Watch: Usher Performs ‘Numb’ On Ellen

Published: Thursday 13th Dec 2012 by Sam

Usually when an album under-performs, the project is quickly sucked into a black hole never to be seen or spoken of again. In Usher‘s case, his latest LP ‘Looking 4 Myself’ may not have set the charts ablaze, yet the LP’s so-so sales haven’t deterred his hustle.

Like many a megastar, selling or not selling, Mr Raymond is clearly welcome on any and every stage. Case, point his performances at most of this year’s major award shows, as well as this afternoon’s showcase on ‘Ellen’.

Watch below as the 34 year old performs the project’s latest offering ‘Numb’ on the daytime show…

Goof stuff. Putting aside our complete state of confusion regarding the overlooking of ‘Euphoria’ as a single, it’s great to see Usher keep pushing.

Of course, not every artist has the luxury of booking shows when their albums aren’t “booking” the charts; but when you do, it’s oh so important to seize the opportunity. A fact we’re sure his business managers are all too aware of. For, as the saying goes, perception is everything these days. As such, for those not following his every Billboard move, the very fact he’s out and about etches his contemporary relevancy into their minds.

“Contemporary relevancy” being something the producers of The Voice likely had in mind when they signed him up as a coach for the show’s upcoming Spring season. Speaking of The Voice, all of the above are points a certain coach presently serving on the show could well do with taking heed to. That, though, is an entirely different story.

Anyway, enough of the babbling, what do you think of the performance?

Your thoughts?

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  1. mobwife: brass knuckles, bullets & bats December 13, 2012


  2. Yelling December 13, 2012

    Usher has went so left, I feel that he has abandon his core fan base, so extreme, I don’t think he can it back. It’s sad to see his downfall, I was so rooting for him. But he completely did it to himself .

    • AmbeRussell December 13, 2012

      but did u listen to the album or just making judgement based off the singles?

    • AmbeRussell December 13, 2012

      and if that is the case, what happen with “here i stand”? a total contemporary rnb with ballads, and very personal for him and look at where that got him. he got a #1 single and album, but he also suffered with the low charting of other singles, concerts having to be reduce to smaller venues and less shows than previous, and then his next album 1st singles being out performed by omg, and the other songs, dj got us fallen in love, and more out performing his rnb/urban singles as well as his feat. on without you too, what would u expect him to do? he was going with the changing times bc his music, though good, was not being looked at and he saw the dance was catching on more… it listened.
      AmbeRussell on Youtube

      • Uhoh12 December 13, 2012

        Here I Stan sold better than Looking 4 Myself.

        Usher sold out his core fan base to chase after the dance/pop crowd, and what did it get him? This is the worst performing album of his career, after his debut…and this album has only slightly outsold it.

        Usher’s long time fans have rejected L4M and those pop fans he tried to win over aren’t buying it either. So in the end, this whole album seems like a colossal waste of time. If he were smart, he’d drop all this dance/pop crap after this and go back to what his real fans want…because it ain’t “Scream” and “Numb.”

      • Uhoh12 December 13, 2012

        * Here I Stand

  3. nick December 13, 2012

    this album was fantastic, i still bump it

  4. AmbeRussell December 13, 2012

    im glad he decided to continue to push this album bc there are a toon of great songs that could help push this album i stilll say “twisted” , “Euphoria”, a video for “lessons for the lovers”, and a video for “show me”. but space them out far enough. have Euphria be a big summer smash, ala omg but more summer time than spring. as for this performance, it was good. he did well, he seemed bored. i hope he does more r&b pop dance vs urban electro pop like numb for his next album. the choreo looks soo generic or corny and cheesy. he can do more, but the music isnt ther for he to do more
    AmbeRussell on youtube

    • yelling December 13, 2012

      Maybe if him and his Ex wife didn’t go around attacking his fans, HIS wouldn’t have suffered like it did. It was to much focus on his marriage, I blame Usher for that. I don’t see how doing all these pop singles garanteed sold out concerts? If he think he’s smarter than the people on the outside looking in, please. If he’s trying to get a bigger international audience that’s not working either. Confessions was as big international as it was in the states, because the music was good. Trying to carter to a certain groups fells everytime.

  5. Clarence December 13, 2012

    Love Usher’s voice always, I agree he has change up his song selection and I’m not impressed with all the techno pop in todays music but I have to give him props because he was dancing and singing LIVE!!!!.period, the end!

  6. TheTruth December 13, 2012

    I think the song is better than a lot of other dance tracks out there, but i still don’t think ushers reaching the bar when it comes to performing anymore :/

  7. Mrs Robyn Brown (Beyonce’s Weave) December 13, 2012

    I never thought I would see Usher struggle like this. Usher has never had an album that has failed to scratch platinum until now. In fact Usher has a Diamond certified album, why is he struggling like this? He’s not even close to selling Gold.

    How the mighty have fallen, Usher is now officially a has-been who’s only stop left is judging other wannabe singers on some karaoke talent show. This is so sad.

  8. manu December 14, 2012

    …”‘Looking 4 Myself’ may not have set the charts ablaze, yet the LP’s so-so sales haven’t deterred his hustle”…

    “Looking 4 Myself” album has sold more than “Channel Orange”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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