Rihanna Fans Respond To ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Drama

Published: Thursday 28th Feb 2013 by David

As far as she’s concerned, the violent past she shared with Grammy winning singer Chris Brown is just that…a thing of the past.

Unfortunately for Rihanna, last night saw her past unearthed in an episode of ‘Law & Order: SVU‘ which dealt with a A-list couple battling domestic abuse, pulling from her story by way of its theme and choice of actors.

Now, after it aired on NBC last night, fans of the MAC girl took to the social networking Twitter to air out their feelings towards the show’s execution of carefully crafted story.

Their thoughts below…


Did you watch the episode? …and if so, what did you make of it?

Let us know!

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  1. Rita is queen February 28, 2013

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    • Lana Del Slay February 28, 2013

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    • FentySoSnatched February 28, 2013

      What was the comment?

    • OVOForever February 28, 2013

      What did you say in the comment?

    • MarinaWantsTheD February 28, 2013

      I saw your comment you dirty b****. You said you hope Rihanna died. I’m glad they deleted your comment and I hope you get banned.

      • Yamannn March 1, 2013

        Some folks just don’t have any home training!!!! Tiss Tiss

    • FentySoSnatched February 28, 2013

      F*** you w****! You say you want the Queen dead and think you can get away with it?

  2. pop Royalty (Rude Boy) February 28, 2013

    nobody got time for that ➡

    • Slaylor Swift February 28, 2013

      i love u

      • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) February 28, 2013

        THANK YOU 😀 .

    • DF H**? February 28, 2013

      nobody got time but yet yo dumb h***** in the mouth ass still click the link rite? and u took time to comment huh? aww does it hurt cause yo fav is desperate for sales and attentiond dating a man who smacked that h** and kicked her face in =-( lmfao desperate non singing ass #PATHETIC

      • Meh March 1, 2013

        someone’s upset lol

  3. Sissy Houston February 28, 2013

    Who Cares tho seriously making a post of a bunch of random nobodies talking bout a tv show like this site is so lame yall make a post about any n everything

    • ABitchLikeBey February 28, 2013

      But you played right into their hands the second you pressed publish. Good job smarty pants(!)

    • QueenCeline February 28, 2013

      Kiiii. You hate them so much you logged on their site, chose a thread, scrolled down and commented on it?

    • JanetXone February 28, 2013

      Then why are you here?

    • Music Soul Harmony February 28, 2013


  4. Sissy Houston February 28, 2013

    This site is trash

    • TaylorWins February 28, 2013

      You commented though. Commenting makes them money so all you’ve done is given them MORE money to help them be MORE trash. You’re better off not commenting at all.

  5. mildred February 28, 2013

    Am a big fan of beyonce and I hate r****.but this is a above the line let’s be truthful,it was dreadftful buy still funny.and it is going to boost r**** album sales this weeku can quote in on this

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (0 GRAMMY NOMS…) February 28, 2013

      How was it above the line? Rihanna post drugs, whoring and profanity all over the internet and glamorizes an abuse relationship as a beast turning into prince charming. The episode was fine. We have to deal with hearing about these two fools on every news cast every week, why not make a mockery out of it for the people smart enough to know how dumb they are…

      • ZANIA February 28, 2013

        The episode was awlful. The way they portrayed Cb, was so wrong. I am a huge CB fan, and yes I can admit that he is spoil and goofy at sometimes, and doesn’t know how to deal with all the hate, ( twitter rants) but for this show to portray him as this gang bang unsincere person, was so wrong on all levels. Yes what he did with Rihanna was bad, but I honestly believe that was an isolated incident. The show basically said that CB will Kill Rihanna after 4 years. What gets me is why is everyone such a DV advocate when it comes to CB and Rih, but does nothing for women who is out there really suffering DV on a daily and have no money or family to get out of the situation. Why the media wasn’t afraid of CB killing Karrueche, Draya who has more mouth than Rihanna. I really think this is a race thing and because Rihanna appeals to the other race, because say if this was Ciara that CB beat up, trust me when I say, it would not be talked about for 4 years, not even months. Ciara fan base is urban. Rihanna fan base are mainstream, so you see the difference.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (0 GRAMMY NOMS…) February 28, 2013

        I hear what you’re saying, I really do but I must respond to some of the points you were trying to make.

