Hot Shot: Destiny’s Child Pose It Up With Tina Beyince + More Backstage Super Bowl Pics

Published: Wednesday 6th Feb 2013 by David

‘Cos my mama taught me better than that!’.

Peep this hilarious snap of Destiny’s Child serving all flavors of faux thuggery with their mentor, mother and friend, Tina Beyince.

Reportedly taken right after Beyonce‘s ‘Super Bowl Half Time Show’ outing, the cute pic also features Beyonce‘s cousin Angie, who joined the girls as they celebrated the explosive show.

Sans ‘Cosmic Journey’ sister Solange, the photograph marks the first time DC have been snapped alongside Tina in some time, and comes nights before B is set to arrive at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards in fresh support of her new single and its supporting album.

Peep more backstage pics, as well as some of our favourite solo moments from the ladies below…

Beyonce’s Creative Director Frank Gatson Jr and dancers.


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  1. Monstarebel February 6, 2013

    Beyonce & Kelly are so cute they’re truly sisters xoxo they should collab on a song together just them two no Michelle….

    • Eye Candy February 6, 2013

      Beyonce can’t be associated with a woman that can’t sell.

    • Music Soul Harmony February 6, 2013

      You finally say something right! Beyonce would help kelly sell! But then it might sound like Destiny’s child again!

  2. HOTSTUFF February 6, 2013


    • : : . W A T E R S P O R T S February 6, 2013

      if beyonce is a flop . . . then what the f*** is rihanna?


    • Music Soul Harmony February 6, 2013

      A flop that generated 95-100 million views at the SuperBowl. And the media loves tasting her c*** the way they be rumoring about her every damn time!

  3. S****** Blonde February 6, 2013

    Beyonce looks like Ciara in the pic and i didn’t know that Tina is the new member of Destiny’s W****.

    • peace February 6, 2013

      You never known any of these women to be whores! Why even type something so foul. People can’t help being negative. You read these blogs in aw of just how evil hearted people are. It’s disgusting that the minds of people are quick to spread evil rather than good.

      • S****** Blonde February 6, 2013

        Every woman has been a w**** in the industry, well no the likes of Celine, Whitney and Adele>>>>>>>the rest.

      • Kyle February 6, 2013

        How do you really know that for a FACT. U in the bedroom?

      • S****** Blonde February 6, 2013

        Oh please!

    • SlayDeleAdkins February 6, 2013

      Gurl, Please have a seat!! Yeh!! Sit all the way down!! And dont get back up!!!

    • Music Soul Harmony February 6, 2013

      A Madonna stan calling ppl whores……oh.

      • Music Soul Harmony February 6, 2013

        All Madonna was good for was p***. Not like she could ever really SING.

      • S****** Blonde February 6, 2013

        Well, i say, these women are classy.

        Celine, Whitney and Adele>>>>>>>the rest.

        where did you see Madonna?, btw i’m not a stan, i’m a fan.

      • Beyonce Husband February 6, 2013

        B**** sit yo ass down. Didn’t somebody break p** heart???????? And How you know About Celine Dion????????? And Whitney dated Ray J and he go with everybody

      • Music Soul Harmony February 6, 2013

        Just because they like to dress s*** doesn’t make them whores. Madonna did some very whorish stuff back in the day tho!

  4. Monstarebel February 6, 2013

    Tina looks like a t***** tho lol

  5. VANNY February 6, 2013

    Miss Tina looking down at michelle like “this basic b**** smh..* lmfao!! …. just kidding love me some michelle.

  6. JUELZ February 6, 2013

    KELLY looks cute.

    As for Beyonce’, is she okay? Why does she continuously insist on pulling these unattractive facial expressions? They’re not appealing in the slightest!!!

    And Michelle……. LMFAO. I shall hinder myself from throwing “Keyshia Cole” shade. 🙂

    • LAX February 6, 2013


    • KYLE February 6, 2013

      DEEEEEEEATH @ keyshia cole shade,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      YAS CHIL… looooooooooool

    • Music Soul Harmony February 6, 2013

      She just having fun. Damn. Calm down.

