Report: Rihanna To Perform ‘Diamonds’ At ‘Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show’

Published: Tuesday 2nd Oct 2012 by David

Oh no!

Despite failing to impress on a ‘live’ tip time and time again, it seems Rihanna is readying to cause more distress to the masses in the coming weeks, with a performance at the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Yes, in what will come as exciting news for her fans but bad news to many an ear drum, the Bajan bleater is reported to perform her latest single ‘Diamonds‘ at the event, which will also see Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber take to the stage.

Details below…

Set to air 10pm at CBS on December 4th, the ever eventful show will mark the first place the singer will perform the cut, if she is to perform it.

Mars, who can be sure to deliver an impressive set, will perform his latest single ‘Locked Out Of Heaven‘ which debuted last night, while Bieber will rock the house with a number from his #1 album ‘Believe‘.

Just in case Rihanna doesn’t show up, here’s hoping this year’s organizers have a long list of female artists ready to replace her. Female artists, who couldn’t serve ‘performances’ like below even if they tried…

Let’s just hope Rita Ora‘s close by.

Your thoughts?

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  1. MC October 2, 2012

    Bruno Mars will do great as per usual. Rihanna will be Rihanna and Justina Bieber will puke again. What else is new?

    • MJ Lover October 2, 2012

      hahahahahaha kiiiiii at your comment XD

    • GodessBeyonce October 2, 2012

      Rihanna should leave singers to singers.

      I recommend she puts down the mic and picks up an std test considering all the men people say she lets run all up in her.

      I’m so happy Ms. Celestine Slayince raised her daughters with class and integrity.

      • QueenOfTheNavy October 2, 2012

        Class and integrity.
        Was it with class and integrity Beyonce stole Desree’s song and put it on Bday even though Desree told her not to.

        Was it with class and integrity that Beyonce told people she was pregnant when she was really holding a pillow case under her clothes.

        Was it with class and integrity she married a man who stabbed a producer, beat up Amil and Foxy Brown and then had the f****** nerve to act like it was Rihanna who needed to see the light.

        Beyonce is an illiterate high school drop out who loves a man who probably cheats on her with girls who grew up listening to the music she stole from innocent writers and producers who are too afraid to speak up against her and her low down cheating father.

        Did you know he asked his mistress to give their baby to Beyonce and jay z to raise as their own? Google it if you don’t believe me. The woman spilled on the f****** tea.

    • mobwife: TeamBreezy Dreamin’ October 2, 2012

      No WE will PUKE again as we listen to him whine while watching him rip-off more of Chris Brown and Usher Raymond’s dance steps!

      • MC October 2, 2012

        I puke at the site of him so….

    • Lax October 2, 2012

      @Godess Beyonce…
      “Talk That Talk Ft. Jayz ”
      “Birthday Cake” Gold…

  2. That B*tch (I can’t with these delusional stans) October 2, 2012

    This show will be full of gimmick performers. Rihanna and Justin Beiber? Really?


    thatgrapejuice loves to mock rihanna because they know that they will get people arguing over their silly things they sometimes write……..

    • Curt October 2, 2012

      And didn’t they just have her new song pinned to the top of this webpage for a week? TGJ stays pressed… tooooooo desperate for Rihanna!

  4. James227 October 2, 2012

    I hope she sing live with no auto-tone or a back track of her music.

    • CzarM October 2, 2012

      Apparently you don’t value your eardrums because asking Rihanna to sing live is like asking a doctor to take out your appendix without anesthesia.

      • PrettigurlrockD bitchess October 2, 2012

        She sings with playback like nicki to keep from ruining ppl’s ears. I think it’s a better idea. If she would stop thinking about weed and strippers and get better voice lessons, she’d possibly be a better performer. Stans want to get mad at me but I’m just telling the truth. You’ll never see a terrible dull performance from Beyonce cuz she actually rehearses.

      • That B*tch (I can’t with these delusional stans) October 2, 2012

        Oooh child, the shade.

      • Lax October 2, 2012

        Rihanna stays on the Naysayers minds, the harder
        they tries their hand at bashing Her the smoother
        things goes for Her, lol.

      • Lax October 2, 2012

        Hmmmm i wonder how many Ear plugs did
        they have to pay for at that Hackney 1 Festival
        that had over 50,000 people.

