2012

      Anyone connected to Beyonce flops and ends up having no serious career. Latavia, Letoya, Farrah, Michelle, Solange, Rita Ora . Beyonce is bad luck.

      • Beyhive20 October 12, 2012

        @ kelly…. You are mad! it ain’t Bey’s fault that Latoya and Lativia ended u being broke-ass b******. Rita is far from being a flop.. @Rihanna’s body; hunny Rita is working harder than rihanna has ever worked in her career So puh-leez sit down

  4. kelly October 10, 2012

    Rihanna has just put out a statement. She said ”get ready for a new look! ” Her style team are concocting a BRAND NEW IMAGE FOR DIAMONDS.

    Aww…poor old Kosovan eastern european wrinkled aged woman, caked in ghost makeup, rocking gaudy jewels looking like a fashion victim. Awwww! Robyn Feny is chainging her look? And now you are finding it hard to catch up? AWWWW!

    • Don’t_Start_No_Shit!!! October 10, 2012

      Hope it involves surgery. Only so much makeup and ugly wigs can do! ^^^__But that’s your fav so I guess I can say something nice!!! She looks nice with hair Hallie B due. She resemble Fanny’s cd cover “Back to me”!!

  5. kelly October 10, 2012

    Billboard crowned me #1 top 40 artist of the decade just 7 years into this!! My fans just majorly shat on ur existence

    That is what Rihanna told Rita Ora on twitter .

    • Don’t_Start_No_Shit!!! October 10, 2012

      She should be touching up on her live performances. I haven’t seen one thing special about those!!! “Shine bright like a Diamond,” my ass!! ugh

  6. kelly October 10, 2012

    She is fading away. She even looks defeated. She also performed her tiresome guitar based bland dry stale songs at this event. Will Sam post the video? Now she is being reduced to performing at corporate functions at events in Hotels. That is not A list Pop star. Now she is reduced to doing music festivals with Dizze Rascal and Dj like Steven Aoki.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA October 10, 2012

      LMFAO, Kelly just say you hate ALL female artists except Rihanna already and be done, damn! Haha

  7. DOSSOME October 10, 2012

    I like solange,that said @kelly,you really don’t have to flood Rita Ora posts on this site,you’ve been saying the same thing the same thing over and over again,i’m sure there are more important things in your life to look forward to aside from Rita Ora.

    • kelly October 10, 2012

      I am sure there are more important things in your life than to sit , read, get wound up, increase your blood pressure and take it out on the people next you ( as you dont know me ) then reply.

      • Lax October 10, 2012

        @DOSSOME.. ,,,,Love reading you always , but back up off
        KELLY because the last time i checked this was/is a Blog… Thanks .

  8. kelly October 10, 2012

    Rihanna is still number 1 in france, Number 1 in the uk. Adele will only be number 1 in the UK for a week – she is being outsold by swedish house mafia – who also worked with Rih on seven. Robyn is still holding strong on billboard without a video. LOL LOL whenwillyofave#

  9. kelly October 10, 2012

    Hey Sam,

    What do u think of the idea of Rihanna and Liam Neeson / Alexander Skarsgard in the star is born? Liam is a quality actor; alexanders is a hollywood hunk and both have WOKRED with Rih, so they whole ‘ no white leading man wants to be work with beyonce ‘ will not apply to Rihanna. White leading men are proud to share the screen with Rihanna.


    • Lax October 10, 2012

      @KELLY.. Preach the ushers or standing at attention and the collection plate is moving around.
      And why anybody would be worried about you hanging Rita’s ass out to dry when USUALLLLLLLLLY it’s done to Rihanna on a Daily! And since RIHANNA is not giving a Phuck what even the white ass blogs says about her or tmz, media take out, that grape,
      or beyonce says about her Rihanna is on about her business and she nor her navy gives a phuck what the haters or saying now they trying to have a pity party for Rita, and since Rita and solange is posted there together and all is SO PICTURE PERFECT, FOR them you’d thing they’d have 99 comments by now these shyt talkers. Rihanna’s navy has worn thin with the shyt talk!