  7. VANNY February 6, 2013

    i really thought that was bobbi kristina on the far left..

    • oh baby (b****** will Deal with slayonces slayage) February 6, 2013

      Lol. When you say it..yeah I had to scroll back up and angie does kinda look like bobbi chris.hihi

    • Music Soul Harmony February 6, 2013

      Me too.

  8. Monstarebel February 6, 2013

    Wheres blu ivy??? Rita still baby sitting?

  9. Kyle February 6, 2013

    Damn Bey don’t look a day older than the writings on the wall era in this picture. Hair and everything. Cute pic.

  10. True Tea February 6, 2013


  11. a February 6, 2013

    pretty sure her name is still tina *knowles.. unless yall took her and mathew to court, signed them divorce papers and then changed her government name back to beyince…. but im sleep tho

  12. truciebedford February 6, 2013

    Ha! This is cute.

  13. lexi February 6, 2013

    i wonder if kelly is going to open for beyonce on tour since she got a new album coming out.

  14. MrTooIncredible February 6, 2013

    Bunch of OLD LADIES … where’s RIHANNA ?

    • Eye Candy February 6, 2013

      Sucking Fistopher’s worm d***.

    • Music Soul Harmony February 6, 2013

      If it would have been Katy, Nicki, and Rihanna it would have been three strippers in a pic.

  15. mc the place to be! February 6, 2013

    Michelle outfit is her comeback for keyshia Coles remark slayed!

  16. I.D. February 6, 2013

    For once, I love Michelle the most. Her pose is serving some 90s hip-hop soul realness!

    Don’t touch the bodyguard standing in the centre though; she ain’t playin’.

  17. Eye Candy February 6, 2013

    Tina looks like a boss.

  18. Beyonce is the baddest &amp February 6, 2013

    Omg slay

  19. CICI SLAAAAAYS February 6, 2013


    • Music Soul Harmony February 6, 2013

      And FLOPARA needs to try harder!!!

  20. oh baby (b****** will deal) February 6, 2013

    Aww sooo cute, is thickyonce making her comeback? I’d certainly say so by the way she’s filling out them tights! Bey and her #clique 😀

    • Music Soul Harmony February 6, 2013

      I thought you liked Beyonce?

      • oh baby (b****** will Deal with slayonces slayage) February 6, 2013

        Ofcourse I do? What did I write that makes you think I don’t?

    • Music Soul Harmony February 6, 2013

      Oh nvm. You’re good. The haters been making it seem like she’s obese lately when she’s not even close.

  21. Beyonce is the baddest &amp February 6, 2013

    Damn Bey is that chick. Even these hating low life pathetic savages can’t wait to comment. S*** is funny.

    • King B>Rihanna February 6, 2013

      stop leaking information, remember what happened with 4.

    • Pop Royalty February 6, 2013

      IT IS BEAUTIFUL , has a kind of hypnotizing Chinese/asian feel to it , say whatever about the h** , but she’s evolving as a vocalist.

      • Pop Royalty February 6, 2013

        but it sounds like you are playing ‘tekken’ towards the end tho

      • : : . W A T E R S P O R T S February 7, 2013

        Yes, not sure about the DUBSTEP though..

        But I wish she does sample the dubstep part.

    • Music Soul Harmony February 6, 2013

      Wtf. Why does it sound like video game background music?? Needs more bass.

    • oh baby (b****** will Deal with slayonces slayage) February 6, 2013

      Is it true? Yup the Chinese part sounds like the song playing in the background of the Mrs Carter show world tour promo video for the 02 arena. I love it and the little of her vocals we got to hear…slayed. However first single? Idk yet.

    • RICHANDBLACK11 February 6, 2013

      I like the Chinese part , that video game sound has to go.

    • NΛVI February 6, 2013

      snooze fest

  22. My Forehead Tho February 6, 2013

    Damn, lovin Bey’s camel toe though….