      • Lax October 3, 2012

        @CzarM,,, Rih is a Tide and didn’t u know that a
        rising Tide Lifts all the Boats?

      • i&i(yardie) October 3, 2012

        i just died reading this comment lmao

  5. Nahjee October 2, 2012

    Off topic news.. Mae sure ya basketball fans go cop that nba 2k13 that s*** go hard man.

    And plus white girl mob is still missing folks ever since kreayshwn debut album sold 3k it’s first week we heard nothing from her.

    Bow wow is the new host of 106andpark which means his career is over smfh.

    • mobwife: TeamBreezy Dreamin’ October 2, 2012

      Wait, Kreashawn had a CD and it only sold how much? 3 thousand…LOL DAMNNNNNN that worse that Souljha Boy and Jason Da Hell No combined…LOL 🙂 poor delusional White Girl Mob aka Krayshawn (girl we know that it’s you so stop fronting) !!

      BOW WOW is really the new host of 106 & Park? That’s not a bad look for him IMO!

      • That B*tch (I can’t with these delusional stans) October 2, 2012

        Are you kidding me? Nobody watches 106 & Park anymore. That show fell off ever since Free and AJ left.

  6. Black kupid October 2, 2012

    I see my b**** has started ticking the big shows, she is going to get some major fashion deals with this song. Shine bright like a diamond ( babe will love to hear tidy vocals with this diamond performance )

  7. PrettigurlrockD bitchess October 2, 2012

    Get ready for more flat singing and out of breath notes!

    • mr.m October 2, 2012


      • BEYFLOP GIVE KING RIH THE MUTHA-F****** CROWN U THIRSTY B****!!!!! October 2, 2012


      • Lax October 3, 2012

        @MR M & PRETTGURL You know people need to be careful about how they tries their hands at Bashing and spreading lies
        on Rihanna because Yo Assese had better Pray that this
        Snatch don’;t ever catch a Cold…
        And just so you’d know known of Us are above the Law…

  8. ENOUGH ONIKA October 2, 2012

    Uh oh……..

  9. Donna Fenty October 2, 2012

    Sam I know I’ve said this before but really get a life, atleast the star you call a ‘bleater’ is living hers huge. #RihannaNavy!

    • That B*tch (I can’t with these delusional stans) October 2, 2012

      Sam needs to get a life yet you’re also the one commenting?

      • SHADE=DENIAL October 2, 2012

        Same goes for YOU!!! Idiot!!!

      • That B*tch (I can’t with these delusional stans) October 2, 2012

        Girl what are you talking about? We’re not talking about me. We’re talking about YOU telling people to get a life even though YOU’RE commenting. Did I tell anyone to get a life? No.

      • Lax October 2, 2012

        Rih is such a Polarizing Figure and the bigger She get
        the more shyt talkers will follow and stalk Her trying their best to try to insult Her and Her navy.

      • Lax October 2, 2012

        With all of those FESTIVALS…
        #1 Kollen Festival June 2012
        #2 Peace & Love Festival June 2012
        #3 1’s Hackney Festival June London
        #4 iHeart Radio Festival Sep, 2012 Vegas
        #5 Barclaycard Wireless Festival
        On FESTIVALS along i’d say this was a Years Work
        what about them EARPLUGS ASS HOLES i know the
        ear plug company should be making BANK if yo dirty
        asses are to be believed..

  10. Monstarebel October 2, 2012

    what’s a Rita? is it some new sort of species ? hmmm never heard of it but I know Rihanna will do the best she can with this performance, glad Bruno will be there but really Justin b*******? naaaah I’m good xo

  11. BeyonceStoleMyPublishing October 2, 2012

    Ive just heard Beyonce is suing someone for stealing her songs and leaking them.

    Ironic isn’t it?

    • CSquadSorry October 2, 2012

      This b**** should never have tried to sing in the first place. Who told her she could sing though? Must have been the same person who told her sleeping with Evan Bogart for a record deal was a good idea.

    • CreoleBumbleBey October 2, 2012

      She sounds like expired s***.

    • GodessBeyonce October 2, 2012

      Castrated goat doesn’t cut it. She sounds more like a cat being strangled by Shaquille Oneal.

