Watch: Nicki Minaj Gets Grilled On ‘The Breakfast Club’

Published: Wednesday 21st Nov 2012 by David

 Stop whatever you’re doing and get into this.

Earlier today, Rap megastar Nicki Minaj made her way to ‘Power 105.1’s ‘The Breakfast Club’ to promote her new project, ‘The Re-Up‘.

However, though she succeeded in endorsing the release, she did not succeed in avoiding a number of ‘sensitive’ topics aimed at her by the show’s hosts.

Hilarity below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. boopboop November 21, 2012

    is nicki payin you for all these posts sam? i know you a closet rihanna stan and that’s why you always post on her.

    • Trev November 21, 2012

      Sam def is a Rihanna hater/stan…however Nicki is just active…she doesn’t have to pay for post because she’s always doing something…whether its music, videos, interviews, etc…nicki will dominate blogs for a long time….it’s not just TGJ

      • Lewis November 21, 2012

        True, makes me laugh when people say she isn’t relevant, she’s f****** everywhere and making a lot of money very quickly, you trying to tell me you wouldn’t do the same if you had the chance?

      • truth( im known to DRAAAAAAGGG a b**** chile) November 21, 2012

        @Lewis…h** sit!!!

  2. RIHANNA DOESN’T WRITE November 21, 2012

    sell out . com

    • damn November 21, 2012

      im not even a fan but i have realized ‘selling out’is great. If selling out means selling out your cd in shops’ selling out concerts ‘selling out brands i.e perfurm clothing etc etc then call me a sell out asap. I hate thatt word now. Keep is real is pointless if it doesn’t pay

      • Monstarebel (DIAMONDS IS NUMBER 1) November 21, 2012


      • truth( im known to DRAAAAAAGGG a b**** chile) November 21, 2012

        Suck a frogs d*** b****

    • AmbeRussell November 25, 2012

      whoa wait, she said mariah did not hear her say she will shoot her but mariah said 1 of the people on her team did. BUT didnt nicki diss and attack da brat because her twitter followers claimed da brat said stuff about nicki defending Mariah when that was untrue… hypocritical much.
      AmbeRussell on youtube

  3. Team Azealia #kuntbrigade November 21, 2012

    Azealia’s album comes mid 2013!!!!!

    • BOB November 21, 2012

      real talent

    • ImJustMe November 22, 2012

      Nobody Care

  4. John November 21, 2012

    Mariah Carey networth: 500 Million (and not pressed)

    Nicki Flopaj Networth: 14 million (Flop)

    • Trev November 21, 2012

      how can her networth be 14 million…when she made 15.5 million this year…that number is like from 2010 or 2011….it’s almost 2013…i mean she’s making 12 million from idol alone now

      • John November 21, 2012

        Well she need to get her money up

      • Trev November 21, 2012

        umm clearly she’s doing that…Mariah has been in the game for like 20 years…Nicki has been mainstream for 2 years…idk what her current networth is yet but i know damn well it’s WELL over 14million now

      • hahaha November 21, 2012

        she’s only getting 8 million from idol. maybe you should do your research

      • truth( im known to DRAAAAAAGGG a b**** chile) November 21, 2012

        B**** shut it! Icki worth 5million crabs

    • John November 21, 2012

      Has she even won a grammy yet?

      • hahaha November 21, 2012

        Mariah has 5 Grammys, 34 nominations. Nicki has 0 Grammys nominated for 4 in the 2 years she has been out. Mariah had 7 Grammy nominations in her first two years and 2 wins.

        Dont f*** with the Queen. Nicki aint s***

      • John November 21, 2012

        Nicki Minaj wish she could compete with Mariah F****** Carey

    • michella c** November 21, 2012


      • Honey Booboo November 21, 2012

        Mariah is a legend. A legend that clearly cant sell or pick a single nowadays……Nicki is more relevant which is why they asked her to be on the show…Nobody is taking Mariah’s past accomplishments from her but those damn singles she tried to push were crap and her name alone wasnt able to carry them

      • ikeepit100 November 25, 2012

        so was MC HAMMER a legend look at him now!!! its just a tittle! btw mariah need that 18 milli she making cuz thats the only money she as coming in….her music not selling so hell she had to make some money from some where…yeah nicki may only be getting 8 milli but shes getting 700 thousand or more per show….not to mention that paper shes getting from her e! special, album sales, and among other things that shes got going on!

