New Song: Eve – ‘She Bad Bad’ {Snippet}

Published: Monday 8th Oct 2012 by Sam

She back back and ‘She Bad Bad’!

As reported, tomorrow sees the digital release of Eve‘s first official single in over five years. And if 24 hours is just too long a wait, a snippet of the swagger-soaked cut has emerged.

What are you waiting for? Sample what Ms. E-V-E is set to serve up below…

[ti_audio media=”92263″]

Messy isn’t our flavor, but surely we’re not the only ones who hear a “subliminal” in this one? In any case, we’re loving what we hear!

Your thoughts?

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  1. I Judge Flops October 8, 2012

    These rap girls must really not want to be seen on the Billboard Hot 100.

    This is bad bad

    • IggyAzaslaya October 8, 2012

      Let’s start a fund to help them. They clearly need it.

      • Onika For Zayn Malik October 8, 2012

        You girls kill me! Let’s do this. If this song charts any higher than number 40 on the hot 100, we have to do some kind of crazy dare.

      • MinajMania October 8, 2012

        Haha. Ok ok. If this success forsaken song hits the Top 40, I will buy ten copies of Black Friday and upload the receipts on here. Foreal foreal. I promise I’ll do it!

      • FAF October 8, 2012

        It’s ok actually

        but TGJ, No one cares if its subliminal. Eve last album flopped!

      • Trev October 8, 2012

        Eve is my girl but this ish not doing it…maybe if i hear a better quality version…also it’s not messy!!! you are suppose to say you are the best! when someone says that they aren’t dissing anyone

    • NickiSaidDis October 8, 2012

      Y’all are mean! Can any of you tell me where missys two singles charted. I would check but my eyes can’t reach my feet.

      • NavyHeart October 8, 2012

        This b**** hasn’t put out an album since 2002. She about to flop harder than Nelly Furtado.

    • BeezInTheCharts October 8, 2012

      Nicki wouldn’t even want Eve’s wig even if it was available to snatch. The Queen does not wear products as cheap as that rag she calls a wig thats sitting on her floptastic head.

      Flashbacks Of A Flop!

      • BAD October 8, 2012

        If you read these responses its nothing but gay boyz supporting Nicki on an EVE post. SMH. That’s who supporting Nicki the rainbow kids. LOL!

    • SchoolinLife / Moment 4 Life October 8, 2012

      Oh Eve. You really fell off didn’t you. You used to be the s*** when DC was around but look at you now.

      Maybe Beyonce will let you on a remix to the remix to the remix of a song recorded by her back in 2003, if you’re lucky.

    • Taylor Minaj October 8, 2012

      Eve wants to diss Nicki when she’s been flopping for a decade? C’mon son.

      Even at her worst, Nicki stands above the rest of these Rapping grandmas.

      Take yo medication Eve.

      • Peter Griffin October 8, 2012

        If it wasn’t for female rappers like Eve Nicki’s fake ass wouldn’t even be here! So be grateful.

      • SMH October 8, 2012

        Eve is a few years older than Nicki. Nicki is 30 and EVE is 32. Yall rep for Nicki that hard. What about julst loving new music. Somebody gone take Nicki spot….nobody is around forever.

      • FAF October 8, 2012

        Eve is not no GOD DAMNED 32! Nicki is 29 Eve was born in 77. Get ur #s checked f***!

      • Trev October 9, 2012

        EVE DID NOT OPEN DOORS FOR NICKI!!…Eve def had her success but that did not affect Nicki…when Nic came in the game there was NO hot female rappers…however Nicki opened doors for other female rappers because her success directly affects all these girls getting deals at the same time…ie Kreayshawn, Iggy, Azealia, Honey Cocaine, Lola Monroe, Diamond (getting shine again) along with other older rappers

    • ImMadAsHell October 8, 2012

      FAF your a f****** clown, The police report states Nicki was born in 1982, which makes her 30 yrs old this year.

      • D October 8, 2012

        Nicki is 29. Her birthday is in December. Stahp!

  2. Spunkypoop October 8, 2012


  3. @Jeeharris Follow Me On Twitter October 8, 2012

    She Go Hard ! && Cant Wait To See Her Back On Da Game Too ! Go EVE !

  4. Madea October 8, 2012

    she coming for all of nicki’s wigs i can’t wait

    • island goddess October 8, 2012

      lmao!!!! all nicki wigs lmao good one lol lol

      • Madea October 8, 2012

        you’re right i mean lively hood 🙂 lol good day ma’am

      • Tayler October 8, 2012

        When EVE snatch dem wigs maybe she can give them back to their rightful owner KIM. Only kids 18 and under rep for wack Nicki.

