JLS Perform ‘Hottest Girl In The World’ Acoustically

Published: Wednesday 17th Oct 2012 by Sam

In their continued quest to embody the title of their new album ‘Evolution’, Pop quad JLS have stripped back the theatrics to deliver an acoustic take on the the LP’s lead single ‘Hottest Girl In The World’.

How did Aston and co fare? The answer awaits below…

In the clip’s 3:57 running time, a number of things were overly apparent – the main being that Aston is clearly the group’s saving grace. His vocals and the ease in which they’re delivered re-enforce his spot as “lead”.

Unfortunately such vocal praise can’t be heaped on bandmate Oritse, who sounded like he needed at least three of these:

Forgetting that there’s often beauty in restraint, he delivered a many an offensive falsetto and was simply doing entirely “too much”. A shame, as O is vocally on-par with Aston, if not better; yet he’s a textbook case of having the talent, but not knowing how (best) to use it.

Still, a solid collective showing from the group which should go some way in helping them do away with the cheese that defined their previous image.

We’re increasingly starting to take them more seriously. Here’s hoping the masses do the same when ‘Evolution’ arrives in stores on November 5th.

Pending then, the Bangladesh produced ‘Hottest Girl’ hits iTunes on October 21st.

Your thoughts?

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  1. the real xoxo October 17, 2012

    These guys can sing, but their music is awful.
    Still prefer them over No Direction

    • Que October 17, 2012

      I prefer neither one

      • 50 Degrees of SHADE October 18, 2012

        To be honest, I’m not here for either of them. I mean, they’re tolerable, but neither group posess that star quality. Oh, and erm, the vocals in this video are ALL.WRONG.

  2. msfeistyman October 17, 2012

    At least 3 stepsils lmao.

    They can really sing, their audition for xfactor was great but the direction of their music is a bit too poppy for moi.

    This song sounds Justin Timberlake esque to me.

  3. Belladonna October 17, 2012

    You know I’m not really feeling R&B anymore given that it’s 2012 and I think artist should be moving forward not backwards and as ive said in my YouTube Channel (Belladonna 1363) for this song i think they should do dance music but on a Lady Gaga level but they seem more happy singing this music then there pop stuff so I’m happy for them and because I love jLs and i want to marry Aston lol like really i do lol I will give the new music a chance, because that’s what you do when you love someone I guess.lol

    • Ayo October 17, 2012

      That’s a dumb statement to me why can’t R&B be around just cause it’s 2012, other genres are still around that have been arond for ages it’s just that artists and producers a like have stopped doing the things need in order for there to progressionn in that genre anymore. That doesn’t mean it should go all together, there’s always a place for it in the music Industry

    • Matthew Charlery-Smith October 17, 2012

      Haha! “My YouTube Channel (Belladonna 1363) hit me up sometime so you can hear my new single ‘Loving You Forever’ and follow me on Twitter I follow back!”

      Shameless, shameless plug…

    • 50 Degrees of SHADE October 18, 2012

      R&B does not need to die. Get out of here with that, seriously.

  4. Ayo October 17, 2012

    They sounded horrible, the strepsil imaged cracked me up, just not feeling JLS I said they wouldn’t be able to deliver the song live and they didn’t

  5. DC34EVAGIRL October 17, 2012

    Why do you always have to berate them in some kind of way? This acoustic set was fab. Might not be American but they are not trying to be that. They are BRITISH and popular. You have to hear and see them LIVE to appreciate what they do. They work hard and connect with their fans in the best possible ways that I have not seen with other artists. If people don’t like them, each to their own but these boys are doing their thing and I wish them all the success in the world. I love JLS!

  6. Matthew Charlery-Smith October 17, 2012

    Actually that was good an dI have new praise for Aston’s vocal abilities. Oritse isn’t bad at all; he sings with more body and soul then Aston’s clinically clean performances. If we remember this was how JC Chasez used to sing in N’Sync and he was without doubt the best singer in the group; even Justin agreed.

    I prefer Aston’s voice but you do need someone who has a bit of a wild, rough edge to add in a Soul group other wise, especially in RnB, it becomes too clean, manufactured and soulless…and ain’t nobody got time for that!

  7. Jeff October 17, 2012

    It was a kinda all over place mess. Aston sounded as he did because he sings closer to the falsetto as a-posed to being a good singer. The song still hasn’t grown on me and sounds dated before its already released.

  8. Junior in Jamaica October 17, 2012

    Umm they are average…

    Boy I wish I had the right place/time to blow some of these clowns out the water.


  9. buttamilk October 18, 2012

    OH NO TO THAT MARVIN AND THAT PLAIN AS CRUSTY BREAD VOICE(and he only on the so called harmony)..

    Oriste has vocal potential but he sounded like a cat getting r****. ESPECIALLY the part just after his verse on pre-chorus section. Put the champs down n clear those vocals cus that hurt my EARS.
    Aston defo held it firm and produced with his delivery. He can still got more imo so thts great.

    Errm forgot the last ones name but he did his parts so it is what it is. Did his harmony well and those BLap de lap (yeah that thing *hmmm*)

  10. buttamilk October 18, 2012

    Like the song tho jus so u know

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