Chris Brown & TV Writer Engage In Twitter Showdown

Published: Sunday 25th Nov 2012 by Sam

So talented, so talkative.

Another day, another drama-filled episode of Chris Brown On Twitter. And this time it’s digital comedienne and one-time TV exec Jenny Johnson who has annoyed the singer. But, as per the 23 year old’s latest hit, don’t be so quick to judge him…at least not yet.

Find out why after the jump {Please be aware that profanity awaits below. If easily-offended or young, please click another post}

Initiated by Johnson, the flames erupted when she took aim at Brown’s innocent Tweet about looking worse for wear in a particular pic. What ensued after must be seen to be believed:









Sigh. All on a Sunday afternoon?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Renee November 25, 2012

    That b*tch got exactly what she deserved, people are saying he should not be arguing with a female, that’s bullsh*t she started it and got shook when he responded, that b*tch is always baiting people anyway, she is trash, and I am not even a Chris Brown fan.

    • LanaGreen November 25, 2012

      I agree. It’s getting old, all these people going at him. I’m not even a fan, but I think race plays a big part in his backlash. John Lennon beat his wife and mentally abused his son so why isn’t anyone boycotting his hippie ass?

      • ENOUGH ONIKA November 25, 2012

        No it’s because Chris allows people to get to him and shows it through acts like these. People only continue to come for you when you react to everything. Chris wears his issues on his sleeves and it’s obvious. Thanks to Chris and not knowing how to handle situations like a grown adult, she probably got 200+ followers after this.

    • kingbreezy November 25, 2012

      tx for the remarke

  2. kingbreezy November 25, 2012


    • Hopsin’s Groupie November 25, 2012

      No thumbs down from me. He burned the beeatch.

  3. Regina November 25, 2012

    You guys at TGJ are so fast!

  4. Monstarebel (DIAMONDS IS NUMBER 1) November 25, 2012

    Well Chris brown is known for fighting with women
    &this h**
    so I’m not surprised

      • Monstarebel (DIAMONDS IS NUMBER 1) November 25, 2012

        YAAAAAS!!! Mrs.Drizzy Drake Carter Minaj stays keeping f*** like Bobbi Christina Brown steamed pressed she slays who mad? #YOUNGMONEY B****!!

      • MC November 25, 2012

        Who mad? All these “hos” is whose mad. Drakeisha >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Rihanna on her best day honestly. No one can be as fierce as her. She is such a diva.

  5. Rih stan November 25, 2012

    He did BEAT a girl tho watch these Heffers make excuses for him YOU SAD what if that was your mother?

    • I am BLUE THE REAL HIVE @PWetsh November 25, 2012

      The girl s stupidly back with him now STFU

    • DEATH!!! @KING BEY!! DUMBASS FLEA HIVE!!! November 25, 2012


  6. Wacky O November 25, 2012

    God he is ugly!

  7. DOSSOME November 25, 2012

    Chris slaaaaaaaaaaayed……if only this was billboard 200 album chart or RIAA,sadly it ain’t

  8. IGotASongWithSolange November 25, 2012

    Hilarious! Smh

  9. checkingbitches November 25, 2012

    For real though I wish people would back the f*** off Chris. Chris is not a perfect person, Hell none of us are…but it gets on my last nerve when b****** like this Jenny chick think they’re perfect and never f*** up in life. Rather than engage in online war of words, why can’t people be grown enough to handle it man to man? People like this Jenny b**** just want attention in all the wrong ways. Just like Rihanna.

    • speechless November 25, 2012

      If he punched your mother would you say the same thing?

      • Kim November 27, 2012

        you are asking a stupid question you know that? Just cause he bit someone now everyone must s*** on his head and he smiles and do nothing about it? you are such an ass

    • ENOUGH ONIKA November 25, 2012

      Why can’t Chris grow up and learn to ignore people when they come at him foul like most people were taught it elementary school?? Chris needs to accept that these situation will NEVER go away for him, period and being an adult about it is a better look than these erratic, 14 year old, immature tweets. No one gives a f*ck about that Jenny chick, people care about Chris’s response to her and once again he displays he’s still an irate and aggressive man who should seriously be medicated if not already or retire from the industry all together cause he clearly can’t handle it anymore.