    • cij October 8, 2012

      Coming for them what she going to do carry them,i heard Nicki have a new mystery wig carrier,guess it,s Eve.

      • FAF October 8, 2012

        Ya’ll comments make no f****** sense

        get a GED f**

  5. the real xoxo October 8, 2012

    Sounds fire!
    Cue the people complaining that its not produced by Redone or she isnt “experimenting” with electro music that stopped sounding edgy 2 years ago.

    • DaHotNig October 8, 2012

      That’s why her album got pushed back further than frank ocean tonsils? Cuz she hot? Join frank and go suck d**** h**!

      • FAF October 8, 2012

        DEAD @Dahotnig

        She had “Tambourine” & that FLOP w/ sean paul…

        I can’t w/ these ppl claiming their faves are “BACK”

        This song was ok but lets not act like anyone’s trying it w/ the QUEEN

      • Peter Griffin October 8, 2012

        At least she isn’t a body dismorphic schizophrenic balloon assed 30 year old wearing childrens clothes and clown wigs…

    • Tiffany21 October 8, 2012

      You the same person that think Nicki is the best rapper in the world. LOL!!!!! Nicki 30 and act like she 16. Nicki a few years younger than EVE and yall think EVE is old. Nicki is old too then she just act like a kid.

      • FAF October 8, 2012

        Nicki not 30 f*** where are u reading this ?

        and I dont give a damn if she put on a DOO DOO costume & rap about pissing on Lil kim its WAYY BETTER THAN UR FLOPS!

      • ImMadAsHell October 8, 2012

        Don’t you mean Nicki is 30 acting like she’s a 8 year old.

  6. Rock$ October 8, 2012

    Haters Haven’t Heard Nothing Yet!!!Now Who’s Bad? Watch And See,We Are Coming To Get Em!

  7. Diamond October 8, 2012

    Nicki better hide her wigs baby, These rap b****** are coming!

    • DaHotNig October 8, 2012

      B**** please Nicki is sipping Pepsi in a G4 while these b****** trying to generate a buzz! Nicki is out of their reach at this point. Now go suck a stink d*** b****.

      • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b**** October 8, 2012


      • Mel October 8, 2012

        Its not about if they can get back on the charts, its that they rap better than Nicki and people gonna notice that. Nicki has no type of formula at all and I can’t wait for these legends to come back to body her lyrical! Y’all to mainstream for me. All about charts and numbers instead of the actual music. Last time I checked Nicki popularity/urban base is going down. I guess thats why PF:RR is struggling smh

      • Ol October 8, 2012

        You can tell these are kids responding and bashing ppl for Nicki! DAng! Nicki have always taken subliminal shots at other female rappers.

      • FAF October 8, 2012

        Girl whos bashing? We stating facts, CHILE

      • msteefromdc October 9, 2012


      • msteefromdc October 9, 2012


  8. truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b**** October 8, 2012

    while icki steadly pumping ‘fix-a-flat’ in her ass these REAL rappers coming, not to snatch and damn wig or even scalp a b****..THEY COMING TO BEHEAD THAT B**** LIKE ON LIL KIM BLACK FRIDAY COVER CHILE!! (drops mic and twist off the mutha fucka like the true b**** i am chile)

    • Dee October 8, 2012


      • FAF October 8, 2012

        DEAD U wrote all that essay & still no thumbs up.. po u LOL

      • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 8, 2012

        Faf b**** im A FIERCE B****…so suck my ass ass licker

      • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 8, 2012

        And what thumbs down h**?

      • FAF October 8, 2012

        keep typing for me, QUEEN!!

  9. plastic October 8, 2012

    These old rap broardz are clearly bitter and the new ones dont have a clue this is nicki era gimmick or not btw is that the only word those old heffas know…. kim said it floppped her ass outta here missy said flopped her ass outta here trina said it and flopped off the planet eve said it n this is trash will soon hit the landfill give it up nicki crown is good like she sad boost me haters in yes eve is tryn it by sayn gimmick knowning all the stans call nick that b*** the barbz are good here watchn n waitn for the boys video to snatch scalps and patches of lace fronts thats left for the rest of the year next year they wont have a chance nicki reign start s in two weeks barbz strap ya dikup they are her premature sonz lmao…………………

    • FAF October 8, 2012

      LMFAO!!! only time ppl call nicki a gimmick is when they mad they FLOPPED…

      • ImMadAsHell October 8, 2012

        The police report states that Nicki was born in 1982. So Eve is two years older then Nicki.

        I hope you don’t get short change when you get change for the stores. Your math sucks.

    • LilG October 8, 2012

      Eve is TWO years older than Nicki. OLD! Wow yall need to listen to Nicki and take yall young a** to school!

