Preview: Leona Lewis – ‘Glassheart’

Published: Thursday 4th Oct 2012 by Sam

As the release of Leona Lewis‘ third studio album ‘Glassheart’ inches nearer, a full preview of the LP has been mande available.

Several years in the making, the set (due on October 15th) is preceded by singles ‘Collide’ and ‘Trouble’ – which has garnered a largely favourable response.

Does the rest of the album pack heat enough to relight Ms. Lewis’ movement? You be the judge after the jump…

Click here to preview Leona’s ‘Glassheart’


Your thoughts?

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  1. teejay October 4, 2012

    Preview: Leona Lewis – ‘Glassheart

    why bother??

    • Jeff October 4, 2012

      Your killing me

  2. remy jones October 4, 2012

    hang it up honey!! jesus couldnt find u a hit!!

    • Jeff October 4, 2012

      OMG! Deep!!!!

  3. LAYNA October 4, 2012


    • MaZ October 4, 2012

      Why did you click on the link If you don’t know her dumb b****? What did you accomplish in your miserable life?

      • LAYNA October 4, 2012

        why do u care what i think?? are u leona?? are u her mother?? sit ur ass down.

      • Lemz October 5, 2012

        Shut up. You’re probably some little white 12 year old who listens to Justin Bieber. You are not black, and I’m sorry if you are, because you clearly feel the need to act like a complete stereotype of yourself…

        It is simply sad that you feel the need to act like a complete d0u5che. Get over yourself. No man wants a b**** like you. You’re just jealous that Leona has everything you want, but can never have.

    • Jeff October 4, 2012


    • SHUH October 5, 2012

      LOL Sit down c***. Girl your opinion is invalid. Leona pisses over your favourite – Go buy yourself a sticker book and shut that hole in your face

  4. JAY GO October 4, 2012


    • Jeff October 4, 2012

      Dead! Death!!!!…. I’m trying not to follow the light

  5. SDF October 4, 2012

    This girl is a real talent.Glassheart sounds great.Wish her all the best.Shallow b******,back off.

    • Eduardo October 4, 2012

      Well said!

  6. JAY GO October 4, 2012

    if her cd is as good as her nose job then im down for it

    • MaZ October 4, 2012

      She can buy your broke ass a billion time!

      • JAY GO October 4, 2012

        1. u dont know me

        2. u clearly think money is everything which is sad

    • Jeff October 4, 2012

      The comments are too much, i cant stop laughing.

  7. Eduardo October 4, 2012

    This is hot! f*ck u haters go and listen to Rihanna we dont care Leona’s a real talent so… as long as we enjoy her music everythings fine!

    • Jeff October 4, 2012

      Why do things always return to Rihanna? So, if you dont like someones music then you like Rihanna, its Rihanna’s fault?
      I don’t care for Rihanna or Beyonce, so what now?

      • Eduardo October 4, 2012

        You secretly love Leona Jeff you’re always following her steps… there’s a comment from you on every post that she has on grape juice

    • Jeff October 5, 2012

      Is there? That is strange because i have only been following this site for a week, two max. Is Leona a new artist? I sweardown she has been out for years. Eduardo you secretly love me, you’ve been following me on this site for the past week or two. Creep!

  8. JJFan1814 October 4, 2012

    Chiiiiiile! when I say this is gonna flop though!!!!!

  9. bibi93 October 4, 2012

    Beautiful woman!!

  10. CG Girl October 4, 2012

    I use to love Leona, but she brings nothing new, edgy, funky, poppy , catchy, or heart-wrenching to her music now-a-days. As good as her voice is, its like she is a one trick pony. Adele can sing heart-wrenching soul ballads, and then turn around and release a catchy pop commercial song.

    I listened to all of Leona’s songs and I don’t feel any connection, emotion, or lasting impression from her.

    • JenJen October 5, 2012

      I respect your opinion but I feel the total opposite way, I feel lots of emotions when I hear Leona singing her songs, its incredible… her music has helped me trough difficult times…I feel every word she sang…

      I love Adele but i think shes good on her genre…i think she’s not as versatile as Leona is with her voice… But as a i previously said its a matter of oppinions and tastes! 🙂

      Looking forward to hear the album and to get my copy!!

      • Jeff October 5, 2012

        I respect your decesion Jsn Jen, but Leona isn’t diverse because she makes everysong sound the same, and sings the song in the same pitch with the rais on the last note. She uses no lower register and cannot do it live. Used to like Leona but considering the good voice she has, itb could be used better, as with GC girl i find her vocals especially after the first album empty and tinny, there is no warmth to her voice or emotion so the songs sound clinical

      • Corrun October 5, 2012

        @Jeff… honestly? In the same pitch? Leona is one of the few artists who are pitch perfect, no matter what register she uses. You clearly do not even know her music, or maybe you don’t even know music in general. Compare her performances of Hurt to any of her other songs. Look at her cover of The First Time Ever I saw Your Face, her song Here I Am and Homeless, then compare those types of songs with Take a Bow, Glassheart, Bleeding Love, I Got You, Can’t Breathe, Trouble (which are all different to each other anyway).

        Some people, like myself, can’t tell note from note… which is generally accepted, but you must honestly be musically disabled if you think Leona sings every song in the same pitch. Get lost, not everyone needs to hear how pathetic you are and how you laugh at things you find funny. Leona has one of the widest registers in music, people like Adele (who I think is just awesome), Rihanna or most others couldn’t even imagine hitting notes Leona can (I even love beyonce and think her voice is incredible and she has an amazing range, but Leona can still hit higher notes).

  11. trizzy trainwreck October 5, 2012

    Title track does it 4 da rest i0 don’t knw really

  12. commanderofthedancefloor October 5, 2012

    i really like the album from the previews. the standouts to me were

    I to You (Absolutely the best song on the album in my opinion)
    Un Love Me
    Come Alive

    I will buy it, but honestly i do not see it doing that well, the only downside to the album was the dance tracks but she more than made up for it with the other songs on there.

  13. SHUH October 5, 2012

    LOL God the haters are out today. Leona Lewis is pretty much one of a few artists in music these days that can sing from the top of the register til the bottom. While all them autotuned h*** are grabbing 1 week hits, Leona will be there to back up REAL talent.

  14. saxman25o October 5, 2012

    T his album has something for everyone ! quality ! This shows Leona Has far far more than ( pop ) short lived appeal ! a high quality ARTIST with a high quality album.

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