    • RICHANDBLACK11 February 6, 2013

      Big fat pussie with an icy watch….I am your leader lol

  23. Pop Royalty February 6, 2013

    michellle , girl …………………. god bless your heart.

    kelly , since that night , you da boss.

    beyonce , girl , i like you but NO to those facial expressions.

    TINA : you look like a botox’d death in that pic, you need some d*** in your life , MOTHA !

    angie : good for you that you lost some weight , you were pregnant the same time as bey ?

    and solange is not in here as usual …….

  24. King B>Rihanna February 6, 2013

    Ok so if Beyonce shits TGJ are you going to talk about that too.I love Beyonce but she has not even release the first single and everyone is too hype.LET THE MUSIC SPEAK FOR ITSELF.Oh and TGJ there is such a thing as OVER-EXPOSURE and you are not helping the situation.

  25. CICI SLAAAAAYS February 6, 2013


  26. Pop Royalty February 6, 2013

    i see them boys , girls and peasants are trying their best to shade …………….. good 😀 , this post will get messy no matter what!

    Tina looks like she’s saying in her head : I f*****’ birthed these b****** , Now what ?

  27. Drew February 6, 2013

    Michelle is best looking one in DC, especially when they performed on Super Bowl.

  28. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. February 6, 2013

    “‘Cos my mama taught me better than that!”

    Did she also teach you to steal and take credit for songs that you didnt write??


    Mama Tina looks like it hurts to move her face

    Why is she and BLEACHonce so fascinated with trying to look WHITE?? 😕

  29. Circus Clowns February 6, 2013

    They all look stupid

  30. RICHANDBLACK11 February 6, 2013



  31. Shady McQueen February 6, 2013


    • RICHANDBLACK11 February 6, 2013

      it’s fat too chile….

  32. ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ February 6, 2013

    They all look beautiful and happy. Beyonce looks the most beautiful when she’s chilling and not composed like usual. She should let herself breathe once in a while.

    But Miss Tina serving them all.

  33. RICHANDBLACK11 February 6, 2013

    February 04, 2013 — 10:57 am PST
    FYI …

    Beyoncé Most Talked About Artist On Twitter
    Beyoncé set the Super Bowl stage and Twitter on fire during her halftime performance on Feb. 3. The current 55th GRAMMY nominee generated 275,633 tweets on Super Bowl Sunday, according to Billboard and’s Brand Bowl. Alicia Keys’ performance of the national anthem generated 30,395 tweets, followed by Fun. (23,774 tweets), thanks to a Taco Bell commercial that featured a Spanish version of the band’s 55th GRAMMY Record and Song Of The Year nominated song, “We Are Young.” Other tweeted about artists during the game included Quiet Riot, Calvin Harris and Stevie Nicks.


  34. HOWYOULIKEIT February 6, 2013

    Which new single?

  35. Fatu sankoh February 6, 2013

    You go bey miss Tina Kelly and mc you all look so beautiful I love you all

  36. HoneychildPlease February 6, 2013

    At first when i clicked on this article my thoughts were as fellows: Why is ciara in this pic, and damn beyonce really looks old in those red shades. Than i thought wow beyonce is really close to her back up dancers, and why is their a fat cow on the far left???

  37. tera February 6, 2013


  38. thando February 7, 2013

    f*** me, people are sooo mean, disrespectful, hurtful and irrisposible on these internet blog sites its just overwhelming my goodness. this is good-old fashioned cowerdice given by the power of anonymity.

  39. MISHKA February 7, 2013

    Superbowl wass definitely the highlight for Bey and DC.

    Celebrate, sisters, cele-f*cking-brate !!!

  40. Mary February 7, 2013


  41. Mary February 7, 2013

    It is amazing how Frank Gatson works with Jaquel Knight and Chris Grant…. They are a magical team of choreographers… Amazing…

    Congrats Frank. Jaquel and Chirs on a great show..

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