      • FAF October 8, 2012

        EVE WAS NOT BORN IN 1980 F*** QUIT LYING ! SHE IS NOT 32 !!!

  10. Peter Griffin October 8, 2012

    Now how do I put this in words. YES!

  11. @_RealBeyHive_4 October 8, 2012


  12. AzealiasKunt October 8, 2012

    Hahahahahaha. I hate Nicki but I can say she is a winner and these fossils are losers.

    You fools say you love it but will you BUY it?

    (blasts LUXURY)

    • vanny October 8, 2012

      exactly!!!! they stay saying how everybody else is better than nicki but they aint buying s***!!! why both of missy elliott singles are not on the i tunes top 10 ? thats right cause nobody is buying them!!! nicki is at a whole nother lever nicki got the white audience on her side she good!!! we will see wich one of these other rappers coming out sells more than 250,000 copies on their first week!!

      • FAF October 8, 2012

        This is my point EXACTLY! Noone is supporting Missy I thought she was coming back? LOOOL

      • Ohdeam October 8, 2012

        LOL! Comedy. I don’t see Nicki anywhere near the iTunes top 10…or top 20. Nicki’s sales are awful overall. She’s just had the temporary luxury of being the only female “rapper” (and I use that word loosely) out — which gives a forged impression of dominance. She ain’t ruling s***.

      • FAF October 8, 2012

        Since u supporting the QUEEN..

        RE-UP coming in NOVEMBER F***

        She GOOD! U MAD?

      • ImMadAsHell October 8, 2012

        It seems like ya’ll not buying Nicki s*** this time around either.

        660,000 after 6 months when Kim, Eve, and Misst went platinum before 6 months. I hope ya’ll at least by the re-up PFRR.

  13. kelly October 8, 2012

    This type of female rap will not sell anywhere in the world. She is over, just like missy who’s single ( which is better ) flopped on itunes. All the performing arts and acting classes from Laguardia paid of for Nicki she is a global superstar, something these bitter old b****** willl never be. 2 bad west indian born b****** running the game. I love it.

    • MinajMania October 8, 2012

      Preach the good word baby. They are all flopulous and have no place trying to come for the Queen.

      Nicki is a student of the arts and so its helped her attract new audiences.

      • FAF October 8, 2012

        DEAD CHILE!!!

    • Hush October 8, 2012

      Kelly is Lax and Lax is Kelly. Posting under two different names to back herself up. No friends, no man, no life. What a loser.

    • Rihanna Navy October 8, 2012

      are you west indian??

      • kelly October 8, 2012

        NO. I am Cali Born by one of my parents was born in Sweden. I like West indian people, food and culture. I love all the islands for vacation. I am happy that island girls can live the american dream too.

    • truth(i exsist to SLAY nicki and DRAAAAGG her stans u FUNKY b****) October 8, 2012

      Omfg please kiss my ass and stfu!

  14. Nicki And Gaga Sittin On A Tree October 8, 2012

    I wonder how many times this album will get pushed back by.

    More times than Lil Kim’s self esteem everytime she sees the Queen on the Hot 100.

    Eve is a flop who has a white men comlex.

    Kim is a flop with a broken face and ego and Missy is a nice lady who needs to accept her time has departed.
    The only Hip Hop vets anyone is here for is Lauryn. The rest can take a hike.

    • FAF October 8, 2012

      girllllllllllllll U READ MY LIFE AWAY!!!! B****!!!!

  15. vanny October 8, 2012

    m************ stay saying how everybody else is better than nicki but they aint buying s***!!! why both of missy elliott singles are not on the i tunes top 10 ? thats right cause nobody is buying them!!! nicki is at a whole nother lever nicki got the white audience on her side she good nicki is the male version of florida she is mainstream and they know her world wide!!! we will see wich one of these other rappers coming out sells more than 250,000 copies on their first week!!

    • FAF October 8, 2012

      YES VANNY!!!!! SPILL THAT TEA!!!!! I’m SO happy some REAL posters came up here today!!!!

    • Dejae October 8, 2012

      250k isn’t impressive. And being the “female version” of Flo Rida isn’t a good thing. But it’s actually a pretty good description, though. No true hip hop heads take either one of their corny pop-rapper asses seriously. All it means is that they are fads, and once the fad passes they will be looked at with about as much fondness as Vanilla Ice. You see fads die — hard.

      • BeezInTheCharts October 8, 2012

        250k isnt impressive? You confused b****.
        250k isnt impressive for someone of Nicki’s calibre but 250k for any other artist is what labels dream about. You are clearly a misguided wrinkle.

      • FAF October 8, 2012

        No one cares f***.

        she selling… u mad ?