      • Lax October 2, 2012

        YEAAAH Blue She sure did Perhaps that is why
        on the latest best paid in Hollywood Shes on that Forbes list
        tied with Ellen with the same amount of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
        And if a Goat can make that list it’s just fine being a Bleeping Goat.
        Shyt if i could have a bank roll like Rih, Rih’s i’d sound like a Goat to…

      • Lax October 2, 2012

        @GodessBeyonce and after all that yo ass says Rih still
        was able to do this,,,,
        “Where Have You Been”
        Aus 2x Platium
        Nz Platium
        Uk Gold
        Us Platium

      • Lax October 2, 2012

        Castrated Goat Is good because She feels great
        and looks great and besides that She’s Rich and’
        Famous, #Stay Pressed, bytches.

    • BLUE The Real HIVE October 2, 2012

      Oh she killed hero???

      • Lax October 2, 2012

        You can Huff and you can puff
        and you still will not kill Our
        Spirits, Lames.

    • Lax October 2, 2012

      Yes seh does and just think She have some how made $$$
      $$$$$$$$ sounding like a Goat, Amazing!

      • Lax October 2, 2012

        @MR.M If yo m***** ass could make half
        of what She made in a year you’d be locked up, strait jacket
        and put in a Nutt house because you’d lose yo
        Rabbit Ass Mind.

    • mr.m October 2, 2012

      Goathanna is a FLOPPPPPPPPPPPPP

      • BEYFLOP GIVE KING RIH THE MUTHA-F****** CROWN U THIRSTY B****!!!!! October 2, 2012


      • Lax October 3, 2012

        @BEYFLOP,,,Right on time u r.

  12. NAYAH82 October 2, 2012

    Oh Samantha…In my ( Lil Kim voice), hot damn ho here we go again…You just can’t stop yourself from shading the singers you don’t like on every article.

  13. Donna Fenty October 2, 2012

    I also couldn’t help but notice that TGJ is a huge Rihanna stalker. I mean they’ve got more beautiful pictures of her than I do. And I have a lot looooOooooooool. Stupid c****.

  14. Suicide Blonde October 2, 2012

    Rihanna makes this site relevant and thay keep shading her, it’s really annoying now.

    • Rihanna’sHerpesTestResult October 2, 2012

      Ooooh poor baby! You sad because you know her voice is going to ruin the whole show. All the designers will be suicide dipping into their graves as soon she opens her mouth to sing the first line.

      I can just see their faces now. THE PAIN. THE HORROR. THE MOTHERFUCKING TRAGEDY.

      • Suicide Blonde October 2, 2012

        Suck my d***, that would make me feel better.

      • Lax October 2, 2012

        @Rihanna h*****,,,is that all you have got,
        you had better pray that yo man keeps wrapping it up because word on the streets is He goes both Ways,
        you know a so called Closet Q****, you know.

      • Lax October 2, 2012

        @Rihanna H***** Eat yo Heart Out Looser.
        “We Found Love”
        Aus 5x Platium
        Ger Gold
        Nz 3x Platium
        Swi 2x Platium
        Uk Gold
        Us 4x Platium
        Hmmmmm seems like to Me Rihanna is making enough paper to afford the very best of Medical Attention while yo
        Mangie Ass is still out spreading Slanderous Lies, keep the lies coming Bytch because it’s a Rihann Party and we know only Rihanna know how to throw a Bangin Party.

    • That B*tch (I can’t with these delusional stans) October 2, 2012

      Then leave h**. You dont have a problem shading Beyonce.

    • virtuoso intellect October 2, 2012

      hey babe

      • kelly October 2, 2012

        you are disgusting. My lord!

      • Suicide Blonde October 2, 2012

        Hi baby.

  15. BLUE The Real HIVE October 2, 2012

    R**** will kill the fashion show loool her voice will destroy the entire show oh s*** wait she b modelling instead of singing!!! She ain’t a singer she is a perfect model and a stupid h** chris bown rihjecter disaster fell sorry for people that r gettin tickets

    • Rihanna’sHerpesTestResult October 2, 2012

      DRAG HER! Her voice is the eighty deadly sin.

      • Lax October 2, 2012

        @Rihanna h***** i do love yo dog looking stank broke ass.

      • BLUE THE REAL HIVE October 3, 2012

        b**** dont even try ur stupid c*** r u calling beyonce a broke ass? u must b the dumbiest person in this site king B S WORTH 10 TIMES R**** S WORTH B**** WE TALK £300 UR B**** TALK $73 WITYH 6 ALBUMS SHAME

    • BEYFLOP GIVE KING RIH THE MUTHA-F****** CROWN U THIRSTY B****!!!!! October 2, 2012

      Ur mommas p**** hole is the eighty wonder b****!!!