  5. TheCreat1veOne November 21, 2012

    This is definitely one great Nicki interview to watch! I do love how The Breakfast Club did not hold back and kiss Nicki’s ass as I thought they would. The questions they asked were on point when it came to the controversial stuff. Then seeing Nicki get mad at Angela and Envy for not doing their research…. you all have got to watch it from beginning to end!

    • truth( im known to DRAAAAAAGGG a b**** chile) November 21, 2012

      She tryna copy kim…AGAIN!

      • 90sISH November 21, 2012


  6. hood_star_06 November 21, 2012

    love her or hate her, she does make valid points – the US be slacking esp the breakfast club and its about time someone spoke on it

    • truth( im known to DRAAAAAAGGG a b**** chile) November 21, 2012

      ummm…someone did already…Kim, u h**

  7. Hu November 21, 2012

    Bush doesn’t care about black people!

  8. TripleThreat November 21, 2012

    What’s with the attitude?

    “B**** you better Humble Yourself!” -Dionne Warwick. Got2bReal

    • John November 21, 2012

      I get the feeling she’s more intimidated by people more successful thn her

    • shawn242 November 21, 2012

      you took the f****** quote i was going to say lol. i love dionne!!!

    • Mark November 21, 2012

      “There’s two things that I don’t go without, my cigarettes and my right to carrie, cause I would’ve shot her in her damn chest”

      • truth( im known to DRAAAAAAGGG a b**** chile) November 21, 2012


  9. hahaha November 21, 2012

    B****!!! I would have slapped that b**** with that bacon if she did that.

    • BOB November 21, 2012

      me to the disrespectful contradicting creature
      cant stand her shes a fraud

    • ,. November 21, 2012

      HAHAHA and get a bullet,you people talk all tuff on blogs i see,well on the blogs everyone is a tuff goy i guess.

  10. Monstarebel (DIAMONDS IS NUMBER 1) November 21, 2012

    Nicki is such a drama queen n I love it Lmao

    • John November 21, 2012

      That s*** aint cute

    • truth( im known to DRAAAAAAGGG a b**** chile) November 21, 2012

      H**. Nicki a flop

  11. hahaha November 21, 2012

    What they should have said at the end is they didnt look at her s*** because they arent interested. don’t front

  12. MISS TINA November 21, 2012


  13. lola November 21, 2012

    WTF is with her stank ass, b**** ATTITUDE?!!? Nicki your dumbass needs to be humble. I don’t f*** with this ghetto ass, clown looking b**** anymore! Really? Really, though Nicki? I am starting to think that she was the WRONG ONE ON AMERICAN IDOL! I no longer blame Mariah Carey. And why the hell is she dissing Mariah like she’s somebody big???? She is one lucky ass b****! It wasn’t fate that got her where she is, it was pure f****** luck and now I am also starting to believe that she f***** Wayne to get a record deal. That attitude was so uncalled for and I hated how diva and bold she was. Angela did stand up for herself professionally, but she did kiss her ass just so she would shut up. The same with DJ Envy. I don’t think Envy likes her because he’s usually not this opinionated with a guest. It’s always Charlemagne that acts up. And I also don’t like how she tries to act all HOOD AND TOUGH AROUND BLACKS AND URBAN RADIO, BUT WANTS TO ACT ALL NICE, SHY, AND “WHITE” ON MAINSTREAM RADIO STATIONS AND WITH OTHER RACES.

    • honeychildplease November 21, 2012

      Yes i 100% agree!!! read this b****!!1

      • HOTSTUFF November 22, 2012

        @ honeychildplease

        did u get your copy of unapologetic ???

        sit xoxox

    • BOB November 21, 2012

      soooo agreee

  14. Boss November 21, 2012

    Nicki b feelin her self a lil to much.

  15. Jeff November 21, 2012

    She looks horrible! She wasn’t meant to be light skinned

    • HeHaHeHa November 21, 2012

      Same with lil Kim, but that is her idol! She’s emulating everything Kim has done

  16. Jeff November 21, 2012

    They were tame! Angela is kissing her ass practically. This is one on the worse interviews they have done, they didn’t address anything

  17. the real xoxo November 21, 2012

    Charlamagn is such a rim-licker.
    This b**** is a CLOWN, how dare she go at the f****** radio hosts.

  18. MUSICHEAD November 21, 2012

    Love her or hate her, you have to admit that Nicki made some valid points. Why would the radio station not play her music if she’s there promoting her album? Most artists don’t push for this when they should. Its a great opportunity for casual listeners to hear a sample of the album.