      • FAF October 8, 2012

        DEAD @ 250k not being impressive for a debut when eve last album aint even go gold over a decade later… I can’t

      • Dejae October 8, 2012

        250k is *NOT* impressive. Get back to me when Nicki moves 500k in the first week and pushes an album to multiplatinum status (with actual sales to match the certifications.) Until then…have a seat. Nicki is all about hype and her sales don’t match.

      • D October 8, 2012

        LMao No female rapper in history has moved 500k first week. Not even Lauryn! 250k is a solid first week sale. Eve’s 2002 album bearly sold 500k PERIOD! I mean Kreayshawn moved 4,000 records in her first week. lmfao

    • vanny October 8, 2012

      @FAF hey boo!! how are you?? …. and at everybody else that are saying that 250,000 is not an impressive number? GET THE F*** OUTTA HEA!! not even some of the biggest artist are opening with numbers like that you guys are so delusional… mind you 250,000 was on nickis second album dont forget that she sold 374,000 on her debut first album… your favorite rappers will never NEVER!!!!

      • vanny October 8, 2012

        and to touch on being compared to florida is not a good thing? lmfao!!! so i guess being an international artis and the fact that the whole world knows who you are and your music keeps charting and being played on the radio without you releasing it like VA VA VOOM and doing great on the charts is not a good thing?? are u guys serious?? lmfao!!! i cant!!

      • CS9 October 8, 2012

        Ha. So Nicki’s second album moved less first week units than her debut. Heh. And we all know that it hasn’t even sold a million copies yet (and, hell, it ain’t like her first album sold earth shattering numbers.) What does tell you, idiot? That her best is behind her. This b**** peaked early, is now steadily declining…despite it still being early into her career. At this rate a year from now there won’t be a Nicki Minaj.

    • jessie October 8, 2012

      @CS9 oh honey how delusional you are? let me ask you wich female rapper do you stand for?? how come you havent said no other female rappers name? “dont worry i’ll wait” …. exactly cause they never did and never will accomplish what nicki has and what nicki will… sit the f*** down and know what the f*** u talking about before u try to come for me… get the f*** outta my post h**!! you pressed b****!!

      • FAF October 8, 2012

        YASSSS @Jessie !!!

      • msteefromdc October 9, 2012 u r clearly misguided…your young dumb ass needs to have several seats…KIM far surpassed Nicki, trust me…please do your homework before you speak. U may log out now

    • ImMadAsHell October 8, 2012

      After 6 months Nicki still isn’t platinum, it seems like nobody buying her s*** either.

      • jessie October 8, 2012

        @ImMadAsHell b**** please!!! the album has been out only 6 months and it has sold 700,000 copies that is amazing sells and its already way over platinum worlwide… f*** outta hea… lets see how many album sales these other rap b****** have…

  16. Iconic Iggy October 8, 2012

    This is terrible

    • NickiSaidDis October 8, 2012

      Me too. Let’s pray over it together.

  17. MinajMania October 8, 2012

    Take it in b******!

    When will Eve? NEVER! She will never!

    A wise woman once said: “Time machine b****** always talkin bout the old days, when they was hot when they was tourin wid the Ojays”

    • FAF October 8, 2012


    • D October 8, 2012

      I wonder if Nicki still throw dem dryer sheets on these washed-up ass b******!

    • ImMadAsHell October 8, 2012

      that was before PFRR flopped.

      • D October 8, 2012

        But…it didnt flop!. People like you are like a virus that believe they can disregard the facts and downplay the tremendous success of someone so they can try to tear them down with their hatred. lmao No matter how many times you say that it flopped…facts and simple logic shows that it didnt flop. lol You don’t like her…its ok! Say you hate her music, say you didn’t like her album, dont support anything she does! BUT RESPECT THAT MINAJ IS DOING HER F****** THING AND MAKING MOVES THAT NO OTHER FEMALE HIP HOP ARTIST HAS EVER BEEN ABLE TO MAKE.

    • msteefromdc October 9, 2012

      but this bytch is old..she was tryna come up for over 5 years…so her shyt is old…nicki is garbage..face it kiddies…your fav aint hot no more. her lyrics r sounds like nursery ryhmes..this bytch need to sit

  18. kevin October 8, 2012

    this makes me sad.

  19. TeamEveandMissy October 8, 2012

    Yessssss E.V.E can’t wait 4 the full song. Dis s*** is gonna be fiya. She bout to deflate nicki wanna 3sum ass! Haterz gettin shook I see. Eve and Missy r comin to get their crowns back and blow the dust off them and shine them up again while nicki wanna 3sum takin hers back to the pawn shop where she purchased it.