        First, yes the episode was a bit dramatic but that was the whole point for SVU. They wanted to show people and even Rihanna, that she can make it seem like it’s not that big of a deal or it’s just a thing of the past but IT IS that dramatic and WAS that bad when it happened. She may have gotten over it but like the episode said, regardless if “you want” to be a role model, that’s just a natural piece in any occupation dealing with being in the public eye. Celebrity’s use that “I don’t want to be a role model” sh*t too much but forget just like they looked up to Mariah, Whitney etc and followed in their footsteps including personal decision, they have fans or aspiring artists who do the same with them as well. That’s a weak, immature and irresponsible excuse to me. More than “children” look at them as role models. Look at half the navy 18+ supporting her decisions and you know d*mn well if it was their little sister, mother or best friend making the same decisions Rihanna does, it’d be a different story.

        Second, the show portrayed Chris how the public perceived him right after the incident. He was quite cocky back in the day and he wasn’t showing much remorse in the public, not saying he didn’t behind close doors. But he continued to party, tour etc. like it was just another bad day.

        Third, the reason people are speaking about DV now is because it’s now an issue between people who have a MASSIVE following and their actions have the potential to shape the view of their consumers on DV (and yes it does, look at the navy’s stance after Rihanna forgave him but before it was F*CK chris). They have more power aka “responsibility” most selfish artists aren’t willing to accept. Since Rihanna’s playing it off as a thing of the past or a mistake, so does her consumers. So now when they get into a relationship that turns abusive, “they’ll say well Rihanna forgave her man and he’s now “a great guy now” so my partner will change too!” Race? yes and no. I think the media does try to make Chris more of a monster than necessary at times (even though his actions don’t help), Charlie Sheen does NOT have the influential power Rihanna and Chris have, especially with the young and impressionable…

        Having solely an urban fan base yeah you’re right, it wouldn’t be as big because that’s a niche and not necessary mainstream pop culture. But again, because Rihanna IS, she has more power aka “responsibility” rather she want’s to accept it or not and will be judge differently because of it.

  6. Lovebird (Beyonce’s Weave) February 28, 2013

    Yes and we all know it was probably the highest in ratings they got. Nothing new really, using Rihanna’s name to get ratings, Fat ass Oprah did it too.

    “There’s so much power in my name” – Rihanna

    • Rach February 28, 2013

      Yeah ratings when it comes to the Chris Brown beating her saga, people would watch if it happened to any popstar, not just cos its Rihanna. Shame it cant just be about her talent and work ethic that draws people in.

    • baher February 28, 2013

      b**** who do u stan for?? dis s*** got me confused thou! 1 minute u like riri the next u bash her ?? or am i confused with the crazy names on this site?

    • zania February 28, 2013

      Actually it looks like their ratings went down from last week. Most peole I knew didn’t want to support that show and decided not to watch it. People are tired of this Chris and Rihanna as the poster of DV when their are so many people in Hollywood getting arrested over the past year and not talked about.

      • FAF February 28, 2013

        Who cares? Ratings went down bc ppl were pressed their fave life was gonna be outed on TV yet again!! What’s new ? LOOOOOOL

    • Common Sense February 28, 2013

      You’re going to OD on them delusions girl…

  7. F..UCKIN RIGHT February 28, 2013


  8. QueenOfTheNavi February 28, 2013

    Real talk. I’m struggling to see what tgj did wrong here. SVU is the one who f***** up.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (0 GRAMMY NOMS…) February 28, 2013

      Who’d they f*** up? Ratings say it was a win….

  9. Monsta☈ebel February 28, 2013

    That s*** was to over dramatic for me…. But they made a good point… but i dont agree if a man hits you once they’ll do it again that’s b******* i think chris knows he made a mistake & won’t lay a hand on any woman again

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (0 GRAMMY NOMS…) February 28, 2013

      You think that 09 situation was his FIRST time laying hands on her?? LOL, that was his first time GETTING CAUGHT about it, but trust and believe Chris was laying hands on that girl (and vise versa) prior to that massive a*s whooping in that car. He already proved statistics right so your point is invalid with “not hitting again is bullish*t.”