    I’m also annoyed by the so called journalists and bloggers who do very little research before they interview artists and end up asking the same questions over and over.

    I am not a big NM fan but she is a very smart business woman similar to Beyonce. I just wish Brandy was this business savvy. Her career would still be where it was 10 yrs ago.

    • truth( im known to DRAAAAAAGGG a b**** chile) November 21, 2012

      bithc stfu icki has no muthat fuckn points u punk!!!

      • MUSICHEAD November 21, 2012

        Awww…u mad? That’s too bad cuz I don’t give a fu*k

      • truth( im known to DRAAAAAAGGG a b**** chile) November 21, 2012

        suck yo daddy’s d*** b****

  19. honeychildplease November 21, 2012

    THese people are CORNY AND PHONEY!!!! they let her ride with everything, and are afraid to grill her but when someone else comes there they are all over them…Smh

    • John November 21, 2012

      They like to everybody Flops

    • John November 21, 2012


  20. kweli69j November 21, 2012

    Nicki needs to get a grip…

    • truth( im known to DRAAAAAAGGG a b**** chile) November 21, 2012

      ACTUALLY she just needs to goto hell

  21. HeHaHeHa November 21, 2012

    This interview was hilarious.

    She does have a point, I mean if I was a co-host I def would do my research but then again she needs to fall the f*** back too.

    They are busy too. They cannont listen to every damn artists entire album, watch ALL of their videos, read all interviews, etc. that visist their show. And if the music video JUST came out damn, hold up a bit. It would have been different if the video was out for a month or two!

    So they both have points, ad no way in hell should Angela Yee be expected to buy every damn artists perfume that comes on the show, fall back. Least she liked it/knew how it smelled!

    • truth( im known to DRAAAAAAGGG a b**** chile) November 21, 2012

      she tryna copy Kim by say they need to do their research…smdh chile

      • Yolanda November 21, 2012

        Yep. She’s copying when Kim told The Breakfast Club that she was gonna take away their hip hop card if they didn’t do their research. That’s a Lil Kim quote and Nicki is copying her again. I’m convinced that her daddy lighting her mother’s house on fire caused a screw loose.

  22. Beyond Jinxed November 21, 2012

    Nicki Minaj was pretty much correct with all of her statements. This was a radio interview, and the interviewer should have done their research prior to her coming to the show. Her demeanor comes off as aggressive to people, but she was just defending her argument.

    I’m sure she realizes that obviously there was a reason why they did not watch her video. It’s most likely because she releases too many mediocre videos/singles in a short period so they all blend together.

    Hopefully she will change her marketing strategy next year. She should be more selective when she chooses a single from a record and actually promote one song or a duo-single at a time.

    • truth( im known to DRAAAAAAGGG a b**** chile) November 21, 2012

      B**** FOH WITH THAT S*** H**!!! THE B**** A FLOP!!!

  23. honeychildplease November 21, 2012

    Oh yeah this b**** has some horse teeth..

  24. OhPlease November 21, 2012

    I remember a couple of years ago, she was all fun and bubbly. Now she’s just.. ugh.

  25. jason November 21, 2012

    I think Nicki has fallen into the media trap about Mariah Carey. I highly doubt Mariah ever said she wanted to be the only female on theo show. Just days before the incident happened Mariah posted the video with them on the title “Girl Power”!

    I think fame has clearly gotten to Nicky Minaj. I mean it just seems like all her songs shes referring to all women as b****** and witches and shes at war with everyone one. I do believe Mariah spoke down to her a little on set but in a way that I guess came across as I’m the top b**** here so please respect me. And I agree with Mariah.

    Don’t bring me to judge a show based on my credibility as an artist and then bring some 2 minute b**** whos hot on the charts just to get ratings and then kinda give her the same rank as me. Yeah you’re paying me more but thats disrespectful.

    I can almost guarantee Mariah won’t return for another season.

    • John November 21, 2012

      You damn right she wont return! The producers knew exactly what they were doing

  26. MC November 21, 2012

    Death at this b**** talking about Mariah at least 4 times this week (twice today) and Mariah remains unbothered and perched while this clown talks about her 24/7. They rode her d*** harder than Kanye west sucks Jay-z’s d*** and Rita Ora kisses Beyonce’s ass.

  27. MISHKA November 21, 2012

    After 5 minutes, I had to cut it. Nicki, you were all kinds of obnoxious in this interview. Angela doesn’t have to buy your perfume, like, who do you think you are? Gurl, goodbye!