    • FAF October 8, 2012

      Chile u can’t even possibly be serious… I’ma let u rock w/o a Dragging….

  20. Dane October 8, 2012

    Finally the female rappers are coming back with fire……..not that dance pop s***….

    • FAF October 8, 2012

      That wont make it go top 10 on Billboard.. LOL u can throw shade all u want F***

  21. nicki minaj October 8, 2012

    LOVE IT!!!

  22. ENOUGH ONIKA October 8, 2012


  23. ladylady October 8, 2012

    I like what I heard and looking forward to more. Bring it Eve…

  24. bitchpleaseeeeeeeeeeee October 8, 2012

    Not feeling it at all .smh

  25. FAF October 8, 2012

    And DEAD @ this MS paint shop Corel reject cover !!! I CAN NOT !! WHERE IS HER LABEL ?

  26. Honey CHILD please October 8, 2012

    Listen let’s make this clear boo boo’s. The only reason why this won’t sell is because of cheap ass b****** like you copping the bootleg more than ever these days. THe only people who really actually buy albums are white people. You broke ass hoodlums are to busy buying your fat asses cheeseburgers from the dollar menu. It’s not that it won’t sell it’s just you broke b****** won’t buy. Hear let me unfold this chair so can sit your broke assnitz down…

    • Rihanna Navy October 8, 2012


    • Madea October 8, 2012

      you have some common sense thank you lawd there are smart people on here

      • Honey CHILD please October 8, 2012

        Honey child those b****** brain cells have died from listening to trashy minaj…

  27. Black Madonna October 8, 2012


    • kelly October 8, 2012

      YES YES YES Bring on raw, uncut and hardcore Foxy brown. man Foxy brown needs to go to young money too. Lil wayne and Foxy would kill it. Foxy better not got to Roc nation, they have a policy where they will not release your LP till / when / if Rita Ora garners a hit in the USA.

      • FAF October 8, 2012

        YES WE LIVE FOR FOXY!!!!

  28. vanny October 8, 2012

    and at everybody else that are saying that 250,000 is not an impressive number? GET THE F*** OUTTA HEA!! not even some of the biggest artist are opening with numbers like that you guys are so delusional… mind you 250,000 was on nickis second album dont forget that she sold 374,000 on her debut first album… your favorite rappers will never NEVER..and to touch on being compared to florida is not a good thing? lmfao!!! so i guess being an international artis and the fact that the whole world knows who you are and your music keeps charting and being played on the radio without you releasing it like VA VA VOOM and doing great on the charts is not a good thing?? are u guys serious?? lmfao!!! i cant!!

  29. nunu October 8, 2012

    i like EVE, bt am not feeling the song. Anyways even though am not a huge fan of Nicki but she does have some catchy songs. Anyhow i have a feeling Eve will flop in this era.

  30. Shymir06 October 8, 2012

    Nicki’s 250k isn’t impressive! Her label mates Wayne and Drake both did 1 million and 630k first week respectively. But she does 250k! LMAO!!!! Yeah, right….

    And her album still hasn’t sold a million copies yet. Nicki’s “success” is all smoke and mirrors.

    • FAF October 8, 2012

      Smoke and mirrors? It’s platinum WW

      lets not forget the re-up will have her platinum in the US

      dont count the queen out yet F***

      she’s raps hottest female MC!

      • msteefromdc October 9, 2012

        that’s sad when u gotta re-release your bullshyt ass album. i mean is she tryna be even more embarrassed? cuz that album is trash

  31. DTG October 8, 2012

    I’m not even that big a fan of Eve, but I’ll support her over Nicki. I’ll support just about anybody over Nicki. She’s fake pop garbage. Just a fraud.

  32. TeamEveandMissy October 8, 2012

    U haters talking about itunes chart where the hell is nicki at and I ain’t talkin pop songs…….I wanna knw where her hip hop songs at that’s rite no f***** where. Her second album haven’t even went platinum yet…..u would think it would since she has a lot of fans/stans,no competition out. These other rap chicks like EVE,Missy,lil kim and so on were out at the same damn time and still went platitum so what nicki sickis problem? Both of her albums should be 3 or 4x plat but sorry its not. Y’all keep sayin these other girls or too old and need to sit down but the r only a few yrs older then her. They legends she’s a late bloomer tryna catch up.

    • Taylor Minaj October 8, 2012

      You’re stupid. Nicki’s pop songs are just as much hers as hers Hip Hop songs are, so ignoring her pop songs because they’re doing well just to prove a point DEFIES your point.

    • Taylor Minaj October 8, 2012

      Oh and the second album HAS gone Platinum.
      Platinum has always been based on shipments and she has shipped a milli in the US and sold 1 millon worldwide.