      • Kim November 27, 2012

        why can’t you grow up and ignore chris??

  10. MC November 25, 2012

    “@JennyJohnsonHi5: I should fart while ur giving me top. “Seize the day” #CarpeDiem”

    Bottom? What kind of fetish is that?

    “@JennyJohnsonHi5 mom says hello… She told me not to shart in ur mouth, wanted me to s*** right on the retina, ….#pinkeye”


    • Monstarebel (DIAMONDS IS NUMBER 1) November 25, 2012

      looks like Christina likes to get her ass licked lol a true bottom yaaaaaaas

  11. Todd November 25, 2012

    Not cool!

  12. Beyonce’s Weave November 25, 2012

    Wow this boy is vulgar, what is he on? I know when the world is against you, you tend to put on a defensive shield blah blah blah but I think this kind of response was generally unnecessary.

    In other news, I see Samantha is back. Welcome back f** boy, how was it hiding inside your little box? Davidina was posting the most useless articles on this tin canister blog, hope you ripped your b**** a new one.

  13. Benron (Shine Bright Like Rihanna’s 100 million records sold plaque) November 25, 2012

    She posted the full police report link……. #DYING

    Chris is so… offputing sometimes.

  14. White girl mob November 25, 2012

    Chris brown would not dare pop off at kreayshawn she will end his so call career. Chris brown dont want it with Oakland we stay on are toes.. It takes one diss track from kreayshawn to end this women beater career.

    I hope Chris stay in his place

    • MC November 25, 2012

      Kampuchea? I thought she was his stylist though…….or ex or something…..idk who this person you are talking about……..

    • Hopsin’s Groupie November 25, 2012

      Correction: *called *don’t *our ‘beater’s *stays. Also you have to capitalize names and surnames.

      With that being said, we are all HAPPY that you are back. It’s nice to have a comedian entertain us. You my dear girl, are a sarcastic extraordinaire .

    • ronnoc November 25, 2012

      this made me laugh. thank you. i wish i could remember who tha f*** this kreashawn is tho..

  15. TheTruth November 25, 2012

    Chris brown go to jail please.

  16. damn November 25, 2012

    And chris brown was right. That woman response was so uncalled for . If you don’t like someone don’t follow or tweet them simple. If chris brown was white or associated with pop music (yes he makes pop music but he is an rnb singer which makes him a ‘black superstar’ he wouldn’t get this black lash at all.

    • ronnoc November 25, 2012

      he *WAS an rnb singer. until he sold himself out to stay popular.

  17. Monstarebel (DIAMONDS IS NUMBER 1) November 25, 2012

    F** P**** Brown would never talk to JAYZ like this…

    • Benron (Shine Bright Like Rihanna’s 100 million records sold plaque) November 25, 2012

      Tbh I’d appreciate it if he did. Camel doesen’t know his place.



  18. I am BLUE THE REAL HIVE @PWetsh November 25, 2012

    It happen 10 minutes ago wow u guys r sooo fast on bring up negatives new twitter page @PWetsh

  19. RITANATION November 25, 2012

    Rihanna probably somewhere laughing like the s**** HO bag she is hahaha
    Rita is coming to snatch that wig you c** dumpster!

    I can’t with this s*** ass b****

    • ENOUGH ONIKA November 25, 2012


    • DEATH!!! @KING BEY!! DUMBASS FLEA HIVE!!! November 25, 2012


  20. Monstarebel (DIAMONDS IS NUMBER 1) November 25, 2012

    I think it’s time for my girl drizzy to crack that h** in the head with a bottle again…

  21. spit November 25, 2012

    he could have just ignored it. no. he going in. and b*** ugly tweets. says alot.