      • FAF February 28, 2013

        She said on Oprah he shoved her forcefully before.. Oprah said “You know thats abuse, too, RIGHT?” And she looked stupid –

  10. CBE Forever February 28, 2013

    not bothered by things like this anymore,how many times have people use the Chris-Rihanna incident to generate publicity…I only saw the trailer and didnt bother watching it, I dont think any fan of these two artists would watch that s*** for the simple fact it brings back negative memories…for those stupid ones who call themselves fans what did you gain from watching?
    I dont shy away about not liking Rihanna’s slick ass, she is another one who uses CB situation to generate attention…if they are happy thats ok but I still support CB thats the way it is.

  11. mildred February 28, 2013

    Rihanna has no power,at least not enough to prevent brown beating in 09.people only use her[law and other and oprah]cus they pity het.real artiste are selling ticket[beyonce] cus of thir ability to prperform not because they uploas naked pica every chance they get or because their boyfreind gave them the beating of their life

  12. BeyWhoUWanna February 28, 2013

    Poor Riwhore. LIBAD has the world back in love with the Queen and this b**** is getting mocked on prime time television. Back to Fistopher’s arms you go sister girl.

  13. Vee February 28, 2013

    The first person is stupid, like they were with Chris and Ri 24/7 to know it only happened once.

  14. Vee February 28, 2013

    And Rihannas lips look gross in that picture ew.

  15. JJFan1814 February 28, 2013

    Rihanna still has more money!!! This shows the relevancy of her pop star status!!!!!!! Yasssss Rih!

  16. Rach February 28, 2013


  17. Tia February 28, 2013

    Bad acting over the top script. They made domestic violence seem silly and trivial and it much more complicated …They tried but failed

  18. MCThePlaceToBe February 28, 2013

    The only time Jay beats B is when they in the bedroom and she’s screaming out his name. The same can’t be said for Riprostitutiona and FortuneFlopped Brown.

    • Ssshh February 28, 2013

      Oh f****** hell now I’ve got a vision of Jay and Bey f****** in my mind! Thanks a lot!

  19. Yeah I said it February 28, 2013

    Well Chris and Rihanna use their relationship enough for publicity, why shouldn’t the TV shows, at least its raising awareness not just exploiting like they do!

  20. Ugh February 28, 2013

    They do this all the time though. Riri and Chris aren’t the first.

    • James227 February 28, 2013

      Rih & Chris aren’t the first but Law In Order f***** up the script. They made DV glamorous, stupid & silly. I often sit and wonder why is it that Chris Brown & Rihanna such a threat to the media & haters. Did you notice how SVU even used their names in the show like that’s was supposed to be funny. Now Chad bust his wife lip and was arrested why didn’t they do a show on the foodball player who lost his career do to DV. Also did you notice they call “Rihanna” a brand. Sorry guys not matter how you look at it, it was done in very poor taste. Did anyone see the reviews yet?

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (0 GRAMMY NOMS…) February 28, 2013

        So Rihanna doesn’t do that every day on instagram and twitter? I couldn’t read past your first sentence with such stupidity….

  21. Kreayshawn February 28, 2013

    TGJ can ya post on me I made some mixes on sound cloud called “baby cakes” & “i love my fans” just stop posting on Rihanna she just want ATTENION!

  22. Jamil February 28, 2013

    SUV is a great show it brings attention to a lot of important issues and they pull stuff from the media all the time they even did one about micheal Jackson so this is nothing new.

  23. Tisha February 28, 2013

    Rihanna knows exactly where her ‘power’ lies, that’s why she SVU punked her. If she knew mentioning Chris and what happened didn’t get her attention and make her money she’d have shut up about it long ago. Fact is she knows when she gets a request for a magazine interview there’ll be 20 questions about Chris and 3 pretending to care about her music.

    She’s drama personified and that’s all.

    • Common Sense February 28, 2013

      Nothing but truth in this post.

  24. Ssshh February 28, 2013

    I bet Rihannas loving all this, attention w****.