      • DTG October 8, 2012

        Who cares? She’s “platinum” because record stores across the US overestimated her commercial worth and assumed that she would be good for it. They were wrong. Soundscan says she hasn’t sold a million copies in the US. Which is horrible. Her wack ass album is sitting on store shelves across the nation, collecting dust as people walk right past it w/o looking twice.

        What the f*** kind of “it”-girl can’t move a million units in the U.S.? A million worldwide ain’t s***. Do you realize how big the world is…and all Nicki is good for “internationally” is a million? Da f***?! Nicki is nothing but a singles act. And singles acts are very replaceable.

      • FAF October 8, 2012

        All u gave is excuses as to why Nicki winning & ur fave is a FLOP…. NEXT! >

  33. bibi93 October 8, 2012

    Good song

  34. Mary Mary Why You Buggin’ October 8, 2012

    Some of yall going to DROWN in delusional. Haven’t we already concluded that Nicki is a pop artist who touts herself as a rapper. I mean no shade when I say this.

    Just LOOK at her biggest hit to date: “Super Bass.” The most vapid, ridiculous, Flo Ridaesque track she has released to date. Followed by the equally ridiculous “Starships.”

    I say this as a Nicki fan but a fan of rap Nicki. I cannot and will not entertain that other foolishness.

    Where is RAP Nicki on the Hot 100? Where? And she did release genuine rap songs from “RR”, really good songs, but where are they?? Currently there is only ONE, count it, ONE real rap song in the top twenty on BB which is “Mercy”.

    Then we have 2 songs masquerading as rap: “Pound the Alarm” & , you guessed it, Flo Rida’s “Whistle.” A coincidence? I think not.

    I am not mad at Nicki for her pop ways. THAT’s where the money is–period. However, let’s not come at veterans in the field talking about charts status.

    • FAF October 8, 2012

      All that ESSAY & she still DRAGGING ..

      u mad h** ?

      Why is she a rapper u ask? BECAUSE SHE RAPPING

      and shitting on ur FLOPS >>BYE F***

  35. Teacher October 8, 2012

    ‘Messy isn’t our flavor’…..Lying is!

  36. theman October 8, 2012

    This is hot, only Nicki’s fans are hating and are threatened. Nicki’s current album isn’t doing too well. Her hiphop singles aren’t doing much better either. Itunes is really only a factor in pop songs, but the albums are the main focus.

    • D October 8, 2012

      What is with this fuckery of “NIcki’s album isn’t doing well”? You can say that, but in REALITY her PLATINUM album is one of the best’-selling albums of 2012 in addition to launching a 3x platinum, record breaking single! Stop saying it…its not true! lmao Its just not…come up with something different please! These washed up ass, ancient b****** could NEVER! You’ll see when Eve’s album drops…lmao

      • FAF October 8, 2012

        Chile what would Nicki fans have to be threatened adbout ?

        Where is eve success today ?

        I like her better than Kim & she has 2 grammys but lets not lie


        So that “Nicki make pop music” wont work here, UGLY!

  37. D October 8, 2012

    Oooooohhh I can’t wait until other female rapper’s albums drops! We can finally accurately compare Nicki’s sales and accolades with other females and show how and why she is shitting on these b****** and why, presently, Nicki Minaj is the undisputed Queen of Female Rap. Hopefully, the Grammy’s will bring back the Best Female Rap category so NIcki can win! (BTW, when the Best Female Rap category was in existence, Lil Kim never won. lmao Why?! How are you the Queen but Missy took all the grammys?! lmfao)

  38. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. October 8, 2012

    Lets be honest

    Sure she may FLOP but lyrically, EVE is wayyyy better than Gimmick GARBAJ

    Plastic Garbaj didn’t cross over until Taylor Swift sang Super Bass and caught the little while kids’ attention, since then the H** has been a joke to the hip hop community with her SHITE pop music that she tries to pass as hip hop and even doing so she has still FLOPPED, her singles are FLOPPING

    Pink Friday RR FLOPPED(as the GREAT LACEFRONCE warned before it came out), so will the RE UP, She is DONE

    Clown GARBAJ has only sold over 600k in the US with all of her hype, why ? because the H** is a GIMMICK & GIMMICKS only stay popular for so long

    Now this 30 yr old CLOWN has further ruined her already fading career with this whole Mariah incident and the GREAT LACEFRONCE loves to see her do it

    Good bye GARBAJ!