    • Lax October 2, 2012

      @Rihanna Loosers & Lames…through it all Rih, rIH
      “Is Still Standing”….Summer Of 2012..
      Rihanna joined Coldplay tonight at the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Paralympic Games at the Olympic Stadium. She put together a surprise performance of “Princess of China“, “We Found Love” and “Run This Town” feat. Jay-Z

      Eat yo hearts out!

    • Lax October 2, 2012

      @Lames & Loosers…
      Rihanna’s previous tour, Loud became the 7th highest grossing tour of 2011, according to, after it grossed $90 million. It “solidified Rihanna’s status as one of the top female solo artists of this century,” reports Ten of the concerts in the 02 Arena in London, which were part of the Loud tour, sold out entirely. Some of Rihanna’s additional achievements include her 6 Grammy Awards. She has also sold 37 million albums and 146 million digital tracks. Rihanna shows no sign of slowing down and has maintained her fan base, “Rihanna Navy” throughout the years through her candid use of social media. Forbes named the singer the number one social networking superstar of 2012.

      Rihanna grew up on the Caribbean island of Barbados. She released her debut album in 2005, which included “Pon de Replay,” her first single. In November of 2009, she released her fourth album Rated R. The lead track from the album was “Russian Roulette,” which went on to become the 12th Rihanna single to make it on to the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Rihanna has gone on to release two more albums, Loud in November 2010 and Talk That Talk in November 2011.

      According to reports from Rihanna may continue the November trend with the release of a seventh album this November.

      Most recently, Rihanna performed a remix of her song “Cockiness (Love It)” and “We Found Love” as the opening act at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards. Not only did she perform at the Music Awards, but she also walked away with the night’s top honors, the award for “Video of the Year.”

      Rihanna has a few performances lined up before the Diamonds Tour begins, starting with the iHeart Music Radio Festival this Friday, September 21 at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. In October, Rihanna travels abroad to Azerbaijan for two performances

      • BLUE THE REAL HIVE October 3, 2012


    • Lax October 2, 2012

      @Blue, Bey Hive, Ass Wipes and Haters
      R**** says to kiss Her Grits…

      • BLUE THE REAL HIVE October 3, 2012


  16. mobwife: TeamBreezy Dreamin’ October 2, 2012

    I actually like the song Diamond. I like Bruno Mars so I wouldn’t mind seeing him but I just can’t take another Justin Bieber performance….I just can’t! I’m sorry folks!! 🙁

  17. Rob October 2, 2012

    That’s ok Sam. She just gave your site its biggest hits for a single post. Just keep posting about her. You have bills to pay.

    • Lax October 2, 2012

      @ROB…I heard that!

  18. kelly October 2, 2012

    The victoria secret show is the second most watched show, after the superbowl in the USA. They only hire the big names to perform, just like they hire the big names to model for them. Who the F*** did u think they were gonna call, Rita Ora?

    The same Rita Ora who is at 146 on uk itunes, while Loud and TTT are in the top 100 and rising fast – TTT is in the top 50. The same Rita Ora who is at 22 on the UK album chart, while TTT is juts ten places behind her at 33?

    The same Rita Ora who went to Japan last week to promote Ora, but ORA did not make the top 100 of the Japanese album chart? The same Rita Ora who has not had a single hit the USA? The same Rita Ora who has not had a single hit in Europe?

    Just who the f*** did u think they would call?

    • Common Sense October 2, 2012


      • Lax October 2, 2012

        Common Sense=Ass Wipe!

    • Lax October 2, 2012

      @KELLY You said a mouth full, Ofc…

  19. kelly October 2, 2012


    Sam, You are gonna hate this! Rita Ora’s LP was meant to come out last week – it got pushed back til……….? Cher lloyd from xfactor UK album came out as scheduled – TODAY! Cher debut LP – which sold 250k in the UK an had higher first week sales than Rita Ora, despite not debuting at number 1, is at number 6 on USA ITUNES.


    F*** ON THAT!

    • F.U.Sam October 2, 2012

      This might sound dumb…but who is Rita Ora?