  25. Kreayshawn February 28, 2013

    Rihanna needs to find another hobby cause all she good for is taking Instagram photos of herself doing coke. She is not a role model for young nappy headed girls.. Rihanna gotta learn to just chill relax enjoy her 15min while she can. People will grow sick of her ATTENION seeking. She gonna have to straight up her act cause white people like me is looking at her like a chicken eating big lip fool with a stunk p****. I’m just saying tho

  26. Kreayshawn February 28, 2013

    You can’t be letting a chicken eating n***** beat you’re ass.. Then a couple months later you get back with him. That’s a bad role model for them girls who look up to you:( Rihanna I have no respect for a chick who lets a n**** beat the s*** out of you. Then you back to sleeping with him (smh) black women are stupid to me they always eating chicken, acting hood, eating watermelon, always loud in movies, it’s just out of control.

    I would never let a man beat on me like Rihanna did.

  27. NYC February 28, 2013

    If Law & Order really wanted to bring awareness to the issues surrounding DV and wanted to use the cb & rihanna incident as an example, they are about 4 years too late. The reality is, DV did not begin with cb and rihanna. It has been around for decades. They are choosing to exploit and make a mockery of the incident because of Rihanna and cb’s recent reconciliation as some sort of warning to rihanna. Listen up people…IT IS NOT YOUR JOB OR DUTY TO TRY AND SAVE RIHANNA. Robyn, is obviously going to do what she wants with her life. All of these folks personalizing this situation need to go get therapy because it is apparent they have some unresloved issues with dv. But you need to leave rihanna and cb OUT OF YOUR ISSUES.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (0 GRAMMY NOMS…) February 28, 2013

      Um, have you watched SUV before? Obviously not because they have hundreds of episodes about domestic violence and have done numerous PSA’s about it as well. Just because this is your first time paying attention to the message in the episodes, does’t mean it hasn’t been done. _/

      • NYC February 28, 2013

        so the show was just for ratings and to make a mockery of the cb and rihanna situation. CORNY.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (0 GRAMMY NOMS…) February 28, 2013

        Just like Rihanna and Chris throw their relationship at the media for attention. That’s CORNY. Law & Order are just making bank off of it since they want so much attention…

      • NYC February 28, 2013

        “throw their relationship at the media for attention.”

        NO. the paps and press FOLLOW them around for a story. Know the difference.

      • FAF February 28, 2013

        The paps follow them on instagram? In tweets ?

      • James227 February 28, 2013

        Listen I watch SVU all the time even the reruns. I have never seen a storyline put together like this one. Yes I’ve seen the DV eposides and they were not put together like this s***. Go on Damand fine a Law & Order DV show.. It very real like not making it a pretty picture. Now this one with Rih & CB was awful. All I got out of it was how to lie for your man even tho he killed someone.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (0 GRAMMY NOMS…) February 28, 2013

        @JAMES227 Comprehension is clearly an issue for you boo and I can’t help you with that. The episode again shows you how foolish it is to get back with your abuser, how mind control in relationship is real and how SERIOUS DV is, regardless if the abused person (Rihanna) forgives him. It affects more than just her, but people in her life were affected as well and I’m sure they’re not jumping for joy at her foolish, immature antics. On top of all that, she has millions of impressionable people (18 years and up, not just children) who’ll view this issue the same as their favorite pop star aka the navy. I’ve already addressed why this episode is “so different” from other DV episodes, and it should be obvious but again I know you struggle with comprehension so it probably flew over your head….

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (0 GRAMMY NOMS…) February 28, 2013

        @NYC I didn’t know the media controlled her twitter and instagram? Do they take those pics of her smoking weed in her hotel room? Or that one she was pretending to give head to chris on her knees?? Hhmm, thats strange…I could’ve sworn she took those herself…..

  28. Momma Skorpion (As Seen On’ YouTube) February 28, 2013


  29. Ke$has Crazy Kid February 28, 2013


    • Common Sense February 28, 2013

      He ganged up on a scrawny gay guy last month. How exactly is he a “changed man” lol?