  22. HOWYOULIKEIT November 25, 2012

    Wow! Sam you was right when you said “profanity awaits”

  23. AJ November 25, 2012

    Smh. This is so sad.
    I don’t see how you people are on here defending him.
    Chris is a talented young man and has made a big name for himself.
    He has no business on twitter responding random a*s people.
    When is he going to learn in life and being a public figure that he is, a lot of people are always going to have something negative to say about him. He really needs to grow up because this is beneath him….or not.
    You wouldn’t dare catch real stars like Beyonce, Mariah, Usher, etc….responding to random, negative comments on twitter from nobodies.

  24. quetta November 25, 2012

    Wow. She deserved it. Don’t start s*** you know you can’t finish. And who is she again? #Irrelevant

  25. MACHIAVEL November 25, 2012

    This Time I’M Gonna Say BRAVO Breezy This B**** Deserved More, Where Is Goat When You Need Her Cocky Dirty Mouse?!!

  26. The Stans November 25, 2012

    That woman was out of line, but Chris comeback were weak as f***…. how old is he 16? He needs to get a dictionary and learn how to slay these critic better.

    P.S: When he was with the other chick, we saw less of this aggressive/ childish Chris Brown… just saying

    • Benron (Shine Bright Like Rihanna’s 100 million records sold plaque) November 25, 2012

      He has been in like 10 Twitter fights, 1 was while he was with Rih. Ya’ll tried.

  27. honeychildplease November 25, 2012

    Well at least the only thing that got HURT was her feelings…..

  28. King Ne-Yo Stan November 25, 2012

    She (chris) is always involved in these messy twitter wars

    My fav has too much class for that kinda ghetto mess

    Big up to that irrelevant chick though. Her scalping technique was quite accurate.

  29. Umm November 25, 2012

    I just don’t get how you can hate somebody but follow them on twitter? The pic she was talking about was from earlier in the week so it’s obviously somebody twatchin hard! And it really is h** instead of ho so she looked dumb for trying to correct him.

  30. king z November 25, 2012

    further proof why chris b and rihanna are meant for each other! only a queen can read down to the ground like chris b.

    rih is soo his f** hag. when he whooped her ass, it was a girlfight. rih & cbreezy are the best of girlfriends


      I think riri is digging them fat cakes with her many d*****.. yass hun they are kiiii

  31. soulmusiclover November 25, 2012

    i’m usually against chris but this girl had no business shading him lile that!! she got what she deserved

  32. speechless November 25, 2012

    The fact that people are STILL making excuses for this dumbass is pathetic. He needs his ass whooped. He IS a worthless piece of s***.

    • CHUDDS November 25, 2012

      Get OVER it!

  33. ENOUGH ONIKA November 25, 2012

    She might have deserved a response but Chris needs a tattoo on his forehead that reminds him that he’s a public figure and will always be judged until his career fades into the abyss, which shouldn’t be too long with his ridiculous immature antics. He’s a d*mn musician with a young and impressionable fan base and displays this kinda sh*t, yet will jump on a “no bullying” or “no violence” campaign for his career and show the complete opposite in real life. Everything about Chris is just trouble and erratic. He responds and lets everyone who doesn’t accept him (as they don’t have to) get to him. I wanted to believe him when he said he moved passed the situation in 2009 and grew from it but he clearly hasn’t with actions like these. Still abusing woman. Yes she provoked it but being a passed offender and a celebrity, it’s better to just ignore the ignorant b*tch and be the bigger person.

  34. msblacq November 25, 2012

    Jenny Johnson has forever edged Chris Brown on and the fact that he just let loose in a very inappropriate way does not bother me one bit because I have watched her many tweets to him go so far as to wishing him death. Yes, he’s a public figure and so is she. Should he have addressed her, no. Because there’s so many more like her. He needs to just concentrate on his career.

