New Song: The Saturdays – ‘What About Us (ft. Sean Paul)’ (US Debut)

Published: Thursday 13th Dec 2012 by Sam

Brit-Pop belle’s The Saturdays are making a beeline for the US charts with their Stateside debut ‘What About Us’.

Set for release in January, the track (and their American campaign moreover) is being propped up by a fly-on-the-wall reality show ‘Chasing The Saturdays’ – which begins airing on E! (America) on January 20th.

For those not (yet) in the know, the group are one of the UK’s most successful female collectives in recent years. And while this is more “by default” (as there simply aren’t m/any active girl groups on the scene), it’s a fact nonetheless. Indeed, since strutting into the Pop arena in 2008, The Saturdays have racked up an impressive eleven top 10 singles on the Official UK Singles Chart.

Do Vanessa, Una, Rochelle, and co have what it takes to replicate such success in the US? The first semblance of an answer awaits below…

Hook-heavy and radio friendly, the track boasts an international appeal that could see it perform well in the US and beyond. By no means groundbreaking, the track fares favourably with us as dishes up the right dose of Dance and Pop, with Urban sprinklings (see: Sean Paul feature and the ladies annunciation).

With a potential hit under the belts, the ladies are now tasked with delivering world-class performances that say “we’re not here to play”, because “playing” on stage is exactly what they’ve been getting away with on home-soil for the longest. As such, gone need to be the cheesy routines, absent members (like, really), and other silliness that made initial news of their Stateside invasion somewhat comical.

They’ve delivered a great track, now it’s time to back it with a bang of a campaign.

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  1. JJFan1814 December 13, 2012

    Generic pop track. I don’t see this doing well in the U.S., hell, I even enjoyed Rita Whora’s How We Do more than this and we all know how that suffered.

    Oh well. They’re trying.

  2. OMG (Celine Dion) December 13, 2012

    I actually enjoyed this song….it doesn’t sound confusing like they’re other songs. It might do well in the US…..maybe idk.

  3. Kii-p December 13, 2012

    i dont see the song doing well in the us tbh…
    and sean paul won’t be able to push this either….i mean he flopped hard in the us with Tomahawk Technique

  4. Mrs Robyn Brown (Beyonce’s Weave) December 13, 2012

    I liked the song but they cheapened it by featuring Flop Paul. Flop Paul hasn’t had a hit since something like 2005 when Dancehall was popular (for a little while). Get rid of Flop Paul and you have a hit on your hands.

  5. Dunk December 13, 2012

    Very impressed.. great track, i think this is gonna do well and i have to disagree with the by default comment, im not a fan of them i think there cool but the fact that they have managed to even be a new girl group, where other new female uk acts have failed to even enter the chart until recently speaks volumes, they’ve had some cool tracks and ALL of them can sing, there a good pop group

  6. the real xoxo December 13, 2012

    what about you?
    4 years deep and not a #1 single in the UK :(.
    Spice Girls had 9 #1 singles and a #1 in america when they were 4 years deep.
    I dont see these girls cracking the US. They havent even cracked the UK yet.

  7. skintightjeans December 13, 2012

    I don’t see it happening. I don’t see them doing well here.

  8. jay December 13, 2012


  9. YEAKELLY December 13, 2012

    If people havent noticed, theres a formula that makes a boy band and girl band work here in the US. Usually in Boy Bands everyone sings, and u have two really good singers that are at the forefront. The songs are written as if there is only one person singing it.

    For girl groups, its imperative to have everyone to show their different personalities, not only stylistically but vocally. they all should sound distinct! a la Spice Girls!

    with this group here, i could only hear two distinct voices, and the music is cookie cutter. to survive in america they need to come out of the gate with either a very in your face, fast paced record. or a legitimate club banger…not the pitbull kind. judging from their look, theyre market is younger kids, so they need to go with the prior and put some diversity into their wardrobe.

    and thats all she wrote

    • dstrock December 13, 2012

      The Pussycat Dolls only had Nicole (and a little Melody) and they are still one of, if not THE, only successful girl groups since 2000. I agree that there’s nothing distinct about them though, and they definitely don’t benefit from that.

      • kmoore December 15, 2012

        i cant think of one girl since 2000 that had all girls sound different, destiny child had beyonce, and then later kelly sang a little. pussycat dolls only had nicole, danity kane had 2 people sing, hmmmm dont think many girl groups have made it since that. when you see the saturdays, they have the aura that is deffinate, and they have some big people behind them in the USA

  10. PEACE OF WEAVE December 13, 2012


  11. Christina Aguilera December 13, 2012

    Who are these b******?

  12. Nay nay December 13, 2012


  13. dstrock December 13, 2012

    I actually really like it. It might garner them some attention here, but it’s not so groundbreaking of a debut single that it will smash the charts or anything. For the most part whether or not they “break through” is largely dependent on their follow-up singles.

  14. Cheers December 13, 2012

    Little Mix & Stooshe >>>>>>> *many more, more than signs* >>>>>>> The Saturdays ….

    How did The Saturdays get signed in the USA but the two best girlgroups to come out of the UK in years haven’t yet?

  15. Hilly December 13, 2012

    Another generic pop track, with useless auto tune, they have good voices, they don’t need that. It’s catchy but I would have enjoyed the track if it wasn’t an electro pop tune.

  16. mobwife: brass knuckles, bullets & bats December 13, 2012

    YAWN …..athough I like Sean Paul!

  17. Peter G December 13, 2012

    I can’t believe the hate these girls are getting, at least they can sing and they’re all fhot. The song needs to reduce the auto tune, Sean Paul’s random adlibs and maybe make a slightly less dancey version. I usually like Sean Paul but his verse just killed it in a bad way. Hope out works out for them, the song can work. Na na na na na! UK carry on taking ova!

  18. LaLaLoo December 13, 2012

    I love the sats, but I enjoyed the remixes of this track more then this version… and they need to lose sean paul on the track.

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