  30. ENOUGH ONIKA (0 GRAMMY NOMS…) February 28, 2013

    People saying how stupid this post is or how much they hate TGJ, get the f*ck outta here then! It’s a f*ckin media blog site and last nights SVU episode pertained to a real media story aka Rihanna and Chris. Bunch of pressed b*tches, let that sh*t been about Beyonce and y’all wouldn’t be complaining but laughing. The “navy” are idiots and just embarrassed at how foolish Rihanna looked, not only in the episode but in real life and Law & Order clocked her tea. The episode was hilarious, to see someone so dumb and blind stand by someone who almost killed her (and ended up doing so as well) was too much lol. Anyway, if Rihanna and Chris got a problem with hollywood calling they asses out, they should stop throwing that ridiculous relationship in the media every two seconds for attention. But since we all know they’re attention whores who lives for drama, I say let hollywood continue to make bank off of their dumb story. Hell, make it a movie and fill them pockets!

    • Yolo February 28, 2013


    • Slaylor Swift February 28, 2013

      You b**** moan n complain to much for me stfu sometimes

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (0 GRAMMY NOMS…) February 28, 2013

        Am I suppose to care though??

    • QueenBarb February 28, 2013


      • ENOUGH ONIKA (0 GRAMMY NOMS…) February 28, 2013

        Then get off my post…that simple..

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (0 GRAMMY NOMS…) February 28, 2013

      For the pressed h*** who haven’t learned one of the most basic lessons in life, let me help you get over your struggle. If you don’t like someones comments (as I hate most of the navy’s as well) SKIP OVER THEM! It’s not hard! Don’t read it and move on! Like I give a f*ck what you wrist twirling queens think. Hold hands and jump h***.

    • RICHANDBLACK11 February 28, 2013

      YASSS HUNTY , read them crack babies , I see no lies at all boo#checkmate

      I knew you was my long lost daughter.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (0 GRAMMY NOMS…) February 28, 2013

        Hey hun! LOL! Absolutely! Much love boo.

    • James227 February 28, 2013

      Just what did you get out the DV storyline? Nothing. The only thing I got out the whole entire show was how to lie for the one you love even after he kills someone.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (0 GRAMMY NOMS…) February 28, 2013

        That was the point Einstein, it was to teach you what NOT to do and how foolish it is to get back together with someone who beat you half to death. Also LISTEN to those who really love and care for you instead of your “stans” who’ll just agree with your every move. Tell the truth instead of making excuses for the person who almost killed you. Need more??

  31. Kreayshawn February 28, 2013

    If Rihanna wanna live the life of a n**** then let her.. If she wanna do crack cocaine with Chris brown let her, if she wanna rob local drug stores let her, if she wanna eat KFC every damn day let her, if she wanna show up late for work let her, if she wanna make kool-aid all day let her, she wants to live the n**** life with no f**** giving. I perfer to stay white so I can make it In this world without the cops running after me cause I rob the KFC for a damn chicken leg with a biscuit (smh) I’m gonna stay true to me f*** that KFC s***

    Go cop my debut album “somethin bout kreay” at you’re local hot topic

  32. navy+hive=delusional February 28, 2013

    Lol if you look @ it…when it comes to this topic, rihanna is mostly likely to gain!!…call me next week when her albums sales spark and stay goes to no1…or 2 @least n chris unfortunate disappear
    to the background!!

    • James227 February 28, 2013

      Really don’t think so. Rihanna’s CD has dropped alot when she got back with Chris.

  33. Kreayshawn February 28, 2013

    F*** that n***** life!!! I can’t f*** with that!!! I can’t be eating KFC everyday of the damn year! I drink soda I don’t want kool-aid all the damn time! !! But that’s the life Rihanna live she like this n***** life

  34. jake February 28, 2013

    didn’t watch. never did svu. 😛 so… what?!

    are the ratings in yet? did it work? i absultely know about that. the rest is judge per hearsay…

    and people mention there where alot of dv episodes. what’s the point making it about these popstars? to fuel an opinion about them? to know they’re regular people with the same problems? publicity and ratings for the show? maybe keeping the topic hot for everybody who needs that stories to have something to talk. including rihanna and chris. 😉

    end of comment.

  35. Kim Kardashian Stan February 28, 2013

    Shes a legend in the making TBH im proud and support Rihanna

    • Slaylor Swift February 28, 2013

      Didn’t know kim k had stans omg well i guess since she’s dating a musician its only right she has stans now

    • Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez February 28, 2013

      Law and Order is actually one of the biggest prime time shows on television now. The fan base is solid but it is evident that they used this episode as a way to get stellar ratings.