  35. Nichole November 25, 2012

    These people are nothing, but a bunch of cyber bullies. Chris is forever having Twitter battles.

    Even his ex had one, and she had to call on the Navy for help. But Chris’ comeback was weak as fucc.

    And couldn’t Samantha had used a better pic? Chris lookin like he spent a month with the Abominable Snowman. #SMDH

  36. Speak Truths November 25, 2012

    Lmfaooooo lmfaoooooo I knew he was a bottom!!!

  37. the real xoxo November 25, 2012

    I dont see how anyone over the age of 15 can find his comebacks funny.
    the “changed man” act lasted about 2 minutes lol.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA November 25, 2012

      Exactly! Lol. It’s baffling that this day in age people are encouraged and congratulated for displaying such sick and disrespectful behavior! I remember growing up watching shows like Hey Arnold and listening to music like Brandy were maturity and wanting to make good decision was looked up to. Now look what kids grow up idolizing…


    Wasup with men trying to read like the KIDZ….hmmmmmmmm , Kris is riri digging you out with her many D*****……

    • DEATH!!! @KING BEY!! DUMBASS FLEA HIVE!!! November 25, 2012


      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE OBAMA AND BEY) November 25, 2012

        Yea from my Husband ……Why you mad thou?

      • DEATH!!! @KING BEY!! DUMBASS FLEA HIVE!!! November 25, 2012


  39. asiablu November 25, 2012

    I think I jus wasted my time by reading that post + leaving this comment

  40. hunni2nice November 25, 2012

    Chris brown following me on twitter! just thought id say 😀 But agree with peeps he needs to ignore the haters, even if he is defending himself the media will always spin it against him.

  41. Dane November 25, 2012

    Someone need to get this young man some counseling….smh

  42. Nicole November 25, 2012

    It’s so funny we go around talking about bullying and how bad it is, we teach our kids not to do it and we even have tried to get people locked up for it because of the consequences of bullying, yet you people come on here and think that it is ok for this grown woman to be on twitter bullying him? it was not just today, today was probably the worst of it, but she has been doing it for years behind the cover of comedy, people get tired of the craziness, and yes two wrongs don’t make a right but at some point you are going to fight back, it’s going to get all blown out of proportion now because she is a WHITE woman, they have already started saying that he attacked her, that is how the media does it, charlie sheen is ok, lets applaud him but Chris can’t move on, clearly Rihanna have the people holding the grudges need to let it go. This woman was dead wrong.

  43. DEATH!!! @KING BEY!! DUMBASS FLEA HIVE!!! November 25, 2012


  44. CHUDDS November 25, 2012

    I wish people would get the f*** over it! It will be FOUR YEARS in February! Rihanna is still f****** him, so everyone else should get over it! Yall need to be worried about yall daddy beating yall mamas ass! No life having bums!

  45. Kayla November 25, 2012

    She wrong for start’n s*** but then again she does have the right to voice her opinion…

    He wrong for them nasty ass comments

    I could really care less WTF he’s going thru…

    But then again, what pisses me off bout Chris is that every time something happens, he starts brag’n about being duh you can do s*** she can’t like travel and have concerts but spiritually, she just may be richer in her heart then Chris will EVER be and I’ll take that over money/fortune anyday..(I’m lying, no I won’t) but still…

    • MOBWIFE: RACISM IN AMERICA IS REAL November 26, 2012

      this b**** has been bullying him since july 2010 not 2011 DAILY F*** HER! THAT B**** HAS NO RIGHT TO ATTACK A PERSON SHE DOESN’T KNOW!

  46. payton November 25, 2012

    F*** that ugly dumb, old, immature b****. Don’t shake unless you want to get shook. She has no life. He deleted his twitter because he’s tired of the drama has-been b*******. Let go of the s*** that happened f****** years ago. People that love and support Chris as an artist like myself don’t care. Forgive and let the s*** go. If you don’t like Chris don’t be on his twitter, buying his music, @-ing him and s***. If you had a problem with him then you should act like he doesn’t exist in your world duhhh!.