    • D October 8, 2012

      BUT HER ALBUM IS ONE OF THE BEST SELLING ALBUMS OF 2012! HOW?!?!?!?!? lmao HOW CAN HER ALBUM BE A FLOP!? (it can’t) If nicki’s album flopped half of these artists (Chris Brown, Jeezy, Trey Songz, Madonna, and Kreayshawn’s [2nd worst debut ever]) should have been trying to figure out how to flop like Nicki! PLATINUM…her album is platinum…starships is a 3x platinum, record breaking single…I dont understand! lmao Delusion is ruining people’s minds!

      • THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. October 8, 2012

        stfu h**!!! her album is a FLOP!!!! platinum certification means that Gimmick Garbajs’people shipped 1 million copies and she has only sold over 600k LMAOOOOOO 1000s of copies are collectin dust on the shelves, good thing she has those endorsements or the H** would be back in the Hood

      • D October 8, 2012

        Her album sold 670k. 230k copies spread across the United States of America in all the major music stores is not alot. Thats 4,600 copies per State. lmao You try…but its undeniable, youre stupid aas f***! Furthermore the Re-Up cannot flop, it will only boost the sales of PFRR. (its a re-release dumbass). lmao Have several seats and take notes from Nicki to boost your Lacefront game. Its lacking.. bahahahah

      • THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. October 8, 2012

        Nickis failed singles:

        FLOP by my side
        FLOPZ in the trap
        Va va FLOP

        & the Boys is SLAYING on the BB Bubbling Under charts lmaoo

        RR is a FAILURE , THE re-up WILL BE AN EVEN bigger FAILURE, no one is checking for this H**, her album will contnue to collect DUST

        The GREAT LACEFRONCE has spoken

      • D October 8, 2012

        Neither Va Va Voom nor The Boyz has a video yet! lmao Atleast “right, but her d***” & “beez in these h*** mouths” charted. This s*** by Eve won’t see the light of day if it was in the Sahara! lmfao Its funny tho…you say nobody is checking for Minaj but obviously YOU ARE. You know her singles chronology, her sales, I bet you even know her lyrics. YOURE A FAN. Welcome to the Team h**! lmfao!

      • FAF October 8, 2012

        Lets not hun

        Is GRANDonna Aluminum in the US yet?

      • THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. October 8, 2012

        THE GREAT LACEFRONCE speaks nothing but the truth

      • D October 8, 2012

        Aluminum?! FAF, Great-Grandonna hasnt even gone Loose Leaf Paper! Nicki is DRAAAAAAGING these h*** through hell and high water and somehow haters have convinced themselves that shes not killing the f****** game!!!!

  39. RG2 October 8, 2012


  40. RoyalKev October 8, 2012

    Most of that snippet was promising, I just hope Eve lyrics stay strong throughout the entire song. If it does, Eve has earned my respect (which is more important than charting sometimes). Eve has already left her mark (she has 1 multi-platinum album and 1 platinum + album). She had her run! I don’t like generalizing, but the few cocky Nicki stans at the top of this post should remember that she hasn’t outsold Eve yet. Don’t count chickens … Anyway, I’m rooting for both women. I don’t think there’s any beef. Eve seems like she’s coming hard and I’m one of those people that’s not mad about Nicki winning. I wish them both success!

  41. mc the place to be!! October 8, 2012

    Evie- E is back!! Yeas I friggin miss her!!

  42. CHILE PLEASE!! October 8, 2012

    “WHO DRANK MY APPLE JUICE!!!?” LMAO! I love eve……she spitting dem bars hard! Thank God! Really talent from my era not that cartoon over the top Hip-Pop s***!

    • FAF October 8, 2012

      Its gon FLOP

      • Chile Please!! October 9, 2012

        Ohhh boy here go Flaming Ass F*****! Girl! Ya’ll some hater….& need to get off this Nicki bandwagon…it’s not all about that f****** looney toon copy cat! Get’cha life girl!

  43. social1 October 8, 2012

    Love it! It’s fire!!! 🙂

  44. FAF October 8, 2012

    Can eve do this ?

    where’s the flop ?


    • THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. October 8, 2012

      coming soon to FLOP in a store near you

      FLOP SINGLES to start off the coming FLOP

      • D October 8, 2012


  45. LTM October 8, 2012

    I can’t with Team Minaj’s delusions. What is Nicki slaying besides the Bubbling Under chart with the girl who f***** Diddy? Lmao PF:RR is struggling to even reach 1.2 million world wide yet Nicki is “draging pop b******”? Katy, Rihanna, Gaga, and Ke$ha sell more in the U.S alone. You pathetic Barbz brag about Nicki’s chart run as if its remotely great. Out of the multiple entries Garbaj has had on Billboard, how many have broken the top 10? How many have gone to #1? And please, 1st week sales are as irrelevant as The Boys. PF:RR had better 1st week sales then Teenage Dream but where is at now? Struggling to pass 700k in the U.S. Selena Gomez’s album is doing better smh. Nicki is a flop, her stans need to accept it. You can try to compare her to female rappers to make her look good but at the end of the day she is a flop pop act, no matter how many times she is thrown in the hip-hop category