      • James227 February 28, 2013

        The regular Law & Order was taken off because of low rating. Now SVU is in the time slot with American Idol. They had to do something to get rating. Did it work? Who knows but if it did what will they use next week. After this show people are already saying they would never watch SVU again and these are older non fans. How I know they are older? Well because they talk about their children on twitter.

  36. Kim Kardashian Stan February 28, 2013

    Using Rihannas situation to get good ratings & save your flop show smh i guess

    • Britney Stan February 28, 2013

      lol EXACTLY

    • Truth February 28, 2013

      LOL@”flop show.” L&O:SVU is one of the biggest shows on TV and has way more fans than Rihanna.

    • RICHANDBLACK11 February 28, 2013

      Chile boo Law and order has been on for 14 season


      GOOD JOB LAW AND ORDER. yass got that ass right together.

  37. Slaylor Swift February 28, 2013

    Whats an SVU?? Never heard of this show well using this issue will give the show some relevance so good for them

    • Tisha February 28, 2013

      You’ve never heard of Law & Order?

      Do you own a television?

  38. JOSE February 28, 2013

    All you do is stalk Rihannas twitter all day get some help

  39. QueenBarb February 28, 2013

    Get off Rihannas nut sack daaaaamn!

  40. Britney Stan February 28, 2013

    SVU is a flop…………… who cares

  41. evil blogger February 28, 2013

    smh svu is a flop yet its in its what 14th season sweetheart
    the episiode itsnt entirely based on there relationship it
    was inspired. there not gonna say chris browns gnna kill
    rihanna just a svu episiode someone has to to die or be hurt till the point they cant talk everybody reading way tooo much into it

    • James227 February 28, 2013

      Yes it may be in it’s 14th season but how is the show doing now? Why after 4 years they decided to use Chris & Rihanna incident? Why? SVU could careless about DV or they would be doing a real DV story on Madonna & Sean Penn how he beat her then beat her with a bat that she was hospitalized tied her up for 9 hours now that’s a story of DV. This may be old but this is as real as it gets. Sean Penn continures to get awards

  42. HOTSTUFF February 28, 2013

    i don’t think hes gonna hit her again…..but who knows :/ ….

    • sashay February 28, 2013

      If he hits her again we will never know..she would be to ashame to let that information be known.unless of course the dumbass does it again in public

  43. Sleazy February 28, 2013

    I don’t care for rihanna or chris brown BUT don’t be acting like him hitting her was fine that is just messed up and if you find with it then you need help! People acting like him hitting her ONCE is okay! If this was our best friend we would be like that b**** crazy she needs help

  44. Nikko February 28, 2013

    I watched it from a blog because I do not get American channels and
    yes it sucked terrible acting so bad that I could not even finish watching.

    Ice-T must needed to take the shade off of him and Coco so he talked
    the producers into going with that wack ass storyline.

  45. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez February 28, 2013

    Nobody’s business means that whatever issues or quarrels you have is only between you and your partner. Taking pictures and doing things together with your man or woman is a normal couple activity. They are not rubbing anything in anyone’s faces, the media is. Rihanna and Chris are just making memories together and getting along very nicely, if Rihanna suspected Chris in being a repeat offender then I’m sure she would not have gotten back together with him.

    Now for SVU, I love this show but I am concerned for the reason behind the making of this episode and the depiction of the two main characters of the episode. The promotion was for ratings, you can tell and I know it has gotten it’s fair share by because EVERYONE was talking about it.

    Moving on TGJ

    • RICHANDBLACK11 February 28, 2013


      • Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez February 28, 2013

        Baboon! I won’t lie she was kind of dumb but I think SVU was sending a biased message to this DV issue.

        The ending was just sad, the b**** could have grabbed something to defend herself or something. UGH that b**** was dumb till the end

      • RICHANDBLACK11 February 28, 2013

        I think overall SVU was throwing shade at Rihanna. I don’t think they were beening bias at all. They do shows like this all the time, we as the people just happen to know who the story line was base on.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (0 GRAMMY NOMS…) February 28, 2013

      UM, no ones saying she can’t take pictures but posting them on twitter and instagram with over a million followers isn’t a settle thing, it’s for attention..