    • MOBWIFE: RACISM IN AMERICA IS REAL November 25, 2012

      I AM SO UPSET RIGH NOW! I am ryin o calm the f*** down! hE HAS BEEN DOIN GSO WELL HAS BEEN SO HAPPY LATELY! I am just heart sick for this kid! I mean damn , these are the same pp who claim God is real in their lives. They blather on about bullying being wrong and forgiveness being divine yet this B**** IS BEING CODDLED AS A F****** VICTIM!

      if you don’t like CHRIS BROWN LEAVE HIM THE F*** ALONE!

  47. MOBWIFE: RACISM IN AMERICA IS REAL November 25, 2012



    This w**** has sent NASTY, HATEFUL, SEXIST, RACIST tweets to Chris Brown since JULY 2011! <—YES, 15 MONTHS! He simply got tired after 15 MONTHS OF BEING VERBALLY & psychologically assulted by the b****!

    If I only knew where this b**** laid her head….there would be a horse's head layin gnext to hers!

  48. MOBWIFE: RACISM IN AMERICA IS REAL November 26, 2012

    Yet these ppl don’t understand why so many groups around the world hate them so much!

  49. Tbozfan10 November 26, 2012

    How dare this woman seriously comment on someone’s photo telling them they are a worthless human being? She wasn’t even provoked she is just a hateful human being who had no other motive than to spew hatred and nothing else.

  50. LittleJohnny November 26, 2012

    I would love to see what the people who defend Chris look like. FOr the women, you must be some ugly project classless looking mfs to stand up for this “changed man”.It appears that it doesn’t take much to p*** this loser off and he just instantly loses it. The fact that he would tell someone to suck his pencil speaks volumes about what kind of person he is. Just plain nasty, dirty, lame, wack, not a star in the least bit. And don’t give me crap saying “he is human”. I’m not sure he is. He’s trash .

  51. Arie November 26, 2012

    Twitter and blogs have truely exposed white America, how is victimising someone going to teach them to become a better person? I am truely gonna enjoy watching Chris Brown rise above this and become successful right infront of their eyes. I am glad he has taken a break from twitter thou, now he can focus on what’s truely important.

    • LittleJohnny November 26, 2012

      Responsibility much? Twitter has not exposed “white America”. It has exposed the unattractive behavior of select celebrities. Ya’ll need to make Chris responsible for his words an actions since every time he does something y’all find a way to blame the other person. It’s twitter, and if he can’t “walk away”, then it’s inevitable that he’ll be in another domestic violence situation soon. WHat decent human being would utter the words “suck my d*** h**”.Exactly none, and he I’m not sure how he keeps y’all making excuses for him, but the phrase LOVE IS BLIND comes to mind.

  52. Pop Royalty November 26, 2012

    He’s a hot mess and she WON IMO , she just wanted some attention and he gave her what she asked for.

    he’s so dumb !

  53. IDK November 26, 2012

    WOW Chris SMH.

  54. DEL13 January 9, 2013

    Honestly, I think he did handle that childishly and there is a better way to go about it then talking about sharting in her eye… thats just gross… but at the same time she didn’t have to come at him like that, that was just uncalled for. Pple are still on what happened two years ago! It’s CHRIS and RIHANNA’S Business anyways and i really feel like this Jenny b**** was way outta line… who the f*** is she i’ve never even heard of her? Yea what he DID was wrong and it doesn’t make it okay in any way shape or form but pple spend too much time dwelling on the past. He’s tryna keep his life on a str8 path and there’s pple like her who just wanna keep bringing him down. I think everybody gets way too worked up over other pple business, worry about your own life and stay outta everyone else’s. Pple need to allow forgiveness in their heart, that was just a lot of energy wasted on somethin that pple been stopped talkin about. and she is suckin his d*** for goin outta her way to comment on his s*** just to call him a piece of s*** when he did nothing to her.

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