  46. TeamEveandMissy October 8, 2012

    Damn I see these wack ass nicki wanna 3sum worshippers still defendin that clown. Eve is a hip hop legend. She’s gonna show u what she is capable of doing on the charts. She still got u haters talkin only off of a snippet and knw y’all gonna run up on her post again to give her song a listen. Y’all r just as excited as her fans to check for her s*** 2morrow. Let me run down a list of accomplishments eve already got under her belt that sicki wished she had. Eve got grammys nicki don’t,eve has 2 platinum albums nicki only have one. Eve had a succesful sitcom starring her and she is an actress nicki wants to be an actress so bad so she pretends to be in her videos. Eve is currenty working on a movie. So nicki is got to catch up to eve. Eve had her on clothing line nickis ain’t nowhere in site. I could go on but I will stop rite there. See u haters 2morrow to check for the pit bull in a skirt. Lol…..

  47. credits October 8, 2012

    Eve has two platinum albums, 1 gold album and a grammy. She didn’t have to record pop/dance songs or use autotune to achieve any of that success. She is a hip hop rapper and has always remained so, don’t even put nicki in a category with her.

  48. iSlay4KatyPerry October 8, 2012

    OMG its perfect! Eve is the true Queen of Hip-Hop. Bow down

  49. D October 8, 2012

    -American Idol, Pepsi, Adidas, Perfume, future clothing line, FIrst Female included on Forbes Hip Hop Cash KIng’s List, 2 #1 albums, 2 platinum albums, highest charting female rapper in the UK, 3 million WW sales in 2 years, 3x platinum single, 4x Platinum single, record for the most songs on billboard at the same time, Highest ranking on Billboard by a female rapper in 10 years with Superbass, Hot 100 History w/ Starships, 2nd highest debut for a female rapper ever…


  50. F*** You Featuring Kiss my ass October 8, 2012

    At the end of the day Nicki has young money behind her. Young money is paying out the ass for airplay and promo. This label is built off hype not actual sales.
    I mean Jay-z’s greatest commercial success landed him a 5xPlatinum,Tupac 9xPlatinum,Nelly 9xPlatinum,Biggie 12xPlatinum(Diamond),Nas 3xPlatinum, so on and so forth. Yet the greatest rapper alive has never sold more than 3million if that from a single album. If Wayne likes existing off of hype why wouldn’t the female version of him do the same. The barbz are past delusional. Show some respect. If it weren’t for the female rappers of the 90’s and 2000’s era,female rap would’ve died with the ladies of the 80’s.
    Cigarettes sells alot every year. It still doesn’t mean they are good for you. Nicki is garbage and she could outsell thriller and id still say the same thing…also eve this song sucks from what I hear. I’ll wait until full release to pass judgment.

  51. jaiyah October 9, 2012

    I don’t what people are talking about. This song goes hard, E-V-E got the Africans singing the hook, Oh She Bad Bad.

  52. CzarM October 9, 2012

    Eve will probably flop, but I don’t care. She’s still more likable and [much] more talented than Nicki. I dare Nicki try to go head to head in a freestyle battle with her. That tiny little snippet alone kills every full length song I ever heard from Nicki. And because Eve’s more talented, I’ll always respect her more and welcome her back…and how good or bad she performs sales/chart-wise ultimately won’t matter. That’s what happens when an artist is respected. They’ll always be embraced every time they decide to return…even if they’ve commercially peaked. Artists like Eve and Missy will always be considered credible and will be embraced by their core genre, no matter if their record is #1 or #90.

    Nicki is a poseur. A fad. A gimmicky, cartoonish, all hype/no substance here-today-gone-tomorrow has been waiting to happen. All she is is a pseudo rapping version of Katy Perry and when she’s done peaking (actually she already is…her second album hasn’t even done half the business of her first…), and her silly 15 year old fans graduated high school, and realize how ridiculous they were for ever liking this cartoon in the first place, she’s finished. She’ll have about as much lasting reverence as Technotronic. When I look at pop rapper clowns like Nicki, Flo Rida and LMFAO, I’m already envisioning them being featured on a VH-1 “Where Are They Now?” countdown, circa 2015.

    No one stays on top forever, but the respected ones like Missy and Eve will always be considered credible, will keep a certain amount of name value and will always have a place at the table; while the passing fads (Nicki) will be shunned and basically erased once their moment is over.

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