  46. Mariah4Life February 28, 2013

    I LOVED the episode! 😛

    And fake Rihanna had a better singing voice than the real one. lol

    Loved the happy ending too! >:-)

    • Common Sense February 28, 2013

      LOL the ending? You shady b****.

  47. Truth February 28, 2013

    The episode did a good job of showing just how stupid Rihanna truly is.

  48. xedos February 28, 2013

    of all the men who beat women in Hollywood it takes a black kid to get a TV show.and people to care about DV smh look on this list and none have been crucified like Chris brown and he’s the youngest on the list the others were all grown men when thy commit the crime http://www.nndb.com/crime/296/000043167/

  49. FD90 February 28, 2013

    I bet Chris and Rihanna’s dumbasses are trying to meet with their 2nd rate attorneys today to see if there’s any legal repercussions they can take for having been SNATCHED so royally by SVU. lol

    It was a good episode. Shows just how trashy those two (especially Rihanna) are.

    • FAF February 28, 2013

      LMFAO! Thank u! that stupid h** wants ppl to forget just bc she says so ! b**** u went on a campaign trashing CB in ’09… stop the delusion!

  50. Tasha February 28, 2013

    Where’s the one about Charlie Sheen beating and shooting his women! Chris was wrong for what he did but he was young! Rihanna is ok with the past so the media needs to shut the f*** up!

    • FAF February 28, 2013

      Charlie Sheen ex Brooke is not a high-profile celebrity !

      Stop trying to defend this stupid s*** with other incidents of DV its all wrong ! Rihanna fans are so DUMB ! SMH !

      • NYC February 28, 2013

        okaycharlie sheen at the time was a A-list Celeb. the issue here is DV. its not a popularity contest. if they are so concerned about woman and DV , then NO ONE should be given a pass.

      • Tasha February 28, 2013

        Hey B**** FAF he shot Kelly Preston in the arm! B****! He pushed Denise Richards! Do your work b****! Before you come on here talking s***! B****! Damn you done f****** pissed me off! B****! A*** having b**** dog d*** sucking W****!

      • FAF February 28, 2013

        ^ Oh u mad , huh? Hey CB momma ! *waves*

  51. RICHANDBLACK11 February 28, 2013

    YASS Law and Order SVU did that. For the Crack babies saying this show is a flop, on what planet. Law and order is in it’s 14th season, 1999-present. Get you a piece boo.

  52. FAF February 28, 2013

    So ppl are “PRESSED” When they put a dramatized event on TV? So is Rihanna not pressed for going back to her abuser? IDGI

  53. America February 28, 2013

    Island people shut up y’all always talking about its notting

    • FAF February 28, 2013

      LMFAOOO yesss west Indians be getting abused like Nothing!!! LMAOOOO

      • Tasha February 28, 2013

        You just want to suck Chris Crown d***! @FAF!

  54. Teacher February 28, 2013

    I think it’s good that they made an episode on this issue….I tried to watch but those actors were horrible, so I went back to American Idol…LOL I Looove Zoanette’s crazy overdramatic ass lol!

  55. Teacher February 28, 2013

    Imma try to watch it tho!

  56. MISHKA February 28, 2013

    Great episode.

    I think they did a terrific job with the Chrihanna story. They went overbroad with some facts but that helped to build the climax which is actually the death of Misha.

    They had me with the bow-tie, the TV-confession, the club-trashing lol Who is the guy playing Chris? He is a good actor.

    I also loved the fact that it’s the back-up singer who is actually the real doppleganger of Rihanna: tall, skinny with them ridiculous nails. Kudos to Law&Order producers, that was one subtle move.

    • Teacher February 28, 2013

      Good acting? Yeah you’re definitely a Bey fan!

      • Yolo March 1, 2013

        Says the one whos fav just won a razzie.

  57. Suicide Blonde February 28, 2013

    They say Law and Order is good, i might check that later, i only wacth Supernatural, Vampires Diaries, True Blood, Hart Of Dixie, Copper and White Collar + who is interested to see MORE about those two.

