En Vogue’s Dawn To Launch New Girl Group / Joins R&B Divas LA

Published: Tuesday 12th Feb 2013 by David

En Vogue. Lucy Pearl.

For the talented Dawn Robinson, the above two entities stood as her well deserved claim to fame for years- with the former responsible for one Triple Platinum album, and a place as one of Pop’s most celebrated vocalists.

However, as to reintroduce herself to a generation that may be unaware of her past successes, the beauty has signed on to star in R&B Divas spin off, R&B Divas LA alongside Kelly Price and Lil Mo.

…and that isn’t all. According to the show’s official release, she’s also readying the birth of a new girl group, ‘GLAMM‘.

On Dawn, R&B Divas: LA reveals:

“Dawn Robinson made a name for herself in the music industry as the youngest member of female R&B vocal group En Vogue. Known for their hits “Free Your Mind,” “My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It)” and “Hold On,” En Vogue won seven MTV Video Music Awards – more than any other female group in MTV history –along with four Soul Train Awards and six American Music Awards. They also garnered seven Grammy nominations.

According to Billboard Magazine, En Vogue was the 18th most successful act of the 1990s and one of the most popular and successful female groups of all time, with more than 2,800 accumulated weeks on various Billboard charts. 

After En Vogue disbanded, Robinson flipped the script and joined Raphael Saadiq (Toni, Tony Tone!) and Ali Shaheed Muhammed to release a one-off album under the group name Lucy Pearl. 

Their critically acclaimed, self-titled debut went Gold and yielded hit singles “Dance Tonight” and “Don’t Mess With My Man.”

In 2002, Robinson married singer/songwriter Dre Allen and released her first solo effort, entitled Dawn. Robinson and Allen divorced in 2007.

Now single, with a divorce and several hit records behind her, Robinson is focused on releasing a book, forming another girl group, “GLAMM,” and taking her artistry to the next level.”

Full story here!

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  1. Paul February 12, 2013

    They started Beyonce’s Girls Time. 🙂

  2. The Truth February 12, 2013

    Dawn should just be a solo artist. She appears to not do well with groups. She formed a group with Maxine from En Vogue which ended before it even started. Looking forward to seeing her on R&B Divas LA though. She’ll be interesting.

  3. Nay nay February 12, 2013


  4. FentySoSnatched February 12, 2013

    This is the first victim of Beyarmstrong’s copycatting.

  5. N.T.S February 12, 2013

    If she can’t do it on her own then perhaps quitting altogether won’t be such a bad idea….

  6. Mark111 February 12, 2013

    After 20 years you’ll think that some would give it up. Funny, if she would had popped off right, she would’ve been what Beyonce is now and if Beyonce hadn’t poped off right, she would;ve been looking like Dawn… and Nicole WhateverTheFuckHerNameIsSpelled, Ain’tNobodyGotTimeForDat-er

  7. eric February 12, 2013

    Not interested. Talk to me when you and the other ladies of En Vogue manage to suck up the pride and start showing respect for each other. En Vogue is a gift, not a formula that you can split up and think it’s gonna work wherever and however you choose. I don’t care about a “GLAMM” imitation of what En Vogue can still achieve.

  8. Chris February 12, 2013

    Dawn is her own worst enemy. Her first and since only solo album she claims was poorly promoted-she actually asked fans NOT to buy it. When Maxine Jones quit En Vogue they formed “Heirs to the throne,” which the duo performed 4 shows and then called it quits. She’s been talking of releasing a solo album for several years and nothing materializes. She is a nut bag.

  9. mob February 12, 2013


    No Dawn don’t start anothe group GO BACK TO EN VOGUE the group that mothered these h***…….all of them

  10. MISHKA February 12, 2013

    Dawn stays the messy one SMH….Mama, don’t you see you’re ruining it for everyone ???

  11. Pon_de February 12, 2013

    Wouldn’t it just be easier to talk it out with the girls over a cup of Folgers than to pursue these flop-on-arrival projects??? Get your LIFE Ms. Dawn because you won’t be getting checks, that’s for sure.

  12. tre February 12, 2013

    dont fool yourself dawn, if you aint with en vogue u will never make it, you cant think bcos u were a “it girl” back in the 90s that u can just do what you want and be successful cos it dont work like that, point is if you cant do the EV thing then u best to hang up your mic bcos i love me some so robinson but i will never support an outside (ev) project

  13. Fan of Dawn February 12, 2013

    Yessss Dawn finally gets to be on a show. That EV show & Dawn and Dre never happened. I can’t wait to see her! LA has a better cast to me. But I loved KeKe Wyatt’s crazy ass on R&B Divas.

  14. Drew February 12, 2013

    What happened to Heirs? The new group that Dawn Robinson & Maxine Jones started after leaving En Vogue? Sounds like Dawn just left Maxine hanging to do her solo thing again, or should i say with Lil Mo & Kelly Price. Maxine should just return back to En Vogue with Cindy Herron & Terry Ellis because they are still tour with Rhona Bennett & making money…Hopefully we get a new album in the future.

  15. Geezy February 12, 2013

    Good luck Dawn I hope all goes well with all your new projects.

  16. B Lamont February 12, 2013

    Its funny how lookin from the outside in, all these ppl have these assessments of what they think Dawn is like and place no blame on the other ladies. For Max to have left the group after being part of it so long, it kinda shows that Dawn isn’t just a nut bag. That Sylvia Rhone really did a mess of a job with this group and that whole Terry getting a solo deal thing and it really F’d up the group dynamic. And I think creatively, Dawn wants some things the other ladies don’t. And creative differences and egos are always the breakdown of groups. Not saying it’s Dawn’s fault for wanting something different, but if the other ladies never want to accommodate her, why should she stay either. Granted I want all ORIGINAL En Vogue members, otherwise I’m not interested, but just don’t place all blame on Dawn.

  17. Keke February 13, 2013

    Clearly, her track record speaks for the skeletons in her closet.

    How many more fantasy endeavors will she pursue before she acknowledges her failures as a business woman?!

  18. BMORE February 13, 2013


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