Behind the Scenes: Brandy’s Studio Sessions For ‘Wildest Dreams’

Do you hear that?  That, my friend, is the promotional train gearing up for ‘Put It Down’ performer Brandy‘s forthcoming effort ‘Two Eleven’.

Already teasing us yesterday with snaps from the set of the ‘Wildest Dreams’ video – the second single lifted from her latest LP, but now taking us behind the scenes to the song’s creation process!

As ever #Starz, now is the time to get excited.  See it all unfold below:

Your thoughts?

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  1. Sweetnothings78 October 12, 2012

    BEAUTIFUL follow up and she’s such a professional and passionate and amazing to watch, as for 2/11 it’s amazing EVERY damn song

  2. T October 12, 2012

    Ugh i can’t wait till Tuesday to buy her album! It’s killing me a bit!

    • …. October 12, 2012

      the album has leaked already the album is just okay.

      • toohotfortv October 12, 2012

        You must be listening to a different album (or just not really a fan of R&B music). Honestly, and i’m not saying this as a “brandy fan”, I think this album has some of the most incredible vocal delivery/production/songs (in general) that I’ve heard all year. Its really a great effort on the part of all who were involved. I’m very impressed with the amount of talent Brandy has. I don’t know if I was privy to the depth of her artistry before. She really is something special vocally. As far as altos go, she definitely one of the names to be mentioned as a great (including; Anita Baker, Lalah Hathaway, Toni Braxton…)

  3. LouLou October 12, 2012

    Wow! She sounds awesome. She should release more of these.

  4. Rihanna black madonna October 12, 2012

    I hear no lyrical identity i any songs. The production all sounds the same too. Does she really expect to sell with a single like this? There is nothing there and no one will buy this album. Her career has been a waste, she could of been as big as Rihanna. It is a shame that her material from 1994 to 2008 was ignored by Europe and white America. I wish ‘ I wanna be down ‘ could of been exposed to whites – she would of been Rihanna, before Rihanna.

    Oh well, some folks like selling to a restricted african american crowd. I remember when Monica said in 1999, that she does not want to be a pop star, doing modelling or have any endorsements. Now, as she watches Rihanna, I bet she regrets that.

    • Love October 12, 2012

      You’re a mess. Brandy crossed over years ago. She just had some really sour moments in her career…but guess what, that makes her HUMAN. I think that’s what makes this album special. Usher and Chris Brown abandoned their R&B roots in the last album to chase pop lovers and guess what…both album underperformed. Nobody can say there’s a specific formula for a successful album. It’s all about capturing people’s hearts. Brandy has done that with Two Eleven.

      Get a clue. The end.

      • KNUCK October 12, 2012

        b**** you even snatched MY wig with this post.. say that!!!

      • BOB October 13, 2012

        so true

    • Bran Star October 12, 2012

      There’s just…so much FAIL in this post…you’re not even worth it…

    • IDK October 12, 2012

      You sound like a dame fool, Did the doctor smack the wrong end when you were born? smh. Stupid. And @Bran Star, its a definite FAIL.

    • RymeReason October 13, 2012

      @Rihanna Black Madonna

      The album is already #1 on pre-order alone. It’s also #1 in 4 different countries. Do I sense some insecurities? It’s like you have to come on here and prove Rihanna to everyone because you know she doesn’t have anything going for herself except her her tits and Chris Brown, which is why she has become so close to him now that her album is dropping.

      Listen sweetheart, Brandy has already done what RIhanna has done, she has carved a lane for Rihanna to follow. If it weren’t for Brandy, black girls wouldn’t be having contracts and endorsements. Brandy was the first to do it, and she did it without stripping naked. Can Rihanna do that?

      • RymeReason October 13, 2012

        *Correction, #1 in 6 European countries.

      • BOB October 13, 2012

        so true again

  5. MC October 12, 2012

    I want her album to do really well.

  6. Honey CHILD please October 12, 2012

    P.S.A….Brandy album should be bought! Don’t bootleg that s*** you cheap ass h***. That s*** is snatching wigs even edges…

    • KNUCK October 12, 2012

      dead..all true!

  7. IDK October 12, 2012

    Im most def going to Target to get the album as soon as I drop my kid off @ school. I cant wait!

  8. sentfromupabove October 12, 2012




  9. The Brandy Galaxy October 12, 2012

    Brandy is a got damn GALAXY b******. That’s why the stars are showing up everywhere. All the haters better know that when they look in the sky at the starz. That’s us biotches we come by the billions. Light years ahead of ya fallin faves. That’s that Brandy constellation comin’ at yo a**. To infinity and beyond Brandy!

  10. danny boy October 12, 2012

    I literally havent been this excited to purchase an album since Beyonce’s ‘4’… and I’m not even a Brandy stan, but I am soooooooooo ready to be at the store to buy this album.

  11. RymeReason October 13, 2012

    People be faking on Brandy. Don’t act like you didn’t grow up with her on Moesha and run home from school watching her everyday. Don’t act like you don’t have all her albums. She is a staple in the urban pop culture. She is your big sister and she is here to stay.

  12. truth tea (take a sip) October 13, 2012

    it was a good album, but she has writing credits on only 3/15 tracks. and even then thats with atleast 4 other writers. i dont feel guilty about torrenting the album anymore.

    • rob October 13, 2012

      i didnt even think she wrote on any of it and it didnt bother me

  13. Bey Fan October 13, 2012

    F****** incredible…… album is EVERYTHING…… cant wait to get my 3 copies…..

  14. antertain October 13, 2012

    Vocals n looks GREAT!!

  15. musik_lover October 15, 2012

    Okay! Let’s set the record straight. The folks claiming her album is simply okay or a flop obviously aren’t real fans or know what R&B music is. Brandy vocally can do things with her voice that hardly any other artist out here can. Her raspy tone and control allows her to use her voice as an instrument on a song. If you really listen to her ALBUMS and not just TWO ELEVEN you will hear all of her harmonies. The album is laced with R&B/Hip-Hop/Urban Pop tracks with reminders of the Full Moon/Never Say Never/Afrodisiac eras yet gracing a more current modern feel to reintroduce Bran to the new kids!

    Lastly, Brandy has already stated that she didn’t do a lot of writiing on this album in previous interviews. She’s not faking it or trying to put on like she wrote or cowrote on the entire album. TWO ELEVEN is a soon to be classic R&B and Brandy album. **in Tamar voice** GET YO LIFE

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