Cover Star: Kenny Wesley Rocks Michael Jackson’s ‘Rock With You’ (Must See)

Published: Saturday 22nd Dec 2012 by Rashad

This week’s That Grape Juice ‘Cover Star‘ comes from up-and-coming crooner Kenny Wesley. Watch as the US native performs an eye-popping cover of King of Pop Michael Jackson‘s fan favorite ‘Rock With You’:

Yes yes and yes again! If you ever wanted to hear what Stevie Wonder would sound like tackling a Michael tune, then Wesley may have just given you a hint.  Of course, there is an unmistakable innocence and character in MJ’s vocal performance of the song that makes it completely his, but Wesley certainly brought his own spin to it and we ain’t mad at him for it.

The power, added harmonies, and tastefully done melisma mix for the perfect recipe to a perfect redo.

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  1. Matthew Charlery-Smith December 22, 2012

    Yep, this was good! His voice is powerful and clear. You’re right though, there was an innocence in MJ’s performance that made it his own and I believe this is the difference:

    MJ blended his voice with the mood of the music perfectly and only rose in intensity as the music reached a climax. This guy on the other hand didn’t do that so well. Like MJ he should have made the first verse’s vocals more breathy, that is more intimate, innocent and s*** for this kind of song. He spoke-sung it which is ok but not warm to the ears. Secondly, if he was going to raise his voice so powerfully he needed other instruments to compliment his voice like a stronger snare drum and a horn section. You have to be careful about putting Whitney-Brian McKnight-type vocals (especially too much) on a Jazz-Lounge piece as it changes the atmosphere/mood of the song and people get shocked out of their relaxed/chilled state.

    It was still very good though. Well done, K. Wes

  2. Casual December 22, 2012

    This got off to a rocky start, but he really began to shine in the second verse. Good job!

  3. KING Z December 22, 2012

    OMG this was frickin amazing! i wasn’t prepared for all that. the commenter above me was right in that it started off kinda shaky…but from 1:20 on, he absolutely NAILED IT.

    he kinda sounds like a mix between raphael saadiq and stevie wonder

  4. aBitchlikeme December 22, 2012

    yeah this was great! go mr. wesley!!

  5. Download Beats December 22, 2012

    Second verse had wow-factory, from 1:20 on out it was greatness, the beginning didn’t “grab me” like I expected it too though.

  6. nickalus Randle December 22, 2012

    WOW WOW WOW , see this is the kind of talent that needs to b on the voice, idol & all those wack singing shows that cater to cute lil kids….REAL SANGING RITE HURR!!!

  7. MR BLACK MAN December 22, 2012


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