    • BEYFLOP GIVE KING RIH THE MUTHA-F****** CROWN U THIRSTY B****!!!!! October 2, 2012

      Hey kelly the navy missed u!!!! Drag these stans of flops!!!! RIHANNA NAVY 4 LIFE!!!!! DIAMONDS NUMBER 1 IN OVER 20 COUNTRIES!!!!!

  20. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) October 2, 2012

    forget about the whole thing , look at that daaaaaaaamn pic , omg , her face is flawless , like literally !!! OMR !!!!

    *instantly downloads and saves to desktop*

    her performances started to get better and better , i’m happy 🙂

  21. Teacher October 2, 2012

    I ain gon lie…I LOL’d at the “Oh no!”

    • MACHIAVEL October 2, 2012

      Llllol You’re The Most Funny Navy!!!!

  22. THE DIAMOND NAVY October 2, 2012

    RIHANNA, now the rightful OWNER of the people who run this site

    • Lax October 2, 2012

      Yes Siree…

  23. Back2Business October 2, 2012

    Ke$ha is slaying Rihanna ass on Itunes & airplay! Die Young>Diamonds

    • mr.m October 2, 2012

      EVERYBODY is slaying her nose ..
      She’s flopping harder than Nelly Fortado
      LMAO xD

      • F.U.Sam October 2, 2012

        Lmao at ur stupid ass comment!
        Rihanna has single handedly murdered b****** careers just with one single. Plz sit down.

      • BEYFLOP GIVE KING RIH THE MUTHA-F****** CROWN U THIRSTY B****!!!!! October 2, 2012


      • Lax October 2, 2012

        @MR M…With Rihanna what you see is what you get
        and Rih have not been sliced and diced Therefore yo ass
        need to be sticking like glue to yo fave instead of making yo self look like the ass hole you are on a Rih, Rih post talking shyt.

  24. kelly October 2, 2012

    Really happy to see Diamonds from her 7LP doing so well in charts all over the world, without a video or promo. Not alot of acts in can say that

    • mr.m October 2, 2012

      What was that?

      • F.U.Sam October 2, 2012

        B****, can u not comprehend!?

      • Lax October 2, 2012

        @Navy the broke ass loosers stay reaching.

      • Lax October 2, 2012

        KELLY That is what have got the Naysayers Corked & Screwed .

    • BLUE THE REAL HIVE October 3, 2012

      diamond s loosing big time first entry on the chart ireland : 107 loool

  25. Hilly October 2, 2012

    Justin Bieber? Rihanna acting she can sing? This is going to be hilarious!
    Can’t wait for Bruno Mars though.

  26. Benron (King Of The Navy) October 2, 2012

    Its a good think she can book a stage unlike Sam’s other fave… that draq queen.. um C-error!

    • That B*tch (I can’t with these delusional stans) October 2, 2012

      Now you know thats not right lol

    • F.U.Sam October 2, 2012

      Ha…ok now u know riri and cici have discussed this already…leave it alone…lol

  27. Lax October 2, 2012

    It really don’t matter who is slaying what because just know that it’s not
    over by a long shot, this is just now getting started. The Ke$ha single
    is Hot also and you want here no beef from Me no matter who’s on top
    because we are just getting warmed up. Those who tries to talk the single
    down before giving it a chance or ass holes who want’s Rih to flop so hard
    because they or a group of old f****** and broke ass looser Bytxhes who would complain if their ASSES WAS HUNG WITH A NEW ROPE.

  28. Lax October 2, 2012

    The slander and nasety names that RIHANNA is called
    is not going to help slow Rih or Her team down so keep up the great work
    of name calling and slander because it only help to keep many a Rihanna navy Inspired and willing to hang in there with Rihanna for the long Haul, keep right on keeping us Motivated, Bytches, keep calling them names they keep Us excited and lifted up on High!

  29. mr.m October 2, 2012

    A disaster is coming ..
    I bet the song will flop even HARDER after the performance LOL!

    • BEYFLOP GIVE KING RIH THE MUTHA-F****** CROWN U THIRSTY B****!!!!! October 2, 2012


    • Lax October 2, 2012

      @MR.M No matter what the navy is going to keep
      right on “Riding This Beat” ScumBag.