      • kelly October 10, 2012

        You and I know, they are having a pity party for Rita Ora because, deep deep down they resent Rihanna ending the career of an African American icon. If I was hating on Tulisa, they would not care – in fact, they would join in, as Tulisa gets so much hate- even though she will be around more than Rita Ora.

  10. nunu October 10, 2012

    Kelly We Get it we all know Rita is defeated 😛 i think the ppl here in the site knows how much u hate Rita. I already memories everything

    • kelly October 10, 2012

      well, then TGJ should stop putting Rita on the blog and have respect for Rihanna.

    • kelly October 10, 2012

      There are more folks who hate Rihanna and even Nicki minaj – and them island b****** can sell a million records, so there hate is misguided. At least the b**** I hate don’t SELL!

    • kelly October 10, 2012

      I am not gonna stop hating on a wrinkle flop that has the nerve to shade Rih. For that alone will make me make my vies. You don’t like? You have my consent to kill yourself.

    • Lax October 10, 2012


  11. ok October 10, 2012

    I think the correct term for her is a bandwagoner.

    • kelly October 10, 2012

      who, solange?

      • ok October 10, 2012


  12. kelly October 10, 2012

    You m************ always call me out for my hatred for Rita, but are silent when Rihanna, Lil kim, Mariah, 50 cent and many others are hated on. The reason you get offended that Rita Ora is hated on, over all the other acts on this blog? Deep deep down, you are mad that Rita failed to dethrone Rih and Rih and her minimal vocal talent have ended the dominance of an African American icon.

    That is what it call comes down to. If was hating on Katy Perry, no one would care. It calls comes down to how a foreign black woman ” who cannot sing” as they say, ended the career of the most famous african american woman who ” can sing ”.

    • Lax October 10, 2012

      KELLY don’t worry the navy got yo back and some Generals
      have been talking about all of the hate for Rihanna and if these PREACHER & TEACHER Need some one to Snap three time for them then i will do it because on where Bey performed with her Hubby at that Fablous spot Barclay tell all of those talking to you KELLY just refer to that article about Beyonce and see how they DOGGGGGGGED the living shyt out of RIHANNA’S name almost every other Phuckinnnnnng comment, and since it’s still posted up there you complaining bytches go and read that thread and tell me who came to RIHANNA’S RESCUE, BYTCHES., the navy is supposed to grin and bear the bull shyt while many of you loose booty bytches keep piling it on and question every phucking thing others do, why don’t you check yo own dam self., and quietly STFU…

  13. kelly October 10, 2012

    Look at Solange’s hair though. eww!

  14. kelly October 10, 2012

    You m************ are not fooling me. And if it is Sam posting under , I address you too. Amazing how 2 people got mad that I was calling out Rita Ora. Yeah Right Sam I know it is you.

    Tulisa, Mariah, Lil Kim, Lady Gaga, kesha, Nicki M, 50 cent, Britney…and of course Rihanna. These are the many acts who are hated and ripped apart. No one says a word. It seems that Alexandra, Rita Ora, Misha B and Beyonce ones off limit. Well F*** misha, Alexandra, Beyonce and Rita. All them are ugly, old fat flops who cannot compete with Rih and her buddy katy or Gaga.

  15. kelly October 10, 2012

    Fash-Off: Is Rita Ora Copying Rihanna’s Style? The headline from Grazia magaine online. Sam, do u wanna see how your fraud is being reported in the mainstream media?

    After rising to powerful heights in the music industry with R.I.P., Rita Ora pouted those luscious red lips and began to conquer the world of fashion. From pillar to post, Rita’s left her unmistakeable mark, and had us begging for flirty studded denim and those dark, arched brows as the ASOS cover girl. But while we’ve been inspired of late by Rita’s urban-meets-glamourpuss style, we have to admit that we’re scratching our heads in bewilderment — lo and behold, it seems we’re not the only ones trying to copy a star.

    Aside from the similar vocal warbles and numerous adopted crotch thrusts, Rita seems to have taken a little more than inspiration from another Jay-Z prodigy, the (contemporary) original good-girl-gone-bad, Rihanna. Now while the We Found Love singer is dubbed a style chameleon (even her hair evolves at a universal pace), she has ruled as the gal with the urbanite flare — and that is a title not easily usurped.