    • Common Sense February 28, 2013

      Jeesh Law and Order can’t be any worse than any of those god awful shows (especially True Blood and Vampire Diaries). <3333

  58. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez February 28, 2013

    Don’t worry dUMB HIVE, SVU is making a episode where a movie star has pretended to be pregnant when all along she was just gaining more weight.

    • Teacher February 28, 2013

      LOOOOOOOOOOOL that would be too good! The story would be like this:

      Superstar becomes a flop and during her comeback she becomes ‘pregnant’. Her belly inflates and deflates throughout the 5 to 9 month pregnancy(no 1 really knows)..and she ‘gives birth’ on a blocked off hospital floor!…Some time later a woman comes forward admitting to carrying the stars child and being paid off not to say anything…then she ends up murdered!

      Gwooorrrrrl!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    • Yolo March 1, 2013

      You wish!!! Haha, pressed much?

  59. IM February 28, 2013

    if you know anything about svu, it is based loosely on the real event. like episodes that resemble Michael Jackson situation and casey Anthony. So they did the same thing with the Rihanna chris brown thing. that’s why they have the notice in the beginning of each episode.

  60. CzarM February 28, 2013

    I’m cool with anything that makes a fool of Rihanna, and last night’s SVU did just that.

    Good episode.

    • Teacher February 28, 2013

      you trash!

  61. Teacher February 28, 2013

    I watched it! That was actually funny as hell!(Them being over dramatic)

    I don’t know y fans are mad…I mean this happens all the time and it just so happend to Rih! But to me all this episode is going to do is make ppl feel sorry for Rih again(Although the girl looked stupid as f***..making me realize that Rih really does look a fool as well)AND it’s going to make ppl go harder on Chris Brown..cuz they made the Chris character out to be a damn devil(beatin b******,killing h*** n s***)I don’t think Chris has ever killed ne1 b4..*shrugz*

    I don’t think Chris will beat Rih again..at least I hope not!
    I don’t like Rihanna being w/ Chris at all but it is her life and she’s going to do what she wants to do..some1 earlier said that if it was our sister/family member we’d not want her back w/ the abuser…well of course not! and I don’t want Rih back w/ Chris even if she’s not my fam…but it’s not up to me so I just check for her music and other business ventures she puts out to the public…but her personal life isn’t any of my business!(Just because she’s photo’d out w/ him or takes pics w/ him on Instagram doesn’t make it our business! Ppl are out w/ their signfcnt others all the time and that’s none of our business and Idc if they are celebs!)
    Neway overall it was an interesting episode(even being overdramatic)seeing all the connections they made to Rih and Chris lol…them b****** trrrieeed it lol but it’s all good…it brings awareness!

    Another thing….I didn’t take this episode as being shade, because if so…’What’s Love Got To Do w/ it’ is shade towards Tina T…and shade towards MJ on his L&O episode….

    LOL sorry for this damn essay! F*** y’all b****** and c****!

    • Vandrea February 28, 2013

      What’s Love Got to Do With It was based on Tina’s autobiography and she was a consultant on the movie. So how was it “shade” towards her when she was involved in the making of it? I don’t think Rihanna was one of the producers of last night’s Law and Order. They probably didn’t seek out her clearance to do it and I bet she nor Chris were compensated for it either. Wherever they are now, they’re probably feeling salty for being mocked and totally exploited w/o getting anything out of it. Silly ass Rihanna fan. Your dimwits try so hard to spin p*** into lemonade.

      • Teacher March 1, 2013

        Oops! LOL somebody’s maad! +1 for me! 😀 B****!

      • Vandrea March 1, 2013

        Oh ho please. No matter how many virtual points you try to claim in cyber space, you’re still a zero in real life. In the meantime you’re not smart enough to arouse my anger. I’m not mad, I’m vindicated. You said something stupid and I corrected you. The end.

  62. Caliban February 28, 2013

    Between getting a Razzy for her shittastic acting in Battleship and being lampooned on L&O for being a stupid h** in life, this week is proving to be a bad week for untalented w****’s from Barbadoes with big foreheads.

    • Chrissy February 28, 2013

      I know that gigantron of hers is less like a forehead and more like a bad luck charm hahahaha. SVU straight clowned that big headed alien LMFAO.

  63. Love_Ashleeeee March 1, 2013


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