    • BOB November 21, 2012

      exactly where are her babrbz now?? trying to defend her ha ha cos they know shes a contradicting creature like kim said

  28. Mark November 21, 2012

    I not the one that trow this word around loosely, but FLOP!!!!!!! How you gonna release a re-release of an re-release and think that it was gonna sell? lol. Target and Wal Mart was like “Umm, we SELL items here, that’s how we run” and she still doesn’t get it. And her dumb fans thought that she was gonna out sell Rih? Ha! Here’s some advice, drop the Pink Friday s***, it’s no Cater.

  29. cocobutta November 21, 2012

    So 1st Kim goes on Breakfast Club, telling them about do research and then now all of a sudden Nicki finds a way to do that also. Lmao !

    Clone successful clown.

  30. CiMinaj November 21, 2012

    azealea’s album comes out mid 2013 isn’t that like the 3rd push back? Ummm, where are her singles on billboard? I cant see one… nope nope all i see is Va Va Voom rising up the charts… *shrugs* oh well.


      Azealea will not push units. She will just use music as a vehicle to get endorsement deals until the fashion industry and manufacturers no longer are able to sell stuff using her image.

  31. November 21, 2012

    i luv how nicki is takin subliminal shots at hot 97. She is going HAM on how they ask all these questions but haven’t really supported her

  32. Yolanda November 21, 2012

    There is NO EXCUSE for Nicki, who is in the prime of her career, to have low album sales, regardless of a re-release. Nicki gave her fans 7 new songs PLUS a DVD! Most artists only include 3 songs on a Greatest Hits release or re-release and Nicki gave her fans 7 new songs and they still didn’t support her.

    I bet if Kanye and Jay-Z re-released Watch The Throne, it would sell very well. Nicki is always pointing the finger away from herself.

    • jason November 21, 2012

      Yea its like her release is some kinda special one! She ain’t fooling no one!


      • Yolanda November 21, 2012

        Nicki sure is doing MAJOR PROMO for a such a little bitty re-release. YMCMB didn’t stack the stores because they still have 300K of PFRR to get rid of. I know her fans are little kiddies who don’t have credit cards but is she telling us that she can’t succeed on Itunes and Amazon? Then, whey is VaVaVoom doing well on Itunes.

        So what excuse does she have about her reality show flopping?


    Nick is VERY articulate and always makes for a good interview. I love how much s*** she gave the Douchefest Club for being the 100% retarded f**** that they are. Angela is such a bitter b**** and is seething with jealously whenever Nicki is mentioned. Loves it!

  34. Lonnie November 21, 2012

    i dont know anything about this chick but she is quite a feisty little character isnt she lol i noticed she never looks the men in the eyes when she talks, only the other lady..weird

  35. Destiny November 21, 2012

    This interview waas hilarious. u gotta watch the whole thing tho. Nicki was doing good in the middle until they said they didn’t watch the video all bold. I mean the least you could do was lie or something or why even bring it up. She was right. these djs don’t do homework. They don’t introduce new artist music to program directors. Its so many artist suceeding without radio support. Look at Frank ocean.

  36. Honey Booboo November 21, 2012

    Haters gon hate……she gettin coins!!!!!! What female rapper has had a perfume? Been on a mainstream show like idol???? When Rih is rude ppl love it…I just dont get it.!!!! Ppl should find something to do and stop worrying bout those who are clearly doing better than them

  37. Gigi November 21, 2012

    WHY oh why does this tacky ho KEEP ON talking about Mariah ??!!! Mariah addressed the issue ONCE with Barbara Walters and then went silent about it all. STOP talking about MC, you look stupid, immature and desperate to sell albums.

    “And no one here even mentions your name It must be the weed, it must be the E ‘Cause you be poppin’ hood, you get it poppin’
    Why you so obsessed with me?”

  38. JOSE November 21, 2012

    She’s so unpleasant, she wont last long what a b**** hope her album sells 500 copies first week

  39. aryo November 22, 2012

    f*** yall mariah stans, im legit shits on mariah’s discography

    • Gigi November 22, 2012

      Was that English?

  40. Sankofa November 22, 2012

    Nicki needs to ride out on the d*** she rode in on

  41. Ronald November 23, 2012

    Hilarious. Angela seemed to be the only one who stood up to her a little.

  42. Steph November 23, 2012

    She is so full of herself…I am not impressed!

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