    This is from

  16. kelly October 10, 2012


    Some comments from Daily Mail readers Today.

    Rita Ora is pathetic, shes been around 5 minutes and shes an arrogant stuck up idiot, Rihanna is 10x more talented than this little fool, she has 0 talent, 0 personality and 0 singing ability!!!
    – MrBratt , Brighton, United Kingdom, 10/10/2012 12:21

    Can’t Rita Ora see blonde is NOT for her? It makes her look vulgar & cheap, like a man in drag. You can only go from dark brunette to blonde if you are very pretty am afraid.
    – AgnesR , London, France, 10/10/2012 10:00

    No-one will remember this Ora broad in two-years!
    – Outraged , Sydney, Australia, 10/10/2012 06:34
    Click to rate Rating 42

    This is how she is seen in the mainstream media.

    • kelly October 10, 2012

      Rihanna was never beaten by the media and public this early in her career. She was well loved in 2005 – everyone thought she was pretty, cute and sweet and has potential. Rita Ora has got nothing BUT negative backlash. It has hurt her – She cannot sell!

  17. kelly October 10, 2012

    The reason why people who hate and rip apart Rihanna, but call me out on my hatred for Rita is cos Rihanna rise to fame cause resentment for African Americans. ( Not all )

    Beyonce gave her whole life to make it: Dance classes, singing classes, studying videos of the superemes, performing all over houston. She dropped out of school, she was in recording studios at 13. She even went on star search and lost. She was signed to elektra and DROPPED. Even after getiing signed to Sony, she had to work so hard with blood, sweat and tears. Even still Destiny Child were not mainstream – they were not in fashion mags – even after TWONW.

    Robyn Fenty was not even trying to be a singer. She liked to sing, but she was not sweating blood and crying tears to make it. She was juts minding her own business, when 2 guys were on vacation and decided to BRING HER TO NYC TO MEET ALL THE LABLES. White Beyonce Got dropped from her 1st deal, Rih had all the labels wanting to meet her. Her 1st single was a global pop smash. DC 1st single was not. Robyn has a weak voice, Beyonce voice is powerful after decades of hardwork.

    Robyn eased her way to mega stardom while Beyonce had to STRUGGLE. That is what is causing the resentment , hence the hatred Rih gets. She puts 10% and she is megastar, Beyonce puts 110% and now her career is fading.

    Now I see why your mad!

  18. Peter Griffin October 10, 2012

    Still tryna make this girl happen…ok.

  19. slimsexy October 10, 2012

    Ah !kelly bla bla are so boring.paroting the same s*** over and over again.You sound like a broken record.Get a life gurl

    • kelly October 10, 2012

      I am not boring, cos you always read and reply to my comments which are not even addressed to you. Then, you get angry and rageful. Boring people do not have the power to do that, only interesting, factual, opinionated strong willed people can.

  20. kelly October 10, 2012

    Yes! More good news for Rih. It has been reported than Rihanna, Selena Gomez and Mila Kunis are now the frontrunners for Star is Born, now that beyonce was axed from the project.

    And even more good news! AC/ DC – Rih competition for number 1in the USA are NOT releasing an studio album, they are releasing a LIVE FROM ARGENTINA ALBUM. It is their live album from 2009. Live LP’s dont tend to slay, so Rih has even more chance of debuting at number 1. That was her only competition.

    Rita Ora will be performing at Atlanta Gay pride, with Andy bell who has H**. This just cheapens her image. First she was performing at a bar in Texas, then Wichita technical college in kansas and now Atlanta gay pride?

    Man! She really is Z list. Next she will performing at a strip club, maybe Rihanna will be there and can throw her a dollar bill.

  21. bibi93 October 10, 2012

    Very beautiful Rita Ora!!

  22. slimsexy October 10, 2012

    Don’t flatter yourself kelly.I only read one line of your delusional comments and am done.You keep repeating the same bull over and over again.why don’t you try something new for a change,be innovative cos your s*** is stale and as such boring.

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