Frank Ocean Opens Up To GQ: Talks Coming Out As Bisexual & More

Published: Tuesday 20th Nov 2012 by Sam

Easily one of the biggest music news stories this year, Frank Ocean‘s “coming-out” letter both rocked and shocked an industry that -for all its diversity is still marred by narrow images of masculinity.

Since then, the 25 year old has (smartly) kept the focus on his music, releasing critically-acclaimed debut ‘Channel Orange’.

However, in opting to discuss the matter on his terms, the ‘Thinkin’ Bout You’ singer has opened up to GQ, addressing his decision to be frank about his sexuality in the magazine’s December issue.

An intriguing read awaits in the excerpts below…

Via GQ:

…on coming out as bisexual and worries about if it would hurt his career: “I had those fears. In black music, we’ve got so many leaps and bounds to make with acceptance and tolerance in regard to that issue. It reflects something just ingrained, you know. When I was growing up, there was nobody in my family—not even my mother—who I could look to and be like, ‘I know you’ve never said anything homophobic.’ So, you know, you worry about people in the business who you’ve heard talk that way.”

…on the timing of his letter on Tumblr: “Some people said, ‘He’s saying he fell in love with a guy for hype.’ As if that’s the best hype you can get in hip-hop or black music. So I knew that if I was going to say what I said, it had to be in concert with one of the most brilliant pieces of art that has come out in my generation. And that’s what I did. Why can I say that? Why I don’t have to affect all this humility and shit is because I worked my ass off. I worked my face off. And the part that you love the most is the easiest part for me. So I’ll do it again.”

…on challenging himself: “John Mayer and I were talking in rehearsal before SNL, and he was like, ‘You love to take the hardest way. You don’t always have to.’ …We all know we have a finite period of time. I just feel if I’m going to be alive, I want to be challenged—to be as immortal as possible. The path to that isn’t an easy way, but it’s a rewarding way.”

…on the personal importance of meeting Odd Future: “At 20 or 21, I had, I think, a couple hundred thousand dollars [from producing and songwriting], a nice car, a Beverly Hills apartment—and I was miserable. Because of the relationship in part and the heartbreak in part, and also just miserable because of like just carting that around. And here was this group of like-minded individuals whose irreverence made me revere. The do-it-yourself mentality of OF really rubbed off on me.”


We have immeasurable amounts of respect for Frank. For, in echoing our own commentary on the matter from this Summer, we truly believe the impact of his actions will be appreciated in the years to come. More power to him.

 Photo credit: Peggy Sirota / GQ.

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  1. Ernest November 20, 2012

    He is not bi , this n**** is gay

    • BEYHIVE November 20, 2012

      he’s bi, sit yo ass down.

      • I am Blue the REAL HIVE November 20, 2012


  2. JAKE November 20, 2012

    Why didn’t he talk about his new Supermodel Boyfriend???

    Gurrrrrrrrrrrrl, YOU know that’s what we really want to hear about!!!


    • I am Blue the REAL HIVE November 20, 2012


    • Fresh (Navy – Perry) November 20, 2012

      best belee dat!!!

      im so interested in hearin abt them!

      • whatever hater November 20, 2012

        You need to get your own life boo smh ya’ll some lames

    • Gwadalife November 20, 2012

      they both remain so silent about this !! dont know if they really dating or not !!!!! just need confirmation and that would be ok ! btw he’s really cute, s*** long ass air, he’s french like me !! haahhahhaha

  3. PLAYBOYDREAMZ November 20, 2012


  4. I am Blue the REAL HIVE November 20, 2012

    black people are forgeting their routes JESUSSSSS GOD COME BACK

    • BEYHIVE November 20, 2012

      lol yall too dam ignorant that’s why we’re forgetting our “roots” too much close minded arrogant people within the black community.

      • Talk That S***! November 20, 2012

        Roots? Ya’ll know God Approves of slavery. lmao

  5. Mitt Romney November 20, 2012

    I don’t approve.

    • lordmir November 20, 2012

      we don’t care

    • Keiron November 20, 2012


  6. LOVE YOUR SELF November 20, 2012

    iLove his individuality to live life. Life is not about pleasing others. Its about happiness and the enjoyment of every moment. Alot of you stay worring about evrybody else , and forgoet about yoursleves …well they living there life, LIVE YOURS!

    • Sterling infinity’s Child November 20, 2012

      Seems really honest and real and thats why i love him!

  7. damn November 20, 2012

    sigh….did them sales di[? (no shade)

  8. mobwife November 20, 2012

    UMMMMMM…..*side freakin eye*

    Was baised ass GQ interested in Frank Ocean prior to his “revelation”? Shouldn’t they be judging him on his clothing which is always a hot raggedy mess? Anywho, here we go again!

    OMG, is he BLAMING THS BLACK COMMUNITY for not accepting a man sexing both MEN & WOMEN? So the BLACK COMMUNITY is wrong for believeing you should not be running around “FOOLIN’ WOMEN” *Khia voice* ….hell or men for that matter? Man have several seats. Here you go Frank, take mine –> __/

  9. Music November 20, 2012

    I think all gay guys go through that stage where when they 1st come out the closet they consider themselves “Bi”, knowing good and well they’re all the way gay. *cough cough* Frank!

    • chile November 20, 2012

      no all gay guys dosen’t cause i’m bi and i love me nice looking girl with perky breast 😉

    • Who Is Sterling Infinity? November 20, 2012

      Not true1 @music try speaking for yourself…

  10. mobwife November 20, 2012

    Wait a minute Frank! Nobody said you “fell in love with a guy for hype” .They said, and rightfully so, you ELECTED TO REVEAL YOUR SEXUAL TRYST WITH A MAN just in time to PROMOTE YOUR NEW CD. That’s what ppl actually said Frank!

    Dear Frank, it’s all good just stop milking it and pretending that your not! …..that’s all. 🙂

  11. TNUC November 20, 2012

    I wonder how Frank’s lips would feel on mine *sigh*

  12. KayeV November 20, 2012

    oh my gaaad ! are we gonna keep hearing about this sexuality thing ; like yes we accept you homie its all good . lets move on . them clothes are horrid

  13. Sterling infinity’s Child November 20, 2012

    i wonder if he’s going to open up about who he’s dating. Really hope to see more from him and his life!

  14. OK November 20, 2012

    I still say he “came out” as a publicity stunt and will milk it for all its worth. If his “art” was really all that great, he wouldn’t need to conveniently come out a week before his album dropped. The music would’ve just spoke for itself. Why didn’t he come out back when he was Lonny Breaux or whoever? I’d be less cynical in that case.

  15. honeychildplease November 20, 2012

    HE’s a gay man…no such thing as bi it’s just a cover up

  16. BEYONCE’S WEAVE November 20, 2012

    Francine Ocean is pretty hot though

  17. rhcpthomas November 21, 2012

    I really respect him for coming out in this business

  18. me. November 21, 2012

    gotta love his music

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