  30. WaitUrTurn88 October 2, 2012


  31. mr.m October 2, 2012


    • Lax October 2, 2012

      @M,,,Errohanna made a 53 million haul
      for Her hard work stick /push that up yo broke a/h

  32. RichnBlack11(JUST LIKE BEY) October 2, 2012

    pretty girl horrible voice

    • BEYFLOP GIVE KING RIH THE MUTHA-F****** CROWN U THIRSTY B****!!!!! October 2, 2012


      • Lax October 2, 2012


    • Lax October 2, 2012

      Rihanna is awesome, exciting and clowning’Her haters big time..

  33. Beyonce’s Weave October 2, 2012

    LOVE LOVE LOVE RIHANNA. Cant wait; Rihanna, the black Madonna keeps on making HistoRIH.

  34. F.U.Sam October 2, 2012

    She should so totally walk that runway b****!
    Yaaasss i live… Riri better clock in that work. Watch n Learn how a talentless h** rocks that b**** like a superstar!
    Haters will hate, yet they will watch, and comment…

  35. ENOUGH ONIKA October 2, 2012

    **TO THOSE RIHANNA STANS** I don’t hate nor stan for Rihanna (as I said before, the Rated R album saved herself from being on the list with Ke$ha and Katey Generic for me) but ya’ll aren’t the LEAST bit concerned for your girl?? I mean “Diamonds” ain’t no one tone “Hard” and two octave “Umbrella,” she’s got quite a bit of dynamic and melodic contour in this song which is again VERY rare for a Rihanna song, very. We saw her perform “We Found Love” live……(again not hating, it just is what is is). And with that weed addictions, she can only hold quarter notes! I’m sorry but this should have just been an album track for the sake of live performances….Again, I’m not hating, I legitimately want to hear the “Navy’s” thoughts of concern or lack there of…..

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) October 2, 2012

      She can hold more than a quarter note, because if someone couldn’t hold that it would suck.

      Im thinking that for the first time they might need to RAISE the key because she will be a mess if she even attemps singing that in its original key. I do disagree with you though, its only two octaves, one low uncomfortable one and one normal one.

      Im hoping she does a version with choreo but only a bit every here and there so she doesen’t mess up her singing. For this song i HAVE no idea how she will sound performing it and am a bit scared.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA October 2, 2012

        Thank you for actually being honest and well said! Choreo would be interesting…I’m one of the many who actually thought she did quite will in the “Where Have You Been Video” (even though they added many camera edits). Plus I remember her dancing when she first came out so it’s in her somewhere..

    • BEYFLOP GIVE KING RIH THE MUTHA-F****** CROWN U THIRSTY B****!!!!! October 2, 2012


      • ENOUGH ONIKA October 2, 2012

        LOL why you trying to aggravate the bees? This is about your girl right now

    • My hip, my back October 2, 2012

      “she can only hold quarter notes”

      • Lax October 3, 2012

        Quarter notes must be good because as Chris would
        sing/say “Look At Me Now”.

  36. BEYFLOP GIVE KING RIH THE MUTHA-F****** CROWN U THIRSTY B****!!!!! October 2, 2012


  37. My hip, my back October 2, 2012

    come here chris brown boy can you beat me up
    scratch me bite me
    scratch me bite me
    scratch me bite me
    beat my a-ss

    • Lax October 3, 2012

      Nooooo come here Chris ,,,Boy Can you be
      my Rude Boy, you know you know what to do and just how to do It, less you and I talk about the things we used to do so good together.
      @My Hip You need to get to work because them two twins
      yo broke ass depend on might play out some day, you know them fellows yo ass and the other GETTO FABLOUS RATS…
      who are always looking for a fight.
      Mr Welfare and His cool brother Mr. Food Stamps yo broke ass bytchs depends on for yo Life, broke ass bytching test tube babies.

  38. Lax October 3, 2012

    You can say what you dam well please about Rih but at the end of the day you can never say that She have a lazy bone in Her body. She might not ever be a BELTER
    like many but she can get the Job done . W e have come to respect Rihanna because we know what She capable of and we love Her candor, humor and Her Get Off Her Ass and make shyt Happen. Those of you who are hating, scheming, trying to knock Her Hustle Has already Lossed as far as i and Her Navy is concerned, and hey it’s fun phucking with yo broke busted hateful ass mad at your own situation and pissy because yo mamma dropped yo ass on yo heads so many times that you done forgot yo first name, Low life’s.

  39. zzzzzzg October 3, 2012

    If Rihanna didn’t have her goat voice she wouldn’t be big.Face it her unique tone is the reason she has a career along with her fashion.

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